I Never Finished…NBA Jam: On Fire Edition…Because

NBA Jame On Fire Edition

This was one of those PS+ free games, and usually I would have passed his one up because I’m not really into Basketball or Basketball games. It’s just not a sport that I like or like playing, but I decided to pick this one up for some nostalgic reasons because like many people I played the original NBA Jam on my Sega Genesis. At the time, NBA Jam was the game to play on the Sega Genesis and I was pretty badass at it, but unfortunately, I never finished this game. Keep reading to find out why.

Fond Memories – So I have these really fond memories of playing NBA Jam on my Sega Genesis because there was no online multiplayer and even though I enjoyed playing against the computer, I enjoyed it even more when a family member was around and we would play competitively. I remember being at family functions and we would have NBA Jam competitions where it started off with two people and then whoever won would stay and go up against someone else until they lost. We would spend hours doing this and those are some of the best memories that I have of growing up.

This NBA Jam was different than the one I played on the Sega Genesis. Of course it was different, it was supposed to be different and that’s not a bad thing. This game is actually a pretty decent re-make of a game that I loved and it added in a bunch of new stuff that wasn’t in the original game which was much more simple. There were tours now, quick play, and of course multiplayer. While I enjoyed playing alone, it was the online multiplayer that I didn’t like. Mostly because at the time my online partner really sucked at this game and she knew it. I wasn’t the greatest either, but still. It felt like we were more in competition with each other than the other team which made us lose. Like all the time. Anyway, I gave up on this game shortly after and it now sits on my PS3 system with all the other downloaded games.

As you can see from the picture above I was only able to get 3 out of the 12 trophies for this game. The trophies are a mixture of what the game wants you to do basically and while they aren’t really that hard to get, they require a lot of play time and a lot of grinding in order to do so. Grinding is not a thing that I’m a fan of so I was only able to get three of them. And if you’re curious, no one of the three trophies that I did get was not the trophy that requires you to watch the game credits. This is probably the easiest trophy in the entire game and I didn’t even get it.

Probability of this game getting played again…1 out of 5.

As much as I loved my Sega Genesis days of playing this game, unfortunately those days are over. I really can’t see myself playing this game again for any reason really. I know I could easily get the watching the credits trophy, but I just don’t even feel like doing that. Of course that might always change, but for now this remains one of those games that I probably won’t ever finish.

Now it’s your turn. Were you a fellow NBA Jam Sega Genesis player? What did you think of the PS3 version? Was playing on the PS3 your first time playing an NBA Jam game? Let me know down in the comments section below. Now for next week, another game I didn’t finish. SURPRISE! This is an important game though because it was my first PS Vita game. As you know before this PS+ was only giving away free games for the PS3. Then it started to include the PS Vita. I figured that if it was going to do that, then I might as well get a PS Vita because if not it was like I was wasting my PS+ subscription and not getting the most out of it. Makes sense right? Anyway, next week my first PS Vita game that went unfinished, like many to come after it, and it’s Uncharted: Golden Abyss.



I Never Finished…Feeding Frenzy 2…Because

Feeding Frenzy 2

This was one of those games that came on disc with another game, particularly Bejeweled 3. I figured since I was already playing Bejeweled that I might as well play this one as well since it was on the same disc and I did pay for all three games on the disc. Funny thing is though that I never did play Zuma, maybe it was because I couldn’t even finish this game. Keep reading to find out why.

This game is about a fish, played by you. You start out as a small fish and you have to eat other fish, that are smaller than you, in order to grow. Once you grow you can eat bigger fish, that are still smaller than you, in order to keep growing. And…that’s about it. So it’s a game about being a fish and eating other fish. You also have obstacles to dodge like bigger fish trying to eat you and some other stuff, but this is the basic concept of the game.

Let’s cut to the chase on why I never finished this game. It’s because five minutes in it made me wonder what the hell I was doing. Was this actually a video game that people enjoyed? What was the point of it? These were questions that I could not answer and that justified me shutting off the game and never turning it back on again. There also might have been a little competition of anything you can do I can do better thrown in there because someone else on my friends list was playing it and I was like “psh, if they can do it so can I.” Competition is a weird thing. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it just downright sucks. Quick story, I once knew someone who as long as they got 1% higher than me in any game that we were both playing, they were extremely happy and would immediately stop playing that game. It didn’t matter if they liked the game or not, the goal was to get 1% higher than me in trophies. So yeah, this was one of those games and it made me realize that competition isn’t always worth it. So this game ended up never being finished and I learned a lesson.

