Throwback Thursday – DLC Remix – Peggle 2 – Jimmy Lightening Master Pack

In order to get the platinum trophy for Peggle 2, I made it a little easier on myself and just went out and purchased the two DLC that came with the game. Was it the easy way out in order to get the platinum? Yes. Was the DLC worth it though? Keep reading to find out.

This master pack was basically the same as the Windy the Fairy pack that I told you about last week. You can read my review of it here. It added in some extra levels, some extra objectives, and gave you a new character, one from the original Peggle, to play as.

I was still pretty much enjoying my Peggle experience, so I had no problem getting through the extra levels for this pack or trying to get as many of the objectives that I could. Like I had also said before, my main motive for getting these master packs was so that yes I could get the platinum trophy for this game and make it a little easier on myself. I usually don’t do this, since most games don’t really have a thing with the DLC helping out the main game trophies, but this did so I took full advantage of it. Fortunately I don’t regret it all that much.

Like with the original game, you’ll play this right in the main story like it belonged there all along. Gotta love EA with those types of DLC. Anyway, there are no bugs or game breaking glitches that will interrupt your playthrough and it’s smooth sailing for the whole DLC.

The graphics are of course the same style as the rest of the game, but these graphics relate specifically to Jimmy Lightening. These are his levels so it makes sense that the graphics represent that. The graphics are one of the cool points of this game although some of the background graphics and the foreground graphics blend together at times making it difficult to see some of the pegs that you have to hit. Other than that the graphics are creative and one of the things that really make this game.

Play this DLC and you’ll get yourself closer to the platinum trophy for Peggle 2 as well as two additional trophies if you completely finish the DLC. This is a pretty easy task and you should have no problem with it. If you were able to get the two trophies that came with Windy the Fairy then you should be able to get the two trophies that come with Jimmy Lightening.

There is of course multiplayer with Peggle, but I completely skipped it because it’s not necessary for the game or even for the gaming experience. Unfortunately this means that I also can’t tell you about the multiplayer, but if you’re a long time reader of this blog then you know that multiplayer is never really my thing to begin with.

Overall I give this DLC a 3 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Just like with Windy the Fairy, it adds some more levels and trials for you to continue your Peggle 2 experience.
+ You’ll unlock a classic character from the original Peggle game who I always liked.

What’s Not So Great:
Another DLC that felt like it should have come with the game to begin with.
The background graphics and the foreground graphics sometimes interfere with each other making the board hard to see.

If you’re going for the Peggle 2 platinum I would highly recommend this DLC. It’ll only cost you an additional $1.99, or you could buy the complete Peggle 2 edition for $14.99 and have both of these DLC included. As you can probably tell, I didn’t go the smart route and actually bought the regular edition of Peggle 2 and then cursed myself because I needed the DLC and ended up spending extra money on it. My fault completely, but that shouldn’t discredit the DLC. If you’re not looking to get the platinum for this game, then I would still recommend this if you want to continue with your Peggle 2 experience.

And that’s it for Peggle 2, both DLC done and reviewed which means we can move onto a new game. But what game is it going to be and which DLC will it be for? Next week we’ll be moving on to Borderlands 2. Since I completed the DLC for both the PS3 version an the PS4 version, I’ll let you know which I thought was better as I review them at the same time and we’ll be starting with one of my favorites which is Captain Scarlet and her Pirate’s Booty.


Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Peggle 2 – Windy the Fairy Master Pack

I bought this game long after the release of it. Not because I didn’t want it or waited for a sale, it was because this game was brought to the Xbox One first and then later it trickled down to the PS4. I loved playing Peggle on my PS3 and it’s still one of those games that I’ll pick up from time to time and play just because. Anyway, like most games this game also had DLC that went with it. Although I didn’t feel that this game needed DLC, I picked it up anyway. Keep reading to see if it was worth it.

While there’s no story that goes along with this DLC, you will be given a new character to use in the Peggle universe and it’s a cute little owl like creature. You’ll also be given additional objectives as well as some new levels just in case you haven’t played enough Peggle already.

I won’t lie to you. The only reason why I got this DLC was because it actually helped with the platinum trophy for this game. With the 30 new objectives you get it means that you don’t have to do every single objective in the game, which is close to impossible and you can miss a few objectives here and there. Other than that I did enjoy the new character and the levels that came with her. I thought that I would be done with my Peggle 2 experience by the time I finished the main game, but the DLC added some more play time to the overall game and it wasn’t all that bad.

Because this incorporated into the game, it wasn’t a separate experience and it played out like it was originally part of the game. I’m still on the fence with this when it comes to DLC because I really think that it should be some sort of separate experience. If it isn’t then why wasn’t it incorporated into the original game to begin with? As always, that’s a different discussion and just like the rest of the game it played out nicely and there were no noticeable bugs or glithces.

