Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2 – Episode 1 – Hero in Residence Review (PS4)

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season 2

I really didn’t want to pick up this game after last season. This is one of Telltale’s mediocre games and I wasn’t happy that after playing the initial 5 episodes that they added DLC to wrap up the story. This also wasn’t the game that I was hoping would be coming out so quickly, since I was hoping for The Wolf Among Us season 2. I know we’re finally getting this game after so long, but I figured it would come before Minecraft: Story Mode. Anyway, I’m a sucker for sequels and second seasons especially if they have the same character so I picked this one up.

Picking up basically right where Season 1 ended, Season 2 starts with Jessie being the big hero that she is and she basically has lost touch with her friends. Moving up in the world, Jessie has her own, town or village, whatever you want to call it, that she runs with her new intern. While everyone seems fine doing their own thing, Lucas is off writing books, Axel and Olivia have their own places to run, it’s Petra that’s having the hardest time with the transition. Petra misses the old adventuring days and asks you to come adventure with her. She has some ulterior motives to why she needs you and will eventually need your help, but not before you find a new and mysterious portal and a glove that just won’t come off your hand. Making some new friends along the way you’ll go on another adventure to get this glove off your hand, making extremely difficult choices as you go, like what to write on a sign. Anyway, by the end of the episode you’ll have a new nemesis and a new threat to your booming town.

I have to say that I found this first episode to be interesting. I liked being able to walk around a town that was my own and interact with the people that chose to live there. Also there was a big festival celebrating Jessie so that was pretty awesome. I also enjoyed the character development between Jessie and Petra and learning about how while everything seemed fine, Petra was actually suffering from the groups new found fame and fortune. I did find the story to be a little on the cliché side though as of course there’s another big bad that you’ll have to fight in order to save the world of Minecraft once again. I know that every game has to have its big bad to fight, but it just seems like, “I guess I have to save the world again.” Other than that I thought it was a pretty solid episode, and a good start to a season that will hopefully be better than the last.

WARNING! This is nothing major, but I just wanted to put it out there that if you’re like me and you beat your games, then delete them, especially if they’re digital, and then transfer over your saved data into the cloud, that the game will not pick up your saved data from the cloud. At least not on the PS4. I had to reinstall the first season, reinstall my data, without the game being installed you can’t reinstall the data, and then start season 2. Not a big deal, but a little hassle that you can avoid.

This game is basically the same thing as the first season, so the mechanics are the same, but there was some more building and some more crafting and I found that to be some of the more interesting things. The first season had some of this, but the second season seems to give you a little more freedom when it comes to this type of thing. I found the fighting scenes to be a little off a times as they mixed up the quick time events with some actual fighting mechanisms. For these types of games, I think the quick time events work a lot better and they should stick to that. This was a bit of a problem last time around and I would have at least though that it would have been fixed and it would have been just quick time events, but it’s not. Other than that the game ran smoothly and there were no bugs or glitches when I played.

The graphics were the same as last season, and just like last season they work because it fits into the whole Minecraft universe. This is a big thing when it comes to the Telltale games. The graphics have to feel like they fit into the genre of game that they’re developing and this is one of the games where it works, and it works well.

Play this episode from beginning to end and you’ll earn yourself 6 trophies. Gone are the trophies from last year that make you do specific things so you can just play how you want and no matter what you’ll get the trophies. At the end of the season you’ll be getting yourself another platinum to add to your growing list of Telltale platinum trophies.

There is no multiplayer for this game, which I am eternally grateful for, but there is crowd play. Being that I’m lazy and still refuse to setup a Telltale account I haven’t tried this feature yet. If you have feel free to tell me how it works down in the comments section below.

Overall I give this episode a 4 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Strong start to the season, even though this was the case last season before it went downhill.
+ It’s nice being the big hero that everyone looks up to and as Jessie you kinda get to do this.
+ Bug and glitch free, which is nice since with a Telltale game this can go either way.
+ Graphics match the overall Minecraft feel and really work for the game.

What’s Not So Great:
The story, while there has to be a bad guy, seems a little cliché and copied and pasted from the last season.

At the moment, I’m excited to see where the story for this season goes and how things will wrap up. I’m hoping that it will wrap up without the edition of DLC. I would say that if you’re a fan of last season that you’ll want to play this season and see how your story continues. If you didn’t play last season, you’ll probably want to play that one first to get a better understanding of what’s going on. I would say that you also need to play the DLC as well since it helps. If you weren’t a fan of last season and basically have no interest in this game you’ll want to skip it.

Spoilers! Below are the choices that I made for the first episode.

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season 2


Lara Croft GO Review (PS4)

Lara Croft GO

This was the last of my sale games. This one I was a little weary of though because I had played Hitman GO and thought it was just OK. You can read my full review of Hitman GO, here. Moving on though, I figured it wasn’t fair to judge a game based on another similar game so I decided to give this one a shot and see if it was in any different or if it was more of the same.

