Gaming Goals for the New Year 2019

This year this blog turns five and I’m pretty excited about it. As I said the other day, I was supposed to post this blog yesterday but made some quick changes, in my final count of my goals for 2018, which you can read here, this year is going to be different. A lot of ways gaming felt like a chore to me last year and that’s never a good thing because gaming should be fun. I want to make gaming fun again and that’s one of my major goals for this year. Making gaming fun again. I used to love playing new games and trying new things, but then things got a little out of hand. There were too many games, I never thought that I would say that, too many things to do, and too much pressure. This year, while I still have goals, they really aren’t going to be a priority to me. Just something to see if I can do. If I can get it done great, if not then I don’t. The one thing that’s important though is having fun. Anyway, onto the goals.

Gaming Goals for 2019

Have a total of 175 platinum trophies.

I was barely able to hit 101 platinum trophies last year, so what makes me think that I can hit 175 this year? I’m not really sure. This is just a number, a random number that I had in my head and just threw it out there. I would love to be able to get 74 platinum trophies this upcoming year. Will it happen? Probably not, but the possibility of it happening is still there and I’m not going to pressure myself into doing it either. We’ll see what happens and if it happens it happens, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t.

Have a total of 10,500 trophies.

I’m raising the stakes a little bit this year as I try to get 1,500 trophies, but I don’t think that this is going to be a problem. As a promise to make gaming fun again, this means that I’m probably going to be playing a lot more games. If I don’t find them fun or interesting I’m not going to keep playing them just to play them. I’m going to move on. I think that this will overall get me more trophies and not keep me stuck playing a game that I’m not liking in order to finish it. Maybe this number is too low, maybe it’s still too high. We’ll see by the end of the year.

Have an overall completion rating of 75%.

So I ended the year with having an overall completion rating of over 55% which was a huge milestone for me, but it was also a lot of work. This wasn’t fun and I know you’re probably thinking that if I want to make gaming fun why would I still add this goal onto my list? I do it because it’s a number that I strive for. I know going in that I might never hit this goal and that’s fine. If I’m having fun then I’m not going to care that much about this number, but other goals that I have listed below will point to why this number might go up.

Start and Complete 20 new games that aren’t in my backlog.

Last year I kind of outdid myself as I planned to start and complete 10 new games and ended up starting and completing 13 new games. This year I figured that since there are a bunch of games coming out, why not up the ante a bit and make this goal 20. While this won’t improve my completion rating, it’ll make me play some new games that will be out there and I’m really looking forward to some new games that are coming out.

Play and Complete 10 games that have already been started from my backlog.

This goal is a little different because it’s going to push me to go back and get those few trophies that I’m missing on some backlogged games that I’ve already started but haven’t finished for whatever reason. This is different from last year’s goal which was to just complete 25 games from my backlog. This is one of those goals that will make me go back to games that I was playing and enjoying, but stopped for whatever reason. This is one of those goals that will also help with my completion rating.

Start and Complete 15 games that are in my backlog.

This is a new goal that I want to try out this year because a lot of games just sit in my backlog forever and I never actually end up playing them. They just sit there. So this year I not only want to start some of these games but I would actually like to finish them. As always, these games have to be purchased before January 1st of this year in order to be considered my backlogged games. This is also one of those goals where if I start something that I don’t like, I will stop playing.

Get 10 games that have either an E or an F ranking on up to a B ranking.

This is where the completion rating thing might go up. I feel that a lot of games that I write about on my I Never Finished…Because blog are there because I didn’t give them enough time. I want to try these games again, even if I never had any intention of ever playing them again and just try them. If I get trophies for them I would like to do so enough that I get at least a B ranking on them. If I find out that I still don’t like them, then I don’t like them and I move on.

Get 5 games that have either a D or C ranking on up a B ranking.

This is another way that my completion rating might go up. This is also another one of those things where sometimes I do want to play games that I never finished, but really don’t have a reason to do so. This will not only give me a reason, but it will help with my overall completion rating and even make me find a gem of a game that I’ve been missing out on for whatever reason. Like I said before, if I’m not feeling the game, then that’s it.

Get 3 games that have a B ranking on up to an A ranking.

This is the final way that my completion rating might go up. This should be an easy thing to do as I have a bunch of games that I actually like that are sitting at a B ranking and can easily go up to an A ranking if I just take the time to go and play them. I’m really looking forward to these as it’ll give me a chance to play some older games that are just sitting around. For the last three goals I have over 300 games to choose from so this should be fun.

Only pre-order 10 new games and save the rest for Black Friday and holiday sales.

This is the little tweaking that I had to do because there were just too many games coming out next month that I wanted day one but then decided that I can do with just two of them. Even then I’m playing so many new games now that I’m not sure I can get to the two I want to pre-order. While this is going to be tough, I think if I make a list of the games that I want to get and get them later on in the year when they’re on sale I’ll do just fine. This is what I have planned so far, and it’s really my hope that I can just stick to the 10 and not just start pre-ordering a bunch of games that I feel like I have to have. Here’s what I have so far:
1. Far Cry New Dawn
2. Anthem
3. ???
4. ???
5. ???
6. ???
7. ???
8. ???
9. ???
10. ???

This year is all about making gaming fun again because last year at times gaming just felt like a chore and it should never feel like that. A lot of things got in the way for making it fun for me and I want all of that to end and go back to doing things how I used to. While I did set goals for myself, if I don’t’ accomplish them then I don’t. The main point is that I have fun and if I accomplish some goals in the process then I’ll be happy that I did. I’m really looking forward to this year and seeing what the year brings. Come back next month for my first update on my 2019 goals.



  1. Good goals. The ranking ones are a good idea. And if you want a site that can tell you the easier to earn trophies then I recommend the site as I found it so useful for finding tips for harder trophies, sorting easier ones and arranging games. It’s a great way to get the completion percentage up.

  2. Awesome post! Those are all really good gaming goals. Good luck with that. Mine, however, is finishing up my backlog of games. I also want to try more indie games.

    • Thank you. I think I may have over done it with the goals though. 😀 Typical of me. We’ll see how it goes though.

      Finishing up the backlog is a great goal. I wish I concentrated on it more, but it’s difficult. I like the indie game goal too that you have. I’ve found some really great indie games over the years.

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