There are a total of 12 trophies for this game and as you can see from the picture all the way at the top that I was able to get 0 of these trophies. One more game with a big goose egg when it comes to the number of trophies. Another stain on my profile. The sad part is that the trophies for this game are really simple too and basically range from Common to Rare which isn’t even that hard to do as long as you put some time into it. All of the trophies require a bunch of grinding and unless you’re having fun doing the grinding, let’s face it grinding sucks.

Probability of this game getting played again…2 out of 5.

I gave this game a decent rating on the probability scale because it’s something that could be done if I really wanted it to, and that day might come where I’m tired of looking at the 0% stain on my trophy profile causing me to just hunker down and play this game for the hell of it no matter how bored I am. This of course won’t be fun and it might not ever happen, but it’s a possibility.

Feeding Frenzy 2

Now it’s your turn. What did you think about this game? Did you love it? Hate it? Finish it? Never finish it like me? At least get 1% of the trophies? Let me know in the comments section below and now for next week because this blog is never going to be over, it’s a free game thanks to PS+. I have a lot of great memories playing this game originally on my Sega Genesis before there was an online multiplayer. With this game I had plenty of people to play with and I was kind of badass at it. Next week, you’ll get a personal story on my experience with the Sega Genesis version and I’ll tell you why I never finished the PlayStation 3 version of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition.


I Never Finished…Anomaly Warzone Earth…Because

Anomaly Warzone Earth

Another freebie from PS+, this game was a little unexpected surprise that I played during the holiday time of 2012 into 2013. It was an unexpected surprise because I actually liked the game and I liked it enough that I actually completed the whole single player campaign. Key words here are single player. Anyway, there is a reason that this game ended up on this list, so keep reading to find out why.

Alien spacecraft have landed in major cities around the globe, and it’s up to you, leader of the 14th platoon, to investigate these spacecrafts. You’ll travel to cities like futuristic Baghdad and Tokyo to do so. You’ll also have to neutralize and eliminate any threat to the area in this real-time strategy tower defense game.

I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I really enjoy tower defense games. It’s just something about them that makes them fun no matter what it’s for really. There are so many different strategies to use depending on what tower you place where and there are so many possible outcomes. This keeps the game interesting and creative at the same time. Maybe a certain strategy didn’t work the first time, you can always change it up the second time to see what works and what doesn’t. The possibilities are endless. This is the main reason why I enjoyed this game. The story was sort of bland for this game, but that’s what happens with tower defense games. So like I said earlier, I finished the main single player campaign, but I was unable to complete the rest of the game. Two reasons really, first is because the raids are really hard and second because there are some co-op trophies and there’s no online co-op. Yes, I know if I have no one to play with I could hook up two controllers and just use one, but this is extremely difficult. I’ve tried multiple times without success, so I gave up.

As you can see from the picture above, I was able to get 9 of the 14 trophies for this game. Not bad if you ask me since the average completion for this game is 12% and I am way above that with 57%. Still the game isn’t complete though and while I’m missing the two co-op trophies, I’m also missing the two raid trophies, and one random trophy. With the exception of the random trophy, the other ones are a lot harder than you think.

Probability of this game getting played again…5 out of 5.

I know I gave this one a high ranking on my probability meter, but I really did enjoy this game and could see myself easily getting back into it. Not too sure if I would be able to get all of the trophies for this game or not since I still don’t have a co-op partner, but I could always try again to do it solo with the two controllers hooked up at once. Anyway, if I could fit a game into my schedule, it would be this one.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think about this game? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Did you ever finish it? Or maybe you haven’t even heard of this game. Let me know in the comments section below and for next week, a truly stupid game. Well not stupid, but a stupid choice of game on my part. This just goes to show you that if you pick up a game disc that has more than one game on it that you don’t have to play them all. Next week I’ll let you know why I never finished Feeding Frenzy 2.


I Never Finished…The Simpsons Arcade Game…Because

The Simpsons Arcade Game

This game I remember playing originally at Nathan’s Arcade Section. In my younger days, my dad would surprise me with a trip to the arcade at least once a month, twice if I was lucky, and hand me a fistful of quarters. This was like gold to me and every single time I would run to the Simpsons Arcade Game hoping that no one else was playing it. Even then I didn’t want to play with some random person. That must relate to why I don’t like playing multiplayer all that much now. Anyway, I had seen this game on PSN and was tempted because I spent so many quarters on this game but passed it up until a friend asked me to play it with her so that we both had a nostalgia moment since she also played the arcade version. Unfortunately, it ended up on this list so keep reading to find out why.

