MegaCon 2018 – Autograph Session – Zach Callison

Zach Callison Autograph

My second autograph of the day came after a couple of panels and it was to complete my Steven Universe print. The only autograph I was missing was from the star himself, Zach Callison.

I have to say the one thing about MegaCon is that it’s really hard at times to track down voice actors because they like to walk around the convention and don’t really bring the crowds that other actors do so it’s kind of a hit and miss. When I was finally able to catch Zach at his table I got my autograph.

When meeting Zach he apologized for the wait, which wasn’t a problem and asked how the convention was going for me. We had a pleasant conversation before I got my final autograph and was on my way.


MegaCon 2018 – Autograph Session – Mark Meer

Mark Meer Autograph

I wanted to start my Friday at MegaCon off right and have an awesome day like I did Thursday, so I decided to kick off my autograph go around with Mark Meer.

Known mostly for being Commander Shepard in Mass Effect, Mark has also provided a bunch of voices to a bunch of different characters in not only Mass Effect, but also Dragon Age, and most recently a huge role in The Long Dark.

Happy to be the first in line to meet Mark, I handed over my coveted Mass Effect N7 helmet print and asked him to sign it. Like the people who signed it before, we talked about the print and I gently told him that he wasn’t my Shepard, to which he completely understood, but that he left a very lasting impression as one of my favorite Mass Effect characters Niftu Cal. We then talked about the other roles he played in Mass Effect and noticed that my poster was lacking some of those names. He asked if he could add them in and this Mass Effect fangirl was over the moon and said yes. After giving the standard “I should go…” autograph, he then added a Niftu Cal writing in the poster, a Blasto one, a Vorcha one, and then a MaleShep one.

Mark Meer Autograph

I thanked him endlessly and told him how much I enjoyed The Long Dark and hearing both him and Jennifer Hale in those roles. When it came to selfie time I showed off my Niftu Cal T-Shirt which surprised him since he never seen one before. He took a couple of pictures of the shirt and took a selfie with his phone before it was selfie time with my phone.

We also spoke about my Mass Effect tattoos and he asked where my Niftu Cal Tattoo was, I told him that I didn’t have one yet, but if I got one that he had to sign it. He said he didn’t want to pressure me into getting a Niftu Cal tattoo , but if I did, the next time he was at MegaCon he would sign it. Needless to say, I might be showing off a Niftu Cal tattoo soon.

Meeting Mark was an amazing experience and I really enjoyed the time I had spent with him along with all the autographs and pictures that were taken. It was an awesome way to start off my Friday. If you’re a Mass Effect fan and you have the chance to meet Mark Meer, do not pass it up because he’s just an awesome person.

Mark Meer Picture


MegaCon 2018 – Autograph Session – Estelle

Estelle Autograph

My final autograph on Thursday was with the amazing Estelle who is not only known for her awesome music but also for playing Garnet on Steven Universe. I already had two signatures on my Steven Universe print, so why not go for the third and just about finish my collection.

Sometimes when on line you have to wait for the person before you to finish up with their session and I always enjoy this part. Not because I know I’m next, but because I like to people watch and the lady in front of me had this amazing story to tell Estelle and an awesome Garnet tattoo to show off. It was just really cool to watch especially when the person in front of you totally just geeks out and you can tell that meeting this person has just made their day. It’s awesome.

Anyway, when it was my turn I was actually super nervous. I’m usually not nervous, but this is Estelle who just oozes coolness no matter what she’s doing. I said a quick hello and we discussed the autographs that were already on the print. I then told her that I thought that Garnet was a complete badass. She totally agreed and gave me a piece of candy. It was a banana lady taffy and I asked her how she knew that it was my favorite candy. She then said, “Darling I just know these things,” which was just so cool. After that it was onto signing my print and a quick selfie.

All I have to say about this autograph session is that I went in think that Estelle was cool and left still thinking and now knowing that Estelle is totally cool.

Estelle Picture


MegaCon 2018 – Autograph Session – Michaela Dietz

Michaela Dietz Autograph

After meeting DeeDee Magno, which you can read about here, I figured why not stop at Michaela Dietz’s booth next since they pretty much lined up the Steven Universe people and she was already out there. This time I was a little smarter though as I used my VIP pass but let the children go ahead in front of me possibly pissing off other VIP holders, but I really didn’t care. Seeing cartoon voice actors at MegaCon is so great for kids because they get to meet these people that they hear on TV and I’m not going to be the asshole who basically says, “sorry your parents didn’t get you a VIP pass kid, better luck next time.”

