Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Famke Janssen

After meeting Felicia Day, I realized that Famke Janseen had finally come out to her booth, after there was some debate on whether or not she would come out before her photo-op and panel, and basically rushed to the nearest VIP escort to get pushed to the front of her line because I had my photo-op with Felicia Day in 10 minutes. I was cutting it super close and I totally knew this which made me even more nervous than I already was because I was about to meet the original Dr. Jean Grey.

There were five other VIP’s in front of me and I was a nervous wreck as I kept checking the time. When it was finally my turn, I knew I had to be quick so I told her how much I loved her as Eve in How to Get Away with Murder. If you watch How to Get Away with Murder how could you not love the character that she played? She played it to sheer perfection. She smiled and thanked me as she signed my autographs. Totally forgetting about X-Men, I knew it would be my only chance to ask her a question so I asked her if she would be on How to get Away with Murder again. I got a smile out of her as she said to me “you never know” and finished up. It was a quick autograph session, but the line was huge and I had a schedule to keep.

Famke Janssen AutographFamke Janssen Autograph

Bad Reputation for No Reason Before going in for the autograph and photo-op I had kind of heard some bad things about Famke Janssen and none of them were true. She was super nice for the autograph session and in the photo-op as well. Her only request was that she not be touched. I respectfully made my way over to her said hello with a wave before standing at a decent distance next to her. I got a great smile out of her and thanked her for the experience of meeting her and the photo-op she looked surprised like no one had ever thanked her before and said “you’re welcome” before I was ushered out.


Autogrpah Session – MegaCon 2017 – Felicia Day

I have to say that even though there were a bunch of people that I wanted to see at MegaCon, Felicia Day was at the top of my list. Because of schedule stuff I knew that Saturday was going to be a super busy day and I have to admit I was super nervous that I wouldn’t be able to see who I had wanted to see on Saturday. Like I said though, Felicia Day was at the top of my list for Saturday autographs. I first seen Felicia Day in Dragon Age: Redemption before she was in Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin. After that I watched The Guild which I thought was awesome because it was different than anything I had seen before. Being a gamer I could completely relate to it and since then I’ve re-watched the series multiple times. I even recently read and reviewed her book which you can read here, spoiler alert, I also thought it was pretty damn awesome.

Since it was Saturday I had to use my VIP power. The floor was literally packed with people and each and every line had lines that doubled and tripled. Everything was kind of a mess and unorganized, but I was finally able to find my VIP escort to take me to Felicia Day. She was super nice when I met her and even gave me a high five for wearing a Guild T-Shirt. When I got that high five I knew the rest of the day was going to go my way. I mean how could it not? I just got a high five from Felicia Day! The session went great as I told her what a fan I was of hers and she even personalized my autograph. We even joked a little about her height because I didn’t expect her to be that tall and I thought we would be the same height for our upcoming photo-op. Before I left she said that for the photo-op to remind her to slouch down so that we looked like we were the same height. I laughed it off and told her that she didn’t have to do that. Being able to see Felicia Day first that day set the bar really high for Saturday and my autograph list was still pretty long.

Felicia Day AutographFelicia Day Autograph

BONUS! When I got into the photo booth with Felicia Day she totally remembered who I was, even though she had probably seen a bunch of people after our meeting because there was probably a full hour or more before the actual photo-op. My favorite part though? She totally bent down a little to try to match my height because she remembered what we had talked about. This had to be one of the best moments and best professional photo-op’s that I had at the convention and I have to say it just made me feel really awesome.


Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Stan Lee

I knew going to MegaCon that there was a 10% of getting this autograph. I was lucky enough to get in on one of his many photo-op’s that quickly and I mean quickly sold out, but even with a VIP badge there is no guarantee you’ll get his autograph. Each day you’re looking at line that’s probably more than 1,000 people. No joke. The Stan Lee line wraps around longer than any other line and usually ends up going into someone else’s line no matter how much space they reserve for him. If you’re looking for a guarantee, you have to buy the Stan Lee experience, which after everything that I had already spent was not in my budget. Well Friday, it just so happens that I got really lucky.

I bought my Stan Lee autograph ticket on Friday knowing that I just might have to go back and return my ticket on Sunday and get my money back. That’s how the Stand Lee autographs work. First you stand in line to buy a ticket, and then you get back in line and actually line up for the autograph. The fact that there was so much confusion on Friday played in my favor as the Stan Lee crew didn’t know where to send half of the VIP’s who bought an autograph ticket so they sent me to the VIP escort desk along with some other people not realizing that there was already a VIP line which was already out the door and in someone else’s line. Cut to 10 minutes later when there was ANOTHER VIP line coming in the other way with some guy screaming “what the hell are these people doing in the exit!”

Because of this the VIP line that I was on was just pushed ahead and they just wanted to get rid of us, meaning that within the next ten minutes I had my Stan Lee autograph on my Alice Cooper comic book which I had signed the previous day by Alice Cooper.