As with the rest of Peggle, each level has it’s own graphics and this had a more whimsical feel to it. I really enjoyed the way each level was laid out and the graphics that went with it. Overall this was a nice graphical representation of the game and it was cool to look at while you were playing. I will say that sometimes the background graphics get in the way of the actual level graphics and makes it hard to distinguish between the two.

Purchase this DLC and play everything the DLC has to offer and you’ll get yourself another two trophies to go along with your overall Peggle list. The trophies aren’t hard and just really require you to play the game so there shouldn’t be a problem.

There is multiplayer with this game and with the DLC since you can use the character in the multiplayer but it’s completely optional, meaning I didn’t play it, and you don’t have to play it to get the whole Peggle experience.

Overall I give this DLC a 3 out of 5.

What’s Great:

+ A new character for you to play in with new powers and who is super cute.
+ New levels and new objectives.

What’s Not So Great:
Graphics are nice but sometimes interfere with main board of the game.
All this DLC did was really add on another character that should have been in the original game.

While I did enjoy my time playing this DLC, I wouldn’t call this DLC a must have unless you’re trying to go for the platinum trophy and you want to have the additional objectives so that you don’t have to all 180 that the original game has to offer. Also, this DLC isn’t that bad if you want to expand on your Peggle experience. Giving the option though, if I didn’t need it for the trophy then I probably wouldn’t have gotten this DLC.

Now for next week, the one DLC for Peggle 2 just wasn’t enough and I needed some more objectives because I obviously suck at Peggle. Next week I’ll let you know about the second and last DLC for Peggle 2 which was Jimmy Lightening Master Pack.


Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – L.A. Noire – Reefer Madness

This is our last DLC for L.A. Noire. While the overall game experience wasn’t all that fun for me, I found the DLC to be a mixture of enjoyable and just another meh experience. Will the last one be any better or will it fall into that meh category? Keep reading to find out.

By the title of this DLC, you should at least have some idea as to what the DLC is going to be about. Right? But, you can never judge by a title so here’s the basic premises of this DLC. Freddie, the former junkie, snitch, and all around no good guy, has decided to share a tip with Vice Narcotics. He lets them know about a city-wide marijuana distribution ring which means it’s up to Cole for one last time to find out what’s really going on in this case that’s not as cut and dry as you think. Especially since these dealers are smuggling up to fifty pounds right in plain sight? How are they doing it? You’ll have to play the DLC to find out and see if you can solve the case of Reefer Madness.

I thought this DLC was an interesting one showing that sometimes the DLC can be a little bit better than the actual game. Sometimes. Anyway, you get to play one last case as Cole because if you played the whole game you know his story kind of goes downhill from there. This has to be one of his more interesting cases as it involves solving a few puzzles here and there along with the usual investigating. I found this a nice way to end the DLC that came out for this game and thought that 4 was the magic number since sometimes games can go a little overboard with the DLC.

As always Cole will be clunky and awkward as he makes his way around investigating. He doesn’t handle the best throughout the game or the DLC and that’s just something at this point that you have to get used to. The DLC plays seamlessly into the game as a whole as the rest of the DLC for this game did. You’ll get the story when it’s handed to you and if you play the game from start to finish with all the DLC installed, you won’t even know you’re playing the DLC. I still really haven’t decided if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet. There are a lot of pros and cons for each side of this.

The graphics for this DLC? The same for the rest of the game and just beautiful. Really if there is anything that I’m going to remember through the years when it comes to this game it’s that Cole had to be one of the most horrible video game characters of all time and that the graphics for this game were stunning and one of the ones that I’ll always enjoy and give much praise to.

Trophies, there are of course trophies for this DLC. Finish this DLC, solve all the puzzles, and make the right decisions to get all 5 of the trophies this game has to offer. Compared to the other DLC’s, I would say that these have the easiest trophies to get and there’s not much of a cleanup afterwards. I can see maybe one of them where you need to go back and replay the case, but other than that you should be fine.

No multiplayer for this game or any of the DLC attached. I do enjoy a good single player game that doesn’t force me to interact with people I don’t want to.

Overall I give this DLC a 5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ An interesting DLC that has a fully developed story and is full of twists and turns.
+ A nice way to put an end to the DLC for this game. Sometimes games end their DLC abruptly (coughDragonAgeIIcough) making you want more, but this one does a nice job of making it known that this is the last DLC.
+ You had to know that given one last chance I would complement the games graphics just one more time.

