This Week in Trophies 06-19-2016 – 06-25-2016

This was an interesting week in trophies to say the least. I didn’t get that many, which is usually the case lately, but I did manage to get one trophy that I’ve been working on for a very long time, keep reading and I’ll tell you just how long, and I got my newest platinum trophy. Like I said, an interesting week. Take a look at just how interesting this week was.

Mass Effect 2 – 100%

This was one of those games that was on my list of games that needed to be at 100%. If you remember, I started replaying the Mass Effect series a few months back and got a bunch of trophies that I was missing for the first game, but was only missing one for the second game. I am proud to say that this week I was able to get that last DLC trophy making my total completion time on this game exactly 5 years and one month. So, The Last Stand trophy will forever in my book go down as the 5 year trophy. Not something that I’m all that proud of, but at least it’s finally one more trophy checked off my list.

Tropico 5 – 72%

I finally finished this game this week, yes it’s not 100% because I have no plans on purchasing the DLC, and got a super Ultra Rare platinum trophy. Depending on where you look it has a 0.1% achievement rate on PSN and a 3.73% achievement rate on Either way it was no easy feat and I’m extremely happy to have finally gotten it. I’ll have my review for the game as a whole posted this week.

Tropico 5 Tropico 5Tropico 5 Tropico 5Tropico 5 Tropico 5Tropico 5 Tropico 5Tropico 5 Tropico 5Tropico 5 Tropico 5Tropico 5

That was it for this week, but now you can see why it was so interesting to begin with. Now for the upcoming week, I plan on playing some Mass Effect 3 since I already finished two. I have a bunch of DLC trophies to get for this game but I’m looking forward to fully completing my newest Shepard’s story since this is the first time I’ve played the series though starting from the first game. Now that I’ve finished Tropico 5, it’ll also be time to move onto something else. While I’m not really sure what I’m going to play, I think I’ll stick to what’s on my system and not play anything new. I’ll let you know how things turned out next week.


This Week in Trophies 06-12-2016 – 06-18-2016

I’m not going to lie, this week I spent my free gaming time binge watching 13 episodes of Orange is the New Black. It’s one of my favorite shows and I wait for this weekend every year since the show came out because just like potato chips where you can never eat just one chip, you can never just watch one episode. Anyway, I did get a pathetic amount of trophies this week, so this is going to be a super small blog so that I can get back to some gaming.

Tropico 5 – 51%

I continued working my way through the story mode this week while playing a little sandbox to pick up some trophies that I was having some difficulty with during story mode. I’m so close to getting this platinum trophy it’s not even funny anymore and I’m in one of those modes where I have to have it and it’s basically my main concentration of a game.

Tropico 5 Tropico 5Tropico 5 Tropico 5

And that was it for this week, I told you it was pathetic. Looking back though, it was totally worth it because this season of Orange is the New Black was just amazing and probably their best season to date. This coming from someone who actually enjoyed last season. Anyway, for the week ahead I plan on playing some more Mass Effect 2, which I’m thinking I need a couple of more full days and then I’m done with this game, as well as playing some more Tropico 5. I might dip my toes back into Table Top Racing: World Tour and I really want to start playing Dying Light again. I’ll let you know how my week goes next week.