Anyway, when I did get my turn I was actually super excited because meeting DeeDee was pretty cool and I love Michaela as Amethyst in Steven Universe. She’s like the gem I want to be like. She’s funny and goofy and she brings a lot to the show. The session started with her looking at my already signed print and asking about the name because DeeDee has super neat hand writing. It was funny because Michaela thought the T looked like a J and then we went into a whole discussion about the different ways you can write the letter T. There were post it notes involved and everything.

What was even funnier was when she found out that my Dad’s name was Tony, and then she took a video of both of us, that went a little something like this:

Michaela points her phone at my dad and says Tony to which my dad responds Tony. She then points her phone at me and says Toni to which I say Toni. She then points the phone to herself and says TONI.

It was really great fun and we laughed through the first one because she realized she didn’t have the phone on and we had to do it again. Extremely funny and memorable. After that it was autograph and selfie time.

Overall it was a really great autograph session and I really enjoyed meeting Michaela. She’s as funny and goofy as her character and it just seems like the perfect match. Most of the autograph session was spent laughing and it was well worth it.

Michaela Dietz Selfie


MegaCon 2018 – Autograph Session – DeeDee Magno

DeeDee Magno Autograph

So here’s the thing, I’m a Steven Universe fan. I know it’s a kids cartoon and I never had any intention of actually watching it, but I sleep with the TV on and I watch Adult Swim even though there’s some crazy stuff on there, but it’s mostly for Family Guy, Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers, and etc. You get my point. My alarm usually goes off every morning at 5:30 for me to wake up and I usually don’t. So one morning, it’s after 5:30 and this song comes on. This song I’ve never heard before and it’s the Steven Universe song. I’m instantly intrigued and I end up watching an episode. Needless to say I fell in love with the show and even though I didn’t plan on meeting any of the cast at MegaCon this year, the Steven Universe fangirl inside of me said that I just had to.

My very first autograph session of MegaCon 2018 was with DeeDee Magno who plays Pearl on Steven Universe. Even though I was a VIP, I actually waited in line for her because there were a bunch of kids and I didn’t want to cut in front of them. I thought this was the nice thing to do until a bunch of other VIP’s jumped the line, which is their right. I felt like I did the right thing though. Anyway, I wanted to meet DeeDe first because I have to say that Pearl is my favorite Steven Universe character. Probably because I’m most like her.

When I finally got up to meet DeeDee she was extremely nice and I told her how Pearl was my favorite character in the whole show, she thanked me and was very gracious throughout the whole autograph session. I told her a little about the print that I had bought at the show to get signed and we chatted about that for a little before it was over and time for a quick selfie. Overall for the first autograph session of the show I would say that it definitely set the pace for the rest of the show and I really enjoyed meeting DeeDee and getting her autograph. I have to say that the print I picked up at the show was pretty awesome because the way it was spread out gave each star enough space to sign and I was really happy with the end result of my Steven Universe collection of autographs. This was the first time that I was able to get a whole cast of a show to sign my print at once.

DeeDee Magno Selfie


Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Gina Torres

Being a Firefly fan, meeting Gina Torres was a must. How could I have skipped that autograph session? She also happened to be my last autograph for the event. The wait for her line was crazy long, even being a VIP. There was also a lot of confusion because she never came out for autographs before her panel so numbers were given to those people and they were made the priority. This was fine because I still had a lot of time before I had to make my Mass Effect Q&A Panel.

When it was finally my turn, she shook my hand and introduced herself to me while I did the same. I told her how much I enjoyed her in Firefly as he daughter picked out the color pen she should use for my autograph. The color choice was excellent as it really pops on the Firefly poster that she signed for me. The session was short, but her line was super long and by this time I was also super tired. When she was finished I told her it was a pleasure to meet her and thanked her for my autograph before I went on my way. It was a nice autograph session to close out a super crazy event and a bunch of different autograph sessions.

Gina Torres Autograph


Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Nolan North

Sunday was kind of like my clean-up day for the autographs. They were autographs that I wanted but ones that I just couldn’t fit in the previous days or because people simply weren’t there all four days. Nolan North fell into this category and he was one of the autographs that I was waiting for because of my love of the Uncharted games.

When I got my chance to meet Nolan North, he was super nice about signing my poster and we chatted about Uncharted for a little. I did mention that I was a little displeased with the fact that Uncharted 4 was seriously lacking some Chloe. He did point out that she is getting her own DLC, but I said it would have been nice to have more than a note from her in Uncharted 4. He then comically said again how she was getting her own DLC!