This isn’t your typical Tomb Raider game, but you’ll still be playing as Lara Croft in this short adventure. You’ll have 5 main levels to complete that will involve Lara doing what she does best, raiding a tomb and putting herself in all types of danger. There are two extra bonus levels as well that are similar but only span one level each. This game is strictly strategy based though as you’ll play though each level moving a little “chess” like piece of Lara around a board that’s filled with different obstacles. Avoid all of the obstacles in order to get to the end and move on. Make one wrong move and it’s the end of Lara.

Although this game, like Hitman GO, doesn’t that deep story that both franchises are known for I still enjoyed this game a little bit better. I think the reason was because the story throughout this game was more thought out. You had to collect three keys in order to reach the main prize of the tomb. It’s pretty clear, and I feel like this is one of those game franchises where you can do this with. For me, Hitman GO didn’t do this and it felt like every level was random and didn’t coincide with the previous level. I also enjoyed the strategy based play where you basically had to plan out each move in order to get things just right since making the wrong move usually resulted in death.

When it comes to the playability for this game, here’s the thing, the first 5 levels operated smoothly. You were told how to use the spear, how to move pillars and so on. This was a simple mechanism that worked, but I have no idea what the hell happened when you reached the two bonus levels of 6 and 7. All of these mechanisms that ran smoothly went to shit as the simple task of throwing the spear just wouldn’t work at times. The same thing with the moving of the pillars. I don’t know how many times I tried to grab the pillar only to move without it or finally grab it and move in the wrong direction. This became increasing frustrating and at one point I even thought it was because of my controller. Wanting to make sure it was the game and not my controller, I switched out controllers only to have the same thing happen. It’s like the two bonus levels were completely different from the first 5 and were untested. This is a major problem that I’m probably guessing will not get fixed. If you’re going to put out a whole game, make sure the whole thing works, not just the first part of it.

I really enjoyed the graphics for this game and was once again surprised that it made the transition from mobile to the PS4 as well as it did. The graphics were filled with detail and it really felt like it was a Tomb Raider game. Lara Croft looked like Lara Croft, not like she looks today, but how she used to look, which was a nice bit of nostalgia, and each area was well designed and had an appealing look to it.

Complete this game and do everything it has to offer in order to get 18 trophies. There are 17 regular trophies and then one platinum. The trophies are super simple and some just require you to play the game. The only difficult trophies are for the collectibles. There are times when you’ll have to go back because you missed one of the many vases you have to find throughout the game, but at least the game gives you the option to go back to the specific level that you have to go back to and even tells you if you were able to get all the collectibles or not.

This is strictly a single player game, just how I like my games. No need for other people to play with or trying to bribe one of your friends to help you out. It’s all up to you.

Overall I give this game a 3 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ While there isn’t a spoken story, there’s still a story and if you’re a Tomb Raider player it’s easy to follow along.
+ The game is interesting and strategy based meaning you can’t just run into the tomb and shoot your way through it. You actually have think about your moves ahead of time.
+ The graphics transfer nicely from mobile to PS4 and it brings back the old design of Lara Croft that everyone knows and loves.

What’s Not So Great:
While the first 5 levels work perfectly, the last two levels will make you think like you’re playing a completely different game as the things that used to work, no longer work how you want them to.

I really wish I could have scored this game higher because I did enjoy it and I enjoyed it a lot more than Hitman GO, but the simple fact that the performance of this game went downhill for the last two bonus missions were a big no-no. This was simply uncalled for and just bad game design and development. It was seriously like playing a new game and it kind of ruined the experience just a bit for me. Sometimes a game could be good, great even, but it takes something like the end part of the game not working for it to ruin the whole game. I would suggest that if you purchase this game that you do so cautiously. The first 5 levels will give you a nice challenge as you move though each level and while the last two bonus levels will do the same thing, the mechanisms won’t work and you’ll want to toss your controller through the window. At least if you’re going to buy this, make sure you don’t pay the full $9.99 and pick this game up on sale.


Puzzle Showdown 4K Review (PS4)

Puzzle Showdown 4K

As I said in my previous reviews, a few weeks ago I picked up four games that were on sale and this is one of them. You can read my review of my other sale games Baseball Riot, here, and Tina’s Toy Factory, here. I had also been watching this game for a while now because of my love for puzzles. The only thing with actual puzzles is that once they’re done you either take them apart after spending hours doing them, or put them together and try to store them somewhere. Anyway, I figured a digital way to put together puzzles would be fun and it was on sale so I figured I would give it a go.

