This Week in Trophies 03-11-2018 – 03-17-2018

This was actually a good week for trophies. It started with last Sunday when I racked up a bunch of trophies in an older game and then continued throughout the week. It wasn’t my best week, but seeing as how the past couple of weeks have been absolute crap, this was definitely a good week. Keep reading to see what trophies I was able to get.

Labyrinth Legends – 33%

I know you’re thinking, “what the hell is this game doing on here,” but after writing about this for my I Never Finished blog I decided to go back and play this game. In doing so, I discovered that I really like this game, until it completely crashed my PS3. Anyway, I was able to get 4 new trophies for this game in one sitting, which isn’t a bad thing and it helped me decide that I would use some of my Sunday’s to catch up on some PS3 games that need to be played and finished. We’ll see how long this lasts for.

BioShock – 51%

I finally finished this game this week. It seems like it took me forever to complete this game this time around, but I was also filming so that could have been the problem. Anyway, I was glad to finally be able to complete this game, although the last part of this game completely glitched and I had to fight Atlas twice. It wasn’t really that hard, but still I hate that this game had so many bugs and glitches. On the plus side I did get to finally play the DLC for this game which I didn’t when I played the PS3 version because I didn’t buy it.


And that was it for this week, a total of 20 trophies. This is really rare since I never get this may trophies in a week as of late. Anyway, for the upcoming week I have no idea what I’m playing. I’ll probably get some Labyrinth Legends in today and the rest of the week is up in the air. I finished BioShock but I’m waiting for Far Cry 5 to come out to start a new game. This probably means I’ll be playing some games that need to be finished or at least trying to. Anyway, I’ll let you know how everything turns out next week.


This Week in Trophies 03-04-2018 – 03-10-2018

Another OK week when it came to trophies. I did have an overloaded work schedule even though I did have an extra day off. The rest of the days though I wanted something easy and simple to play so that if I only had half an hour to play at least I played something. At least I got the Bonus Episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm out of the way. I even recorded it and you can watch it here. Anyway, onto the trophies.

BioShock – 31%

I would say that I’m progressing rather nicely I this game and have gotten to the part where I have defeated Sander Cohen. If I remember correctly, I would say that this is more than halfway through the game so there should be just a little more to go before I actually complete the game. Anyway, I’m continuing to film, when the game doesn’t crash and mess up, and you can watch my playthrough on YouTube.


The Sims 4 – 38%

This was my go to game this week when I basically had no time to game all that much. This is pretty surprising though considering the amount of trophies I was able to get. I think that I should be finished with this game before the year is up depending on how much I play and I look forward to it because this game is kind of a mess.

The Sims 4The Sims 4The Sims 4The Sims 4The Sims 4The Sims 4The Sims 4The Sims 4The Sims 4

That was it for this week, a total of 14 trophies. These next couple of weeks are going to be hard with work and all as my schedule will constantly change in order to accommodate a co-worker who basically told me to, “get the fuck out of my face” this week after offering to help her. Apparently the only help that is needed on my behalf is when I have to disrupt my own life to accommodate her schedule changes. So yeah, no idea what I’ll be playing this week and when, but as always I will try to game as much as possible and I’ll let you know how things turn out this upcoming week. Hopefully a lot better than last week.


This Week in Trophies 02-25-2018 – 03-03-2018

This week was surprisingly decent when it came to trophies. It’s nothing like what I used to get I the past, but it is an improvement on what I have been getting. It’s kind of like you win some and then you lose some, and I would put this week I the winning category. Anyway, take a look at what I was able to get this week.

BioShock – 25%

So since I can’t stream this game basically because 2K says so without an actual reason, I’ve been playing and recording this game as much as possible. The problem is this game has become very glitchy. This is taking away some of my initial enjoyment, because I did want to get back into BioShock and back into Rapture, but it’s hard when things keep going wrong like the game stalls and then throws me back to my auto-save and I have to re-record again or I lose 50 minutes of game time and recording time because I accidently torched a door that I was supposed to go in for my goal and now it just won’t open. This is becoming a little tiresome at this point.


Gems of War – 86%

This game has so many updates, and I’m glad that the developers care that much about this game that they keep improving it, but I wish they would just cut it with the trophies. It’s bad enough that I’m still trying to catch up on DLC trophies that more trophies keep getting added and one of them is purely luck based. Anyway, I will apparently continue to play this game until the end of time because that’s how long it’s going to take to get all of the trophies.