After that I got a quick chance to ask about my guilty pleasure TV show Pretty Little Liars. Anyone who watches the show knows that he plays Spencer’s dad. I of course had to ask him who “AD” was even though I knew I wasn’t going to get an answer. It’s just one of those things that I had to ask. I gave him my theory that Spencer was “AD” and he said he had never heard that one before, but if I was right I would get a shout out. After joking about what a man whore his character was on the show it was time for a selfie and time to move on.

Nolan North Autograph


Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Elyes Gabel

If you’ve been keeping up with my MegaCon blogs, then you know I talked about Elyes Gabel being at MegaCon. I didn’t think I would get the chance to meet him, but after my Tim Curry photo-op, I was passing by his booth and there was one person ahead of me. Debating whether or not to go, I remembered how much my mom loves him on Scorpion and decided to get an autograph for her.

Even though it wasn’t for me, Elyes was completely cool about the autograph and personalized it for my mom with a special message for her. He even took about 15 – 20 minutes with me talking about a bunch of different things like Scorpion, especially after my dad asked if Walter and Paige were the end game couple. He said he wasn’t sure and then my dad mentioned that Walter was married to Happy and then Elyes Gabel asked us to choose who we would pick. My dad picked Paige and I told him that I would choose Happy. He looked surprised and felt told him that it was because she was super smart and an incredible engineer. He responded with how moody her character was, but I told him that I liked the moody girls which got a genuine laugh from him. We chatted a little more and then he asked how old I was after the Happy debate. I told him that I was going to be 32 and he said that I looked like I was 22. Who knew Eyles Gabel was such a charmer? We spent even more time talking about some various other things and I have to say that Elyes Gabel is an amazing person. After we finished chatting we took a selfie and then I got a hug from him. I apologized that he had to bend down so much because he’s super tall and I’m super short and he laughed it off an and told me he would send me his chiropractor’s bill. It was a really great day to end a very busy Saturday.

Elyes Gable Autograph


Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Jennifer Hale

This wasn’t my first time meeting Jennifer Hale, I had first met her about four years ago at my very first MegaCon. To be honest, at that time I was thinking about going and then they announced that Jennifer Hale was going to be there and my ticket was bought. I mean I didn’t think I would ever get the chance to meet her once, but since the time I had originally met her, I acquired a new piece of Mass Effect art work and it was sorely missing a signature from her. I think that when you have a certain piece of art work from one of your favorite games what makes it more special is having the people who are in the game sign it. It not only makes it more special, but also more personal. Since she was attending I figured why not and stopped at her super crowded line after meeting Ali Hillis. You can read about my experience meeting Ali Hillis here.

What’s great about meeting Jennifer Hale is that if you bring her something that she hasn’t seen before she’s always super impressed and will take some time to chat with you about it which is pretty cool. Even if you don’t she always takes the time out to chat with her fans and that’s one of the great things about her. What’s even cooler was that because I brought something similar the last time I met her she actually remembered me. Do you know how great that felt? Pretty damn great.

Seeing that Ali Hillis had personalized the same piece of art work, she did the same for me before snapping off a few selfies with me. I got the chance to tell her how much I missed her in Mass Effect and I got a smile before she told me to make sure to let BioWare know.

Jennifer Hale Autograph


Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Ali Hillis

After two back to back photo-ops and wanting to get to the Famke Janseen panel, I knew I had to be quick to meet one of my favorite Mass Effect voice actors. I have to say that Saturday was just a huge day of jumbled nerves because I was meeting some pretty awesome people. As many of you know, Ali Hillis plays Dr. Liara T’Soni who just happens to be my FemShep’s favorite lady. I had three autographs I wanted so it meant I got to spend a lot of time with her.

While getting my autographs, I just had to show off my Liara tattoo, which she then proceeded to take a picture of and even tweet out to the world before I told her that she was my favorite character. She thanked me and told me to lean in close as she gave me a little Liara as she continued to sign. She commented on the pieces that I had brought to her and told me that she personalized one special for me because she never signs like that for anyone else. With one more autograph to go I had to tell her that five out of six of my FemSheps choose Liara each time. That got me a look and I said that I was sorry as one of my FemShep’s just had to choose Samantha Traynor. Looking upset she told me to lean in close again as she gave me a disappointed Liara impression. It made the whole session just that much more amazing, I mean I didn’t think it could be topped, but there was one more moment because I of course needed a selfie.

Everyone by this time knows that I had my dad with me so when it comes to selfies he’s the one that gets stuck taking them for me. I had him take one picture before Ali Hillis took my phone for herself and told me she would take our selfies to make it look like we were best friends and because she knew how to take the best selfies. After snapping off a few shots, we were done. Turns out Ali Hillis really does know how to take the best selfies. Seriously one of the best convention moments of the day.

Ali Hillis AutographAli Hillis AutographAli Hillis Autograph