The First Purge Review

The First Purge

After three Purge movies, the first one which was brilliant, the second and third ones which were absolute suck fest, what other way to revitalize this franchise then bring it back to the very first Purge. The First Purge promised to show what really happened and why this night of no consequence crime sprees turned into the huge country wide phenomena that it did. Did this movie deliver though or was it just another boring Purge movie that could never live up to the first movie? Keep reading to find out.

The New Founding Fathers of America have taken over the country as a third party in our two party political system and since people have no hope, they turn to them for guidance and elect some puppet as president. This leads to “the experiment” which people start to quickly call the Purge. The first purge will be taking place in a small test area to see how people react on a night where there are no consequences for any crimes. Staten Island, NY is the perfect place for this apparently and people are given the opportunity to be given incentives to stay and even more incentives to purge. In this poor neighborhood, the incentive to stay and to purge is cold hard cash and a lot of the poor citizens can’t help but stick around while everyone else is getting the hell out. Will everything work out as the NFFA wants or will the experiment prove to be a failure? This will all be fleshed out throughout the movie and you’ll find out what happened during the first purge that turned this one night into a holiday of sorts in the other movies.

Being a prequel the first movie, this was supposed to serve as a background to the NFFA and to how the Purge took place. What it turned out to be was a movie that was overly political, remember when Saw tried to take on the corrupt health insurance companies? Yes? Then think of that movie on steroids and you get The First Purge. The movie will show that no one wants to participate in this experiment and Purge by killing a bunch of people, except the few psychopaths, and most people are fine with committing small crimes like trying to rob an ATM because banks suck and charge you a bunch of hidden fees. The NFFA doesn’t like this and want the statistics to turn in their favor because they can’t even save this country and the only way they can think of is to exterminate the poor which is what the Purge is all about. Remember now the NFFA “inherited” this mess of a country and they have to fix it. The political bullshit in this movie is strong and really has no place in a horror movie. What this turned into was a movie that was way too long and just forgettable in a series of movies that should have just stopped with the first one.

Who were our starring actors and actresses in this movie? Does it even matter, because they were just some random people who decided to either kill people or try to take back their community by protesting the Purge and then eventually participating in the Purge. What was the point? The only noticeable actress in this movie was Marissa Tomei who was the creator of the experiment that turned into the Purge and why she took this role I have no idea. Not only was she horrible in it, but it was just beneath her. Marissa Tomei is a great actress and this movie is completely unfitting for her.

Overall I give this movie a 1 out of 5.

This movie has to be probably the worst in a franchise of movies that could have had a lot of potential. I don’t think that anything can bring this franchise back from the fate that it is suffering now and turn it into something good. This movie is ultra-violent for no reason at all except to show a bunch of extremists hired by the government in order to exterminate the poor people in order to show that people not only want to purge but need to purge. This movie is overly political for no reason and tries to make some sort of statement but fails miserably. I really do wish that horror movies would stay out of politics and leave political statements to another category of movies because it’s not just working. I would strongly suggest that you not waste your money to see this movie. If you’re looking for a good Pure movie, I would suggest seeing the first one and then stopping there to avoid all of the political bullshit that has seeped its way into each and every movie afterwards.


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