Heartland Review


I had seen the preview for this movie a while back and was never able to actually find it. The last thing I wanted to do was buy a movie that I ended up not liking so when I found this movie while I was searching through Hulu one boring work day, I added it to “my stuff” and waited for the right time to watch it. Not having seen a decent lesbian movie in a while, I found some time and was finally able to give this movie a try.

Heartland is about Laruen, played by Velinda Godfrey. Laruen has just lost her longtime partner because of cancer. For a year she watched the woman that she loved suffer while her mother, played by Beth Grant, basically ignored her and offered no support because she is one of those ultra conservative Christian types and just barely tolerates her daughter praying every day that she be released of her sin. Having nowhere else to go though, Lauren returns home to her mother’s house and that’s when her brother Justin, played by Aaron Leddick, comes home with his girlfriend Carrie, played by Laura Spencer. Justin and Carrie are kind of in a relationship that’s more like a business arrangement and while Justin is off doing “business” things he leaves Carrie in the care of Laruen. This leads to Laruen and Carrie having an affair and the whole thing just blowing up in their faces.

I have to say that I did not like this movie at all. From start to finish this movie is just one big cliché of a movie. Lesbian falls for a straight girl who is involved with someone else, has a disapproving mother, nothing ends up turning out right, and the movie basically ends in the same sad way it started. There was nothing different about this movie, nothing that hasn’t been done before, and it makes this movie one big suck fest. Laruen’s mother disapproves of her “lifestyle” so while Lauren tries to keep the peace she also has an affair with her brothers so-called girlfriend, which come on is a total no no, and they end up having regrettable sex in a bathtub during a tornado warning. I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. I have no idea what message this movie was ultimately trying to get out because there were so many and each of them just missed the point completely turning this movie into a complete waste of time.

Even the cast couldn’t save this movie because they were just as boring as the actual plot of this movie. The actors felt like they were just there for a paycheck and not really embodying the characters that they were supposed to play. There was not one stand out performance that made me want to see other movies with that actress/actor in it and I think that the lack of being an actual representation of the characters they were playing helped make this movie even more horrible.

Overall I give this movie a 1 out of 5.

In a world where really good lesbian movies are few and far in-between, I urge you to not watch this movie. It’s horrible from start to finish and isn’t that forbidden love story that you’re probably looking for. The plot is bad, the acting is bad, and just the whole movie is bad. If you’re looking for some forbidden love type lesbian movie, I would say skip this one and watch either Loving Annabelle or Bloomington.


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