This Week in Trophies 08-30-2015 – 09-05-2015

Wow, so what a week. Surprisingly I was super busy this week being an adult and all, but I still managed to get 53 trophies. This was a pretty amazing week trophy wise since I can’t even remember the last time I was able to get this many trophies. If I continue on this way I might be able to top my greatest month of trophies which was a couple of years back when I got over 200 in a month. I’m trying not to get ahead of myself though, so here’s how my week went.

Fallout 3 – 16%

If I thought last week was a big jump trophy wise, this week definitely tops it. Unlike what I thought, the chain of main story missions didn’t stop and I almost completed the final mission but stopped myself. Going back, I completed a lot of side quests that I had hanging there and this week I’ll probably do the same thing. I don’t really want to finish the game since I don’t feel like it’s done yet. I know I still have a bunch of side quests that I just have to go and find and that’s what I’m going to do.

I Am Bread – 45%

I got a couple of things out of this game this week, a couple of new videos on my YouTube channel, frustrating times, controller breaking times, and a whole bunch of different trophies. While I continue to clean up some trophies that I missed here and there and try to get some impossible ones, I did finish the game and I have to say that I loved the epilogue. If you’re a fan of Surgeon Simulator the epilogue will make a ton of sense to you.

I Am Bread I Am BreadI Am Bread I Am BreadI Am Bread I Am BreadI Am Bread I Am BreadI Am Bread I Am BreadI Am Bread I Am Bread

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – 54%

I finally got a chance to start this game for the third time on the PS3. I played this game when it first came out and then again a couple of years back before there were trophies for it. Going back and playing again was super fun and I was able to complete my Normal playthrough this week. Before I start my hard playthrough I’ll be going back to get the 16 treasures that I missed and clean up some of the weapon trophies. I’m hoping for the platinum in this game by the end of the month.

Grow Home – 14%

Yes I voted for this game, knowing that it was made by Ubisoft, so I figured I might as well play it. I’m not really enjoying it as much as I should though. I don’t know if it’s me or the game, but I’m going to keep playing and see how things go.

Grow Home Grow HomeGrow Home

That was it for this week. A huge week of trophies that I’m not sure will be replicated this upcoming week. I’m going to say that this will be mostly because of the new Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC. I am excitedly looking forward to Tuesday for the final DLC for this game because I have so many questions that will hopefully be answered and depending on how the DLC goes I might even start a new playthrough. While I decide if I’m going to start a new playthrough on Dragon Age: Inquisition, I’ll also being playing a little I Am Bread here and there, a little Grow Home, a little Uncharted as I try to clean up the trophies that have nothing to do with the difficulty trophies, and as always I’ll be wandering around the Wasteland in Fallout 3.