In The Simpsons Arcade Game you get to play as a member of The Simpsons family including Bart, my personal favorite, Lisa, Homer, and Marge. It’s your job to rescue Maggie who has been kidnapped by Smithers. The Simpsons just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and while Smithers was robbing a bank, a diamond accidently ended up in Maggie’s mouth resulting in Smithers kidnapping her. The family will have to fight its way through various different levels in order to rescue Maggie and bring her home.

I really enjoyed this game, probably as much as I enjoyed it while playing the original Arcade game. It’s a fun, action packed 2D side scroller that has you beating up enemy after enemy in order to save Maggie. While on the Arcade mode, I was never able to make it to the end no matter how hard I tried, I finally made it to the end on the PSN version. I have to say it was well worth the wait that after all those years I was finally able to see the end of this game. Even though I finished it, I still never really finished it and by that I mean I never got all the trophies for this game. So like I said, a friend of mine wanted me to play with her so I did, but I ended up getting ditched and this game ended up being forgotten about as I moved on because I had no one to play with. While I did enjoy playing it, it was meant to play with someone else and when that disappeared so did my enjoyment for the game.

As you can see from the pictures above, I was able to get 5 out of the 12 trophies for this game. It’s not bad and all I really have to do is finish the game in under 30 minutes, play with all 4 characters, play with three other people, and some difficulty specific trophies. Not that many trophies and it probably could easily be accomplished in one day if I really tried.

Probability of this game getting played again…5 out of 5.

I know my backlog is huge, but I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic lately and I think it’s time to get back to this game and finally finish it because I know that I could. I also think it would be fun seeing that it’s been 5 years from when I originally downloaded it to start all over again and see how well I can actually do and if I can actually complete it to 100%.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think about this game? Did you also play the original arcade version before switching to the PSN version? Are you like me and didn’t finish this game? Maybe you’re looking for a multiplayer partner. If the servers are still active let me know and I’m willing to tag along and play a few games. Now for next week, a game that I really liked and the only thing that’s holding me back from the 100% is 4 trophies. Ugh! Anyway, next week I’ll let you know why I never finished Anomaly Warzone Earth.


I Never Finished…Retro City Rampage…Because

Retro City Rampage

I picked up this game for free during the holiday time of 2012. Still unemployed after 3 years, I was basically giving up all hope that I would ever find a job which was why I decided I would go back to school. Since it was winter break, I was trying to fit in as many games as possible because that’s what you do when you’re in your late 20’s at the time and have just re-started going to school to try to get a job. Anyway, Retro City Rampage was free and because it was the holiday time my friends were off doing what they did with their families. I never did finish this game though, keep reading to find out why.

Taking place in the great year of 1985, I say great year because it was the year I was born, you play as “The Player.” Very original. You’re a thug for hire and during a bank heist that goes wrong you find a mysterious telephone booth. This booth will fling you into the future where you’ll meet a rip off of Doc Brown who thinks that you’re a hero. You’ll have to help Doc fix his time traveling car in order to get back to 1985. This will get you in all kinds of trouble, plus it throws in a bunch of 80’s references just for good measure. So think, Back to the Future meets Grand Theft Auto.

I used to not really want to say this about games, but I’ve become more comfortable with it now especially when games are horrible so I’ll go ahead and say it. I hated this game. HATED IT. I thought it was the worst game I ever played as I couldn’t find anything that was at least redeeming about this game. I played for maybe half an hour trying to not only figure this game out but get around the city it throws you in before throwing in the towel because I just couldn’t anymore. Good thing I was still heavy into Mass Effect 3 MP at the time and I had much better things to do like work on my leaderboard standings.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get 1 trophy out of 14. It’s the most common trophy in the game with a percentage of 96.16% of players getting this trophy and it’s the one for committing a crime and getting the police’s attention. To the 3.84% of players who did not get this trophy, how did you not get this? It’s basically the first thing you do in the game. Seriously. Anyway, all of the other trophies range from common to rare to ultra rare and are for things you have to do in the game as well as some stupid stuff thrown in there just to piss the player off.

