The Countdown to Spooky Empire – March 2019 – Part 2

We are now only 22 days away from the March 2019 Spooky Empire show and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m more than ready to go, I’m pretty sure Spooky Empire is done announcing their guest list for this first convention of the year, so let’s go over the final guest list.

The Cast of the Adam’s Family

Adams Family Reunion

With Christina Ricci and Christopher Lloyd already in attendance, Spooky Empire was also able to lock down two more Adam’s Family cast members Jimmy Workman and Carel Struycken. This has been the convention of reunions so far and even though I think that this reunion is missing Angelica Houston and Joan Cusack. Cast reunions are always fun though and this should be exciting.

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong

This was a surprise announcement as I thought that all of the guests were announced with the Adam’s Family Reunion being the last of the guests. This was a great surprise though because I’ve watched Terminator so many times and being able to meet one of the stars is going to be great. I do wish they did a Terminator reunion and were able to get Linda Hamilton, but meeting Edward Furlong is going to be just as great.

Unless Spooky Empire has some more surprises up their sleeves, which does sometimes happen as it did with the last guest announcement, I’m pretty sure this is going to be it. When the panel schedule is released I’m going to post it here and give you the opportunity to let me know what panels you want me to attend since I do tape them and post them on YouTube. My schedule for the weekend is pretty open and I love going to panels and filming them so that people who can’t attend can at least see the panel. I’ll be posing the final part of this blog in a few weeks so start thinking of suggestions now.


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