Zipper Review


With TV shows basically on break for the holiday season, there’s nothing I have to catch up on so it’s back to movie time. What to watch though was the problem because it feels like I haven’t turned on Netflix or checked out HBO in months. Anyway, it was time to go through my list and see what was gone, like I really know because there’s so many titles, and what was added back on. That’s how I came across this title. I had added it into my list a while back and it was removed. I remember this because I added it because Lena Headey was in it. Seeing it re-appear in my list made me say why not and watch. Keep reading to see if it was a worthy watch for my Saturday night movie.

Zipper is about Sam, played by Patrick Wilson, who basically has it all. He has an amazing job as a federal prosecutor with a great political future, a loving wife and mother to his child, Jennifer, played by Lena Headey, and a beautiful house to go along with it. There’s something basically missing in Sam’s life though since all he can do is jerk-off when he comes home from the office to some good old fashioned internet porn. The jerking-off to porn can only go so far though when he’s tempted at every corner by these beautiful women, so what’s a guy like that to do? Hire an escort service and basically put your job and political future in jeopardy as well as your marriage and maybe get an STD thrown in there for good measure.

When I read the small description Netflix gave for this movie, I thought maybe he had an affair at the office that turned bad especially since he had this flirtation with an intern, but this was not what I was expecting. It was a movie full of Sam just being with, because I don’t want to be crude in my review, escort after escort because it becomes an addiction. A really expensive addiction because apparently the going price for an escort is $1,000 an hour and up. For the first half of this movie his wife is basically clueless because she has her sights on this huge political future for her husband who she’s sacrificed so much for. The movie goes into how they both went to law school and she’s basically better than him but doesn’t have the political future that he would, which was a little insulting in a way because there are a lot of strong women in politics. Anyway, this isn’t the place for political debates, just a movie review. I found the movie to be over-gratuitous at times with the sex scenes and it made me debate turning the movie off more than once because I didn’t think they were tastefully done.

The cast for this movie was just OK. I hate saying that with a movie that has Lena Headey in it because I’m such a huge fan, but seriously this movie couldn’t be saved by the acting. The people playing the characters just didn’t fit the roles and it made the movie that much more worse as the movie just trudged along as it became a montage of random sex scenes.

Overall I give this movie a 1 out of 5.

I was expecting a lot more for my first normal Saturday night movie and it just didn’t deliver. The movie was filled with an over the top amount of sex scenes, jerking-off scenes, and just bland characters. Could this movie turned out differently and actually been good? Yes, I think if they went the more Fatal Attraction way of movies then yes. This movie was just disturbing in a way and not a good watch. I really wouldn’t recommend it, but if you’re one of those people that have to see for yourself then feel free, but prepare to be disappointed.



Jigsaw Review


As many of you know, I usually wait for movies to either become available to rent or watch them for free thanks to HBO. The last time I went to the movie theater was to go and see The Big Sick (you can read my review here) and had a pretty bad time. After that experience, there are only a very few amount of movies that I would venture out to see when they’re released in the movie theater. Jigsaw is one of them because I am a huge fan of Saw. Huge fan. The franchise has had its ups and downs like any horror movie franchise, but I’ve stuck by it and this one I knew I had to see. I was so hyped up to see this movie, I knew that if it disappointed I would be crushed. Keep reading to see what I thought of Jigsaw.

Taking place 10 years after the death of John Krammer, AKA Jigsaw, played by Tobin Bell, the games have started yet again and there are another string of “Jigsaw” murders. How could this be though because Jigsaw is dead. Or is he? Anyway, 5 new people will be set up in a string of traps that gives them a chance to win, if they play the game correctly. Try to cheat and it could be the death of them or someone else. Playing Jigsaw’s game is one unknown person, unknown because he gets what’s coming to him in the first trap before you get to know the 4 survivors. Jigsaw wants them to confess, but what have they done? You have Carly, played by Brittany Allen, who is a purse snatcher. She’s had to do more than that though to end up in one of Jigsaw’s traps right? Then there’s Mitch, played by Mandela Van Peebles, who sold a faulty motorcycle to someone. What’s his real reason for being in this trap? Then there’s Ryan, played by Paul Braunstein, who is just an all around douche bag. He’s not only in Jigsaw’s trap because he’s a douce bag though. There has to be an underlying reason to why he’s there. Then you have Anna, played by Laura Vandervoort, who’s child died by accident. How did she end up in there? All will be answered by the end of the movie and you’ll see these people for what they really are and the things that they did. All while this game is going on, you’ll have a good cop bad cop routine going on between Detective Keith Hunt, played by Cle Bennett and Detective Halloran, played by Callum Keith Rennie, and now some medical examiners, Logan Nelson, played by Matt Passmore, and Eleanor Bonneville, played by Hannah Emily Anderson, trying to figure how and where this is taking place to try and save these people before it’s all over. Each of them will become paranoid in their own way and start to blame on another for being a copy cat killer. This will all lead to a twisted ending with lots of blood and gore that fans of the series can come to expect along with some new traps that have never been seen before.

