Kiss Me First – Season 1 Review

Kiss Me First

This popped onto the Netflix feature screen one day and I just had to take a look at the trailer for it because the concept of the show intrigued me. After watching the trailer, I knew that this was a series that I had to watch. Now usually I don’t watch new series that are just starting and could possibly have more seasons to follow because my TV schedule is completely booked, but I decided to throw all of that into the wind because there were only 6 episodes and this show looked too good to pass up. Keep reading to see if this show turned out to be a hit or a flop.

Kiss Me First is about ShadowFax/Layla, played by Tallulah Rose Haddon. Her mother just died and she’s returned to an empty home. Her only escape from the real world is this VR world called Azana. Azana is basically like Fornite, but in VR. Everything is going great for Layla who is an expert at this game until she meets with the mysterious Mania/Tess, played by Simona Brown, who leads her to discover a whole new realm of the game called Red Pill. After becoming a member of Red Pill she’ll meet and have confrontations with Adrian, played by Matthew Beard, as little by little the members of Red Pill start dying in real life.

I really enjoyed this show from start to finish. I have to say that while it starts out a little slow and it has this Matrix reference in it that I didn’t understand because I never watched The Matrix, yes go ahead and rant on me for not watching the Matrix down in the comments section, but then it really picks up and you just want to keep watching it. It’s definitely one of those binge worthy shows. After a few episodes of fun and games, things suddenly turn serious and the show takes on a whole new life. I really liked how the show did this and first introduced you to Layla and her situation. It showed her struggling to find out what to do about money after her mother died and then jumping into this world of Red Pill that she had no idea what she was getting into. Things go from light to really dark and ends on a note that makes you just hope there’s another season because if not it’s a huge cliffhanger.

So the cast is what makes this show and it wouldn’t be much of a show without them. That being said, they are kind of amateurs and it shows. The acting isn’t horrible, but it’s not that great either. Sometimes this breaks the immersion of the show and sometimes it’s just ignorable. I’m hoping that if this show continues for another season that the acting at least gets better. The cast worked well together, but not as well as I would have hoped for. It was just a weird combination of people and I’m not sure how to react about this.

While the show is trying to be an ensemble show that revolves around all of these people in Red Pill, the show is basically about Layla and this secret that she’s keeping which makes her the perfect candidate for Red Pill because everyone has a secret. While the show does delve into the other members of Red Pill, it only does so to forward Layla’s story and not to serve any other purpose. For next season, I would like to see some characters stand on their own even though it doesn’t look that way, but it would be a nice change up to see the show not without Layla, but from a different perspective.

Overall I give this season of Kiss Me First a 4 out of 5.

If you are a gamer then you’ll want to watch this show. It kind of has everything, including video games and the new VR craze. Not in that corny game turned into a movie type thing either. It’s a good show that has a good plot. Yes the acting is weird and awkward at times, but I would say that after episode 3 you’ll be hooked and do like I did and binge watch the final three episodes just to see how it ends. If you aren’t a gamer, you can still appreciate this show as it has this huge mystery to it, but it might not be as interesting. I still give this show a strong recommendation and hope that it’ll be back for another season.


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