Since this is a game about putting puzzles together there is no story. This is one of those games though where I really wasn’t expecting one to begin with because it’s just about putting together puzzles. You have over 50 puzzles that you can put together and you can chose a bunch of different options ranging from how many puzzles pieces, to if you want to be scored, and what kind of background you want when putting your puzzle together. The possibilities are endless and there are enough puzzles to keep a puzzle junkie like myself busy for hours.

I really enjoyed this game because it gave me digital puzzles to put together and then cleaned them up for me when I was done. I didn’t have to do this myself or try to glue them together and then store them somewhere, I was just able to put them together and move on. The pictures that they give you to choose from are stunning and range from abstract, to people, to animals, to cityscapes, and landscapes. I never found myself getting bored while playing this game and when I was done I just moved onto the next puzzle.

The mechanics for this game are super simple because you have your puzzle board and you’re given five puzzle pieces. Pick your piece and see where it fits on the board. If you’re looking for a challenge turn rotation on because the pieces won’t be in the correct position when they’re given to you. The one thing I didn’t like though was that you were only given 5 pieces at time. Now if these aren’t the pieces that you want you can discard them one at a time, but this is an overly complicated thing to do and takes up a lot of time. Other than that the game ran bug and glitch free.

The graphics for this game were great because they were puzzles which are pictures that you have to put together. The pictures chosen for this game are beautiful and I really enjoyed putting together the different types of puzzles. I did have a problem though with the background that wasn’t the puzzle. It was this color changing background with floating puzzle pieces. At times this became hard to look at and was distracting as the puzzle pieces changed colors randomly going from dark to light and depending on the size of the puzzle you were working on it became a little disorientating.

Finish this game, which isn’t a hard thing to do, and you’ll walk away with 16 regular trophies and a platinum trophy. Not a bad deal if you ask me. The trophies are super simple and you’ll get them just by playing. There are a few trophies that require some co-op play, a trophy based on time, and a grindy type of trophy. The grindy type of trophy is fine because you’ll have to complete 50 puzzles. If you use the 28 piece puzzles you can blow through this is less than an hour. The co-op trophies aren’t bad and if anything you’ll only struggle with the time limit trophy which requires you to put together a 510 piece puzzle in less than 2 hours.

I noticed the co-op portion of this game after I purchased it and cringed at the thought of playing co-op. Shout out to LMD for helping me out with these trophies and then for sticking around even after the trophies were earned. I found the co-op to be fun as it became a competition to see who could place the most amount of puzzles pieces and score the most points. Who knew that putting together a puzzle with someone would actually be that much fun?

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ You get to put together puzzles without having to think about what you’re going to do with them afterwards.
+ There are a bunch of puzzles to work on and not only are there different types of puzzles, but they’re all beautiful.
+ The co-op mode is actually really fun because it turns puzzle creating into a competition if you want and who doesn’t love some good competition?

What’s Not So Great:
You only get 5 puzzle pieces at a time and it’s really a pain to discard them to get another random piece instead of being able to choose which piece you want next.
After you finish all of the puzzles and do everything the game has to offer, there really isn’t a replay value.

If you’re a fan of putting together puzzles then this is the perfect game for you. There’s plenty of puzzles to choose from and a bunch of different ways to play. You can even play with a friend if you want. Although I would recommend picking this game up and giving it a try, I wouldn’t recommend paying the full $9.99 for this game and instead try picking it up on sale. When it comes down to price, it’s not worth the full price especially since after you finish there is no replay value.


Tina’s Toy Factory Review (PS4)

Tina's Toy Factory

This was another game that I picked up on sale a few weeks ago. There were actually four games that I picked up on sale, this game, Baseball Riot, Puzzle Showdown 4k, and Lara Croft Go. I’ve completed most of these games and you can read my review of Baseball Riot here. Anyway, it’s hard for me to miss out on a sale and I’ve been looking at this game for a while now. The price was right for this game and so was the timing so I picked it up.

Side Note: For some reason I keep wanting to call this game Tiny Tina’s Toy Factory. It’s probably because I’m a huge Borderlands fan, but just thinking about it for a moment. How fun would that actually be? You would play in this crazy toy factory making these crazy ass toys that only Tiny Tina could come up with. Of course most of them would have bombs in them or something else just as deadly, but that’s what Tiny Tina does. Anyway, moving onto the review.

If you’re looking for a game with story then look somewhere else because this game doesn’t have it. There are 100 levels and you get thrown into level one without an explanation so you’ll just go on your way following the first few levels as tutorials before moving onto the next level, which is similar to the one before, and then the next level which is also similar to the one before, and then the next level, which surprise is also similar to the one before.