Gems of War

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 – 57%

One trophy for this game for completing adventure mode level 5. This made me think that getting the last few trophies would be easy, but it turns out it’s not as I have to go back to unlock the final level of adventure mode 6 and pick up a bunch of stars that I missed. This is no cake walk and I’m not even sure if I can do it.


The Sims 4 – 23%

I had the urge to play this game again this week and I did because I was tired of BioShock glitching as much as it did. Turned out it was a good decision as I was able to get two trophies pretty easily. I always enjoy this game and even though it has been patched a few times, it still kind of runs like crap when you have more than three people living in a house.

The Sims 4The Sims 4

That was it for this week, a total of 16 trophies. Better than my last few weeks even though it’s not a lot. Now for next week, I have no idea how it’s going to go since I have to be an adult for basically the whole week. Kind of sucks. Anyway, I’ll try to get some more BioShock in, get some more Gems of War in, and try to play more of The Sims 4. I also want to try and finish up some games before Far Cry 5 comes out later this month, but we’ll see how that goes.


Video Game Tattoo Chronicles – Part 12 – Mr. Bubbles!

This past tattoo appointment was one that was especially needed. Not because I really wanted to get my BioShock tattoo colored in, which I did, but more because I’ve been super stressed out and these tattoo sessions are like my therapy / stress relieving sessions. Since last session we had done an original outline for a new BioShock tattoo on my right arm, you can read about it here, it was time for some color.

While my tattoo artist and I debated on the color of the Big Daddy’s eyes, should they be glowing yellow, should they be a lighter blue, or should they be red. We debated back and forth as my artist started to color in the Big Daddy. We decided to leave the eyes for last as we went back and forth. Then when we still couldn’t agree on the eyes we added a little background. The thing was that I wanted the glowing yellow eyes and my tattoo artist thought the blue would look better. After working on some of the background we came to the mutual decision that the eyes would look better yellow.

BioShock Tattoo

As you can see from the picture above, we still aren’t done. The coloring in of the Big Daddy along with the outline around him and some of the outline around the Little Sister took a whopping 6 hours. I’m pretty sure that was the longest that I sat for a tattoo and there was no way that the Little Sister was getting done this session.

My next session is going to be next month and we’ll finish up the Little Sister along with some other minor details before moving on to the reverse side of that arm and creating the city of Rapture behind them. I’ve already discussed where this new sleeve is going because I like to make mashups with things that connect two games. The whole space thing connected my Bordrlands / Mass Effect sleeve and for this sleeve the only thing I could think about that connected both this game and another was a Lighthouse. So there will be the eventual adding of a Lighthouse, but what game do you think it’s going to be for? Feel free to comment and leave your guesses down in the comment section below and I’ll let you know next month how my next session went.


This Week in Trophies 02-11-2018 – 02-17-2018

This was a really tough week to get trophies. Not from lack of trying but because of a lot of different reasons. The first of course was work. Work was particularly stressful this week as I tried to get as much done like I normally do, but with the added stress of having my dad go for a hip replacement surgery just kind of threw everything over the edge. I was able to sneak in a tattoo session there along the way which I’ll tell you about later on, but needless to say this week and the upcoming weeks will not be good ones for gaming. Here’s a breakdown of what I was able to get in trophies this past week

BioShock – 10%

I re-purchased this game for the PS4 with the sole intention of streaming it. When I had a poll going on Twitter, this was the game people wanted me to stream. Turns out you can’t stream it because it’s blocked. Oh joy of joys. Anyway, I am filming it I just have to try and get some time to edit it and post it to YouTube. I played one day this week and was able to get a few trophies and was happy to return to Rapture.


Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – 82%

I was able to get two more trophies for this game this week meaning that I only need one more trophy to actually get the platinum for this game. I’m up to 185 out of 500 bounties that I need for the trophies. Needless to say this is going to take a while especially with my limited time.

Diablo III: Reaper of SoulsDiablo III: Reaper of Souls

And that was it for this week, a total of 11 trophies. My dad did make it out of his hip replacement surgery with flying colors which is why I’ll probably be taking a little break from gaming. Not too much, but I have been asked to care for him on the days that I’m not working, and that’s what you do for family. I’ll try to sneak some games in while I can but it’s not going to be anything big and I think that streaming is off the table for a little while as well. If for some reason I get any trophies in this upcoming week, I’ll let you know about them.


