E3 2018 – Sony Conference

Since I’m such a Sony fangirl, I’m always excited for this press conference the most. It’s like Christmas day sometimes for me because I’m just waiting to see what great games that I’m going to be able to play in the future. I will say that I have been let down in the past though, but I come back year after year super excited as always especially for the exclusives.

We start with some music to set the stage for The Last of Us Part II. The first noticeable thing is the age progression for Ellie. She’s not the sweet and innocent young girl that you meet in The Last of Us. She’s matured into a woman who has seen some stuff and it shows. Not to mention Ellie gets some action before the audience gets into seeing some actual action themselves with gameplay. The gameplay is really fluid and super intense making me even more excited for this game. I love the fact that Ellie is the playable character now and can’t wait to see her story unfold. Unfortunately, the game didn’t show a release date.

After this showing there some intermission as they move people from one area to another. This was a little weird and I understand they did this to set the mood for The Last of Us Part II, but it was still awkward. During intermission though, it was confirmed that God of War will soon have a New Game + added to it and that there would be some new Call of Duty multiplayer maps available for Black Ops III and Black Ops IV if you pre-order Black Ops IV. Then there was some Destiny 2 stuff shown during this very long and once again I can’t stress enough very awkward intermission.

Some music after the intermission which then goes into showing the newest game to come out of Sucker Punch which is Ghost of Tsushima. While this game is visually stunning and the actual gameplay looks good, I’m not a big samurai person and this seems to be the year of samurai games. The game holds absolutely no interest for me what so ever and the preview makes me think of Bob’s Burger. If you’re a fan you know the episode I’m talking about and it’s the one where Bob and Louise are watching the old timey dubbed samurai movie about the father and daughter.

There was some weird stuff going on in the background, I guess to remind people of that game Dreams. Remember that game? It was shown off a couple of years ago, anyway this game made a not so subtle appearance throughout the whole show. Anyway, a supernatural type game is shown next and it’s called Control. It doesn’t really look polished enough to show off at E3 which makes my interest in it dwindle.

From there we go into something that everyone has been wanting and waiting for and it’s a complete remaster of Resident Evil 2. It even has a release date of 1/25/2019. After that quick announcement there was another announcement for a Rick and Morty type game, probably because it’s from the same people, called Trover Saves the Universe. This is something that I might play. Might being the key word.

Apparently no conference is complete without something relating to Kingdom Hearts III, so we get another look at it here and it’s the same thing that’s been shown off two other times now. It makes me wonder what happened to Sony only showing a select number of games this year to make the show more intimate? It was like they scrapped that at the last minute and just threw a bunch of crap on the screen.

Now for some more Death Stranding and this game has been shown to death at E3 and various other events. Some gameplay is finally shown and it makes the game look completely unimpressive, yes I’m ready for all of the hate, than all of the other trailers that were shown in previous years. It looks like this game did a complete 180 and the only good thing about this game is going to be the cinematics and you cannot have a game that has crap gameplay and good cinematics. At this point, I’ve completely lost interest in this game that I’ve been waiting for. Still no release date even though two new characters were introduced and unless something can change my mind this is a firm no for me.

Another samurai game, or at least it looks like a samurai game, is shown off quickly and it’s Nioh 2.

The show ends with the new Spiderman game which seems like the only big exclusive to be released for the rest of the year. I have to say that even when this game was first announced it held no interest for me and seeing it again just makes me roll my eyes because it’s really not that impressive anyway. I think the only Spiderman game that I played was one that was on the original PlayStation with my cousin. This beat ‘em up type Spiderman game just isn’t my thing and it seems way too campy for me.

And that ends a show that was even more underwhelming than the EA show. The only good game that was shown off was The Last of Us Part II. Overall I was really disappointed with the showcase of games that were shown and the overall show itself.

E3 2018 Press Conference Ranking!