What’s Not So Great:
Cole is not only unlikable but also clunky and awkward.

Out of all the DLC for this game, I would say that this one was my favorite. It had to do with a lot of different kinds of investigating and had a couple of twists and turns along with it. It was defiantly a nice way to go out with the DLC for this game and bring this game to a nice end. Well, not so nice for Cole, but you know what I mean. If you have the complete edition of this game, go ahead and make sure you play this DLC. If you don’t have the complete edition and are enjoying your play time, go ahead and pick this DLC up as it’s a good story and a nice add-on case.

Next week we’ll be starting a whole other games series. I can’t believe that I’ve already gone through all of the L.A. Noire DLC, but wow, these DLC reviews are just flying by. Anyway, next week we’ll start the review of one of two packs of DLC for Peggle 2. Now I have to say that I bought these, not because I wanted to play as a new character, but it made getting the platinum for this game a hell of a lot easier. It’s Peggle 2 – Windy the Fairy Master Pack. I’ll let you know what I thought about the new Peggle character next week.


Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – L.A. Noire – Nicholson Electroplating

This week, we take a look at the third DLC for L.A. Noire. So far I thought the first DLC was good, the second one meh like the game itself, and now there’s this third one. There’s still one more to go after this, but keep reading and I’ll let you know what I thought about this new case that Cole had to solve.

When an explosion rocks L.A. first thing in the morning, it’s up to Cole and his partner to figure out the 5 W’s in order to solve the case. At the center of their case the former Nicholson Electroplating plant. What were the workers working on that caused the explosion? What caused the explosion? All that will be answered and more as Cole dives into another mysterious case.

Unlike the second DLC for this game, I actually liked this one a little better. There were more questions and it wasn’t as cliché as the second DLC. Don’t get me wrong though, I think this game and a lot of the cases are one big cliché for that time period but that second DLC was the worst. I found this case to be interesting and that it took a few nice suspenseful twists and turns. I think that as more DLC was released, they made them a little more in depth than the first two as well. I found this DLC along with the fourth one, which I’ll tell you more about next week, to be more thought out and well planned. Overall an exciting extra case to continue your story as Cole.

Like the previous two DLC, this DLC fits seamlessly into the story that the game is already telling. There’s nothing special you have to do in order to activate the DLC, especially now that everything is release, and you can just play the DLC while you play the game. I typically like these kinds of DLC because of how seamless they are, although it makes me wonder why they just weren’t in the game to begin with, rather than the other types of DLC out there where they feel added on because they don’t fit into the overall story the game is telling. As always, Cole is clunky and awkward and that didn’t change in this DLC.

If you’ve been reading each DLC remix review along with the original review of this game then you know that I think the graphics for this game are just beautiful. For a game that was meh, the graphics were something to definitely write home about. There was so much going for this game and the DLC graphic wise.

Like the other two DLC there are trophies for this DLC as well. Finish this DLC and do the most amount of investigating that there is to do and you’ll be rewarded with 5 extra trophies. Don’t get pissed if you don’t get all of the trophies on the first try because there are some that are a little complicated. At least you can always go back to the case at another time and work on those trophies.

No multiplayer for this game so it makes sense that there isn’t multiplayer for this DLC.

Overall I give this DLC a 5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Interesting extra case for Cole to work on.
+ A little more thought out and planned then the first two.
+ Graphics, Graphics, Graphics! (Have I said how amazing the graphics are?)

What’s Not So Great:
It’s just time to realize that throughout this game and all of the DLC that not only is Cole a crappy character but that his movements are clunky and awkward.

Overall I would say a strong DLC compared to the second DLC that was released for this game. The DLC fits nicely into the game as a whole and is a nice way to extend the playability of this game. I would say that if you have this game, hopefully you have the complete edition and you have this DLC so you might as well play it. If you don’t have the complete edition then I would say that if you’re enjoying this game you might as well pick this DLC up and investigate another case as Cole.

Next week is our last week with L.A. Noire! For a game that I didn’t enjoy all that much, it had a so far decent quality of DLC that I wouldn’t really have even played if I didn’t have the complete edition. Anyway, next week I’ll let you know about the last DLC that was released for L.A. Noire – Reefer Madness. You can probably tell what this DLC is going to be about, but I’ll get into it a little more next week.


Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – L.A. Noire – The Naked City

Here’s the thing about DLC for games that I thought were meh. I’m not willing to pay for it because I already paid for the game and there’s no way in hell that I’m going to buy more of something that I didn’t like, but if it already comes with the game then I might as well play it. As I’ve said before, I had the complete edition of L.A. Noire because I waited so long to play it and it came with all the DLC. Keep reading to see what I thought of the second piece of DLC for this game.

