I Never Finished…Defiance…Because


So impulse buys. We all do it every now and again don’t we? I mean we go out and search through different stores looking for a game when we know we don’t need one, or we go and search through the PSN store looking for a game that we know we don’t need. I do this a lot and it turns out Defiance was one of those games. Little did I know that this game would eventually be free to play, which I wish I would have known that sooner, but anyway I bought this game, played like mad for a few weeks, and then just never finished it. Keep reading to find out why.

Defiance is based on the short lived SYFY TV show with the same name, Defiance takes place in the San Francisco bay area 15 years after the Pale Wars. The Pale Wars was a war that took place between Earth and incoming aliens the Votanis. After their planet was destroyed, the Votanis came to Earth seeking a new home planet not knowing that Earth was already inhabited. This caused friction leading to the war. Anyway, in this show tie in, you’ll play as an Ark Hunter of your choosing. You’ll work for Von Bach industries doing various different missions and completing side missions for money in the MMORPG.

So I actually liked this game. I never watched the show, but I liked the game. It was a little difficult to understand at first. Probably because I didn’t watch the show, but I liked the game. It was really my first experience with an MMORPG and it wasn’t a bad one. I enjoyed the story related missions, the side missions, and even the multiplayer. The whole point of the game though was that it was supposed to follow the show week after week and add new missions depending on what happened in the show. Turns out that didn’t happen that way and eventually the game just stopped updating. After completing the main mission, it just became doing the same thing over and over again so it got pretty boring. I played for a few weeks after finishing the main mission before finally giving up out of sheer boredom. So that’s really the reason why I never finished it. I just got bored with the constant farming and the constant MMORPG setting.

There are a total of 50 trophies for this game, 75 if you count all of the DLC added in for this game. Out of the total 75 trophies, I was able to get a decent 43 trophies. To be honest, I’m only missing a handful of trophies for doing certain things that if I would have kept playing I would have eventually gotten and had this platinum trophy and not even be writing this blog right about now. The trophies do require a real grind though and would require around 100 hours or more of playtime. That’s a lot of time for some of these trophies.

Probability of this game getting played again…0 out of 5.

While I would love to get back into this game and play again, I just don’t see it happening. I’m not even sure the servers for this game are still open even though there is a sequel out on PS4 called Defiance 2050 which is basically supposed to be the exact same game. If someone were to tell me that the servers were up and running, I might be tempted to get those last 7 trophies for this game considering that the platinum trophy is ultra-rare and I only need one multiplayer trophy, but if the servers are down and getting that one multiplayer trophy locks me out of getting the platinum, it would be a waste. So for now, this game stays at a 0 probability until further notice.

Now it’s your turn, did you love this game? Hate it? Watch the show that linked everything to it? Let me know down in the comments section below. Now for next week, a game that I’ve been playing since NES. It’s a game that I started off not being able to get the hang of before eventually turning into kind of a badass in this game. Know what it is? It’s Tetris. Next week I’ll let you know why I never finished Tetris for the PS3.


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