Stan Lee Autograph

Maybe It’s Just Me? I kind of think that the Stan Lee autograph session was done all wrong. When you get up to the autograph area some guy grabs your ticket and your merchandise before sliding it down to Stan Lee. Once you get to stand in front of Stan Lee, they work the man like a machine as some guy tells him where to sign and talks to him about business matters. Seriously? You’re item is then pushed down the line for you to pick back up. I barely got out a “Thank you, Mr. Lee” before being rushed along to pick up my waiting comic. While that made me a little upset, I’m still really grateful that I got to see Stan Lee and to have his autograph. I understand that the line is ridiculously long, but still. Like I said. Maybe it’s just me.


Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Billy West

Next up on Friday was Billy West. I had kind of planned for Friday to be one of those voice actor days, but unfortunately Nolan North didn’t show up that day, but I got a surprise autograph that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get. More on that later though. I was pretty excited to meet Billy West since I’m a huge Futurama fan. I mean I’ve watched the series more than once and continue to watch it whenever it’s on. It was just one of those adult orientated cartoons that was funny without being overly vulgar like Family Guy can be at times. Then there were those episodes that were just touching and had me reaching for the Kleenex like The Luck of the Fryrish and Game of Tones. Being the huge star that Billy West is, Futurama isn’t the only thing that he’s done, his line was super long and required a little VIP power.

When I got up for my turn with the autograph he was super nice and I told him how much I loved Futurama. He thanked me and then even asked if I was having a good time at the convention so far and what interesting things I had seen. I told him about the spray paint artist, Nathan Salmon, that he had to see when he got a chance to walk the floor while he autographed my photo. We chatted for a little longer and when he was done he said in his best Fry voice, “Shut up and take my money!” as he handed me my autograph. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome.

Billy West Autograph


Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Brina Palencia

For Friday, my first autograph was from a category that I look forward to every year and that’s the voice actors. Being the huge gamer that I am, these autographs are some of the most important for me because you get to meet the person behind the voice. Sometimes you can play a video game for over 100 hours and it’s nice to actually meet that person and tell them how much you enjoyed his or her work. At that point it kind of shows that the whole voice acting maters thing is true. If some games didn’t have those characters that bring you back in every time would you really play them all that much? But this blog isn’t about that it’s about meeting one of those voice actors, so first on my list was Brina Palencia. I have to give her credit because she was there all four days, showed up on time and I don’t think there was a time when I passed by her booth and she wasn’t there. So major props to her. You guys probably know why I went to her if you read this blog. Obviously she’s Moxxi from Borderlands. And seriously, if you play Borderlands how could you not want to meet the voice behind Moxxi? While waiting in line, I didn’t use my VIP power this time around, I was schooled on how big of an anime voice actor she is by a crew member who then looked at me like I was a freak of nature when I said I was only there because of Borderlands. Luckily that conversation ended quick and it was my turn.

This time around I got two autographs because I wanted my Borderlands 2 poster signed along with a separate Moxxi print. This poster already has two signatures from Colleen Clinkenbeard and Jamie Marchi, and it’s my one day goal to have the whole cast sign it. How awesome would that be? Here’s what’s interesting though, the single Moxxie picture that I had signed is from the Borderlands 2 DLC Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage. It’s one of those many Moxxi pictures that you have to pick up off the floor if you want to get the trophy and it’s also the same picture that I hope to eventually add to my tattoo sleeve. Anyway, she personalized both autographs for me and when I told her how much I adored Moxxi she gave me her best Moxxi, “Why thank you Sugar,” which as you can imagine made my day. That say’s a lot because it was right at the beginning of the day, so once again for Friday, my expectations for the rest of the day became pretty high.

Brina Palencia AutographBrina Palencia Autograph


Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Alice Cooper

The last autograph session for Thursday was with Alice Cooper. After a minor argument with the head VIP crew person about whether or not Alice Cooper was at his booth or not, which began with him looking at me like I was a moron and telling me that Alice Cooper was currently in his photo-op and I would be escorted when he got to his booth before I interrupted him with a “Dude, take a look down the row. Alice Cooper is right there. See him?”, I got my favorite crew member, Jay who knew I was right all along because he also seen Alice Cooper sitting at his booth signing autographs, to escort me to Alice Cooper’s booth. This one was basically for my dad who is a huge Alice Cooper fan. Every year my dad and I discuss if we’re going to go the following year. Sometimes he’s more reluctant than others even after we have everything planned, but that all changed when Alice Cooper was announced. Alice Cooper talked to my dad, shook his hand, personalized his autographed and really made the experience great for him. It was all he really talked about for most of the weekend.

When it was time for my autograph, I brought him an original 1979 comic book, that I had found on eBay while looking for something original for him to sign. I never even knew that there was an Alice Cooper comic book. But I was browsing one day and I knew I had to bring that with me to get signed because it was a once in a lifetime type of thing especially because Stan Lee was also going to be at MegaCon. More to come on that story later. Anyway, I heard a really great story about the comic book which was super cool. Alice Cooper told me how he had talk to Stan Lee about the comic book just recently, and told him how much he loved how he was drawn in the comic book because it made him look like he had abs. Not only did Alice Cooper sign the comic book but he even flipped through a couple of pages to reminisce. How many people can say that they had Alice Cooper flip through the Alice Cooper comic book?