The Naked City revolves around the tragic demise of a model. Found dead floating in her own bathtub, it looks like a common Hollywood suicide. That would be way too easy for this game though and the case would basically be over, so it has to be something more. It just has to be. Living the life of a model, Julia Randall had it all. So if she didn’t off herself, then what killed her? It’s up to Cole and a sidekick to determine what killed Randall and solve the case of The Naked City.

Unlike the first DLC, I really didn’t care all that much for this one. It felt like more of a cliché case then anything. An up and coming model dies, her maid finds her and it’s the usual suspects. Was it some jealous lover? Was it the copious amounts of drugs she was consuming? Or was it that she was just so miserable with her life that she killed herself? Like I said, a cliché story all wrapped up in a nice package for Cole to solve. Since I enjoyed the first DLC so much in a game that I didn’t even like, I expected this DLC to be the same but sadly it wasn’t.

The playability is the same as the game and the first DLC. Cole’s movements are awkward and clunky at times but at least there are no bugs or glitches with this DLC. Once again if you have this DLC installed before you start playing the main game, then it’ll work itself right into the story and you’ll hardly be able to tell that it’s a story that’s not within the main game. The first time I played through this game I seriously had no idea I was playing through the DLC along with the story until I looked at the trophies.

The graphics for this game, I’ve called them the saving grace of this game for me, are as always beautiful. For me, the graphics were the one thing that this game did right and I stand by it when I say that they still hold up today. It’s just one of those games that will always be known for the amazing graphics.

There are of course trophies for this DLC, none of them real easy to get except for the one when you solve the case. There are a total of 5 trophies for this DLC and it’s close to impossible to get them your first playthrough, unless you’re following a walkthrough, but why would you do that? Seriously experience the game first and then clean up the trophies later. It took me multiple playthroughs to get one damn trophy and it was a complete pain in the ass, but at least I got it.

Shocker, this game has no multiplayer. A rare gem these days.

Overall I give this DLC a 3 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Plays into the main campaign well enough so it doesn’t look like an added on case. (although…that could be considered a bad thing since if it plays that well into the game why wasn’t it just included?)
+ Same beautiful graphics as the rest of the game.

What’s Not So Great:
A cliché story that wasn’t all that impressive.
Awkward and clunky movements from the main game follow into this DLC.

Although I wasn’t a fan of this DLC compared to the first DLC, it’s probably just a me thing. I guess with this game I should have expected a cliché type story but I just don’t think it was needed. Anyway, if you’re not a fan of this game you’ll probably not want to play this DLC and if you are a fan of this game you’ll want to play to continue the story. It’s basically a toss up on whether or not you want to play. Maybe you have the complete edition like I did and you won’t even realize you’re playing the DLC.

Another L.A. Noire DLC for next week’s Throwback Thursday. With a total of 4 DLC’s for this game I’ll let you know what I thought about the third DLC, Nicholson Electroplating. Was it an enjoyable experience like the first DLC? Or another let down like the second? You’ll have to come back next week to find out.


Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – L.A. Noire – A Slip of the Tongue

So I basically thought this game was meh. I gave it a 2.5 out of 5 when I did the review of it just a little over two years ago. You can read my full review of the game here. Anyway, getting back to the DLC. Some may ask why would I play the DLC if I thought the game was just meh? Basically because I had the edition that had all of the DLC. Believe me if this game didn’t come with the DLC then I would have never bought it, but it did so I played it. Here’s what I thought of the first DLC for the game.

Each DLC presented itself as a new case for Cole. A Slip of the Tongue is a traffic case for Cole and it starts off as a basic car theft. Digging deeper into the case Cole will uncover that it’s so much more than that. That’s the way things usually work right? Something starts off as simple but if you dig deep enough you can always find something. That’s what happens to Cole and this simple traffic case turns into an investigation of an auto fraud racket.

Like the game you have to play as Cole. To this day he is one of my all time worst video game character that I have ever played as. I just do not like this character at all. Not thinking about the character though and going solely on the case itself, I found it to be pretty interesting and there was a lot to do with the case itself. Even though I didn’t care for the game, I found the DLC to hold the same quality as the game and play seamlessly into the game. If you liked the game this was a good thing.

The playability of this DLC is the same as the rest of the game which was a little awkward and clunky at times. It’s also worthy to mention that if you have the DLC pre-loaded or if it came with the game already, then you won’t even notice the DLC playing out because it just takes place while you’re playing like it’s a regular case. The first time I ran though this DLC when I first played this game, I didn’t even know I was playing the DLC until I checked my trophies.