As promised, here is how I ranked the shows that I watched and wrote about:

1. Bethesda
2. Ubisoft
3. Microsoft
4. Sony / EA
5. Square Enix.

Did you watch any of the E3 conferences? If you did let me know what you thought about them in the comments section down below!


E3 2018 – Ubisoft Conference

I think that it’s safe to say that everyone has this love/hate relationship with Ubisoft, so I never know what to expect going into the conferences year after year. Sometimes I’m surprised and sometimes I’m bored and disappointed.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Ubisoft conference without a weird Just Dance thing to start so we’ll just leave it at that and say that Just Dance 2019 is coming out.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is showing again this year and I really don’t see the appeal of this game at all. It’s a space game with humans, monkeys, and pigs. I just don’t know. Game is still in the pre-alpha stage meaning it’s going to be a while before it comes out. Probably late 2019 early 2020.

Now for some Rainbow Six: Siege. The community is now 35 million players strong. Because of this, the game will continue to grow. There’s a lot of eSports talk and upcoming events. There’s also a documentary coming out that will highlight the community and 8 players.

Trails is now back and apparently bigger than ever. It’s one of those motocross racing games that just looks meh. The new game is called Trials Rising and it will take you to iconic locations. Another game with a big community emphasis and it’s coming out February 2019.

The Division 2 is shown next and after the Xbox conference, I’m really interested in this game. This game is all about the rebirth of society after the events of The Division. Your actions have an impact on the world in the main story mode and the game doesn’t end after the main story mode. You can now play with up to 8 people at a time. All year one updates will be free to everyone.

Next is some crazy Rabbids things because Rabbids is just always crazy. Now Donkey Kong will be added into the Rabbids universe like Mario was.

Now for a pirate game and who doesn’t love pirates or playing as one? This is a more realistic looking Sea of Thieves basically that’s called Skull and Bones. It looks really good, but it just really needs to deliver and not be like For Honor which was overly hyped and just didn’t deliver. The world will be a shared one where you decide who your friends are and who your rivals are. I like what I see, but I’m cautiously optimistic about this game.

Next up is Transference which is this weird little game that can be played like a regular game or as a VR game and it’s about entering someone’s consciousness. The trailer for the game is weird and it’s just a little too creepy for me even though the premise is interesting.

The next game is a little cartoony for my taste even though it’s a space game and it’s Starlink. This is where you have the build the ship, like a LEGO thing, and attach it to your game. This also means that if you want to build the space ship of your dreams, it’s going to cost you a lot of money.

Talking before about For Honor, we get an appearance from the game. This game held so much promise, but just didn’t deliver. I played for a about a month and dropped it after multiple sever issues. The For Honor world will be expanded with Marching Fire which is an update that adds a new single player feature, new characters, and a new 4v4 mode.

Now for some promo for The Crew 2 that releases this month. Essentially this is a racing game that includes cards, boats, planes, and bikes.

Next up is a game that looks like it came straight out of the world of 300, so instantly I’m interested because 300 has to be one of my top 10 movies of all time. The game is actually the next installment of Assassin’s Creed and it’s called Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This promises to be unlike any other Assassin’s Creed as it now incorporates role playing mechanisms into the journey with ancient Greece as the background. I couldn’t think of a more perfect location for this franchise to move onto next. This game was apparently three years in the making and now, a huge plus, you can choose your gender. Story telling is different and you can interact with history. The transgression of Assassin’s Creed becoming an RPG is a pretty interesting one and I’m excited to see where it goes.

Overall the show was an interesting one that had some hits and misses. I would say that this one is behind the Bethesda show, but I still haven’t given you my thoughts on the Sony show yet. After I do my write up about the Sony Conference I’ll go ahead and give you a full ranking of who I thought came out as the winner and who was the loser of E3.


E3 2018 – Square Enix Conference

This is the first time that I’ve ever watched the Square Enix conference, so I’m looking for something new (mostly any information I can find on Life is Strange 2), something exciting, and of course a lot of games.

