Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Review (PS4)

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected

So I started this game about 2 years ago when I first purchased it. I finished the game, then I got frustrated with the game, and then my buddy @tjarvinen86 kicked my ass into shape and said he would help me get the platinum trophy for this game because it was super easy and there was no reason why it should just be sitting in my backlog. So after going back to this game after 2 years away, that’s what I did. With the help of my buddy I was able to get all of the trophies for this game so that means that it’s time for a review.

In Saints Row IV: Re-Elected, you’ll continue your journey as leader of the most popular street gang in the world, The Saints. Basically picking up where the third game left off, you are now so popular that even the government wants your help. So that’s what you’ll do, you’ll help out the government for a small portion of the game before becoming the President of the United States in a weird little twist of events. All is going well as you basically try to run the country the same way you ran your gang, that is before aliens invade and basically destroy the whole world leaving only you and your gang buddies alive in a simulation. It’s now up to you to make your way through digital Steelport, save your buddies, reunite with an old friend, and defeat the evil Zinyak.

I have to say that I thought this game was great. It takes the crazy shit that goes on in each and every Saints Row game and just amplifies it by 100%. Not only that, but it throws in some RPG elements just for shits and giggles as it parodies Mass Effect and throws in some other sci-fi nerdy stuff to parody just for fun. What’s not to love about that? I thought that the story to this game, while crazy, was still super fun to play. Not to mention now you have super powers to go along with a digital simulation since it’s not the real world anymore. Need a car? Not anymore as you can just zip through the city as you run at super fast speed. Need to get up on a roof? Not a problem, you can super jump from the floor to the roof, or wall run on really tall buildings. Did I mention that you can also hover and kind of fly? You can do both of those things too. Some things remain the same though as you still have to take over parts of the city, but this time you’re taking them over from Zinyak and his aliens instead of other gangs. You’ll also be participating in those crazy mini games that have also been amplified by 100% like Insurance Fraud, Tank Mayhem, and a new Professor Genki bowl.

The playability of this game is similar to the other Saints Row games, but you now have to get used to using the super powers. It’s not that hard since you don’t get all of them at once so you’ll be able to adjust and they’re actually a welcomed change up because they make the game more interesting. Unfortunately though this game does suffer from some bugs and glitches. I hate the fact that I had to save my game every so often for fear of the game crashing, which it did through the main campaign on several occasions, in order to save my progress on challenges. Not to mention the servers are a little sketchy, but we’ll get to that in a little bit when we talk about the multiplayer.

Now I would say that these aren’t the best graphics for a game that’s on the PS4, but before writing this review I went back to the PS3 version of this game and holy hell I have to say that when comparing the graphics, you can see huge changes from the PS3 version to the PS4 version. That’s great considering that this is a remaster because I’ve played a bunch of remasters and I usually don’t recognize the difference. Maybe somethings are a little more clearer or a little more detailed, but this game got a huge overhaul. So while these aren’t the best graphics that I’ve seen on a PS4, they are way better than the PS3 version of this game.

Now onto the trophies for this game, there are a total of 51 trophies for this game, 71 if you add on both DLC’s that come with the game. Now the trophies are super easy just like my buddy said, they just require some work, grinding, and some major dedication. That being said, they are doable either by yourself or with a buddy. I have to say that if you have a major grind for trophies, it’s always more fun with a buddy so if you’re thinking about getting this game, make sure you have a buddy to play with so the grinding won’t be so bad. The trophies are what you can expect from a Saints Row game and have basic story missions trophies, crew loyalty trophies, just another parody of Mass Effect, and of course some crazy trophies thrown in there because it wouldn’t be Saints Row if there weren’t crazy trophies.

So while there is no multiplayer for this game, there is co-op. I always find that co-op games are more fun to play anyway especially when you have a buddy to play with. Special thanks again to @tjarvinen86 who already had this platinum trophy, but came back to this game just to help me get mine. While I easily got bored playing this game alone and gave up on it, playing in co-op mode just made this game more fun and was a real highlight of the game. That being said, there were some server issues and it took a while to connect to each other’s game, but when the game was connected it worked just fine. Now while co-oping with a buddy is fun, co-oping with random people is not. This is one of those games where you want to play with a buddy, not with some random person. This isn’t a serious game and a lot of random people playing this game are really serious, it was nice to play with my buddy and get to act like a complete jackass as we both had fun with it.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ It’s Saints Row so it’s a crazy game. The storyline is crazy, the gameplay is crazy, and it’s your typical Saints Row game. If you’re a fan of Saints Row then this is great because it’s everything that you want in a new game.
+ The parodies are strong with this game and if you’re a Mass Effect fan, this game will be hysterical as it pokes fun of crew loyalty missions, romance options, and even the controversial Mass Effect 3 ending. Not to mention it also parodies a bunch of other sci-fi nerdy stuff and it was great.
+ The gameplay is basically the same from previous games with some added changes that are easily slip into the game making it still the same Saints Row game that you know how to play already.
+ While these aren’t the best PS4 graphics, compared to the original graphics on the PS3, there’s a huge improvement in this remaster. So huge that it’s noticeably obvious that this game had a complete overall to be brought over to the PS4.

What’s Not So Great:
This game is filled with bugs and game crashing glitches that it’s a must that you save your game at least every hour or every time you complete a challenge because this game is that unpredictable.
While the servers for this game work, they aren’t all that stable and you might have a hard time connecting to a buddy or a random is your looking to actually utilize the co-op function for this game.

I would say that out of all the Saints Row games, that this is probably my favorite one. I love the story and the crazy antics that Saints Row brings and I love how this game parodies a bunch of stuff including Mass Effect. That being said, I guess the parodies would be lost on someone who hasn’t played Mass Effect or lived through the Mass Effect 3 ending drama. Even if you haven’t played Mass Effect or seen the sci-fi movies that are parodied in this game, it’s still a fun game to play and if you’re a Saints Row fan I would highly recommend it. If this is your first Saints Row game, I would say that you’re going to be a little lost on the game story wise as it relies heavily on the fact that the player has played the previous games, but it’s still a playable game. Just expect to be a little lost every once in a while. Since I’ve only played the third Saints Row game, some of the earlier stuff was lost on me, like when it went back to stuff that happened in Saints Row 2, but it was still enjoyable. I would say that if you’re a fan of games like GTA, then this might also be a game for you because it has the same aspects of a GTA game, just in a more funny setting and universe. That being said, this game, like all games, isn’t for everyone so if this isn’t your type of game, then it’s just not your type of game.



  1. This is definitely a flawed game, but it’s a personal favorite of mine nonetheless. I can’t play it in multiplayer with my husband, though, because the servers are far too unstable. That’s a bit of a bummer, but I still love it.

    • Of course because every game has its flaws, but out of all the Saints Row games, this is also one of my favorite. This would be first and Saints Row the Third would come in at a close second. Not being able to play in co-op is a huge bummer since it makes the game a lot more fun.

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