Dog Days Review

Dog Days

This was one of those movie that I had wanted to see in the theater, but it was also one of those movies that was in the theater for about a week before it was pulled to put something else in its place. Don’t you just hate that? There can be movies that play for months and months in the movie theater that are seriously over rated and over played, but smaller movies get pulled after a week. Anyway, I saved myself some money and decided to rent it on PSN. Not knowing all that much going in except that it was a movie about dogs and the people around them, I didn’t know what to expect so keep reading to find out what I thought about this movie.

In similar fashion to Valentine’s Day and New Years Eve, this movie will follow the lives of six different people who will be all influenced by the dogs around them. Let’s start with Elizabeth, played by Nina Dobrev. Elizabeth, anchorwoman for a local TV morning news station, has her dog Sam who she adopted with her boyfriend, who then just happened to cheat on her sending herself and Sam into a deep depression that is only broken when she starts falling for her new co-host. Then you have Tara, played by Vanessa Hudgens. Tara is a simple barista who pines away for the handsome vet across the street from the shop she works at. Trying to find a way to meet the vet, she’ll finally do so when she finds a little chihuahua hiding behind a dumpster where she works. Too bad her building doesn’t allow dogs and she has to hand it over to a local shelter run by Garrett, played by John Bass. Garrett has a crush on Tara and it’s obvious to everyone but Tara because she’s too busy pining away for the local vet. Garret will take in this little helpless chihuahua and name it Gertrude because he notices that Tara is a Gertrude Stein fan. Garret’s world will start to fall apart when the landlord of his shelter sells the building out from under him making him and Tara work closely together to find a way to keep it open. Then there’s Dax, played by Adam Pally. Dax is irresponsible and the typical bachelor who is forced to take in Charlie after his sister gives birth to twins. Charlie will teach Dax all about responsibility and what it means to be an actual adult. Then you have Walter, played by Ron Cephas Jones. Walter has settled into a routine with his overweight little pug Maddie especially after his wife died. All this will change as Maddie will get lost one day while going for a walk which is where Grace, played by Eva Longoria will come in. Grace is a new mom to her adopted daughter but is finding it hard to bond with her until they find Maddie. Maddie will come into their lives and help them find that connection and make them become a family. All of these people will eventually cross paths for this heartwarming little story.

Being the dog lover that I am, I really enjoyed this movie and the stories that were told throughout it. I thought that it did a good job of taking the similar type of storytelling that was done in Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve and just running with it by using the same direction but revolving it around how dogs changed people’s lives. Sure, it was your typical Rom-Com movie, but everyone needs that every now and again. The story was funny at times, sad at other times, and heartwarming at other times. It was the perfect combination of all three of these things and ended on a really high note because it is a typical Rom-Com movie, just with dogs.

The cast was perfect for this movie making it even more enjoyable. While not all of them have a lot of interaction with one another, each actor holds his/her own and really own the story that he/she is telling. When they do interact, it’s perfect as the cast for this movie was just perfectly put together. Not to mention that probably the real stars of this movie are the adorable dogs that they used which were really fitting to each story that was being told. The dogs reflected their “owners” kind of like how it is in real life.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

I’m a complete sucker for these types of movies and this movie played right into it. It was a Rom-Com to begin with and as a girl, I’m predisposition into liking these kinds of movies, not to mention that it had dogs in it and I absolutely love dogs. Anyway, if you enjoyed movies like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, then I would say that you’ll also enjoy this movie so you should watch it. Even if you didn’t enjoy those other movies, but are a fan of Rom-Com’s then I think that you’ll like this movie as it has everything a typical Rom-Com has. If Rom-Com’s aren’t your type of movie then you’re going to want to give this one a strong pass because it has everything a you can expect from a typical Rom-Com movie.


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