I Never Finished…Rock Band 2…Because

Rock Band 2

Like I said last week, I once loved this series. I loved it so much that I remember Guitar Hero and Rock Band were a go to game on my PS3 just as much as GTA and a bunch of sports games were. When it came to the PS3 though, they kind of died out a little. Became stale. I had played this game when I first got my PS3 meaning that a lot of my timestamps were missing because I soon moved on to another game and then another game and then another game until this got buried under the pile. Then one day I had this bright idea that I would go back and finish some games that were on my list. That was way before this blog was even an idea in my head so I picked it up and started playing one day. Guess what happened though? If you guessed that I never finished it, then you’re right.

Rock Band is about playing music. You can play the guitar, the bass, the drums, or even sing along to your favorite and most popular tunes or you can play a bunch of songs you don’t like because the game decided to add them in. Anyway, you can either play by yourself and play as a starting struggling band in your desired position of instrument playing, or if you have 3 other friends they can all come to your house and you can play as a band together. This game has an actual decent story mode of going from town to town trying to make it as a band, but the real purpose of this game was to play with actual people and to make you by all of the equipment that goes along with it.

Like I said, there was a time when I really loved this game, but just like every game franchise that came before it, it soon got played out. This happens a lot and some franchises can be revitalized to live another day, but sadly this one just didn’t do it for me on the PS3. It didn’t do it the first time around and it definitely didn’t do it the second time around. I would have to say that the song choices on here were about 50/50 too for me. Some were a hit and some were a miss. This was a big deal for me because I wanted to play songs that I actually knew and liked. I didn’t want to play a bunch of songs that I didn’t even like. Not to mention that one day when I played I caught my neighbor Creepy McCreeperson staring in the window and watching me sing my little heart out to some random song. I put this game down and never touched it again.

As you can see from the picture above, my attempt to get the trophies for this game were just weak. Only 8 out of 51. That’s a sad day for a trophy hunter, but in my defense, the trophies are hard, require you to be an expert at everything, and are boring as hell. Sorry, it had to be said. Sure I could have put some more effort into it, but I just didn’t. The first time around I wasn’t even interested in the trophies and the second time, I just couldn’t get into the whole trophy collecting thing for this game.

Probability of this game getting played again…1 out of 5.

Rock Band 2

Creepy McCreeperson is long gone, so no more window peeping, but I still rate this game really low on my list of games to revisit. I just really didn’t enjoy this game. This game just really didn’t do it for me which is why it’s one of those games that I’ll play when there’s nothing left to play. Like that will ever happen.

Now it’s your turn? Love this game? Hate it? Play it with actual people like it was meant to be played or did you forever solo it? Let me know in the comments section and let me know what instrument was your favorite! Now for next week, a game that I didn’t even want to get into but it was free and I was coerced into getting it by she who will no longer be mentioned on this blog. Anyway, like I said I was trying to finish up games and this was one of them. I was well on my way to the platinum with this game, but if you’ve played the game then you probably already know why I didn’t finish it. If you don’t come back next week and I’ll let you know why I never finished Dungeon Defenders.



  1. I loved this one. It was a serious improvement over the first game. And I dare you to go after the bladder of steel trophy. I got that on Xbox and it’s kinda a strain lol

    • It was an improvement because it had an actual story mode. I played the first one on my PS2. I wouldn’t dare go for the bladder of steel trophy. Kudos to you for getting that achievement on Xbox!

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