Probability of this game getting played again…0 out of 5.

Did you read before where I said I hated this game? Yeah, that means that there is a 0% possibility that I will ever play this game again. Even if this was the last game on the face of the earth that I could play, I wouldn’t play it. That doesn’t mean that it’s currently not sitting on my system just for me to scowl at as I pass it by because it totally is.

Now it’s your turn. Were you one of the many people who were suckered into this game because it was free? Did you end up hating it like I did? Maybe you genuinely enjoyed it and thought it was a great game. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Now for next week, another game during the holiday time. This was a “I’m tired of being with my family and miss hanging out with you, so can you pick up this game for us to play” type of thing. This was when I was still buying games to please other people. Looking back I just shake my head for being so…stupid. Anyway I was pretty familiar with this game because I had spent a lot of quarters playing in my younger days and thought what the hell. Unfortunately, I never finished it and next week I’ll let you know why I never finished The Simpsons Arcade Game.


I Never Finished…Sonic the Hedgehog…Because

Sonic The Hedgehog

Out of all the Sega games that were I owned, and I owned a lot, I always went back to Sonic the Hedgehog no matter what. It was like my game for the Sega even though I never beat it. I would spend hours upon hours playing this game as I sat in front of my super small TV just shut out from the world. This was where I was at peace, so when this game was free on the PS3 thanks to PS+, I knew that I had to grab it and immediately play it. Sadly, just like my regular Sega version of Sonic the Hedgehog it went unfinished.

Sonic the Hedgehog is about Sonic. Sonic is a blue hedgehog that is super fast and his main goal is to take down Dr. Eggman because he wants to rule the world. How is he going to take over and rule the world? By turning all these little animals into killing machines. It’s up to Sonic to not only stop Dr. Eggman, but to save the animals as well. Can the fast little hedgehog do it? I have no idea because I never finished the game, but I’m thinking that in the end he does.

Although I genuinely enjoyed this game because it was a piece of nostalgia for me and brought back some of my childhood, I just couldn’t play the way I used to. It probably had something to do with at the time I was desperately trying to get as many trophies as possible and I’m pretty sure this got in the way of me actually playing. I have to say that at this point is probably where I became that hardcore trophy hunter. If I couldn’t get the trophies that I wanted, I would move onto the next game and try to get those trophies. I had to keep my trophy count up. I just had to. Anyway, that’s what stopped me from playing the game because I gave up on trying to get the trophies and I gave up on the game.

As you can see from the picture above I did a decent job of getting 4 out of the 12 trophies this game has to offer. Not bad, but not good either. Like I said, decent. Anyway, I only have 8 trophies left that range from beating the game, beating the game without dying, beating the game in under 40 minutes, speed runs on certain levels, and completing levels. Not exactly the hardest trophies, but not the easiest either.

Probability of this game getting played again…4 out of 5.

Since I’ve been playing Sonic Mania on my PS4, I’ve been thinking about this game and thinking about going back and just playing. Not for the trophies or anything, but just playing for the sake of playing. This might happen sooner rather than later as it would be nice to just go back and see if I could take an afternoon and actually beat the game. If I get some trophies in the process that would be great. Here’s hoping that my ever growing backlog allows this sometime soon.

Now it’s your turn. Did you play this game originally on Sega and then pick it up on the PS3? Do you love Sonic? Hate Sonic? Let me know down in the comments section below and now for next week. Next week is one of those games that I picked up because it was free and figured what the hell, I might as well play it because it’s free. Bad choice because it’s on this list so there must be a reason why I never finished Retro City Rampage. I’ll let you know why next week.


I Never Finished…Rochard…Because


After the whole BioShock fiasco thing, where I wasn’t supposed to be playing a horror game because I generally don’t like them, but ended up playing it, I wanted to play something that no one else was going to play. Because I played around Christmas time it meant that I would be left alone because a lot had happened since the Resident Evil 5 Thanksgiving and girls don’t have this “Bros before Hoes” type code, so I was left alone. This was fine with me because before playing Mass Effect 3 MP I generally played alone. I didn’t have a mic, didn’t have PlayStation friends, and lived a perfectly happy life. Because I got way off track, here’s why I never finished Rochard.

