Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Mass Effect 3 – From Ashes

From Ashes was one of those DLC’s that introduced a new character into the game and for a long time that was BioWare’s MO. They would release a game and if you wanted you could buy the “deluxe edition” that came with this extra character, or you could buy it later on for as much as they wanted to charge. The last time this was done was in Mass Effect 3, so let’s hope this was a thing of the past. Anyway, it was Mass Effect 3 so clearly I went out and bought the deluxe edition meaning I had this DLC from day one. Keep reading to see what I thought about this character DLC.

From Ashes adds in an extra mission into Mass Effect 3. It’s not like you’re trying to save the world or anything so you have time to go on these little missions here and there. Anyway, Shepard is supposedly looking for something Prothean that’s going to hopefully help the crucible build and stop the Reapers all together. Turns out it’s not so much of a Prothean device or anything, but an actual Prothean. The last of his kind, Javik, will take up arms with Shepard and try to help stop the Reapers once and for all.

While the mission for Javik is standard and not really all that interesting, the addition of Javik in your squad is really what makes this DLC. Unlike the scientist that Liara would have liked, Javik was a Prothean warrior and was basically trained to fight wars. He doesn’t take finding out that he’s the last of his kind very easily. Throughout the game, unlike in Mass Effect 2 with Kasumi and Zaeed, Javik has very strong opinions of what’s going on and what’s happening on the ship. If you go to talk to him in the middle of the game after certain missions or if certain people are on your ship he’ll have something to say about it. Most it is hilarious and some of it is just shocking. The best performance that is given by him though is if you take him on the mission with you to Thessia along with Liara. As Liara gives Shepard a Asari history lesson, Javik will debunk everything she is telling you and tell you how it really is.

KUDOS: If there’s one thing and one thing alone that BioWare does right, it’s make characters. Javik is a fully fleshed out characters who has problems of his own as he struggles to come to the realization that he is the only Prothean and that everyone else is dead. The voice acting for him as well is spot on and it makes the character come to life. Even though he’s only in the final game and you’ll never get to see him again he makes a lasting impression.

The addition of this character fits so well into the game itself that it makes you think it was like he was meant to be there all along but unless you entered in that special code, you were blocked off from him completely. That being said, everything with Javik runs smoothly and I’ve never played without Javik to know if the game runs differently without him. From what I’ve heard with or without him you’ll experience the same bugs and glitches throughout the game but I think that has to do with the game itself, and not the addition of Javik.

Having Javik only unlocks one area and it’s pretty standard in the Mass Effect universe and wasn’t anything special. Javik on the other hand was an extremely detailed character, like the rest of the characters in the Mass Effect universe. His detail graphic wise ranges from his movements to his facial expressions and they’re all done extremely well.

There are only two extra trophies to get when you install this DLC and they’re both pretty easy to get as long as you explore enough during the main mission to get Javik. I got these two trophies back to back so it really wasn’t a problem and there isn’t really a reason why they should be missed.

While Mass Effect 3 does have multiplayer, this DLC is not included in the multiplayer area so no worries there.

Overall I give this DLC a 3 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Unlock some new Prothean history and an actual Prothean with this DLC.
+ Javik responds to things that are currently happening on the ship and loves giving you his opinion.
+ Mass Effect 3 has an overall serious tone to it, but having Javik around kind of lightens things up at times and the things that he says are hilarious.

What’s Not So Great:
This DLC is nothing but an overly obvious money grab. This character was meant to be in the game but was taken out as DLC just to gain more money and because of that, this DLC loses a lot of credit.

I would say that while Javik or this DLC isn’t needed for you to have the full Mass Effect 3 ending. You’ll still get the standard RBG ending no matter what, he does add something into the game. Is it worth the $9.99 it costs to add him in? Not really. I’m sorry, but as much as I enjoyed having this character around and as much as I used him, I would say that it’s really not worth spending the money on it. As always though, the choice is yours and if you want an extra character you’ll pay for him.

With only two more weeks of Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix to go, I’m happy to say that while we started this blog with a BioWare game we’ll also be ending it with a BioWare game. Totally not planned, just how it happened. Anyway, come back next week and I’ll let you know what I thought of the second DLC that came out for Mass Effect 3, Leviathan.