Since the DLC plays into the main game the graphics are the same and they’re simply beautiful. Even today I think that this is one of the games that holds up. While I’m not a big graphics person, I think that these are great and pretty advanced for the time when the game originally came out. I was really impressed throughout the whole game and the DLC with the graphics.

In most cases, the addition of DLC means the addition of trophies and this is one of those cases. There are a total of 5 trophies for this DLC, but they are not easy to come by. You’ll get only one of them for completing the DLC and the other 4 have something specific to do in order to get them. Not to worry though because if you miss out, you can always go to the case selection screen and try again and again until you get the trophies.

Ah, one of those rare games without multiplayer.

Overall I give this DLC a 5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ An interesting case that adds to the overall game.
+ If the DLC is purchased with the game and installed already when you start, it’ll play seamlessly into the game itself and you probably won’t even notice it.
+ Same beautiful graphics as the main game.

What’s Not So Great:
Same clunky and awkward gameplay that can be found in the main game.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of this game, I will admit that the DLC for this game is actually really good. At times if you’re trying to get all of the trophies, it can be a little frustrating especially if you aren’t a fan of the overall game itself. That still doesn’t take away from the fact that the one thing that this game had was good DLC. Now if you have the disc that comes with the game there’s no reason why you shouldn’t play the DLC. If you have to purchase this DLC, then I would say it’s completely up to you on whether or not you’re actually enjoying the game. If you’re not enjoying the game then I would say pass, but if you’re enjoying the game then I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to play this DLC.

I’ll let you know ahead of time that I have 100% for this game so for the next couple of week’s there are going to be quite a few L.A. Noire DLC reviews. Since I’m not sure which one I completed first and which one I completed last I’ll just go in order of which they came out. That means that next week’s Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix will be of L.A. Noire – The Naked City.


Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – The Walking Dead: Season 1 – 400 Days

This DLC for The Walking Dead: Season 1 was kind of an in between DLC. It came out long after the first season of The Walking Dead was already released and just a little bit before the second season was released. It was released on all 3 different PlayStation platforms and I had the chance to play on all 3. Keep reading to see what I thought of the overall DLC and which platform I preferred playing on.

Taking a break from the season ending episode of The Walking Dead, 400 days centers on the first 400 days of the zombie apocalypse and how it affected the lives of different people from different walks of lives. In this DLC, you’ll have the chance to play as 5 different characters. You’ll play as prisoner Vince on day 2 of the outbreak as he’s being moved on a prison bus. He’ll have some difficult choices to make in order to try and survive. Next up is Wyatt on day 41. He’s traveling with a friend and did something pretty horrible. Wyatt and his friend will run into some trouble as they try to escape not only the zombie apocalypse but also the person chasing them. Russel’s story takes place on day 184 as he’s trying to get to his grandmother’s house to see if she’s safe and sound. Russel will run into some trouble on the road and it’s a good lesson on why you shouldn’t hitchhike. On day 220 you’ll meet Bonnie. She’s a former drug addict who is currently traveling with a married couple. The addition of an attractive (?) woman, or any woman at this point, is going to cause trouble between the married couple and Bonnie is really no help in the entire matter. Last is Shel and her sister Becca on day 236 and day 259. Stuck in a group that’s turning on itself and accusing each member of stealing, Shel is going to have to figure out what’s best for herself and her sister.

I thought this was a brilliant addition to The Walking Dead: Season 1. It showed how the zombie outbreak was taking its toll on everyone as the days continued on and things continued to get worse. Was there hope? At the end, each of the survivors thought so and if you played their characters a certain way you might have gotten a glimpse or two of them in Season 2. You’ll even notice that Bonnie has a much bigger role in Season 2. If I didn’t like this DLC as much as I did then I wouldn’t have played it on three different occasions. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the 5 short stories that took a break from the season 1 ending episode and found it nice to see how people from different walks of lives were coping.

Depending on which system you choose to play on, the game will play differently. If you’re playing on the PS3, expect the same lag and overall other glitches that occurred while playing the first season of the game. On the PS Vita, expect a little bit of a better game that doesn’t lag all that much. Personally, I found the PS4 version to have no lag or usual glitches that Telltale games have had in the past. Other than that the gameplay is the same for all three versions with only the PS Vita adding the choice of using the touch screen to make your decisions.

The graphics for this game were the same style as the first season of The Walking Dead. It was that comic book / graphic novel type style that works really well for this game and enhances the overall game. I would say that while all three systems had the same graphics that of course it looked a little bit better on the PS4. That’s not to say though that it didn’t look good on the PS3 or the PS Vita, because it did.

