Gaming Goals for the New Year – February 2019 – Update

This past month was just great when it came to gaming. I had a bunch of weeks where I was able to get over 80 trophies, I racked up a bunch of platinum trophies, and got a bunch of games out of my backlog. I couldn’t have asked for a better month and just think it was February so it was an extremely short month. Enough of that though and let’s get onto my goals for the year.

Gaming Goals for 2019

Have a total of 175 platinum trophies.

– Starting # of Platinum Trophies: 102
– Ending # of Platinum Trophies: 110
That’s right, I was able to get not one, not two but eight platinum trophies this month. This was thanks to all of the POWGI games that I played that had double platinum’s. This was great. I don’t see this happening next month, but it was a great way to start the second month of the year and to progress on my goals getting me a lot closer to that 175 mark.

Have a total of 10,500 trophies.

– Starting # of Trophies: 9,176
– Ending # of Trophies: 9,417
I killed it this month in the trophy department as well since I was able to get well over 100 trophies. Hell I even broke my own record and was able to get 241 trophies. This was just amazing in such a short month and it really helped me progress on my goal. I have no doubt that I’ll hit the 10,000 mark this year. Hitting the extra 500 to make it 10,500 might be a little more complicated, but we’ll see how it goes.

Have an overall completion rating of 75%

– Starting Completion Rate: 55.47%
– Ending Completion Rate: 56.06%
This goal is also progressing nicely this year as I was able to go up to 56% which was just great. I feel good about my overall completion rating. Sure 75% is still a ways to go, but it’s not impossible and I feel like it’s something that can be reached eventually.

Start and Complete 20 new games that are not in my backlog

– Starting Number of New Games Played and Completed: 0
– Starting Number of New Games Played and Completed: 2
Last month I bought Mixups by POWGI and was able to complete both the PS4 Version of the game and the PS Vita version of the game making me start and complete 2 games that were not in my backlog. I call that a win and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to reach my goal this year even though I don’t really plan on buying that many games. You never know though.

Play and Complete 10 games that have already been started from my backlog.

– Starting Number of New Games Played and Completed: 1
– Starting Number of New Games Played and Completed: 3
This number was bumped up by two this month as I completed both Word Search by POWGI for the PS4 and the PS Vita and I stated those a long time ago last year. This was great as it helped with this number, I just need to go back into my backlog of games that I already started and finish up a few more for this goal to be achieve for the whole year.

Start and Complete 15 games that are in my backlog.

– Starting Number of New Games Played and Completed: 0
– Starting Number of New Games Played and Completed: 4
Word Sudoku by POWGI and One Word by POWGI were both sitting in my backlog for the PS4 and PS Vita just begging to be played, so I played them this month and was able to finish them as well. That means that I started and finished 4 games that were in my backlog meaning I only need to do this with 11 more games this year. Right now I’m working on LEGO The Incredibles and should be able to add this as completed by next month.

Only pre-order 10 new games and save the rest for Black Friday and holiday sales.

– Starting Number of New Games Played and Completed: 1
– Starting Number of New Games Played and Completed: 2
I did really good again this month because I’m sticking to my plan of only pre-ordering one game a month if that month has something in it that I want. This time around I pre-order Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. I can’t wait for it to come out and am pretty excited about it.

And that was my month. It was a pretty great month and although I think that things will slightly slow down this month as I have a lot of non gaming related shit going on, I still think that this past month made up for any mishaps I may suffer from this month. Anyway, I’ll let you know how things turned out for me next month.


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