That OMG moment. If you’ve seen the movie then you know what I’m talking about. There’s this total OMG moment in the movie where it all comes together and you’re mind is blown. This has happened in the good Saw movies and it happens in this movie as well. It’s pretty amazing and I keep these reviews spoiler free, but damn I did not see this one coming. It was a huge twist that was risky but totally paid off.

This movie was everything I could have ever wanted from a Saw movie. It was gory, it had its usual twisted plot, and had that shocker of an ending that I could have never seen coming. Out of all the Saw movies, this was definitely one of my favorites from the franchise. It took a new spin on something that has been dead for years and it paid off big time. It still had the same franchise staple points with the traps and the people that Jigsaw has deemed horrible people because of what they’ve done but it also added a new time bending twist which was pure genius. If I went into why this movie was so great even more, I would totally spoil the whole thing and I have no intention of doing that.

The cast has never been a big part of the franchise. The people in the traps have wronged other people or Jigsaw himself in some way and are just there to be a part of the game. You really aren’t supposed to become invested in them because there really isn’t a reason to route for them once you find out why they’re set up in these traps. Anyway, the Jigsaw prisoners all play their role of the victim well, but the real star of the show, only has a ten minute cameo, and it’s Tobin Bell. There can’t be a Saw movie without him because he’s the whole reason for the movie. As always he plays Jigsaw to perfection and seeing him in another movie was the highlight of this movie.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

If you are a Saw fan and have stuck with the franchise through good movies and bad movies, then you have to see this movie because it will restore your faith in the franchise. It shows that these past Halloween’s have sorely been missing a decent, no great, Saw movie and you’ll be in for a treat with this one. If you’re not a Saw fan, then you’ll want to skip this movie because no matter what anyone says you’re either a Saw fan or you aren’t. If you’re on the fence and are a partial Saw fan, you have to go and see this movie. It’s seriously worth it and the payoff at the end is one of the best in the franchise.


Why Him? Review

Why Him?

I had seen the previews for this movie over and over again during the holiday time in 2016, but as usual missed my opportunity to go and see this in the movie theater. Not for my lack of trying, but because for me, it seems like previews that are super funny on TV usually end up being not so funny movies when you actually sit down and watch the whole thing. When this movie premiered on HBO, I figured now was a good time to give it a try and see if I was missing anything.

Why Him? is about Stephanie, played by Zoey Deutch, who has just informed her family that she’s been seeing tech mogul Larid Mayhew, played by James Franco, and invites them to San Diego for the Christmas Holiday to spend time with her boyfriend and get to know him. This results in the whole family, Ned Fleming, played by Bryan Cranston, Barb Fleming, played by Megan Mullally, and Scotty Fleming, played by Griffin Gluck, to leave their Michigan home and head to San Diego for the holiday. They are in for the surprise of their life as Larid is just completely over the top. This leads to some funny antics, a few uncomfortable moments, and a somewhat heartwarming movie experience.

I’m just going to come out and say that I’m really not a fan of Christmas movies. It’s just not my thing and I can barely tolerate them during the holiday time. So why in the hell would I bother watching one before the holiday time? I really have no idea other than I thought this movie was going to be super funny. Unfortunately, this movie misses that super funny mark on many occasions. What starts off as funny with Larid’s over the top persona and the constant dropping of an f-bomb every other word soon gets stale and over played. The story itself is also a little cliched in the fact that the Ned hates Larid while everyone else in the family is coming to love him for who he is and the way he wins them over. This all builds up into an all out fight between Larid and Ned, but then results into a super happy ending. While this was great and I dig the super happy ending thing, I mean it was kind of a given because it is a Christmas movie, I just wasn’t feeling this movie half way through as it became boring and the antics between Larid and Ned became tiresome. The comedy aspect of this movie died out about halfway through the movie as it was just basically the same thing over and over again.