Kicking off the show is Shadow of the Tomb Raider which has kind of been played to death at this point. Unless you live under a rock, you know about this game. Some new gameplay is shown off and there’s this whole theme of “becoming one with the jungle.” I have to say though, I’m not a big graphics buff, but I’m really not impressed with the graphics for this game from what I’ve seen so far.

Stormblood Final Fantasy XIV online is up next and I’m not a Final Fantasy person so this is immediately a pass for me. I think that even if I want to get into this game, I’m a little late to the party. In the same Final Fantasy note, Final Fantasy and Monster World Hunter will be merging or doing some kind of cross over. I don’t know and I was a little confused about the whole thing.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is up next and I’m already intrigued after the announcement at the Xbox conference so I’m pleased to see more of this game and how it fits into the whole Life is Strange universe. This isn’t Life is Strange 2, but it serves as an introduction to it and it’s going to be completely free and available on the 26th of this month.

Dragon Quest XI is shown next and it was just one of those trailers that had me scratching my head the whole time. Not really something that I’m into. Another head scratcher for me was Babylon’s Fall. It’s another game that I don’t know what to think of. Most of this conference was one big “huh?” to me anyway so yeah. While we’re talking about weird games, how about Octopath Traveler? Weird and apparently completely above my line of thought because I have no idea what to think about this game.

For any Xbox fans out there, Nier Automata is coming to that console with all the DLC available at the release. That’s something. Right?

Some more Just Cause 4 stuff is shown off and if I thought this game looked campy at the Xbox conference, this basically confirms just how campy this game is. For some reason the game will now include extreme weather to go with the extreme nature of the game.

Up next is a new IP with The Quiet Man. Not much is shown and half looked like a TV show while the other half looked like a video game. All I think that I really learned about this game is that I think the main character is deaf? I really don’t know though.

And it wouldn’t be Square Enix if they didn’t show off Kingdom Hearts III…again. This is another game that I could never get into and it’s been shown to death already so at this point the conference is basically over and I’m done with it.

Overall the show was small and confusing compared to everything that had been shown prior to this. The only thing that was of any interest to me was barely Shadow of the Tomb Raider and I was of course completely interested in the Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. The rest of the show was just plain weird, confusing, and boring as hell.


E3 2018 – Bethesda Conference

The show basically started off with some ego stroking, which is fine. There was the promise of “surprises” and the “best of gaming” with this years theme, since Bethesda has a theme every year, being “create.” So did Bethesda hold up on any of these promises? Keep reading to find out.

The show kicks off with Rage 2 and some jokes bout the leak. After some music from Andrew W.K, we get a closer look at what Rage 2 is all about. The game kind of has this Borderlands feel to it, but not in a good way. If feels like the poor man’s substitute for the new Borderlands that everyone is waiting so patiently for. This was a total pass for me.

Then it was onto some talk about The Elder Scrolls: Legends, which is the mobile card game, and it’s coming to all consoles before the year is out. While I’m not really interested in playing the mobile version, if it’s free, I might just pickup the PS4 version.

Now onto the new expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online which is Summerset. To tell the truth, I completely lost track of this game about a week after it came out on the PS4. I just don’t know what to do or thing about this game. New DLC for this game will come out every quarter and the year will round off with a new Werewolf DLC coming out next quarter and another DLC about the Black Marsh to round out the year.

After that a very brief look at Doom Eternal is given. Doom was re-booted and released back in 2016 and I recently had the chance to play it. Doom Eternal is a direct sequel to the reboot. Hell on Earth is now here as everyone wanted and more will be revealed at QuakeCon in Dallas.

That was a good lead in to talk about some Quake stuff. There was talk about Quake Champions and eSports and the new feathers being added so that you get now git gud.

Next was a jump into Prey since it’s been released for a whole year now. The game will update the next time you boot up your disc with a new game + mode and survival mode. DLC is also going to be available and is a moon simulator type thing called Mooncrash that promises every playthrough will be unique and different. PVP will also be introduced into Prey very soon and it will consist of 5V1. Five people will be mimic’s and one human to chase them down or be killed by them.