In Rochard, you’ll play as John…Rochard. He’s the leader of the lowest level of an asteroid mining team for Skyrig Corporation. He basically runs a group of people that aren’t really important, until they find an ancient alien structure hidden in an asteroid. Once that happens, John’s whole team goes missing and it’s up to him to find them. When that happens he’ll encounter space bandits and other forces at work in Skyrig Corporation.

I actually thought this game was really cool and enjoyed that it was a 2D puzzle / side scrolling platforming game. There are a bunch of different puzzles and your main weapon is gravity which is just super cool. It was a pretty cool concept for the game and I was really determined to play. I spent a lot of time playing this game and really enjoyed the time playing, but there was also this little thing, that still exists, which is the N7 headquarters and it really meant a lot to me so even though I played Rochard, I was also worried about my leaderboard standings. Anyway, I remember getting to a point where I just couldn’t beat and then called it quits.

As you can see from the trophy picture above, I was able to get 6 out of the 14 trophies offered for this game, which when you think about it, it really isn’t that bad. All I’m missing is some random trophies along with some collectibles trophies, finishing the game trophies, and a speed run trophy. All it would take is some time and determination to actually get these done.

Probability of this game getting played again…4 out of 5.

I’ve been using my PS3 a little bit more lately, so I can totally see myself playing this game at some point. I would actually like to beat this game and see how it ends, I would also like to get 100% of the trophies for this game as well. We’ll see how things go though because this is the season of new games and even though I try to work on my backlog, everyone knows how that goes.

Now its your turn to let me know what you thought about this game. Did you love it? Hate it? Actually finish it and get 100% of the trophies? Let me know in the comments section below and next week I’ll let you know why I never finished another game. Now this game was an old favorite of mine and actually got a newer updated release just recently that I’ve been constantly playing. Know what game it is? It’s Sonic the Hedgehog. Next week I’ll let you know what held me back from finishing this game.


I Never Finished…BioShock…Because


To be honest about this game, I had never even heard of it until a friend told me about it and told me how great it was and how she was looking forward to BioShock 3, which is now BioShock: Infinite, for years because this game and the sequel were so amazing. When I told her that I never even heard of this game, she insisted I find myself a copy and play both this game and the sequel because the next BioShock was going to be amazing. Still unemployed, I know I know, how can someone be unemployed for this long? I have no idea, but it happened. Anyway, I found myself a really cheap used copy of BioShock and played. If it’s on this blog though, it means I never finished it. Keep reading to find out why.

In BioShock, you play as Jack. Jack is the sole survivor of a plane crash out in the middle of the ocean and that’s when he finds the lighthouse. Traveling to the lighthouse he finds a bathysphere which takes him to the underwater city of Rapture. Here he’ll be contacted by Atlas. Atlas tells him what’s been going in in Rapture and how he needs Jack’s help to stop creator of Rapture, Andrew Ryan. Atlas leads Jack through the city where he’ll encounter splicers, people who were once human but got addicted to ADAM’s and have turned into these monstrosities. Jack will also encounter Little Sisters and their Big Daddies. Here is where the moral decisions of the game comes in. If you take down a Big Daddy that’s protecting a little sister you can ether save her or harvest her for ADAM’s. The choice is yours even though Atlas will urge you to use the little sisters and harvest them for ADAM’s while a new character, Dr. Tenenbaum, will urge you to save them, and depending on what you do you’ll get two different endings.

Would You Kindly? Who knew that three little words that form a question would have so much influence in this game and really become the theme of the whole game. Whenever Atlas asks Jack to do something he always says “Would you kindly?” After playing this game, it kind of became a thing when I would play with my friend. When we were playing Mass Effect 3 MP and went down we would ask people around us, “Would you kindly revive me, I’m out of MediGel.” There would be some hesitation and then someone would come running. People who played BioShock knew and called us out on that sometimes, but it was also kind of fun when people didn’t know the reference and would pause and then be like, “oh yeah, sure I’ll be right there.” I have to admit I even do this at work sometimes if I want to push off a phone call to someone else. “Hey (Insert Fellow Employee Name Here) would you kindly make this phone call for me? I’m really swamped over here.” Works like a charm.

So this is essentially a horror game, there are a lot of jump scares and mysterious locations with ominous music playing throughout the game. My friend knew that I hated horror games, yet she still recommended it and denied that it was a horror game. Some friend right? It’s a surprise that I even made it through this game, but I did and played through the whole story which I have to say is amazing. The story, the whole twisty nature of the game, the environment, and then the ending (the good one that had me crying in buckets) is simply amazing. This game was like nothing I had ever seen before, but I felt like after playing and finishing the story there really wasn’t a reason to go back. I didn’t feel like I could play the game on survivor difficulty without the Vita-Chamber and I had a problem that the best way to do this, as I’ve been told, is to harvest all of the little sisters. It just feels…wrong. Anyway that’s why I never went back to this game.