The cast for this movie is one of the highlights because James Franco does what he does best when it comes to this role. He’s a great character actor and he really shines in this movie as the over the top persona that he’s supposed to play. I have to give credit to Bryan Cranston as well as he played the perfect straight edge guy who disapproved of his daughters relationship with an older man. The rest of the cast also made the movie as the ensemble just worked.

Overall I give this movie a 3 out of 5.

While this wasn’t the greatest movie out there, it wasn’t the worst either. While it was funny in the beginning, it soon became way too over the top and just not funny anymore about halfway through. The ending pulled everything together though and was the real payoff for this movie. I would say that if you’re into Christmas movies, the funny ones, then give this one a try but don’t go in expecting too much. If you’re looking for a Christmas movie, but this one may just be over the top for you, I would recommend Surviving Christmas which is kind of similar to this movie, but much more funnier and actually one of my favorites. Don’t tell anyone though that I have an actual favorite Christmas movie that I kind of watch every year.


Gaga: Five Foot Two Review

Gaga: Five Foot Two

When I had seen this on Netflix I knew that I had to watch it. I have been one of Gaga’s Little Monsters from the start. Those of you who know my PSN tag could probably already tell that, so it was a given that when this documentary premiered that I just had to watch it. I was a little nervous about the length because sometimes that can go in either a good direction or a bad one. Keep reading to see what I thought of the documentary as a whole.

Gaga: Five Foot Two, stars Lady Gaga. That’s kind of a given right? Anyway, it’s basically a documentary that follows her as she makes her fifth studio album Joanne. Not only does the documentary show an inside look into her writing and recording process, but it also gives an inside look into Lady Gaga herself. It shows the emotional struggles that she goes through on a daily basis as well as her physical struggles. All of this leads up to her amazing half time performance at this past years Super Bowl. You get this small sneak peek into her family life as it shows her interactions with her mother, father, and grandmother as well as some of the struggles she faced while filming American Horror Story: Roanoke. There’s even some stuff in there about her feud with Madonna.

I genuinely enjoyed this documentary. I thought that after Lady Gaga’s first three albums, The Fame, The Fame Monster, and Born This way, that the fourth one, Artpop, fell a little flat and I didn’t even purchase it. I did however purchase Joanne because it felt like Lady Gaga was going back to her original roots with the album and it sounded more like the Lady Gaga that I had come to admire and respect. Although I felt that it was a hit and miss with some songs, I absolutely loved Perfect Illusion and A Million Reasons, I thought that other songs fell flat. That was until I watched this documentary. I have a new found respect for this album especially the song Joanne. I had known a little bit of the back story, but knowing the full story and watching Lady Gaga present the song to her grandmother was just heartbreaking. I feel the same way about the rest of the album now and it’s all because of this documentary.

An inside look into Lady Gaga and who she is, is a little confusing at times and I imagine that’s just how she is. Her mind works differently and although she’s a brilliant song writer and performer that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t struggle. During the course of the documentary, she does a good job of opening up and not only showing her physical pain but her mental pain as well. It made her seem more relatable and human. She’s known for being put up on this platform, but this documentary kind of normalizes her and it’s not a bad thing.

Overall I give this movie a 4.5 out of 5.

This is going to be a must for any Lady Gaga fan as it shows how she created her alum Joanne all the way to her busting her ass to get that half time performance at the Super Bowl. While at times the documentary was a little slow and had its moments that seemed a little off balanced, it was still watchable and enjoyable. After all these years I have a new found respect for Lady Gaga and her writing process, not to mention a new found respect and understanding for her latest album Joanne. If you’re not a Lady Gaga fan, I’m going to say that you should probably give this a chance because she’s not the same person that you see in the media and everywhere else. It’s just the persona that she takes on. It’s a good documentary and should at least be given a chance to see what an amazing song writer and performer this woman is.


What Happened to Monday Review

What Happened To Monday

I had started watching this movie during Hurricane Irma, but because of many interruptions, like the threat of tornados, I ended the movie about fifteen minutes in and decided to save it for another day. That Saturday finally came and I was able to sit down and actually watch this movie. I had waited a couple of weeks after the hurricane to actually watch this movie and was pretty eager to do so. Keep reading to see if it was worth the wait.