This game follows the same pattern as other games in this category such as Bejeweled and Candy Crush, but there’s a little twist because sometimes you have to create toys. I don’t know why you’re creating toys, but you are. While there are 100 levels for you to complete, I got bored after level 36. I had already got the trophies that were solo and figured I was done with this game because it was the same thing over and over again without any creativity at all. There could have been something to make this game stand out, maybe Tina has a deadline and has to create these toys because if she doesn’t there will be no toys ever made again! Anything to keep this game interesting, but it’s just not there.

The gameplay is simple and if you’ve played games similar to this one you’ll know how to play because they all follow the same mechanics. Match three pieces together and score some points, match more than three pieces together and get a special piece. The only thing that’s different is the toy building if you can even call it that.

The graphics for this game are simple. I understand it’s a simple game and it has simple graphics, but seriously I hate to be insulting but it looks like a 5 year old made them. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting AAA game type graphics but I wasn’t expecting the graphics that came out of this game either. It felt like no effort went into the graphics which basically matched the whole game itself.

Play this game and do everything the almighty list of trophies tells you to do and you’ll have yourself 12 super simple trophies that will only take up anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to complete. I finished this game in 2 ½ hours, but that was only because I was in search of a co-op partner for the co-op trophies.

While there is no online competitive mode for this game, there is good old-fashioned couch co-op or you can always use SharePlay. Shout out to LMD for helping me with the two co-op trophies for this game. Now the co-op is basically the same as the rest of the game but instead of playing against yourself you’re playing against another player to see who can complete the objective the quickest. While this does add some excitement to this overall boring game, it’s not enough to keep going and actually finish all the levels.

Overall I give this game a 1 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ I never thought I would say this, but the co-op portion actually made this game a little more fun even if it was for a short period of time.

What’s Not So Great:
No story, nothing to introduce you to the game, you just jump in and start doing what the game tells you to do.
Less than halfway through the game it becomes extremely boring and there’s no reason to continue playing.
Boring graphics to go along with a boring game.

I’ve seen this game on sale a lot and it’s not a surprise now to actually know why. Even at $2.99, which is the original price for this game, it’s not worth it. It’s not even worth what I paid for it which was well under $1.00. There is nothing remotely interesting about this game and it’s a complete waste of time. I know it only took 2 ½ hours to complete, but that’s 2 ½ hours that I can never get back. Unless you want some easy trophies and don’t mind being bored to death, I would recommend staying the hell away from this game.


Baseball Riot Review (PS4)

Baseball Riot

So there were two reason that I got this game. The first reason, which I feel was the most important, was that it was on sale. The second reason was because I had played Tennis in the Face, which I played about a year ago and also reviewed. You can read the review here. I’ve also played other games by 10tons and have enjoyed them so I figured it was kind of a win-win situation.

In Baseball Riot you’ll play as disgraced baseball star Gabe Carpaccio. Looks like Explodz has ruined another sports star’s life and this time around it isn’t just Explodz that’s behind all of it, but Gabe’s own team. Now that’s a shocking twist. Anyway, it’ll be up to you to make your way though level after level taking out crazed fans, former teammates, umpires, scientists, and of course the Explodz lawyers. With over 100 levels to complete, each level is like a puzzle where you’ll have to figure out how to take out each enemy the most efficiently.

I was really excited to play this game and did so right after downloading it. I really liked Tennis in the Face and thought it was like nothing that I had ever played before. I know this game is a sequel, but I thought that it would be a little different. Instead it’s basically the same game just with a baseball player instead of a tennis player. I found this to be disappointing and it made my enjoyment for the game go down. About halfway through the game I was bored and was eager to finish up and put this game on the shelf. To be honest, I only played this game until I was able to get all of the trophies and then stopped playing because I completely lost interest when it came to the last boss levels.

Since this game is exactly like Tennis in the Face, it plays exactly the same way. This isn’t a problem because it works. Aim your baseball how you want and then hit the swing button. Nothing really hard to learn there, but the game does get a little frustrating when time after time you just can’t seem to adjust your swing right to do what needs to be done for the level. There were many many times that I wanted to rage quit, but powered on anyway. The good thing about this game though is that there are no game breaking bugs or glitches and you’ll be able to play this game straight through without a problem.

Graphic wise, I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this game and after playing I have to say that I was once again disappointed with the copy and paste graphics that came from Tennis in the Face. Yes there were some differences, but everything else was the same and it made the game feel boring and unoriginal. I understand that this was a sequel, but that doesn’t mean that the graphics have to be exactly the same as the game before.

There are a total of 16 trophies for this game that range from extremely easy to get to “I’m going to throw this controller out the window” type trophies. If you’re a fellow trophy hunter, like myself, don’t get this game thinking that you’ll have an easy trophy list and add another 100% game to your list. It’s just not going to happen and you have to put a lot of work into getting the trophies. Not that it’s a problem, but if you’re looking or an easy and quick trophy list, look somewhere else.