Some unexpected Wolfenstein news is up next with the announcement of Wolfenstein II coming to the Switch. That’s not all though, a small preview is then shown of Wolfenstein: Young Blood which will tell the story of BJ’s two twin daughters and can be played completely in co-op mode. The game will be set in 1980’s Paris and will be released in 2019. Needless to say I am super pumped.

A little nap comes next as there’s talk about some VR stuff that includes Prey and Wolfenstein.

Then it’s what everyone has been waiting for which is Fallout 76. The little tease that was shown off at the Xbox conference, which you can read about here, was shown again as well as talk about how Fallout 76 is four times bigger than Fallout 4 and is basically the setup for all of the Fallout games as it’s a prequel. Vault 76 is where it all began and you start the game already underground and you are one of 25 people to leave the vault with instructions given by the Overseer. This game promises to be rich in West Virginia history and bring a lot of its folk lore to life. As some people already figured out, the game will be completely online, but if you want to play solo you can do that too. Every person you meet in the game will be a real person and you can join your friends whenever you want. Choices are yours to make and there are no rules. You can now build wherever you want and then move it to wherever you want. You can also now launch nuclear missiles and destroy parts of West Virginia. Promised support for release and years to come as well as a release date of 11-14-2018.

Last night also marked the three year anniversary of Fallout Shelter and it’s coming to the PS4 and Switch for free. Both versions are available now so go and download them!

The Elder Scrolls Blades is then announced, since Fallout Shelter did so well, for mobile platforms. Kind of feels like a joke though instead of an actual game. This will eventually be available on consoles and it will be free to play this fall on mobile devices.

A look into the future ends the show with the announcement of Starfield, which is set in space. I’m thinking that this is going to be the new Mass Effect since apparently BioWare doesn’t want to capitalize on that game anymore. And then, the moment everyone in the world has been waiting for, a confirmation that The Elder Scrolls VI is in the works! There is no release date or details, but I’m still super excited.

That was it for Bethesda and I have to say that this was probably the best show of E3 so far with just huge game after huge game being shown off. Totally looking forward to the year that Bethesda has planned and I can’t wait to play Fallout 76.


E3 2018 – Xbox Conference

I have to say the one thing I like about the Xbox conference year after year is that they really have a no BS style when it comes to opening the show. It starts off with a trailer for the next Halo game and offers a decent look at it before the BS part comes in. Every conference has to have some BS to it, but it’s nice to see when a conference actually lets you see something before getting to the usual BS, like how great this console is and all that other stuff. But we aren’t here for a console war, we’re here to see games, so I’m going to break it down between exclusives and non-exclusives. Let’s start with the exclusives.


– Ori: The Will of Wisps is the first exclusive shown and it looks a little familiar like it was shown off last year. Anyway, it’s a cute little platformer that looks like it has a lot of heart to it.

– Crackdown 3…is shown again. This has become one of those games that it’s like either release it or scrap it because I’m tired of seeing it at E3. Apparently this game will be released in February 2019 this time.

– Sea of Thieves is next as an exclusive with an update of what’s to come for the game that from what I’ve seen kind of looks meh and not really the game that I thought it would be after seeing some gameplay.

– Forza Horizon 4 is next because it wouldn’t be an Xbox conference without a Forza game. This time the game is set in historic Britain and everything changes with the season’s and is open world. This will release 10/2 of this year.

– Player Unknown Battleground is up next with a showcase of what’s coming up for the game.

– Session which is a new skateboarding game that’s coming out and it’s exclusive, no crying here. I basically thought this genre of games were dead at this point, but there you go.

– Black Desert is next which is a medieval type of game that looks meh.

– Cuphead is up next with what looks like DLC that will be available next year.

– Tunic a game that looks like Zelda with a fox. Weird…yet intriguing.

– Battletoads is back with this comic book type feel to it and a lot of hype.