I Never Finished…BioShock…Because


To be honest about this game, I had never even heard of it until a friend told me about it and told me how great it was and how she was looking forward to BioShock 3, which is now BioShock: Infinite, for years because this game and the sequel were so amazing. When I told her that I never even heard of this game, she insisted I find myself a copy and play both this game and the sequel because the next BioShock was going to be amazing. Still unemployed, I know I know, how can someone be unemployed for this long? I have no idea, but it happened. Anyway, I found myself a really cheap used copy of BioShock and played. If it’s on this blog though, it means I never finished it. Keep reading to find out why.

In BioShock, you play as Jack. Jack is the sole survivor of a plane crash out in the middle of the ocean and that’s when he finds the lighthouse. Traveling to the lighthouse he finds a bathysphere which takes him to the underwater city of Rapture. Here he’ll be contacted by Atlas. Atlas tells him what’s been going in in Rapture and how he needs Jack’s help to stop creator of Rapture, Andrew Ryan. Atlas leads Jack through the city where he’ll encounter splicers, people who were once human but got addicted to ADAM’s and have turned into these monstrosities. Jack will also encounter Little Sisters and their Big Daddies. Here is where the moral decisions of the game comes in. If you take down a Big Daddy that’s protecting a little sister you can ether save her or harvest her for ADAM’s. The choice is yours even though Atlas will urge you to use the little sisters and harvest them for ADAM’s while a new character, Dr. Tenenbaum, will urge you to save them, and depending on what you do you’ll get two different endings.

Would You Kindly? Who knew that three little words that form a question would have so much influence in this game and really become the theme of the whole game. Whenever Atlas asks Jack to do something he always says “Would you kindly?” After playing this game, it kind of became a thing when I would play with my friend. When we were playing Mass Effect 3 MP and went down we would ask people around us, “Would you kindly revive me, I’m out of MediGel.” There would be some hesitation and then someone would come running. People who played BioShock knew and called us out on that sometimes, but it was also kind of fun when people didn’t know the reference and would pause and then be like, “oh yeah, sure I’ll be right there.” I have to admit I even do this at work sometimes if I want to push off a phone call to someone else. “Hey (Insert Fellow Employee Name Here) would you kindly make this phone call for me? I’m really swamped over here.” Works like a charm.

So this is essentially a horror game, there are a lot of jump scares and mysterious locations with ominous music playing throughout the game. My friend knew that I hated horror games, yet she still recommended it and denied that it was a horror game. Some friend right? It’s a surprise that I even made it through this game, but I did and played through the whole story which I have to say is amazing. The story, the whole twisty nature of the game, the environment, and then the ending (the good one that had me crying in buckets) is simply amazing. This game was like nothing I had ever seen before, but I felt like after playing and finishing the story there really wasn’t a reason to go back. I didn’t feel like I could play the game on survivor difficulty without the Vita-Chamber and I had a problem that the best way to do this, as I’ve been told, is to harvest all of the little sisters. It just feels…wrong. Anyway that’s why I never went back to this game.

As you can see from the picture above, I was able to get a nice 40 out of the original 54 trophies for this game, 66 in total if you could the DLC. I was able to get most of the trophies within my first playthrough which was pretty amazing and the only trophies I have left to get are the ones for playing on harder difficulties without the Vita-Chamber and some other random trophies. Not that bad for only playing this game one time. A few trophies were stupid ones that I just completely overlooked, but could have gotten on my first playthrough. Going back and thinking about that just made me groan because I hate when I overlook the simple stuff.

Probability of this game getting played again…2 out of 5.

I ranked this game pretty low because if I do go and play this game again, it’s not going to be for the trophies even though I still own this game. This would be one of those I’m playing because I want to experience the story again. Sometimes you can’t get every platinum trophy and sometimes you just physically can’t play a game on its hardest game mode. It happens and I’m accepting that this is one of those games for me. That doesn’t make it any less great though, it just means that it will forever stay in my sleeve of unfinished games.


Now it’s your turn. Would you kindly tell me what you thought about this game. Did you love it? Hate it? Understand it? Don’t be ashamed if you didn’t understand it at first, it took me a little while too. Anyway, let me know in the comments section and next week I’ll tell you why I went back to playing some free games for the next couple of weeks, mostly because I was pissed at my friend for lying that BioShock wasn’t a horror game, and why I never finished Rochard no matter how hard I tried.


