MouseCraft Review (PS4)


This game has been in my backlog since it was free for PS+, which was probably a long time because I have no idea when I actually added it to my library only that I did it before the end of last year. Anyway, after finishing Super Exploding Zoo! which was also in my backlog, you can read my full review here, I figured I might was well pull another game from my backlog and start on that one as well. Keep reading to see what I thought of MouseCraft.

MouseCraft is a little puzzle game where you have to lead three little mice through different obstacles in order to get to a piece of cheese. This experiment is being done by this crazy cat who has an overall purpose for this experiment. The machine that he’s building is a mysterious one, but you’ll find out what the cat is using these mice for by the end of the game. A cross between Tetris and Lemmings, this game will have you playing for hours as you try to figure out how to complete each individual puzzle.

I really enjoyed this game. I didn’t think that I would, but I did. The puzzles were challenging, the basis of the game was a little bare bones, but it was mostly about the puzzles. I thought the premise of having a game that mixed Tetris and Lemmings was a pretty brilliant one and really worked for the overall game. There were 80 different levels to complete and this was no easy task. While some of the levels were easy to complete, there were other levels that were just mind boggling and took some time to figure out.

The overall gameplay was pretty simple and easy to get used to in the earlier levels. Once you had your pieces in order it was easy to speed up the game in order to get your mice where they had to go. As the game progressed, things got a little harder as you had to pause and move your blocks around hoping that you accidently didn’t drop a block on one of your mice in order to finish the level. Once you had a few go arounds with that though, it became easy to manage. I also loved the fact that this game was glitch free. This is rare and lately I’ve been finding more and more of these smaller games are completely glitch free and this is a good thing.

I liked the graphics as they were a mix of 3D and 2D. In each level you can see the crazy little cat operating the experiment and in the front you can see the mice as they move and the pieces as they are placed. It made for an interesting combination of what was going around in the background and what was going on in the front. The graphics were nicely done and were detailed.

There are a total of 12 really easy trophies for this game and all you have to do is play the game from start to finish. Completing all 80 levels with a perfect rating will probably be the hardest trophy, but my suggestion is to just play through the game normally because most likely you’ll get a perfect rating on more than 75% of the levels and then go back and use a guide in order to finish everything up.

There is no multiplayer for this game. Thank you Crunching Koalas for not adding a multiplayer feature for this game because it made it that much more enjoyable.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5.

What’s Great:

+ 80 different puzzles for you to try to solve. Each of them range from easy to hard to super hard.
+ Easy gameplay that isn’t to difficult to understand or get used to.
+ This game is glitch free and it’s kind of rare to find that these days so it’s always a good thing.
+ Cool graphics that only enhance the overall gameplay experience.

What’s Not So Great:

Bare bones story, but the game is really about the puzzles.
No replay value.

Overall I had a really great time playing this game and what was cool about it was that you could play this game in an afternoon if you wanted to. If you’re a fan of puzzle games and enjoy a challenge I would say that this game is for you and can’t be missed. Even if you didn’t pick it up when it was free for PS+, the $9.99 price tag isn’t a bad one. The only downside is that once you’re done and you’ve gotten all the trophies there really isn’t a replay value, but you will have fun while you’re playing.


Super Exploding Zoo! Review (PS4)

Super Exploding Zoo

I added this game into my library a long time ago when it was free thanks to PS+. With the problem of not having enough space on my system, I never added it onto my system since I didn’t know when I was going to play it until I purchased my 8TB external storage device. Even though it was on my system, I didn’t play it until just recently and the only reason I played it was because I needed something quick to play while I was busy editing and saving my MegaCon panel videos. Always a great reason to game, because you’re waiting for something else to finish so that you can do something else. Anyway, keep reading to see what I thought about this game.

In Super Exploding Zoo! you’ll play as various different zoo animals and it’ll be your job to protect the little zoo egg that didn’t hatch yet from Aliens that have invaded the zoo. A puzzle based game at heart, there are 80 different levels for you to play through along with a VS mode where you can test your skill against other players. Will you be able to beat each puzzle and save the little baby zoo animals or will the aliens win?

I would really like to say that I enjoyed this game and had a fun time playing, but I really didn’t. It wasn’t even the fact that I was doing something else in the middle of playing this game, it was just that fact that this game really wasn’t that great. There’s a brief little story that introduces the game and that’s about it. There’s nothing but wanting to defeat each puzzle that will keep you coming back. All you have to do with this game is solve 80 different puzzles and that’s basically it. There’s nothing grand about it or even all that interesting as you play through 80 levels which by the end kind of blend together.