There are of course trophies for this DLC. There are a total of 8 different trophies for this game. While 6 of them just require you to play the game like normal Telltale games do, there are two of them that require you to do a little more than just play the game. They’re both pretty easy to figure out and really shouldn’t give you any trouble.

No multiplayer for this DLC on any of the systems.

Overall I give this DLC a 5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ You’ll get to play as 5 different characters who, depending on your decisions, may or may not reappear in season 2.
+ Each story, although different, all come together at the end to form a big ending moment.
+ A nice in between DLC that will bridge together the gap a little between the two seasons.

What’s Not So Great:
Depending on which system you play on there are some common Telltale problems.

Which Console was the Best to Play on? For me, it was the PS4. I really enjoyed that there were no lag or other glitches with this version and that everything ran smoothly. My second choice would have to be the PS Vita because I enjoyed being able to use the touch screen at times even though there was some lag and other glitches. If you only have a PS3, then I would say that it’s still worth it, but you’ll have to experience some of the lag and other glitches.

Overall I thought this was a really strong DLC and I kind of wish they would have done something like this as an in between for Season 2 and the upcoming Season 3. Something that didn’t focus on Clementine, but something that focused on other people that were still struggling and that would maybe make an appearance in the upcoming season. There’s really no reason not to get this DLC since if you get this game on disc it usually comes with it. If you’re like me and downloaded the original game, I would still suggest spending the extra money to get this DLC.

Now for next week. A game that I really didn’t enjoy all that much, but my special edition came with the DLC and there was no way that I wasn’t getting 100% of the trophies. Next week I’ll let you know what I thought of my first completed DLC for L.A. Noire – A Slip of the Tongue.


Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Dragon Age: Origins – Witch Hunt

This is the very last piece of Dragon Age: Origins DLC. While I haven’t reviewed all of them, I’m still missing some trophies for The Golems of Amgarrak, this just happened to be the last DLC that I also completed for Dragon Age: Origins. There have been a lot of these reviews, so keep reading to find out if this falls into the good category of DLC for this game or the bad category.

Witch Hunt brings back one of the most beloved Dragon Age characters, Morrigan, in order to give some kind of closure to her story and let you know what happened to her after the end events of Dragon Age: Origins. One of the most asked questions after the end events of Origins was what the hell happened to Morrigan. She specifically tells your hero to not go looking for her, but of course it’s not like you can help it, so you do. Taking place a year after the slaying of the archdemon, Morrigan has been spotted again in Ferelden. What’s the famous Witch of the Wilds up to now? After some searching you’ll finally be able to reunite with Morrigan, but it’ll be up to you if it’s a happy reunion or not.

This was one of the Dragon Age: Origins DLC that I just absolutely loved. It still didn’t give closure to the Warden’s story, but it was another adventure with your chosen hero and it brought back Morrigan. Like Leliana, Morrigan is one of my very favorite Dragon Age characters and I liked how she was brought back and how it ties into the next two games as well. During this DLC you’ll also be able to go back to some familiar places and run into a few familiar faces as well, besides Morrigan of course. To give you a hint it has to do a little something with Enchantment. Needless to say it’s a cool add on adventure and I thought it was a nice way to finish off an epic game.

BOO! You weren’t expecting this one right? Of course not because I just said how much I loved this DLC. The boo really doesn’t have to do with this DLC, but the treatment of this DLC through the new way to import your Dragon Age games, Dragon Age Keep. Within the DLC itself you’re given three choices at the end. SPOILERS! You can let Morrigan go, go with Morrigan, or kill her. Now during the original game you could do any of these things playing either a male or female character, but thanks to Dragon Age Keep you are no longer able to go with Morrigan unless you’re a male and in a relationship with her. I hated this choice. Hated it! Even though your female Warden will never be able to get with Morrigan, there is a bond that can develop between them to the point where Morrigan even thinks of her as a sister. If you go this route Morrigan welcomes you to go with her, encourages it even, but Dragon Age Keep does not allow this and it cheapens the friendship / sisterhood that Morrigan and the female Warden have in future games.

While this can’t be played in game and has to be played separately, it still operates the same way as the main game with the controls and everything else. Unlike Leliana’s Song, there were no noticeable bugs or glitches that took away from the overall gameplay. Everything ran smoothly for this DLC, at least it did by the time I actually got around to playing it.

Like the rest of this game, the graphics are something that don’t hold up to today’s standards and for me they never really did hold up to any standards at that time. As I’ve said many times before though, for me this wasn’t important and the really important thing was the story inside of the game itself. Graphics be damned when it comes to Dragon Age: Origins because it’s my all time favorite game.