What Happened to Monday is set in the year 2073 where it is illegal to have more than one child, thanks to Nicolette Cayman, played by Glenn Close, who developed the Child Allocation Act. Climate change is in full swing and the world is overpopulated. This means that people having more than one child have to choose which child they want and put the other into cryo-stasis. Thirty years prior to 2073, a set of seven identical girls were born. While their mother died during child birth, their grandfather, played by Willem Dafoe, decides to take the seven girls and name them for each day of the week. During their childhood he’ll train them to be different while inside of their super-secret top of the line technology house, but when they leave the house on the day on the day of the week they’re named for they have to act like the same person. Cut to 2073 where each girl takes on the persona of Karin Settman, played by Noomi Rapace. Everything is going as planned with each girl having her own personality at home, but then being Karin Settman when they go out until Monday goes missing. Has someone found out about what they’re doing, which is highly illegal, or is something else going on? You’ll have to watch and find out in this gripping thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat until the end of the movie.

Wow was this movie awesome. I mean seriously, it was well worth the wait as the whole movie was just mind blowing. Just when you think you have it figured out and you know what happened to Monday, the whole thing changes and your mind is just blown. Like seriously, what a twist and what an ending. Anyway, without spoiling it, I will say that the movie is gripping and held my attention for the full time that it was on. I actually wished it was a little longer and would have concentrated on the girls childhood a little bit more along with a “normal” week before getting into the disappearance of Monday. Other than that, the movie was just perfect. It had a great mix of action and suspense along with a WTF ending just to make it even better.

The star of this movie is clearly Noomi Rapace as she plays seven different roles at once. At first I thought this was going to be awkward even though I am a huge Noomi Rapce fan, but I was completely wrong because she plays each part of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Karin Settman to perfection. When all seven girls are in one place at one time, it’s amazing how she plays each different personality and makes it actually believable. That being said, I also thought that Glenn Close played the perfect villain to this movie because it was one of those roles where you think that she’s trying to help the world when really she’s not.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

This movie was amazing and much better than a lot of the AAA movies that are out there today, yes I’m looking at you La La Land. If you have Netflix and want to watch a movie that will keep you guessing to the very end because every time you think you have something figured out you don’t, then this is the movie for you. The whole movie is filled with action and suspense and will have you on the edge of your seat. Definitely one of the Netflix originals that cannot be missed.


La La Land Review

La La Land

I was super excited to finally be able to see this movie because I had been waiting since it was in theaters. I used to go to the theaters all the time, but with the rising cost I usually don’t venture out unless it’s something that I really really want to see and I couldn’t’ justify it for this movie. I was content waiting and figured that I would either rent it on PSN or wait for it on HBO. Luckily my wait wasn’t a long one, so keep reading to see if this movie was worth the wait.

Set in modern times, I didn’t get that vibe from the promo’s but I rolled with it, Mia, played by Emma Stone, is trying to do what everyone in Hollywood is trying to do and that’s become a famous actress. She’ll go to audition after audition while she works her day job as a barista. Mia will find out that this is an uphill climb that really isn’t working out all that well for her even though she’s doing everything right. She’s never right for the part and she really just doesn’t fit into the whole Hollywood stereotype thing. Then there’s Sebastian, played by Ryan Gosling. He’s a jazz musician in a dying industry as no one really wants to listen to classic jazz anymore. He isn’t having it though as he works on trying to open up his own club which doesn’t exactly go as planned. Both Sebastian and Mia will meet and fall in love before the pressures of Hollywood will pull them apart in this musical. The question is though, will love conquer all and will everyone get the happy Hollywood ending they deserve?

I really hate saying this, but 20 minutes into the movie I knew that I was going to absolutely without a doubt hate this movie. By the end of the movie, I don’t think I could have hated it anymore. I don’t see what was so hugely special about this movie that everyone went crazy over it. For a musical, the singing is just awful and the story line is just a clichéd one. I can’t say that there was a single scene in this movie that I actually enjoyed and didn’t cringe at. I tried to like this movie, I really did especially since I had heard such great things about it, but it feels like everyone was watching a different movie than I was because this movie just didn’t have it. The movie tried to mix this old timey feel with modern times and it became annoying really quick. Just as you were getting into this old timey Singing in the Rain type vibe a cell phone would go off, pulling you right out of the moment and giving you a WTF moment. Not to mention the fact that this musical was really missing it’s mark with the music and the singing itself. Both the music and the singing were subpar and really took away from the movie as a whole.