Alice Cooper Autograph


Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Nell Campbell

Next up on the autograph tour for Thursday at MegaCon was Nell Campbell. Have I mentioned how super awesome my VIP escort was throughout this whole process because right after Barry Bostwick and Patricia Quinn my super awesome crew member, Jay, just moved me right down along the line to Nell Campbell. On that note, and I’m probably going to say this a lot, but sometimes I felt like kind of a jackass for cutting the line but Jay made it like it was super OK. Anyway, onto Nell Campbell. Nell is also in the Rocky Horror Picture Show and she plays Columbia. While Magenta is my favorite character, I would have to say that Columbia is my second favorite and I’ve always loved both characters. Both of them are played to perfection and here’s a little embarrassing fact for you, I watched this movie when I was really young, like younger then you should be to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and each time I would always rewind my dad’s VHS tape to the Time Warp scene because I loved the tap dancing scene with Columbia. I did this so much that my mom bought me a pair of tap dancing shoes so that when the tap dancing scene with Columbia would come on, I could tap dance along with the movie. How geeky is that?

Moving onto the actual autograph though, Like Patricia, Nell was super nice and she also remembered who I was since I just had the photo-op with her. These people see thousands of people a day so when you’re remembered by a celebrity for whatever reason it’s always super amazing and for that moment it makes you feel extremely special because wow Nell Campbell remembered who I was. Nell also personalize my Rocky Horror Picture Show poster making my collection of signatures for the poster complete and just making the overall poster look awesome. After this the poster went away since all of the cast members who were able to sign did, unfortunately Tim Curry wasn’t able to sign and I didn’t like the idea of sending my poster away to have him sign it at a later time just in case something happened to it. Like the rest of the cast, meeting her was amazing and I’m really grateful that she was even there this year, signed autographs, took pictures, and that she was super cool about everything.

Nell Campbell AutographPatrica Quinn and Nell Campbell Autograph


Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Patricia Quinn

I have to say that I really liked the way that MegaCon set everything up this year especially for us Rocky Horror Picture Show fans, which there were a lot of. They put everyone right in a group so it was easy enough for me to go and get all of my Rocky Horror Picture Show autographs at once. That means that next up after Barry Bostwick, which you can read about my Autograph Session with him here, was Patricia Quinn. With my VIP escort still in tow and happy to help me get all of my autographs for the day, I was able to slide over to the next table without a problem. Fresh out of her photo-op it was nice that she still remembered me since I was the first person to go in there for the photo-op with her and Nell Campbell. I have to say that I was really excited about this because I’ve always been a huge Magenta fan. Out of the whole cast Magenta always just stood out to me and she was my favorite so I was super excited to actually meet Patricia Quinn in person.

There were some funny moments during the session because her handler was kind of running around like a chicken without a head since I was basically the first person there and she wasn’t prepared. That was fine with me because it meant I got to spend more time with Patricia Quinn. Patricia was also nice enough to personalize my Rocky Horror Picture Show poster following in suit with Barry Bostwick, and then actually give me a story about this other photo that I got autographed that she had done with Nell Campbell. According to Patricia it was a special print that was done by Brian Ward. This was the same photographer who had done the whole Ziggy Stardust cover shoot. The story that she told about the picture itself and the photo shoot was a really great story and it something that made meeting my very favorite Rocky Horror Picture Show actress very memorable.

Patricia Quinn AutographPatrica Quinn and Nell Campbell Autograph


Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Barry Bostwick

To kick off MegaCon 2017 on Thrusday, my first autograph session was with Barry Bostwick. Barry Bostwick is mostly known from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and then later on from Spin City. Since he was basically the only one who showed up on time his line was super long. I have to say that when stars go that extra mile and show up on time it makes everything work out a lot better so that you’re not rushing around frantically trying to see did this person come yet, how about this person or asking some crew member, who has no idea, what time so and so is going to be coming to his or her table. This year because there was so many people that I had wanted to meet, I bought myself and my dad, since this is our annual father/daughter trip, VIP passes. Boy did this pay off and have its benefits. The way MegaCon had it set up this year, there wasn’t a VIP line for each celebrity, but a VIP escort that you would go to when you wanted an autograph and they would escort you to the line of your choice. If you wanted more than one autograph they would spend the time escorting you around the whole floor. Very helpful. I know this probably makes me sound like a jackass, but I was able to cut the whole line with my own personal escort, who actually throughout all of MegaCon became one of the most helpful crew members. Each day he remembered who I was and made sure to stop and check to see if everything had been going well. More about him later and onto the experience of meeting Barry Bostwick.

Barry was a super nice guy, he was super friendly and very genuine. He had no problem at all personalizing my autograph, because when it comes to autographs that really makes all the difference, which was for my Rocky Horror Picture Show movie poster. Not only did he personalize it, but he went the extra mile and he wrote in his own little funny comment, from the movie, which was just amazing. This made the experience even more enjoyable and memorable because he did that. I have to say that after meeting Barry, the expectations for meeting everyone else for the rest of MegaCon were pretty high after that experience.

Barry Bostwick Autograph