As you can see from the picture above, I was able to get a nice 40 out of the original 54 trophies for this game, 66 in total if you could the DLC. I was able to get most of the trophies within my first playthrough which was pretty amazing and the only trophies I have left to get are the ones for playing on harder difficulties without the Vita-Chamber and some other random trophies. Not that bad for only playing this game one time. A few trophies were stupid ones that I just completely overlooked, but could have gotten on my first playthrough. Going back and thinking about that just made me groan because I hate when I overlook the simple stuff.

Probability of this game getting played again…2 out of 5.

I ranked this game pretty low because if I do go and play this game again, it’s not going to be for the trophies even though I still own this game. This would be one of those I’m playing because I want to experience the story again. Sometimes you can’t get every platinum trophy and sometimes you just physically can’t play a game on its hardest game mode. It happens and I’m accepting that this is one of those games for me. That doesn’t make it any less great though, it just means that it will forever stay in my sleeve of unfinished games.


Now it’s your turn. Would you kindly tell me what you thought about this game. Did you love it? Hate it? Understand it? Don’t be ashamed if you didn’t understand it at first, it took me a little while too. Anyway, let me know in the comments section and next week I’ll tell you why I went back to playing some free games for the next couple of weeks, mostly because I was pissed at my friend for lying that BioShock wasn’t a horror game, and why I never finished Rochard no matter how hard I tried.


I Never Finished…Resident Evil 5…Because

Resident Evil 5

Now while this was one of those free games that I was getting thanks to PS+, this was one I was going to skip on. I know it seems like I haven’t been skipping on many free games in these pass few blogs, but this one I was planning on skipping. The first reason was because I’m not a real big fan of the Resident Evil series and the second was because I’m really not a huge fan of horror games. Of course I got suckered into downloading this game and playing. Not only did I get suckered into playing, but I also never finished this game after playing it one time. Keep reading to see why I never finished this game.

Resident Evil 5 takes place in Africa where you’ll play as Chris Redfield or Sheva Alomar, depending on how you’re playing, to investigate a bio terrorism threat. Upon arriving in Africa, you’ll discover that the people there are already infected and the previous team sent in has been eliminated. And that’s about as far as I got when it came to this game. The basic premise and nothing more, I have no idea where the story would have gone or where it even went, nor do I know that much about the series itself. I played maybe the first or second game on my PS2, but that was it. Not off to a great start especially with trying to start with the fifth game.

So I said this game had a story behind why I actually played and it was because when I played this game, five whole years ago (time really flies, I mean wow), it was on Thanksgiving and it was because my former friend was alone. It was her first Thanksgiving alone and she didn’t want to be alone, ditching most of the plans that I had already made, I stayed home and played video games with her all day so that she didn’t have to be alone. Anyway, this game was one of the games that she wanted to play since it was free. She wanted to play so we played. Until we got stuck in one area and she decided that we were going to give up. We would figure something out though and then head back into the game when we learned how to defeat the enemy we were stuck on. I don’t think we even talked about this game after that Thanksgiving day. I really have no idea what the hell the game was about or anything much about it, just the story that goes along with it. Pretty sad really. Anyway, ever since that one day I never picked up the game again.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get 9 out of the base 51 trophies, 71 trophies in total with the added on DLC. Seeing from my timestamps that we only played this game for two whole hours, 9 trophies really isn’t that bad. One of the things that I remember is the very auditable sigh that I received when I announced that I got yet another trophy from my former friend. Anyway, I’m sure if I played longer, or perhaps by myself, I might have gotten more trophies.

Probability of this game getting played again…3 out of 5.

I ranked this game pretty high up there because I wouldn’t mind giving this game a second chance. This time alone though. I think that the reason I didn’t enjoy this game that much was because looking back now, it was hard to play with my former friend. Maybe that’s why we’re not friends anymore, to this day I really don’t even know why we aren’t friends. That’s another discussion though, but I wouldn’t mind one day going back and trying to see if this game holds any interest for me without being influenced by someone else.