That Damn Ending! Not only do I have a strong dislike for the movie, but I have a strong dislike for the ending. It was intentionally an unhappy one, and not one in the same respect as Moulin Rouge where it ended that way for a reason. This movie ended in a way where basically everyone got what they wanted but really didn’t. An “alternate” version was shown as a tease and then quickly rectified as the movie ended on a bittersweet note. I’m not saying that the ending would have improved my dislike for this movie, but it would have helped just a little and maybe put a smile on my face instead of having me roll my eyes because someone thought it would be more artistic and sad to end the movie they way it was ended.

There’s no doubt about it that both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have great on screen chemistry. This is not only seen in this movie, which is difficult to believe, but also in other movies they have both starred in. Needless to say though, these actors weren’t fit for their respective roles and it make the whole movie awkward. I have to say that for two actors who I have a great amount of respect for and as much as I enjoy their work, they did not make this movie any easier to watch as they were both wrong for the roles of Mia and Sebastian.

An Oscar for Best Actress? Really? I know the race for best actress this past Oscar season was a little lackluster because Natalie Portman was nominated for Jackie which was just a huge failure, you can read why I think that here, but seriously how the hell did Emma Stone win for best actress? Granted, besides Jackie I didn’t see Ruth Negga in Loving, Isabelle Huppert in Elle, or Meryl Streep in Florence Foster Jenkins, but seriously out of all of these actress’s, Emma Stone was the best? In that respect I think Emma Stone is a great actress, but this was definitely not the role that should have been her first Oscar win.

Overall I give this movie a 1 out of 5.

If you’re a huge fan of musicals like myself, then please do yourself a favor and skip this movie. From beginning to end, that damn ending, it’s just horrible and not even worthy to be compared to the great musicals of any time. The story is a clichéd one, the music is bad (who knew a musical had to have good music), the singing is off, and the acting as much as it tries to work just doesn’t. I’m sorry, but if you’re looking for a good musical to watch I would say try watching Singing in the Rain, Moulin Rouge, The Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia!, or Rent. You’ll have a much better experience watching these movies and you’ll come out not feeling like you just waisted two hours of your life.


Hidden Figures Review

Hidden Figures

Being the sorta NASA geek that I am, this movie really intrigued me because before this movie I had never known about these women that worked at NASA and helped John Glenn get into space on the Friendship 7. This was another one of my “hunker down” for Hurricane Irma movies and I figured that while the power was still on I would watch this since I had wanted to watch it and hope that the power didn’t go out. Luckily it didn’t for this movie so keep reading to see what I thought about this movie.

Hidden Figures is about three African-American women who work at NASA and are just brilliant. You have Katherine Johnson, played by Taraji P. Henson, who was just a brilliant mathematician who was able to crunch numbers like no one else. She was the one who was able to figure out the coordinates for the Friendship 7 mission to pin point exactly where John Glenn’s space craft would land in the ocean so he could be picked up. Then there’s Dorothy Vaughn, played by Octavia Spencer, who taught herself about computer programming and did what people who were trained to do couldn’t, which was program the IBM computers that could run the numbers and calculations that NASA needed faster than their human computers. Finally there was Mary Jackson, played by Janelle Monae, who was a brilliant engineer who faced so many obstacles in order to finish one class so that she could become the first woman and first African-American engineer for NASA.

This movie, just like the women portrayed in it, was just brilliant. It gave you an inside look into Virginia in the 1960’s where there was segregation and it was completely unheard of for not only women, but African-American women to hold such highly powerful jobs. These three women helped shape NASA and it was just an amazing movie to watch. I enjoyed every single moment of it and enjoyed that despite everything each and every one of the obstacles that those women had to face, they each succeeded and went above and beyond. The movie itself was an interesting look into what it was like to work for NASA during that time period and everything that was done in order to get John Glenn into space.

Of course the stars of this movie were Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae who each played the part that they played to perfection and made the movie feel as real as it actually was. The way they portrayed there characters made you feel like their struggles were your struggles and it pulled you into the movie. Kevin Costner and Jim Parsons were also in this movie and played excellent parts. Kevin Costner plays the man who gets things done and helps these women break those barriers while Jim Parsons plays a more cruel and mean spirited Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. The cast of actors works though and really brings this movie together as a whole.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

This is an excellent movie and if you’re a NASA geek you’ll want to watch it. Even if you aren’t a NASA geek this is still an amazing movie to watch as shows you what these women in 1960 had to endure through and struggle through in order to make it. It didn’t matter how brilliant they were, but that fact that they were not only women but also African-American played a big part in the obstacles that they overcame. Please do not pass this movie up, because not only is it a part of history, but it’s also an amazing movie about three truly amazing women who did amazing things.


