This Week in Trophies 02-24-2019 – 03-02-2019

This was a really sad week for trophies. Personally this week was extremely busy for me and I didn’t have much time for gaming like I wanted. I really do hate weeks like this and do long for those weeks when I have almost an unlimited time to play games. Anyway, I was able to get some trophies this week so let’s have a look.

Anthem – 20%

Can I say how much I’m absolutely loving this game? Seriously, I did not think that I would love this game as much as I am. I am a little disappointed by the lack of romance options since it seems like everyone at the Fort is just constantly flirting with my Freelancer, but that’s fine. I’m really enjoying the story aspect of this game as well as the short amount of time that I have to play with other people.


LEGO The Incredibles – 65%

This game is taking me way longer than I had hoped to get the platinum trophy and that’s probably because rather than just playing each level over again, you have to do a specific thing to get a trophy for each level and that’s taking up a little more time than I want it too. I was able to clean up a few level trophies this week and some random ones, but I think it’s going to be another couple of weeks before the platinum comes for this game.

LEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The Incredibles

Tetris Effect – 51%

I’m really enjoying this funky little Tetris game and I have to say that out of all the Tetris games that I’ve played, excluding the original that this is my favorite. While I think this is just one of those games that I’ll play and not get the platinum trophy I’m having a fun time playing and this year was kind of about making gaming fun again so there you go.

Tetris EffectTetris EffectTetris EffectTetris EffectTetris EffectTetris Effect

There you have it a sad 15 trophies for the week especially when you compare it to my previous weeks of trophies. I kind of knew this would happen this month going in, so I’m not that disappointed, but still what can you do. Anyway, for the upcoming week, I’m going to work on LEGO The Incredibles a little more and plan to get at least a level a day in so that I can maybe have it finished within the next two weeks, continue to play Anthem any chance that I get, and play some more Tetris Effect. As you can see I still couldn’t get myself to play that second episode of Life is Strange 2. It’s like my mind has a mental block on it. Anyway, I’ll let you know how things turn out next week.


This Week in Trophies 02-17-2019 – 02-23-2019

Not as great as the past two weeks, which were really great, I played a bunch of different games and got a decent amount of trophies, but the trophy count was much less and I’m thinking that this is going to continue for the rest of the month. This is fine with me as it happens, so let’s get into a breakdown of my trophies and see what I played this week.

Anthem – 14%

So this game has kind of been a running joke for me. I always said that the only reason why I pre-ordered this game was to keep BioWare in business so that they can continue to make Dragon Age 4. When I first started playing this game on Friday, I thought that I wouldn’t pick it up again because it just wasn’t the normal BioWare game that I was used to. Anyway, yesterday I figured I would give it another chance since I did just spend $60 on it and I have to say that I did not put that game down for 6 whole hours. I just couldn’t stop playing as the story began to draw me in and the multiplayer portion isn’t all that bad as you really only have to tolerate random people for about 30 minutes at a time tops. This is great and with the two patches that were recently installed, things are changing all the time. The only thing I really miss in the game are the classic BioWare romance options. Where are those? Stupid T rating. All these characters flirting with my Freelancer and I can’t even flirt back. Sad. Just sad.


LEGO The Incredibles – 48%

In typical LEGO fashion, I’m just about done with this game and just have to go back now and re-do each level to be able to get all of the trophies and get the platinum for this game. Once that is done I’m done with this LEGO game and LEGO games in general for probably half the year. Anyway, I’m hoping to get the platinum trophy for this game soon.

LEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The IncrediblesLEGO The Incredibles

Tetris Effect – 35%

I’ve been playing this game on and off this week when I have small periods of time to game. Which actually turned out to be a lot this week. The easy trophies that I was able to get right away are basically done and all that are left are the pretty hard ones. This is just one of those games that will keep randomly appearing on this list as long as I continue to play and a trophy pops every once in a while.

Tetris EffectTetris Effect

Mixups by POWGI (PS Vita) – 100%

Another POWGI game done and gone. This was an easy platinum since I wrote down all of the answers. I’m just smart like that. Anyway, my POWGI reviews start this week so you should be seeing this review in about 4 weeks since there are three other POWGI games in front of it.

There you have it, a total of 51 trophies this week. It doesn’t compare to the 80+ trophies that I’ve been getting, but it was something. I can tell you for sure that this upcoming week I won’t even be reaching the 50 mark and I’ll be lucky to hit 10 trophies. This is fine though because I’ve had a great couple of weeks. Anyway, for this week the plan is to finish up LEGO The Incredibles, play a lot more Anthem because I’m kind of hooked, and once again try to get that second episode of Life is Strange 2 in. I just can’t seem to do it, but I will try. I’ll also be playing some more Tetris. I’ll let you know how everything turns out next week.