Ex Machina Review


I’ve been wanting to see this movie for the longest time, but it was one of those movies that was released in the theater and only lasted a few weeks. Then, like I usually do, I completely forgot about this movie until it popped up recently on Netflix. Remembering how much I wanted to watch this movie, I went ahead and watched it as soon as possible. See if it lived up to my expectations or if it was just another flop that I wasted two hours of my life on.

Ex Machina is about Caleb, played by Domhnall Gleeson. Caleb is your average programmer at an internet company until he gets the chance of a lifetime. To meet the creator of the company Nathan, played by Oscar Isaac, and take part in a secret underground tech experiment. Caleb thinks that he’s won the lottery at this point especially when he finds out that Nathan has developed a fully functional AI, Ava, played by Alicia Viklander. During his stay there, Caleb will take part in the Turing Test to see if Ava can truly pass for a human or if she’s too much of an AI. This will take a wild turn of events as Caleb begins to doubt everything, even his own existence, and leave you with an ending that was jaw dropping.

I have to say that I just loved this movie from start to finish. The story was an interesting one and I enjoyed the interactions between Caleb and Ava as Caleb took part of the Turing Test. I will admit that the movie is a weird one and has some weird scenes, but what sci-fi movie doesn’t? I mean seriously, every sci-fi movie has some weird scenes in it. They kind of break of the seriousness of the movie and kind of serve their own purpose. This movie was super serious though and I liked watching the progression of how Caleb felt about Ava over time. I also liked how easily manipulated he was by not only Ava, but Nathan as well. Caleb was just one of these guys that wanted to learn and believe which left him vulnerable and gullible to this game that Nathan was playing. While the whole movie was interesting from start to finish, the ending really was just jaw dropping and will make you re-think the whole movie.

Hmm…this movie reminds me of something. While watching this movie, I kept feeling like I had seen this before. It wasn’t because I had watched it and then forgot about it before realizing that I watched the movie while watching the movie. It was because it reminded me of that seven minute short that was released by Quantic Dream, Kara. The movie feels like it really borrows heavily from this little seven minute short that turned into Detroit: Become Human. It did this so much so that I had to watch Kara after watching the movie to make sure I wasn’t just making things up. I really liked how the movie did this because I remember watching Kara when it first came out and being amazed by it.

These three actors along with the addition of Sonoya Mizuno make up the whole movie. The movie revolves around them because they are the only ones in this underground bunker. They really worked well together and when things were going great you would think that they were the best of friends and then when the mistrust and the other issues started to come into it, you really felt the suspicion that they had of one another. I have to say that Alicia Viklander did an amazing performance as Ava and was completely believable as an AI who was trying to function as a human. These actors really make the movie more intense and bring the movie to life.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

I thought this movie was amazing and really didn’t get the credit that it deserved. The whole movie from start to finish was just mind blowing and the ending was just in a different category of endings. I would say that if you’re a fan of sci-fi movies and the development of actual AI then this is the movie for you because it has all of that. If you aren’t really a fan of sci-fi or AI type things, I would say to still give this movie a chance because you never know. It wasn’t all just science and programming, it was about real interactions and a blur between what was real and what wasn’t. I can’t say it enough how great this movie actually was. I would say that if I had the chance to watch it again that I totally would.


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