Some bonus points have to go to 10tons for keeping their games multiplayer free so far. I’m still waiting to see when one day I’ll have to play their games in co-op or online.

Overall I give this game a 2 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ If you’ve played Tennis in the Face, it uses the same mechanics so there’s nothing new to learn.
+ Each level is different from the last and each level has it’s own unique way of being able to complete it.

What’s Not So Great:
It’s basically Tennis in the Face with a baseball player. Nothing original about that.
Copy and paste graphics from the last game.

As much as I’ve enjoyed 10tons games in the past, I can’t recommend this game. Even if it’s on sale and even if you enjoyed Tennis in the Face this game just isn’t worth it. There’s nothing new and nothing exciting about this sequel and the whole thing from the story to the graphics just feel like a copy and paste from Tennis in the Face in order to bank on the success of that game. $4.99 is a hefty price tag for this game so don’t waste your money on it or your time. While I can’t stop you from buying this game, I will say don’t go in expecting too much because you won’t get it from this game.


Abzu Review (PS4)


I knew that I wanted this game the moment that it came out. Mostly because it had the same Journey feel to it. This was probably because it was directed and composed by the same people who created Journey. I could never really justify the price tag that came with it though for some reason, but I did finally pick this game up when it was free thanks to PS+. Keep reading to see if it was all it was hyped up to be.

Abzu puts you in the role of a faceless diver. It’ll be your job to restore the ocean to it’s normal state as you freely move around and interact with the different species that the ocean has to offer. Throughout this journey, no pun indented, you’ll basically be drawn deeper into the ocean because of a great white shark. This shark has something to show you and you’ll discover an ancient technology within the ruins of the ocean. Will this be the divers downfall or just the beginning?

Even though this is truly the underwater Journey because it deals with life and death and then rebirth, it was still an amazing game and just an amazing experience. I will say that the game is a little slow at times, but when it picks up, it really picks up and just grips you so that you want to finish. Like Journey, this game is short, but it’s all about how you play it. If you just wanted to play the story you could probably do so in about 90 minutes, but if you actually want to explore and see everything the ocean has to offer along with the different species of ocean life you can end up spending hours in this underwater playground.

While the game and the story of the game is just beautiful, the playability of this game is it’s downfall. The controls are just frustrating as you try to move around the ocean to the point where you want to toss your controller out the window. You constantly have to hold down the R2 button in order to stay underwater and keep on a path while pressing X to swim faster and then using the right stick to direct where you are going. Sometimes you’ll have to adjust your view using the left stick and this can cause you to move up instead of down. Even after I finished the game and went back to get the collectibles, I still couldn’t get a hang of the controls and this had me extremely frustrated. Other than that the game was glitch free and ran beautifully.

The graphics for this game were just beautiful as you explored this underwater area. The ocean wildlife was a little more cartoonish than real looking, but that didn’t matter. Each creature was still beautifully crafted and it showed that a lot of time and effort went into this game to make sure that it looked beautiful.

Finish this game and do everything it has to offer to get yourself a total of 12 extremely easy trophies. You’ll have to play this game about twice, even though you could just use a walkthrough for the collectibles on the first go around, but that way kind of sucks. You want to experience this game first. Get as many collectibles as you can and then go back using the chapter select to clean up what you missed. If you use a walkthrough from the start, you end up missing the game and all it has to offer.

Surprisingly there was no multiplayer for this game and I have to say that I kind of missed it. I liked how Journey made you meet up with random people who you didn’t know until the end of the game and I felt like this game was missing this aspect since it was strictly a single player experience. I guess the single player experience made sense for the overall story line, but I thought it would have been nice to have a random person around every now and again to experience the game.

Overall I give this game a 3.5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ It’s underwater Journey which means you’ll deal with themes like life, death, and then rebirth.
+ The graphics are beautiful and game was just beautifully crafted.
+ This game is bug and glitch free so you can sit back and enjoy the experience.

What’s Not So Great:
The controls are horrible and will make you want to throw your controller out the window.
This game is seriously lacking the multiplayer aspect (never thought I would say that) that Journey had and this game would have stood out a little more if it had that.

This game is seriously one of the most beautiful games that I’ve played since Journey, but on that note it had a problem with controller issues and it was lacking the multiplayer aspect of Journey. I loved the underwater feel and loved the interaction with the ocean wildlife, but the controls made me want to give up on this game a lot. They were fickle at times and just plain frustrating. If you didn’t get this game free via PS+, I would say that the $19.99 price tag for this game is way too much for a game that you can complete in less than a day. Once you finish this game and get all the trophies, there really is no replay value. I know a lot of time and effort went into this game but that price tag is a huge one. If you didn’t get it for free, then I would say to at least wait for a sale because unlike Journey, this is one of those games that are beautiful, but also missable if you don’t have the funds.


