This Week In Trophies 07-26-2015 – 08-01-2015

One platinum trophy, one trophy glitch, and an unexpected game all make for a some what exciting week in trophies. Although my trophy count wasn’t all that high this week, I continued to push through hoping to finish up a couple of games that have been on my list for a while. Here’s how my week went.

Fallout 3 – 3%

I continued on my leisurely stroll through the world of Fallout 3 and gained one new trophy doing so. I’m really enjoying playing this time around and have no problems sinking 6+ hours straight into this game. The trophies are coming really really slow and I’m lucky if I get one a week, but I’m not really caring at the moment I’m just taking my time and enjoying the game.

Rocket League – 100%

I grinded out the last couple of trophies early on in the week to get the platinum for this game so that I could just be done with it. I’m finally glad that it’s over because those last couple of trophies were just a complete pain to have to grind out. My full review of the game will be out this Wednesday, so make sure to check back for it.

Rocket Leauge Rocket LeaugeRocket Leauge Rocket Leauge

Sparkle 2 – 95%

I’m pretty pissed off when it comes to Sparkle 2. I finished Nightmare mode, completed the survival, and then went onto the challenges only to not receive the last trophy even though I have 100% on the challenges. I tried everything to try and get the trophy to pop. I deleted the game and reinstalled it. Deleted my save and reinstalled it. I even went back and played a few of the challenge levels to see if it would pop. Do you know what I got though? NOTHING. My only option now is to delete my save and start again until I unlock the challenge mode and then go back to complete it hoping that the trophy pops this time. I’m so disappointed when it comes to this game though, I’ve had so much fun playing it in the past and this kind of ruins the whole experience and makes me not even want to attempt Sparkle Unleashed on the PS4.

The Sims 3 – 54%

This game really came out of nowhere this week. It was sitting on my trophy list and a quick look told me that I was missing a bunch of pretty easy, well easy in my opinion, trophies that just needed some time to acquire. Not really interested in playing anything else I thought what the hell and jumped back into this game. I’m not sure if I’ll continue or not but it was a nice break from everything else I was playing this week.

There you have it, my week in trophies. Not all that exciting but I was pretty pleased about the platinum this week so that’s something. For this upcoming week, I’m not really sure what I’m going to do. I feel like I’m sort of in this gaming slump where I want to play, but I don’t know what to play. I picked up a few games during this new PS sale so I might start those or I might go back and play a few old games. You’ll find out what I decided to do next week.