What Makes A Good Villain?

When it comes to video games, the villain is just as important as the main hero. Every good guy has to have a bad guy. It’s like an unspoken rule. What would be the point of being a good guy if there was no bad guy to want to at least try and stop? There are a bunch of different kinds of villain’s, but what truly makes a good one?

For me, a good villain is someone who was starting out on the right path, trying themselves to be the good guy, but then eventually got so twisted that they ended up the villain in the end. These villains are the best kinds of villain because they truly believe that they are doing something that’s still good no matter how far they took things. Sure, they’re the bad guy meaning that they had to have done some pretty horrible things on their journey, but they weren’t always the bad guy.

There are a ton of games that cater to this, a ton, but while some of them are cut and dry some of them you have to really dig to see that at one time they were trying to help. When it comes to the cut and dry good guy turned bad guy, my favorites are The Illusive Man (Mass Effect 2 and 3) and Knight Commander Meredith (Dragon Age 2).

You’re introduced to The Illusive Man at the beginning of Mass Effect 2 when he spends a ton of money to rebuild the only one who can stop the Reapers, Commander Shepard. He’s trying to do the right thing, funding scientists and trying to save the humans from being wiped out by this threat that no one will believe Shepard about. Sure Shepard doesn’t really trust him, but his intentions are good. No one else is doing anything to try and stop the Reapers, but The Illusive Man and Cerberus are. By the time Mass Effect 3 rolls around he’s done some pretty shitty things making him the true villain of Mass Effect 3. Forget the stupid space child or even the Reapers for that matter. The main goal of Mass Effect 3 is stopping The Illusive Man and Cerberus.

Kudos: By the end of Mass Effect 3 you can make The Illusive Man see where he went wrong. This is seriously one of the winning moments of Mass Effect 3, talking The Illusive Man down and having him finally realize that he went to far.

In Dragon Age 2, Knight Commander Meredith comes off as the bad guy right away. She’ll do anything she possibly can to stop the mages from terrorizing Kirkwall and she’ll use any means possible to do this, but it isn’t without reason. Even though she’s extreme if you support the Templars you’ll get to hear her side of the story, hear about how she’s doing all of this because of her sister. You’ll get to see her in a different view this way so that she isn’t just a horrible person who hates people because they’re different. She’s seen first hand what magic has done and thinks that she’s doing everything right by bringing down harsher restrictions on mages, but then she turns to Red Lyrium and goes bat shit crazy making her one of two villains in Dragon Age 2.

While these are my favorite cut and dry good guys that turn into bad guys, there are also some that you have to dig really deep to see that at one time they were good. As for those my favorites have to be Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2) and Sophia Lamb (BioShock 2).

You never get the chance to see Jack as the good guy at all in Borderlands 2. He’s bad right from the start no matter how you look at it. He’s using his own daughter to charge a Vault key! How much worse could you possibly get! Even though you can’t see it, he wasn’t always like that. In Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, you’ll see him as just someone who is trying to rise to the top of the Hyperion ladder. Sure he’s a little ruthless, but in that situation who isn’t? The events at the end of the Pre-Sequel will help you understand what made things change for him, what made him become even more ruthless, making him a badass bad guy.

Another favorite of mine is Sophia Lamb. You’re introduced to her in BioShock 2 and from the start she’s just the worst. She’s manipulative, ruthless, and just down right bad. You can’t possibly see her as anything else, but if you read BioShock Rapture, the in between book of BioShock 1 and BioShock 2, you won’t exactly see her that way. She wasn’t always the bad guy that she’s made out to be. She was brought to Rapture to help people after Andrew Ryan clearly failed at his little experiment. Rapture isn’t what it’s supposed to be, people aren’t living in the life of luxury they were promised. Sophia wants to change that, she strongly opposes Ryan and like every good villain takes it a little bit too far in turn making her the villain.

There are a ton of games that cater to this type of villain. I could go on and on naming countless other video games that have these, but these are my absolute favorite. All of these villains, while they need to be stopped like every other villain, are worthy adversaries for the chosen hero. They all believe strongly in what they’re doing no matter how twisted things got along the way. While some see it at the end others unfortunately don‘t, either way each story ends the same with the hero coming out on top and doing what a hero does.