The Shape of Water Review

The Shape of Water

I wanted to see this movie because a friend posted a while back on Facebook one of those check in things. So she checked in that she was at the local theater watching The Shape of Water. I did some researching and thought, “Hmm…I would like to see this one day.” Now I don’t normally do that because this friend also tends to posts when she goes to see every single Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Anyway, I decided to give this movie a chance and make it one of my Saturday night movies. I had no expectations going in and just really based what I knew off of a trailer I watched. How did the movie turn out? Keep reading to find out.

The Shape of Water is about Eliza, played by Sally Hawkins, who is a mute and works at this top secret facility as a janitor with her friend Zelda, played by Octavia Spencer. Taking place in 1962, Eliza goes through her day to day life on a routine. She wakes up, makes herself hard boiled eggs for herself and her neighbor Giles, played by Richard Jenkins, masturbates in the bathtub, polishes her shoes, makes her lunch, brings Giles some food, and heads off to work. This happens every day until her routine gets disrupted when a top secret experiment is brought into the top secret facility. She’ll see some strange things occur until she finds out that the experiment is actually a living, thinking, creature from the sea who may or may not be a God. After finding out that the government is going to kill him, Eliza plans a kidnapping and brings him back to her apartment. The hunt is on though as the government is still looking for him and looking for the person who kidnapped him.

Although I really didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t expect the movie to be like this. It was at times interesting and at times extremely weird, especially the part when Eliza has sex with the weird looking sea creature. Not to break away from this review, but I laughed as I thought of the Family Guy episode where after Stewie kills Lois she’s telling the story of how she was saved and it so happens that a merman saves her, but he has a fish head and a human bottom. Anyway, besides that weird stuff, which I really thought was unnecessary along with showing Eliza masturbate on a daily basis, I really found the story to be an interesting one especially because of the time period it took place in and the sea creature itself. Since this movie took place during the space race, the US wants to send a creature up into space since they don’t want to risk sending a person just yet. When they find this sea creature, they think he’s going to be perfect for this until it turns out that he’s not because while he can be on sea and land, he can only be on land for a short period of time. The sea creature himself was just interesting because of his ability to learn and learn from Eliza when he wasn’t tortured along with the special powers that he had.

The cast of this movie really works and that’s probably why the movie itself works as well as it does. Sally Hawkins is the perfect Eliza and Octavia Spencer does a phenomenal job as Zelda. I can’t think of a movie that Octavia Spencer hasn’t been good in. Also Richard Jenkins plays an awesome role of Giles, who is actually a gay man living in 1962 and doesn’t fit in anywhere. If it weren’t for the cast this movie would have been a lot worse so I’ll say that this cast really turned what could have been a horrible movie into one that was just weird at times, but overall interesting.

KUDOS! A big Kudos to Doug Jones who plays the sea creature man and had to endure putting on all that make up and stuff to make this movie. He was done up from head to toe and while he looked amazing as a fish/human hybrid, I’m sure it was a pain in the ass to have that done day in and day out. So a big kudos to him.

Overall I give this movie a 4 out of 5.

I really liked the concept and plot of this movie, even though I could have done without the gratuitous stuff which I think put a damper on this movie. Why do these movies feel like they have to put that in there? I could have understood this being a love story with Eliza and the sea creature, but I didn’t need to see her have sex with him in order to see her being in love with him. It was just awkward. Putting all of that aside though, the movie was a good one and I would recommend seeing this is you’re a big sci-fi fan. I would say if you’re looking for a romance movie that this might or might not be the movie for you. I’m not really sure. I will say though that if you watch this movie and get through the awkward parts then it’ll be worth it.


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