Second Chance Dogs Review

Second Chance Dogs

I had put this documentary in my list on Netflix a while ago but have been ignoring it. I decided to watch this movie because there was Hurricane Irma coming and when you’re told to “hunker down” you make your hurricane preparations and you do what the weather man says. I also figured that while I still had power, I might as well watch something and for some reason this was it. Keep reading to see what I thought about this movie.

This movie is an ASPCA documentary. Everyone knows that the ASPCA recues dogs that are mistreated, raised in puppy mills, and are horded by people. But what happens to these dogs after they’re rescued? What happens to the dogs that are so afraid of people, don’t know how to interact with people, and don’t know how to be a normal dog? This is where this documentary comes into play and shows the rehabilitation center that is dedicated to giving these dogs who have been in isolation so long a second chance. They do this by going through different routines with them to basically normalize them and make them adoptable so that they can find their forever homes.

Personal Note: On a personal note, I know what it’s like to get a puppy from a puppy mill. My first dog, Scrappy, picture below was my little Mini-Dachshund that my parents had gotten me from a local flea market. She was from a puppy mill and that was before I had known what puppy mills were or how they operated. It was only her and her brother in this little cage and I choose her because she was different, like me. On the same day someone adopted her bother as well, we actually exchanged numbers with this person because we thought it would be cute to have them meet up every once in a while since we were both local. Turns out that her brother only lasted a few weeks though as he suffered from one of the many diseases that dogs get from being raised in a puppy mill. At the time I felt lucky because Scrappy was perfectly fine, until the seizures started. With the help of a really great vet she was able to live a happy and normal life until she had her final seizure when she was 13. I was with her through every seizure and even a period of time when she couldn’t walk, but I gave her the best possible life I could. She was a happy dog and my best friend. It was hard to let go of her, but when I did I swore that if I were to ever get another dog it wouldn’t be from a puppy mill again. That’s what made me go to my local shelter and adopt my little buddy that sometimes makes an appearance on my twitter page.


Back to the documentary though. I thought it was an amazing documentary about these amazing women who work really hard to make sure these dogs feel like they’re loved and cared for and to not be afraid anymore. It was an amazing tale of these dogs, that included Dachshund’s, that were brought from puppy mills and animal hording situations and then rehabilitated. These dogs were totally unfit for any kind of living situation, but with the help of these dedicated women at the ASPCA, they became less fearful of people and found really loving homes. The super happy ending where every dog found their forever home of course hit a chord with me and made me cry like a baby, but it was nice thing to see.

The stars of this documentary are the super hero’s at the ASPCA who dedicate their lives to rehabilitating these dogs. They do amazing things and because of these amazing things that they do they give these dogs a second chance at having a better life. I applaud them and give them the highest amount of credibility because without them these dogs wouldn’t exist and would be euthanized.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

This documentary is a short watch and it should be watched especially if you’re an animal lover. Even if you aren’t an animal lover, this is still a great documentary about the horrible conditions some animals are forced to live in and the people who rescue them and give them a second chance. I would say that this is a documentary that can’t be missed.


Jackie Review


I’ve been wanting to see this movie for a while now because I felt like it was just one of those movies that had to be seen. It centers on an important part of American history, the assassination of JFK, but instead of telling that story, it tells the story of Jackie Kennedy in the days after. I was glad when I was able to catch this movie on HBO one Saturday night. Keep reading to see if it was worth the wait or if it was just not worth it at all.

Jackie revolves around Jackie Kennedy, played by Natalie Portman, who is being interviewed a few months after the assassination of her husband and president of the United States John F. Kennedy. The interview turns more into a therapy session as she recalls the day and the days after her husband died. While she tries to remain unaffected by it she’ll break down a few times as she describes the actual events of what happened in Texas along with planning out the funeral and how it’s going to be handled. The movie also goes into what Jackie is feeling herself after her husband is dead. At this point she doesn’t even want to go on and live for herself or her children, she even talks about praying for death every night before bed, but she does anyway because she refuses to take her own life. The story is a deep one and it tries to give you an inside look into what it was like for Jackie Kennedy after an event that shocked the nation.

