This Week in Trophies 06-24-2018 – 06-30-2018

This week was just another blah week in my trophy hunting world as it has been for the past couple of weeks actually. Nothing exciting or special happened and I spent a lot of my time playing some mindless games because I have no idea what I want to play game wise and am still in this gaming funk. Anyway, I did manage to score some trophies, so take a look and see what I was able to get.

Citizens of Earth – 19%

Can I tell you how much I absolutely hate this game that gives you no direction on how to go along with your quests, has no sense of what a comprehensive map should look like , or has anything that makes any kind of sense in it? This has to be the worst game that I’ve ever played and I hate that I’m at the point where I don’t care about it anymore and it’s probably going to end up on my list of unfinished games because it’s just so damn annoying.

Citizens of EarthCitizens of Earth

Fallout Shelter – 28%

On the other hand I am thoroughly enjoying Fallout Shelter, just like I did when I played it on my mobile device and PC. I’m probably spending too much time on this small game, but it is addicting which I guess is a good thing. It’s also one of those mindless games that you don’t have to think about too much when you play which is kind of a bonus at the moment.

Fallout ShelterFallout ShelterFallout ShelterFallout Shelter

There you have it a total of 6 sad little trophies for the week. I just didn’t really have it in me to trophy hunt this week. I tried, especially with Detroit: Become Human, but I think it’s time to put that game down to the side for a little and move on. This week I’m not sure what I’ll be playing except for the fact that I’ll be playing Fallout Shelter. Other than that the week is a mystery although I did just start a new playthrough of an old favorite, Dragon Age II, so I might just spend my week playing that. I’ll let you know how everything goes next week.