Word Search by POWGI Review (PS4 & PS Vita)

Word Search by POWGI

This is one of those games that caught me by surprise because I just happened to see the trophy list on PSNProfiles.com before the game was released. The cute little doggie in the game picture made me click on the trophy list and the rest was just a given. I purchased this game day one along with my buddy @tjarvinen86 and had a friendly little competition to see who could get the platinum trophy first. He totally won, so kudos to him and after some time, well a lot of time, I finally got the platinum trophy for this game, so it’s time for a review.

Word Search by POWGI is exactly what the title says that it is. It’s a word search game made up of 324 puzzles. All the puzzles are different and you’ll have to find all different kinds of words within each puzzle.

I really enjoyed this game on the PS4, I’ll get to the PS Vita in a minute. This was just one of those games that I could relax and play. Games like this are good for stressful days as you really don’t have to think about anything while you play. For me, the background music got super annoying super fast so that was when I would just turn the background music off and put my headphones on and play. That way I had my own music and a way to destress, not to mention the puzzles were fairly simple.

The playability of this game for the PS4, still getting to the PS Vita in a minute, was super simple. All you had to do was scan the board for the word you were looking for, click the first or last letter, and highlight the word. If you had the right word, you received an orange highlight and you were good to go. There were also no bugs or glitches which was just so relieving after playing games that were plagued with bugs and glitches.

The graphics for this game were super simple. I did find that playing on the PS4 put a little strain on my eyes because of the way the board filled my TV screen, also the orange highlight on the words became a little too much at times and an option to change the highlight color would have been nice.

Both the PS4 and PS Vita version of this game had the same exact 34 trophies to get and all you had to do to get them was play the game and finish all of the puzzles. There were some special trophies based on playing style, but there wasn’t anything super difficult about them making this double platinum game super easy.

PS Vita Version

I also enjoyed this game on the PS Vita. For me, it was a great way to be productive while I watched a really boring TV show or movie. All I had to do was hook up my Vita and play. The game doesn’t really require you to pay that much attention to it so you can multitask while playing.

The playability of this game relied solely on the touch screen and this was one of the games where I wish it didn’t. I suffer from fat fingers and trying to highlight some of the words just didn’t work at times as I just highlighted the wrong word and had to do it again. This made for some rage inducing moments and just the option to use the controls on the PS Vita instead of the touch screen would have been nice.

I found the graphics to be more fitting for the PS Vita version of this game. The sizing for the board was perfect and put less strain on my eyes than the PS4 version. A change to a different highlight option would have been nice for this version as well as there was way too much orange on the screen depending on the puzzle size.

There was no multiplayer for this game, but for the PS4 version, there was some good old fashioned couch co-op for up to 4 people. This was a neat addition, but I didn’t utilize it as I haven’t found my player two yet. I’m sure she’s out there somewhere just waiting to play word search games with me.

Overall I give this game a 4.5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ On both the PS4 and PS Vita this is a cool little game that you can play to help destress yourself or to multitask with because it doesn’t require a lot of attention.
+ Playability on the PS4 is good and there are no bugs or glitches on the PS4 or PS Vita version of this game.
+ The graphics for this game are simple and the game doesn’t try to be something that it’s not. The graphics were better sized for the PS Vita though.

What’s Not So Great:
Fat fingers and touch screen only play style on the PS Vita just does not work at all.
The board sizing on the PS4 version can be a little off at times as it tries to fit your TV screen. This made the game difficult to play at times as your eyes start to strain. Not to mention the orange highlight that was covering the found words was just a little too much orange and it didn’t help that the color couldn’t be changed.

For the very low price of $7.99 you get both the PS4 and PS Vita version of this game and that’s great value right there. Especially if you’re a trophy hunter. Even if you aren’t a trophy hunter, this is still a great relaxing game to play. It suffers from a few mishaps, but nothing major. If you’re a fan of word search games or if you’re looking for a small relaxing game, look no further because this is that game.



  1. Even though it’s not stated in the game, I was told that on the PS Vita, you can use the controls instead of the touch screen if you press the X button. Apparently I tried to use every button to do this except the X button. Thank you to @lightwoodgames for letting me know!

  2. well done on doing this. i’ve started it recently. ive played almost all powgi games and wouldnt have bothered but i wanted to complete the series.

    its relaxing enough but so long. i’ve gotten so bored so easily but doing a full category a day should mean it will be over in a few weeks so just gotta keep at it.

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