Marvel’s Spider-Man Review (PS4)

Marvel's Spider-Man

To be honest I wasn’t even supposed to play this game. I was either going to wait until it went on sale at Christmas time or I was just going to skip it all together. It just so happens that I went on a little bit of a game binge and purchased a bunch of games and this was one of them. I went in with really no hype or prior judgement because I didn’t read much into it. After almost two weeks, I fully completed the game and got myself another platinum trophy, so that means it’s time for a review.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man you’ll play well, Spider-Man. When you’re not playing a Spider-Man you’ll be playing as Peter Parker. So, everyone knows the story of Spider-Man, he was bitten by a radioactive spider and got spider like powers. Now he takes down the bad guys of NYC and tries to be a do-gooder. In this little adventure you’ll be taking down some small time criminals, someone that is close to Peter and he admires, and Peter’s mentor that has gone a little insane. During this time you’ll swing your way through NYC and take on various different tasks in various different locations. You’ll also get play as MJ, Spider-Man / Peter’s ex-girlfriend, and Miles, someone that Peter comes across later on in the game after some events. While they don’t have Spider-Man powers, they still have missions and have to be super sneaky and use their own ways to get around instead of webbing, punching, and kicking their way through missions. You’ll also see what Mayor Osbourne is up to during this time and how he plays a role in the whole scheme of things. The adventure is an overall interesting one and of course ends on a cliff hanger that leaves this series open to multiple sequels.

When it comes to this game, I’m 50/50 on the enjoyability of it. I really liked swinging through NYC and completing various side missions, finding the collectibles, and completing the many different hideouts and labs throughout the city. On the other hand, I really could not get invested into the story until the very end of the game. After that it felt like it was too late because the story was over and it ended on a little bit of a sour note. I do have to say that while I didn’t like the first post credit scene, that revealed something to Peter, I did enjoy the second post credit scene and it was one of those scenes that is going to make me buy the next game. That being said, I really feel that the story of this game fell flat. It tried to push too much into too little of a game. What are the chances that all of Spider-Man’s arch enemies get out of jail in one major jail break and wreak havoc on the streets of NYC? What does that leave for the next game then? I think that the story was just too much and would have been fine with just one main enemy to fight and then leave the other enemies for other games. It was like they just forced all of these huge enemy boss battles into a small period of time, which was the end of the game, and it made it less enjoyable.

The playability of this game isn’t bad. The kicking, punching, and webbing stuff kind of felt like a Batman game and got boring really fast. There are only so many times that you can just beat people up before it becomes way too routine and feels like a chore. The swinging through NYC and taking on the various other activities through was phenomenal and was some of the most fun that I’ve had throughout the game. At first I thought the swinging part would be difficult and just too complicated, but it was made flawlessly and it was done in a way where it was extremely easy to get used to and it felt like when you weren’t swinging it was a huge hassle. I really enjoyed the fact as well that the game just played flawlessly. There were no bugs or glitches or any other problems that I encountered throughout my whole playthrough. I didn’t have to worry about the game crashing or anything else and that made it even better.

My favorite part of this game was the graphics, but not all of the graphics. My favorite graphics were of course the city scape. How could you not love how NYC was built in this game and just how real it felt? The views were just amazing and one of my favorite part of the games was swinging through times square which was done perfectly. Like I said before though, not all of the graphics were great and I felt like a lot of the cut scenes suffered in the graphics department. The faces were a little awkward at times and although they looked real, in the same sense they just looked off. I can honestly say the only face that was done completely right in the game was the cameo from Stan Lee. The rest of the faces were just not that impressive. Not to mention the people in the street were the same repeat of people throughout the whole game. Once again I realize that there are a lot of people that need to be generated, but a little change in different areas would have been nice to see.

Now for the trophies, there are a total of 51 trophies for this game and each of them are super easy to get making this probably the easiest AAA platinum trophy that I’ve ever gotten. There is nothing that’s missable and as long as you complete the game to 100% and do everything this game has to offer, there isn’t a reason why you wouldn’t get the platinum trophy for this game. I can’t say that there was a time that I thought I wouldn’t get the platinum trophy because even though there are a lot of collectibles and things to do, they just come naturally during the course of the game. Even the little silly trophies that are thrown in there like getting on top of the Avengers tower, is just something that you’ll eventually do. Not to mention that all the collectibles are marked out clearly on the map and there’s no way that you’ll even miss anything.

This is strictly a single player game and I like that. Kudos to the developers of this game for not adding on some tacked on multiplayer although, I’m not sure how that would have even worked. I really like that a lot of the Sony exclusives concentrate on being single player orientated for us non-multiplayer people out there.

Overall I give this game a 3 out of 5.

What’s Great:

+ Swinging through NYC is the best part of this game and one of the most fun things to do in this game. Not to mention that it’s also flawless and it isn’t complicated at all.
+ This game is packed with content from story missions, to side missions, to collectibles, and just taking down bad guys, there isn’t a time when you’re searching for things to do.
+ Not only is swinging through NYC fun, but the graphics for the city are spot on and beautifully crafted. It’s really amazing how real and how life like the city looked in this game.
+ Can I just add I how amazed I was that there were no bugs or glitches in this game that hindered it in any way? This was a really big accomplishment and something you don’t see often.

What’s Not So Great:

This game tried to pack way too much of a game into too little of a time frame. The story was overloaded with almost all of Spider-Man’s biggest enemies and instead of doing this, the game could have concentrated on one main enemy leaving the game open to even more sequels. This would have made the story more personal and less of a big cluster fuck by the end of the game.
The kicking, punching, and webbing got old way too early as it was the same thing over and over again without change. Yes, you could use different webs and different abilities based on the suit you wore, but it just didn’t matter. It was the same thing for each fight and it got boring really fast.
While some of the visuals were nice, the cut scenes were sorely lacking, and the facial animations felt like they tried way too hard to project and they just didn’t. This was a big disappointment because the scenery was nice, but the main cut scenes were not. Not to mention the people on the streets of NYC were way too repetitive.

Even though I’m not the biggest Spider-Man fan, I was able to see both the good and bad of this game. I will say for the most part the game was a good one, but that the main story was lacking and that kind of took away from the immersion of the game. Story missions, especially the ones where you didn’t play as Spider-Man felt way too tedious and also had the insta-fail moments in them that made them frustrating. The game also ended on a bit of a sour note that wasn’t all that pleasant but in the same time the appeal of a sequel was there and will make me come back for another dose of Spider-Man. I would say that if you’re a huge Spider-Man fan, you’ll want to get this game. It features almost all of Spider-Man’s arch enemies and all the familiar characters that you’ll know and love. If you’re not a Spider-Man fan, I would say that if you like the feel of a Batman / inFAMOUS type game then you’ll enjoy this game. You might want to pick it up on sale though instead of paying the full $60 for it. If not, I would say that even though this is an easy platinum trophy to go ahead and skip this game because it’s going to get boring really fast and your money could be spend somewhere else.


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