– Gears of War is the last big exclusive to be shown and it wasn’t one game, but three. So the first Gears was a Funko Pop! game, I’m thinking this is to compete with LEGO. Then a new Gears Tatical game called…Gears Tactic. Then the big finale which was the promo and gameplay of Gears 5. I have to say that this is the one game that I would totally buy an Xbox for.

World Premieres!

– Sekiro: Shadows Die twice was the first world premiere of a game that will be released on all platforms. It’s a samurai game which isn’t really my thing, but it does look interesting.

– Fallout 76 is next, which was weird because I thought that they would wait until the Bethesda show tonight to show off. Apparently this is prequel to all the other Fallout games and is set in West Virginia. This is apparently a bigger game than Fallout 4 which is interesting.

– The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is up next and apparently it’s free? Anyway, it takes place in the Life is Strange universe and it’s about a kid just being a kid.

– Metro Exodus comes up next and this game is like Crackdown 3. It’s been delayed and I’m at that point of where it’s one of those games that should just come out or be scrapped no matter how good it looks. It does have a release date of 2/22/2109 which is the same release date as Anthem.

– Kingdom Hearts 3 is next because this is the first time that it will be on an Xbox console. Of course it has a Frozen theme because this movie has to be just played to death. I’m sorry, but I’m in that party of where I think that Frozen is completely overrated and overly done to the point of that I’m over it.

– Battlefield V is next with the story that was promised by EA at their conference. It wasn’t much, but it made the game look interesting. Not interesting enough to buy though.

– Tales of Vesperia which has this Ni No Kuni vibe to it is up next and just isn’t for me so I kind of zoned out.

– The Division 2 is up next and I really thought that this would be held off until the Ubisoft conference tomorrow, but it wasn’t and it was shown off in full. It looks amazing and I always like the people that they show playing and how they interact with other people, because that does not work in real life. Conversations are not like that in games and it’s just funny how Ubisoft has this concept of that’s how people play together. Anyway, the game looks amazing and I think I’ll get it on release day this time so that I won’t feel left behind when I get to playing it and everyone is already over leveled. Set release date is 3/15/2019.

– Shadow of the Tomb Raider is up next and it looks really good. I couldn’t get into Rise of the Tomb Raider, but this game looks really good and I’m sure I’ll buy it at some point. Apparently this is the game that makes Lara Croft into the Lara Croft that we are introduced to in the original game.

– Devil May Cry 5 is showcased next and it’s a game 10 years in the making. This is a game for the fans because of how bad they wanted it. Another series that I never got into and probably never will.

– Jump Force is next and promises a world of good and evil merging and having to play as the hero who fights for the survival of the human race.

– Dying Light 2 is up next and it makes me want to get back into Dying Light and finish it so that I can play this on release date. Anyway, with this game you’ll now make choices and it will shape the world that you live in. There are hundreds of choices to make and all of them effect the game and how everything turns out. All I have to say is that it looks really amazing.

– Just Cause 4 comes out 12/4/2018 and it’s about a man who was born to fight wars until the enemy changed. It looks campy like all of the other Just Cause games.

– CyberPunk 2077 is shown in a surprise ending and it seems like this game won’t even come out until 2077 because it was just a promo that was shown and nothing substantial.

Overall an underwhelming show that showed off Xbox’s answer to PS Now which is Game Pass. Game Pass is a monthly type streaming game service that at least includes new releases included in the price. This is nice, but it didn’t show a price which is meh. There was also bragging about Microsoft Studio’s “acquiring” smaller game studio’s to make them better. This made me question the We Happy Few trailer that was shown because this was supposed to be released for all consoles and now that Compulsion Studios was acquired by Microsoft Studio’s, I’m not sure now. This sucks because I was really looking forward to this game and now I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to play it. There was also the typical montage of games that I couldn’t even keep up with that was shown really quickly, I didn’t even see half the games that were shown. The show ended on the strong side and it hinted, just hinted at a new console. That was it for Xbox and up next tonight is the Bethesda conference that I’m looking forward to.