Now it’s your turn? Are you as gullible as I am and get roped into playing games you don’t want to play like this one? Did you love this game? Hate it? Think it was the best in the franchise or the worst? Let me know in the comments section below and now for next week, a game that my former friend actually recommended. Here’s the thing with this game though, I actually really enjoyed it even though it’s kind of a horror game, but it has a great premise, a really cool tag line that goes with it, and it just celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. Know which game I’m talking about? It’s Bioshock. I’ll let you know next week why I completed this game, but never went back and actually finished it.


I Never Finished…Quantum Conundrum…Because

Quantum Conundrum

This was yet again one of those free PS+ games that I got. At this point I was still just downloading anything that was free, whether it be a good game or a bad game, because I was paying for the subscription and I was only doing it to get free games. During this time PS+ wasn’t needed to play online so it was an optional purchase. Anyway, I did play this game, but unfortunately it ended up on this list. Keep reading to find out why.

In Quantum Conundrum, you’ll play as a 12 year old boy who is dropped off at his uncle’s house. Wow, that makes the game sound really creepy, but moving on. The uncle, Quadwrangle, turns out to be a brilliant scientist working on his latest experiment. Like some experiment’s, this one goes horribly wrong and it leaves Quadwrangle trapped in a pocket dimension with no memory. It’s up to you to save him by solving different puzzles that involve switching dimensions in different rooms that contain different properties. You’ll switch back and forth between the fluffy dimension, where everything is soft and well fluffy, the heavy dimension, where everything is way too heavy for a 12 year old boy to lift, the slow dimension, where time itself slows down, and the reverse gravity dimension where everything but the player is affected by this this, so that you can safely solve each puzzle. Switch to the wrong dimension and it could lead to the death of your character and having to start the puzzle all over again.

This game seems familiar… Does this game seem familiar to you, like maybe you played some sort of game similar to this before? If it does it’s because it’s directed by Kim Swift who was the lead designer on Portal.

This game is actually a really fun game and I enjoyed playing it. The puzzles are challenging and the game will keep you your toes. So why did I not finish this game which seems very doable? I really hate to blame other people, but it’s hard to play something by yourself when you have one super needy friend who is like play Mass Effect 3 with me, play Borderlands with me, play Borderlands 2 with me. Being the people pleaser that I am, I’m always the one to stop what I’m doing and go do what someone else wants. I could have simply played offline, since this was a time when you didn’t have to play every single game online, but that doesn’t work when the needy friend has your phone number and calls when you aren’t online. Wanting to make my friend, who is no longer my friend, happy I would oblige and pop online to play whatever she wanted to play. It’s sad because this is a really great game and I missed the opportunity to fully play it because I just couldn’t say no. As a side note, this is a really unhealthy habit and I’ve since stopped doing that. I now play what I want when I want. Lesson learned.

Cool Side Note: You know how on the PS3 interface, you have a game section where you can scroll up and down when you pass by your games right? Anyway, while scrolling, a lot of the games do different things, sometimes a background will appear with some music on a loop and sometimes you’ll get nothing. With this game though, when you scroll down to it in your game section, you’ll get a full-fledged song playing called Flip A Switch by Chris Ballew. I have to say that this is the coolest song for a game and for me when I turn on my PS3, it’s a habit to scroll down to the game and listen to this song because it’s awesome.

As you can see from the trophies above, I was only able to get 4 out of the base 15 trophies for this game, there were another 10 trophies added to this game via DLC, but I never got around to finishing the game or even seeing if the DLC was worth it. The 4 trophies that I did get were super simple in a game where the rest of the trophies range from rare to ultra rare.

Probability of this game getting played again…5 out of 5.

Now that my super needy friend is out of the picture, it seems like the perfect opportunity to go back and play this game, after not playing for 5 whole years. Yes that’s right, my last trophy for this game was 5 years ago. I really want to experience this game because like many of you out there, I love Portal and I love the Portal vibe that this game has. This is one of those games that I really want to make the time to play to so you might be seeing it on my weekly trophy breakdown soon.

Now it’s your turn. Did you download this game for free and never finish it? Maybe you’re one of the rare few who have finished this game. Did you pick up the Portal vibe that this game gives off? Let me know in the comments section and for next week, a new game that I didn’t finish. I only played this game once and it has a story to why I even played it to go along with it. Next week I’ll let you know why I never finished Resident Evil 5 and why I even started it in the first place.