Play this DLC and you’ll be able to get another 4 trophies to add to the staggering 77 trophies that come with this whole game. While two of the trophies are easy to get and you’ll just have to play the game, the other two will require you to go above and beyond. One requires you to solve a puzzle while the other requires you to beat the boss of this DLC on Nightmare difficulty.

HINT: You don’t have to play the game or the DLC on Nightmare difficulty to get the Varterral’s Fall trophy. Before the final battle with the Varterral, pause the game and change the difficult to nightmare. Beat the Varterral and get you trophy.

Three cheers for absolutely no multiplayer.

Overall I give this DLC a 5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Closure for Morrigan’s story.
+ A nice story that leads into where the overall game is going as well as some of the books that go with the game.
+ Did I mention that Morrigan’s back?

What’s Not So Great:
No closure for your hero’s story making everyone wonder what the hell happened to the Hero of Ferelden.
Not all choices carry into the new Dragon Age Keep and it cheapens what happens when you actually played the game.

Even though not all the choices from this DLC or the game carry over into Dragon Age Keep, this is still really a worthy DLC. It opens the door for the other games to come along with some of the books and it gives some closure to the Morrigan story. I would say that even today if you don’t have the complete edition of Dragon Age: Origins that includes this DLC, then you should probably download it because you will not be sorry.

Now for next week, a completely different game because we’re done with Dragon Age: Origins. Sad right? But there’s a small catch when it comes to this DLC. I’ve played it three whole different times on the PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 and completed it each time. I’ll only be reviewing it once and I’ll let you know which platform I enjoyed it the most on. It’s The Walking Dead: Season 1 – 400 Days DLC. Come back next week and I’ll tell you all about it.


Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Dragon Age: Origins – Leliana’s Song

As you might already know, there are a ton of DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. A ton. I could be wrong, but I seriously can’t remember another game that I’ve played that had this much DLC. Not that it’s a bad thing, I like how they continued the story and then even gave you some extra bits here and there, but it’s just a lot. Anyway, this was another one of the games DLC, but it was different.

Leliana’s Song is separate from the game and doesn’t even involve your hero. This time it’s all about Leliana, one of the more mysterious characters in the Dragon Age series and where she came from. Who was she before she met the hero? What made her stay at the Chantry in Lothering before eventually becoming a traveling companion and then so much more in the whole Dragon Age series. If you think about it, even though it might not seem like it from the first game, Leliana plays a very important role in the series as a whole that I think will continue as the series continues as well. Some well know theories even make her out to be Andraste herself. Anyway, Leliana’s Song tells the of how Leliana came to be who she is when you meet her in Lothering and how she was betrayed by a woman who she cared deeply for, Marjolaine. Although, there’s a twist. Not everything she tells the Warden is true and in this DLC you’ll see the actual truth. You’ll see Leliana as you might not have seen her before in game and see that darker side of her that you’ll see again in Inquisition.

Being that Leliana is one of my favorite characters in the Dragon Age series, I really enjoyed this DLC. I even wished they had done this for other characters in the Dragon Age universe. If you think about it, everyone before the main game had some sort of past, some of them more interesting than others, but still it was a past. It would have been nice to play as other characters as well and see what they were like before meeting the Warden. Going on that, I enjoyed that you were able to see a different side of Leliana that can basically change depending on how she’s treated in the main game. Of course all of this changes again in Inquisition, but you still have a chance to either harden her or make her change once more. Needless to say, Leliana is an interesting character and hearing her tell her tale was an interesting DLC.

Even though it takes the same features of the main game, it’s still played outside the main game as a separate add-on that’s accessed from the main title screen. Being that it’s separate from the game, it plays a little differently. Combat is still the same as the main game, but there are some noticeable bugs and glitches. Some of the conversations will repeat themselves at times and I did have the game stall on me one or two times during my playthrough. Nothing was game breaking, but it was still just a little bit annoying.

There are three trophies that accompany this DLC and you can get two of them by just playing the game and hearing Leliana’s story. The other trophy is a collectible and it’s totally worth it to get it because it gives you the Battledress of the Provocateur which actually carries into the main game. That’s some pretty badass armor so even if you aren’t a trophy hunter, it’s good to get this one so that you can get that armor for the actual Dragon Age: Origins game.

The graphics are sadly the same as the main game meaning that they aren’t good. I’ve said this in each and every review, I know, but there is no way that these graphics hold up today at all. For me though this isn’t a deal breaker. I enjoyed this DLC as I did with Dragon Age: Origins for the story and not the graphics. For some though, this might be a deal breaker.

I’m happy to say that this DLC is multiplayer free.

Overall I give this DLC a 4.5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ You get to play the backstory of one of the more interesting companions in Dragon Age: Origins.
+ Seeing a side of Leliana that hasn’t been seen before in game depending on how you play.

