I Never Finished…NHL 14…Because

NHL 14

In my quest for finding a game smaller and less aggravating than Choplifter HD, which you can read about why I didn’t finish that game here, I found this on sale in the PSN store and picked it up. I hadn’t played an actual sports game since my PS2, so you have to know that this game was extremely cheap for me to actually buy it. Plus there was my love of all things hockey, so I picked this one up in hope that I would be able to play a few games before heading into work and then playing a little when I got home and going from there. Turns out that didn’t happen and I never finished this game, so keep reading to find out why.

NHL 14 offers a bunch of different modes, but the one that I actually played was Be a Pro. In this mode you were able to make your character, kudos to NHL 14 for letting me create a woman who played hockey with the guys, and go on your journey from the small leagues of hockey to the big leagues of hockey. I really liked the different aspects of this mode especially because they tried to make it like an RPG inside of a sports game. Unfortunately this was the only mode of the game that I played so I know nothing else about this game.

While I really liked the Be a Pro Mode, after a while it was just doing the same thing over and over again and it was the repetitive nature of this game that made me push it to the side. I had forgotten how repetitive sports games were and I later came to realize that this purchase was just a mistake. At least it wasn’t a costly one because I only payed about $5 for this game so at least I didn’t pay the full $60 which would have just pissed me off so badly. Anyway, I played this game for a few weeks before calling it quits and never looking back. Until recently. A few weeks back I went and tried to play this game again while I was downloading some video’s from my PS4 and spent about 5 minutes with this game before shutting it off. Trying to start new just didn’t work for some reason even though I deleted all of my data and the graphics were just horrible so I shut it off.

Out of the 50 trophies for this game I was able to get a sad 7 trophies for this game. They were all random trophies for the Be a Pro mode like creating a character, doing some interviews, going out on the town with a teammate, and getting into a fight. All normal hockey stuff. Anyway, there are a bunch of trophies for this game and for playing every single aspect of this game which is actually really difficult because the platinum trophy has a percentage on PSNProfiles.com of 0.28%.

Probability of this game getting played again…0 out of 5.

I know this year I’m supposed to go back and replay some older games to get my rating up on them and help with my completion rating, but this is just one of those games that I can’t do it and it’s because I did try to go back a few weeks ago and play this game. That being said, I can’t see trying to actually play this game and spend more time on it then I already have. It’ll just be one of those games that will sit there and have the D rating that it does.

Now it’s your turn. Did you love this game? Hate it? Let me know down in the comments section below. Now for next week, a game that I had been wanting to get for a while. I was tired of playing with my plastic guitar and playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero. It was time to put an actual guitar that was bought for me when I was a teenager to good use and actually learn how to use it. So I went out and bought Rocksmith 2014 which promised to teach you guitar in 90 days. If it’s on this list you know I never finished it and next week I’ll let you know why.



  1. I think the inherent trapping with sports games – particularly realistic ones – is that you only need to find one good game and that’s the end of it. If they’re going for realism, then there’s little chance later installments will have new features (barring real-life rule changes). After all, there’s a reason Tecmo Super Bowl hasn’t been usurped as the greatest American football game ever made nearly thirty years after its release. Alternatively, it’s possible that, once graphics started to plateau and most forms of games had been realized, sports games too had little room to grow. Perhaps they’ll gain traction once more when VR fully takes off?

    • I completely agree with you with the sports game. You only need that one good one and that’s it. The fact that a new one comes out every year is just for the companies to make money. There are usually no new modes added in and it’s basically the same game over again. The only difference is maybe a roster change, but that could be done to the previous game with a patch.

      Maybe when VR fully takes off buying a sports game would be worth it again, but I don’t see that happening for years.

  2. Ah I did the same with rocksmith but never enjoyed it. I much prefer just playing with my acoustic guitar

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