MouseCraft Review (PS4)


This game has been in my backlog since it was free for PS+, which was probably a long time because I have no idea when I actually added it to my library only that I did it before the end of last year. Anyway, after finishing Super Exploding Zoo! which was also in my backlog, you can read my full review here, I figured I might was well pull another game from my backlog and start on that one as well. Keep reading to see what I thought of MouseCraft.

MouseCraft is a little puzzle game where you have to lead three little mice through different obstacles in order to get to a piece of cheese. This experiment is being done by this crazy cat who has an overall purpose for this experiment. The machine that he’s building is a mysterious one, but you’ll find out what the cat is using these mice for by the end of the game. A cross between Tetris and Lemmings, this game will have you playing for hours as you try to figure out how to complete each individual puzzle.

I really enjoyed this game. I didn’t think that I would, but I did. The puzzles were challenging, the basis of the game was a little bare bones, but it was mostly about the puzzles. I thought the premise of having a game that mixed Tetris and Lemmings was a pretty brilliant one and really worked for the overall game. There were 80 different levels to complete and this was no easy task. While some of the levels were easy to complete, there were other levels that were just mind boggling and took some time to figure out.

The overall gameplay was pretty simple and easy to get used to in the earlier levels. Once you had your pieces in order it was easy to speed up the game in order to get your mice where they had to go. As the game progressed, things got a little harder as you had to pause and move your blocks around hoping that you accidently didn’t drop a block on one of your mice in order to finish the level. Once you had a few go arounds with that though, it became easy to manage. I also loved the fact that this game was glitch free. This is rare and lately I’ve been finding more and more of these smaller games are completely glitch free and this is a good thing.

I liked the graphics as they were a mix of 3D and 2D. In each level you can see the crazy little cat operating the experiment and in the front you can see the mice as they move and the pieces as they are placed. It made for an interesting combination of what was going around in the background and what was going on in the front. The graphics were nicely done and were detailed.

There are a total of 12 really easy trophies for this game and all you have to do is play the game from start to finish. Completing all 80 levels with a perfect rating will probably be the hardest trophy, but my suggestion is to just play through the game normally because most likely you’ll get a perfect rating on more than 75% of the levels and then go back and use a guide in order to finish everything up.

There is no multiplayer for this game. Thank you Crunching Koalas for not adding a multiplayer feature for this game because it made it that much more enjoyable.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5.

What’s Great:

+ 80 different puzzles for you to try to solve. Each of them range from easy to hard to super hard.
+ Easy gameplay that isn’t to difficult to understand or get used to.
+ This game is glitch free and it’s kind of rare to find that these days so it’s always a good thing.
+ Cool graphics that only enhance the overall gameplay experience.

What’s Not So Great:

Bare bones story, but the game is really about the puzzles.
No replay value.

Overall I had a really great time playing this game and what was cool about it was that you could play this game in an afternoon if you wanted to. If you’re a fan of puzzle games and enjoy a challenge I would say that this game is for you and can’t be missed. Even if you didn’t pick it up when it was free for PS+, the $9.99 price tag isn’t a bad one. The only downside is that once you’re done and you’ve gotten all the trophies there really isn’t a replay value, but you will have fun while you’re playing.


Super Exploding Zoo! Review (PS4)

Super Exploding Zoo

I added this game into my library a long time ago when it was free thanks to PS+. With the problem of not having enough space on my system, I never added it onto my system since I didn’t know when I was going to play it until I purchased my 8TB external storage device. Even though it was on my system, I didn’t play it until just recently and the only reason I played it was because I needed something quick to play while I was busy editing and saving my MegaCon panel videos. Always a great reason to game, because you’re waiting for something else to finish so that you can do something else. Anyway, keep reading to see what I thought about this game.

In Super Exploding Zoo! you’ll play as various different zoo animals and it’ll be your job to protect the little zoo egg that didn’t hatch yet from Aliens that have invaded the zoo. A puzzle based game at heart, there are 80 different levels for you to play through along with a VS mode where you can test your skill against other players. Will you be able to beat each puzzle and save the little baby zoo animals or will the aliens win?

I would really like to say that I enjoyed this game and had a fun time playing, but I really didn’t. It wasn’t even the fact that I was doing something else in the middle of playing this game, it was just that fact that this game really wasn’t that great. There’s a brief little story that introduces the game and that’s about it. There’s nothing but wanting to defeat each puzzle that will keep you coming back. All you have to do with this game is solve 80 different puzzles and that’s basically it. There’s nothing grand about it or even all that interesting as you play through 80 levels which by the end kind of blend together.

