Life of the Party Review

Life of the Party

This was one of those movies that I never had the chance to see in the movie theaters. Sometimes there are so many things to see at once and you kind of have to pick and choose and although I really wanted to see this movie, I just couldn’t find the time to do so. Anyway, I was finally able to do it which means that I had some pretty high expectations going into the movie because one, the previews looked hilarious, and two it had Melissa McCarthy in it. Were my high expectations for this movie met? Keep reading to find out.

After dropping her daughter off for her senior year at college, Deena, played by Melissa McCarthy, finds out that her husband is divorcing her. This causes the little structured world that she lives in turn upside down as she prepares for basically losing everything. She decides though that instead of moping around that she’s going to go back to college and finish up her senior year, since she dropped out because she was pregnant, and finally get her degree.

While this movie had its funny and touching moments, like all movies created by Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone do, this movie just didn’t work. It felt stale and a little played out by this point even though Melissa McCarthy takes on a different role then she has from other movies that she’s been in. I thought that the concept of the movie was creative, but the delivery just fell flat and while it was funny, it wasn’t the normal Melissa McCarthy laugh out loud funny. Also, the touching moments felt a little off beat as they really didn’t come off all that well. I think this movie had everything in line for it to be successful, but just failed at all of them. This wasn’t your normal Melissa McCarthy funny and that hurt the movie a lot. Maybe the type of comedy that people know Melissa McCarthy for is just being over played and it’s time for something new.

Saying all of that, I want to say that I still think that Melissa McCarthy is brilliant and I think that’s she’s a great writer and comedian but this isn’t her best performance. There are a bunch of other people in this movie, but instead of creating this an ensemble movie it instead solely concentrates on her while making the rest of the cast the supporting members. Even when it’s about someone else in the cast, she’s always there. I think that was one of the problems with this movie. Also it felt like the cast just didn’t click all that well like it did in previous movies and that caused a major problem.

Overall I give this movie a 2 out of 5.

I really wasn’t feeling this movie and thought that it was probably one of the worst movies that Melissa McCarthy created and played in. The movie was a little on the short side, which seeing how bad it turned out was probably a good thing, but it just didn’t deliver on anything. The comedy, while there, was short lived and not that funny and the same goes for the touching moments. Not to mention the cast didn’t really click that well. This movie just felt really stale and played out and even Melissa McCarthy couldn’t save it or create it well enough to be a hit like her other movies. I would say that if you’re a Melissa McCarthy fan, you’ll probably want to see this, but prepare to be disappointed if you’re expecting anything like Tammy or The Boss. If you’re not a fan and are looking for a comedy, skip this one and watch something else.


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