New Community

Today is a pretty big day because I just started the 1BrokeGamerGirl community on PSN! I have a lot of ideas swimming in my head on what I would like for the community to become, but for right now I just want to use it as another way to connect with everyone who reads this blog, who follows me on Twitter, and even those who subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Anyone is more than welcomed to join and I look forward to setting up some gaming sessions with you, my fellow gamers, lending out a helping hand when someone needs some trophy help, and keeping you updated on some up-coming blogs and of course an update on some trophies I get during the week before my usual Sunday blog.

Now how to actually join, you can either search for the community using the search feature and search for 1BrokeGamerGirl, or you can drop me a line in the comments section with your PSN ID and I’ll send you an invite. Either way I hope to see you joining soon!