I really wanted to like this movie, I tried so hard to like this movie, but I just couldn’t. It’s not because this movie was way before my time and I didn’t understand the events of what happened, it was because they portrayed Jackie Kennedy as this alcoholic psychopath the days after JFK’s assassination. I know it must have been extremely hard because she witnessed her husband’s head get blow off right in front of her, but still. The movie just didn’t do Jackie Kennedy the person any justice. Instead of showing a struggle as she came to terms with JFK’s death and how to handle the funeral, it just made her look erratic and psychotic. It was a struggle to watch the movie as it jumped in and out of different times and even more of a struggle to keep up with what was going on. What should have been an amazing Academy Award winning movie, turned into a mess of a movie that made no sense at all.

As much as I enjoy Natalie Portman’s work, this was not one of her best roles. She played a horrible Jackie Kennedy and her accent throughout the movie was just weird and kept throwing the whole movie off. I don’t know who she was trying to imitate, but instead of seeming like Jackie Kennedy, she seemed like Marylin Monroe. It was just weird. There are of course other actors and actresses in this movie, but they have no effect on it as it’s about Jackie Kennedy. I don’t’ know who else they could have gotten to play Jackie, but it for sure wasn’t Natalie Portman.

Overall I give this movie a 1 out of 5.

I was expecting so much out of this movie as it was supposed to show an inside look at the struggles of Jackie Kennedy following JFK’s assassination, but it just turned into this weird movie that made a mockery out of Jackie Kennedy as she was portrayed as an alcoholic psychopath. I know that people grieve differently and her situation was completely horrible, but still. I think the movie could have been handled with a little more class and dignity for a woman that went through so much. No matter what, it’s my strong recommendation that this movie be passed up.


The Boss Baby Review

The Boss Baby

I wanted to see this movie because it looked funny, but sometimes when it comes to cartoon type movies, I usually wait until they hit Netflix of HBO. Lucky for me though PlayStation has been doing this $.99 rental each week with a different popular movie and this was one of them. Not wanting to pass the chance to only pay $.99 to see this movie, I decided to take a Saturday night to watch it.

The Boss Baby is about Tim, played by Toby Maguire, who is an only child. He gets all of his parents attention and they basically worship the ground he walks on. As a side note, I’m an only child and that never ever happened but it must be nice. So Mom, played by Lisa Kudrow, and Dad, played by Jimmy Kimmel, do anything that will make little Tim feel special and loved and all this other stuff. That is until the arrival of his new baby brother Boss Baby, played by Alec Baldwin. Boss Baby isn’t there to take Tim’s spot though, even though he takes up all of Mom and Dad’s attention he’s there for a super-secret spy mission. It seems like puppies are becoming more adorable and lovable then babies. This can’t happen and Boss Baby is going to solve that problem. He’ll need some help though and hearing that once this problem is solved and babies are the number one commodity again Boss Baby will be leaving, Tim decides to help him out.

I can without a doubt say that I absolutely loved this movie. It was just funny and touching throughout the whole movie. There wasn’t a time when I was bored with the movie and actually would have been OK with it being a little bit longer. I liked that even though this movie was geared towards children, which happens with these movies, there were some adult things throw in there for the hell of it and they made the movie even more funnier. It was a great movie that could be enjoyed by a whole family and not just children or just adults. I really enjoy these movies that everyone can watch and this was one of them. The interactions between Boss Baby and Tim are fun to watch and it’s nice to see how they both go from despising one another to deciding to work together and then finally to actually caring for one another as two brothers should. This made the movie touching, but not in a way where I would actually want a sibling because it’s not always rainbows and cupcakes.

The cast of this movie is really what makes it. Sure the movie was funny, but it wouldn’t have been so funny without the proper people. Even though this is an ensemble movie, it’s Alec Baldwin that makes the movie. It also really banks on the current fame of Alec Baldwin to propel this movie, but I think that even if Alec Baldwin wasn’t as famous as he is for a certain impersonation, it still would have been a great movie and it would have worked. The rest of the cast does a great job of voicing the characters they play and it makes the whole movie.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this movie and I would recommend it to anyone. It was a real joy to watch as it was constantly funny and threw in those touching moments because every cartoon like movie has them. The touching moments didn’t feel forced though as Tim and Boss Baby actually learn from each other. It’s a nice little story that will have you laughing from beginning to end and shouldn’t be missed. I can see myself watching this movie again if it were to come on Netflix or HBO.