The playability of this game isn’t bad, but it takes some time to get used to. As the levels progress so does the amount of things you can do until you’re tearing your hair out trying to keep track of what all of the zoo animals do. Most of them have special abilities and you have to use them in order to beat each level. This gets annoying at times and sometimes you can complete a level how the game wants you to and still end up dying. It’s weird. There was also a game crash, which was not good as it erased some of my most frequent data and I had to re-do a few levels. Overall it wasn’t really worth the hassle of trying to learn the controls and then learning what each animal did.

The graphics for this game were decent. They weren’t the best, but they weren’t horrible either. The animals had a lot of detail in them as well as the surroundings. The aliens were creative, but overall the graphics just felt a little flat. It’s a small budget game and it kind of shows. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing because the graphics work for the game, but just don’t have high expectations for this game graphic wise.

Finish this game and do everything the game has to offer in order to get yourself 19 trophies including a platinum trophy as well. Not bad right? It depends. Some of the trophies are just a pain in the ass to get while others you’ll get randomly throughout the game. Then there are of course multiplayer trophies because there is a VS mode. More to come on those in a minute, but overall it’s not a hard game to play, it does require a little bit of grinding so if you’re in it for the trophies just be aware of that.

Of course this game had to have multiplayer because who doesn’t want to face off against another team of zoo animals and just blow each other up. Me. I don’t’ want to do that. Ever again. Anyway, the game VS mode is simple and it’s basically the person with the most zoo animals usually wins. The only problem is that the servers for this game is dead and you can’t even play the multiplayer using SharePlay because I tried. I was lucky enough to find someone to play with and make a new friend in the process who needed to boost the online trophies. If you’re playing this game and you’re not so lucky, use PSNProfiles.com to setup a gaming session. Beware though because a lot of the VS trophies are glitched and you’ll have to do them more than once.

Overall I give this game a 1 out of 5.

What’s Great:

+ There are a lot of puzzles for you to figure out and if you’re into that type of game you’ll enjoy it.

What’s Not So Great:

There really is no story and it’s a bare bones type of games. Aliens invaded the zoo, save the baby animals.
The game soon becomes boring as the puzzles begin to blend into one another and feel like the same puzzle over and over again.
There are too many things to learn. This animal does this, this animal does that, use this to move each individual animal. I don’t mind learning new ways to play a game, but for a small game like this, there’s just too much.
The servers are completely dead so good luck trying to get the multiplayer trophies without boosting or even setting up a gaming session.

Even if you downloaded this game for free, I hope you didn’t pay for it, I would say that it’s not even worth it. Yes it’s a pretty easy platinum trophy as long as you don’t mind grinding a few of the trophies here and there, but seriously it’s not worth it. There are other puzzle games out there that are more fun and addictive than this game and you should probably play those instead.


The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 5 – From the Gallows Review (PS4)

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

After a pretty long wait for this season to release all of the episodes, the final episode was finally released for this game. It wasn’t as long of a wait as Game of Thrones or Tales from the Borderlands, but it was another awkward time table for this game. Anyway, I was super excited to see where this story would go and how it would end as I usually am when it comes to these games. Keep reading to see what I thought of the episode as a whole and if it lived up to my very high last episode expectations.

From the Gallows picks up right where episode 4 left off. Richmond is in utter chaos because of my choices form the previous episode and it didn’t help much that a barrier has been taken down and the walkers are making their way into Richmond basically overwhelming the people that live there causing even more chaos. Before all that though, you’ll get another flashback scene before this zombie apocalypse with David, Javier, and their father. This scene will either strengthen Javier’s bond with David or maybe break it just a little bit more. Depends on how you play. Going back into present day, it’ll be up to Javier, David, Kate, Clementine, and Gabe to see what their next step is going to be. Do they save Richmond after causing all of this chaos and destruction or do they run and save their own asses. As always, the choice is yours to make.

I really enjoyed the ending to this season. It made a lot of sense and it was a nice sendoff for Javier as a character. Throughout the season I might have expressed how I really didn’t want to play him and wanted to play Clementine again, but I can kind of understand the reasoning of why Telltale did this. They not only needed to introduce a new character, but they needed a way for Clementine to develop into the teenager that she has become at the end of the season just like they did in season one with Lee. Of course, no one can replace Lee, but having Javier around with Clementine gave her that same adult to look up to and maybe give her a different perspective since she was a little doom and gloom this season. Clementine has been through a lot, but she learns a lot from Javier this season and wouldn’t have done so if the player hadn’t taken control of Javier. That being said, I wasn’t prepared for how emotional this episode was. I really couldn’t find myself becoming attached to any of these characters and had a problem with the whole Javier and David relationship, but with the ending that I chose it made me realize that while I didn’t fully appreciate the Javier and David relationship, I did appreciate the relationship that Javier had with David’s family. The ending of course had me in tears as it was heartbreaking as was the ending to season one and season two. This episode was really well written and it was a nice way to pave the way for the next season.