E3 2018 – EA Press Conference

Remember when EA would do really big press conferences? It seems those days are over now and EA’s conference offers a more relaxed feel to it and it starts off with some Battlefield V which has already been revealed prior to this conference. The big reveal for today though is the multiplayer that includes customization and so forth with a little bit of talk of the single player, more about the single player will be revealed tomorrow at Microsoft’s conference because everyone has a journey. The biggest news to come out of Battlefield V though is the new battle royal mode which it seems like every game has to have now, but there will be no loot boxes or microtransactions. Overall this doesn’t look like anything that hasn’t been done already by Call of Duty.

So it wouldn’t be an EA conference without some sports stuff right? This is where FIFA 19 comes in, which even as the years go on and I see FIFA over and over again, I still have absolutely no interest in. There’s a lot of talk about people who play soccer and of course I feel left out because I know nothing about this world and this is one of the times during the press conference that I zone out.

Next up is some talk from Respawn who is working on a secret Star Wars game called Jedi Fallen Order. The game isn’t ready yet, what EA game is, and it falls between Star Wars episode 3 and 4. This is apparently a dark time in the Star Wars universe and the game should come out holiday 2019. Or never seeing how these games go sometimes.

Battlefront II is up next and seriously who still plays this game? For me, I’ve forgotten about this game probably a week after it was released and it’s been sitting on my shelf since mid-November. Anyway, apparently the game didn’t do well. Really? That’s an understatement of the year. So there was talk about the new Han Solo season in honor of the Han Solo movie as well as new upcoming modes and the introduction of The Clone Wars update. Basically they know this game is a failure and they are trying to fix it.

Next up, something I kind of anticipated and wanted, but didn’t want to put it out there because what if it never happened. Since the first game did so well I could only hope there was a sequel and then out of no where is a trailer with everyone’s favorite yarn toy, Yarny. Yarny is back for Unravel Two and he has a new friend with him. You can play in either co-op mode or single player mode and it’s really up to you how you play and how this new story unravels. Bonus is that the game is out now and you can play today.

Because EA supports indie games after the success of Unravel, a new game called Sea of Solitude from a little indie developer is revealed. The game is about lonely humans, which everyone can relate to. The story revolves around Kay who is young and lonely and because of this becomes a monster. She has to learn to balance out her world to become human again. It looks visually beautiful and I was really digging the trailer, but it just hits a little too close to home for this gamer, so even though it comes out in 2019, it’ll be a pass.

Some more sports stuff is up next with NBA Live 19 along with some new Madden 19 stuff. It wouldn’t be EA without some sports stuff. Again nothing for me so it’s another zone out session.

The final sports stuff is followed up with a new mobile game of an old classic which is Command and Conquer Rivals. The game looks complicated and sounds complicated and isn’t something that you’ll see me playing on my phone any time soon. I have to say that for this portion of the conference, it couldn’t be more boring.

The show is now closing with a more in depth look at Anthem which was supposed to come out this year but won’t be hitting the shelves to 2/22/2019. This really feels like a last ditch attempt for BioWare who hasn’t had the best of luck after Mass Effect: Andromeda. I want to like this game, I really do because honestly I love BioWare, but it looks too much like Destiny for me. BioWare is known for great RPG’s and this doesn’t feel like a BioWare game. So apparently, Anthem will have an “outside” world which is shared among the people who are playing at that time and an “inside” world, your fort, where you control everything and this is where the classic BioWare story telling comes in. BioWare wants to support this game for years to come by adding new missions, new stories, new character interactions, and so on. This is to give the game the feeling of being alive. There will be no loot boxes and the game is promised to be complete from when the game is released. There’s a huge gameplay demo and even after that I’m not all that interested.

Overall I would say that this year’s EA conference was pretty boring compared to years past where they would announce game after game and everything was exciting. The only real thing I’m excited about is Unravel Two and that I’ll be able to play it as soon as possible.