What’s Not So Great:
A few minor bugs and gltiches, but nothing game breaking.

If you’re a Dragon Age fan, or a fan of Leliana, then this DLC is a must for you. It’s a great way to learn more about Leliana and you do so by actually playing as her, not by having a conversation. It was an interesting concept for DLC that I wish was expanded on for other companions but sadly wasn’t. It’s chock full of Leliana lore that any Dragon Age fan will just eat up and send to their Dragon Age memory bank as you try to keep track of everything going on with this game.

I’m sorry to say that our Dragon Age: Origins DLC time is going to come to an end next week as I review the final piece of Dragon Age: Origins DLC, Witch Hunt. This was the DLC that everyone was excited for as it brought back a hugely popular character and kind of finished her story or at least showed where she would end up. Come back next week and I’ll tell you all about it.


Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening

While this is really an expansion to the original Dragon Age: Origins game, I’m going to count this as a DLC because seriously when was the last time you actually seen an “expansion.” Really, just think about it. For me, this was the last expansion for a game that I’ve seen, but if I’m wrong feel free to tell me in the comments section. On with the review!

Taking place after the final battle in Ferelden, either your Hero died killing the arch demon, which means you’ll play as a new warden, or your Hero is alive and well, which means you’ll continue his or her story. As the new Warden Commander, you’re tasked with heading over to Vigil’s Keep in order to fix things up and watch over the neighboring town of Amaranthine. While you’ll run into some old friends and companions, you’ll also meet some new ones who will eventually become some major players in future games and some who will just fade into the background. This will also setup a little bit of Dragon Age: Inquisition as you’ll run into an actual darkspawn who can think for himself and has the ability to speak.

A lot of interesting things go on in this DLC as you try to adjust to your new role as Warden Commander. This takes place in a whole new environment and is completely outside the original game. You’ll have to make some hard decisions along the way which might come back and bite you in the ass, or for the sake of cannon will find a way to reverse itself in future games. While it takes a little bit away from the whole “your decisions matter,” while you’re playing this DLC it really doesn’t matter. Out of all the DLC for this game, I think this one has to be among my favorite as it continues your story. Yes, you don’t get any closure on your Hero’s story, but it was nice to continue with it.

Even though this game is separate from the main campaign, I remember that before this came in one whole collection with Origins that I actually had a separate disk for this game, the playability is the same. This was before the new “press a button and something awesome happens” way of thinking and this was still kind of turn based fighting. If you’re used to the way Origins played and ran then you’ll be used to this game doing the same.

While I couldn’t find any game breaking bugs or glitches for this DLC, I was a little pissed off that any special armor or weapons that I had did not accompany me and when I first started the DLC I was presented with my Warden wearing only her bra and panties. She didn’t even have some of the special weapons that I had for her with her. This has happened to me on multiple occasions so I’m going to call this a small glitch and say boo for it never being fixed or addressed.

This DLC added a whole 8 more trophies to the overall game, which has a staggering 77 trophies if completed fully. While most of them are story based and can easily be completed in one playthrough, there is one that is missable and it’s when you have to decide to save Vigi’s Keep or Amaranthine. This can always be worked around though by duplicating your save and picking the opposite the next time around without having to replay the DLC all over again.

Once again this game is free of that pesky multiplayer.

Overall I give this DLC / Expansion a 4.5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Great additional story that add’s to your Hero’s already existing story.
+ Talking Darkspawn that gives a little hint at things to come.
+ Some old friends come back and the introduction of some new traveling companions that will hopefully be seen again.

What’s Not So Great:
While this gives your more playtime with your Hero, this doesn’t present a clear ending for him or her.
Have some special armor or weapons? Yeah they don’t transfer over to this DLC.

I thought that this was just a really great addition to the whole Dragon Age: Origins story, even though it did have its minor mishaps. I really enjoyed just about everything about it along with the story and how it sets things up for the games to come. What’s great about it is that you don’t know that it’s setting things up for the things to come in the series until you actually see it happening. I think this this is a cool concept, but that’s just me. Anyway, if you’re a Dragon Age: Origins fan, I would say that this is a must and cannot be passed up. If you just tolerated this game then you’ll probably want to skip this one since it can add another 10-15 hours to your original playtime.

It’s no surprise that next week is another Dragon Age: Origins DLC. I told you that this game had a bunch of DLC and I basically played it all. Next week is a different kind of DLC though. While you’ve gotten the chance to expand on your Hero’s story and even play the villain, this time you’ll get to walk a mile in Leliana’s shoes as you learn about her back story. Come back next week and I’ll tell you what I thought about Leliana’s Song.