There were some loading issues where I felt that things could have been loaded a little quicker, but those soon cleared up and the game played out flawlessly for me. I didn’t have a complete game crash as I’ve had in the past few episodes, but it was reported to me by LMD that during the final scene the game crashed so it’s out there. It’s just not happening to everyone. Throughout the season and in this last episode the quick time events have gotten better and flow more effortlessly although, one of them was a little messed up and I ended up dying because the perspective was off and the button that I needed to press was off screen. This was a little frustrating. Other than that the episode played out nicely.

While I don’t normally say this, I did see a sort of improvement in the graphics in the last episode. Anyone else notice that? Usually the graphics are the same throughout the whole game, but for this episode the graphics seemed enhanced and it made the final episode look great.

Finish this episode and you’ll add another 6 trophies to your collection along with your super easy platinum trophy. I like that you don’t have to do anything specific and just play because I feel it would ruin the story if it said you had to make a certain choice in order to get the trophy. Anyway, just play how you like and the trophies will come naturally.

Again, I’m super lazy and still haven’t hooked up the crowd play feature making this a single player game for me which is just fine because that’s usually how I like my games.

Overall I give this episode a 5 out of 5.

What’s Great:

+ Great ending to a season that had its ups and downs.
+ A promise of Clementine’s story continuing.
+ An emotional end to a story that I didn’t think I had that many emotional attachments to.
+ Improved graphics and quick time events.

What’s Not So Great:

Telltale is still struggling a little when it comes to loading times, but it’s getting better.
Although it didn’t happen to me there is a report of a complete game crash.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of this season, I thought it was a pretty decent season that bridges the gap between last season and the season to come. If you’ve held off on purchasing this game, I would say that you’ve held off long enough and should probably pick it up now since all of the episodes are released. I know by now a lot of you, myself included, are burnt out on the Telltale games even if you were a fan of the previous seasons of The Walking Dead, but I would still recommend giving this game a try if you played the previous two seasons. If you haven’t played the previous two seasons, why the hell not? Make sure you pick those up before playing this one.

Spoilers! Below are the choices that I made for the fifth episode.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier


Prey Demo Review


I want to first start off by thanking Bethesda for letting not only major reviewers, but everyone to be able to play their latest game Prey as an hour demo before the release of the game. I know before this they have been pretty tight lipped when it comes to their games because they want everyone to have the game at the same time instead of some people having it before others. I can understand this after the whole Mass Effect: Andromeda thing where certain people got to play, found out that the animations were horrible and basically let the cat out of the bag on this. Anyway, my sole purpose for playing this demo, which I really had no intention on playing because I stay away from horror type games was to judge for myself on how scary this game was going to be. Was I completely scared and basically scared away from making this purchase or was this game not as scary as I thought. Keep reading to find out.

Let’s start off with a couple of things that I liked. I liked that you can pick whether you’re going to be male or female in the game. I know this isn’t a big deal for some people, but it is for me. Getting the chance to play as a female character means that I’ll have a deeper connection to the character and can relate a little better than when I’m stuck playing a male character. I really enjoyed the opening sequence and liked that the opening credits were basically this huge interactive scene. I thought this was creative and added to the game making you become more immersed in it. I don’t want to spoil anything in this demo review either, but the story is just pretty wicked. Everything you think is true isn’t and you find that out really quickly. While playing I had like a BioShock / Dead Space feeling with the game and it was a pretty awesome experience. I really enjoyed my hour play time and was kind of like “aww..man” when the demo was over because I wanted to keep playing. On the note of whether or not it was super scary, I’m going to say it wasn’t scary although there were a few jump moments. I’m not sure if this gets worse as the game progresses so I’m a little cautious with this game.

Now to some things I didn’t really like that much. In comparison to other games, it’s not that bad, but there were still some things. In the opening sequence of the game there is a bathroom with mirrors. Mirrors are supposed to be reflective but these aren’t. I understand why some of them in the game aren’t, I won’t get into it because well…spoilers, but the ones that don’t have anything to do with the main story should have at least been reflective. I thought this was a little lazy, but that’s just me. Another thing that got to me was just how long the loading times were. I sat there wondering if the game had crashed or what because that’s how long some of the loading times are. I do have to say thought that once the game is loaded in the zone that you’re in, the loading stops and it’s a straight run though so I guess that’s a good thing. With this game, I can’t see the need to travel from zone to zone where this would become a huge problem, but it was just a little annoyance.

While I thought the demo was really cool and left me wanting more, I’m going to skip on the pre-order. This will definitely make my holiday list of games to buy though as I’m eager to see what’s really going on and how things playout through the game. Overall it was an enjoyable experience and I look forward to playing again.