The playability of this game isn’t bad, but it takes some time to get used to. As the levels progress so does the amount of things you can do until you’re tearing your hair out trying to keep track of what all of the zoo animals do. Most of them have special abilities and you have to use them in order to beat each level. This gets annoying at times and sometimes you can complete a level how the game wants you to and still end up dying. It’s weird. There was also a game crash, which was not good as it erased some of my most frequent data and I had to re-do a few levels. Overall it wasn’t really worth the hassle of trying to learn the controls and then learning what each animal did.

The graphics for this game were decent. They weren’t the best, but they weren’t horrible either. The animals had a lot of detail in them as well as the surroundings. The aliens were creative, but overall the graphics just felt a little flat. It’s a small budget game and it kind of shows. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing because the graphics work for the game, but just don’t have high expectations for this game graphic wise.

Finish this game and do everything the game has to offer in order to get yourself 19 trophies including a platinum trophy as well. Not bad right? It depends. Some of the trophies are just a pain in the ass to get while others you’ll get randomly throughout the game. Then there are of course multiplayer trophies because there is a VS mode. More to come on those in a minute, but overall it’s not a hard game to play, it does require a little bit of grinding so if you’re in it for the trophies just be aware of that.

Of course this game had to have multiplayer because who doesn’t want to face off against another team of zoo animals and just blow each other up. Me. I don’t’ want to do that. Ever again. Anyway, the game VS mode is simple and it’s basically the person with the most zoo animals usually wins. The only problem is that the servers for this game is dead and you can’t even play the multiplayer using SharePlay because I tried. I was lucky enough to find someone to play with and make a new friend in the process who needed to boost the online trophies. If you’re playing this game and you’re not so lucky, use to setup a gaming session. Beware though because a lot of the VS trophies are glitched and you’ll have to do them more than once.

Overall I give this game a 1 out of 5.

What’s Great:

+ There are a lot of puzzles for you to figure out and if you’re into that type of game you’ll enjoy it.

What’s Not So Great:

There really is no story and it’s a bare bones type of games. Aliens invaded the zoo, save the baby animals.
The game soon becomes boring as the puzzles begin to blend into one another and feel like the same puzzle over and over again.
There are too many things to learn. This animal does this, this animal does that, use this to move each individual animal. I don’t mind learning new ways to play a game, but for a small game like this, there’s just too much.
The servers are completely dead so good luck trying to get the multiplayer trophies without boosting or even setting up a gaming session.

Even if you downloaded this game for free, I hope you didn’t pay for it, I would say that it’s not even worth it. Yes it’s a pretty easy platinum trophy as long as you don’t mind grinding a few of the trophies here and there, but seriously it’s not worth it. There are other puzzle games out there that are more fun and addictive than this game and you should probably play those instead.


The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 5 – From the Gallows Review (PS4)

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

After a pretty long wait for this season to release all of the episodes, the final episode was finally released for this game. It wasn’t as long of a wait as Game of Thrones or Tales from the Borderlands, but it was another awkward time table for this game. Anyway, I was super excited to see where this story would go and how it would end as I usually am when it comes to these games. Keep reading to see what I thought of the episode as a whole and if it lived up to my very high last episode expectations.

From the Gallows picks up right where episode 4 left off. Richmond is in utter chaos because of my choices form the previous episode and it didn’t help much that a barrier has been taken down and the walkers are making their way into Richmond basically overwhelming the people that live there causing even more chaos. Before all that though, you’ll get another flashback scene before this zombie apocalypse with David, Javier, and their father. This scene will either strengthen Javier’s bond with David or maybe break it just a little bit more. Depends on how you play. Going back into present day, it’ll be up to Javier, David, Kate, Clementine, and Gabe to see what their next step is going to be. Do they save Richmond after causing all of this chaos and destruction or do they run and save their own asses. As always, the choice is yours to make.

I really enjoyed the ending to this season. It made a lot of sense and it was a nice sendoff for Javier as a character. Throughout the season I might have expressed how I really didn’t want to play him and wanted to play Clementine again, but I can kind of understand the reasoning of why Telltale did this. They not only needed to introduce a new character, but they needed a way for Clementine to develop into the teenager that she has become at the end of the season just like they did in season one with Lee. Of course, no one can replace Lee, but having Javier around with Clementine gave her that same adult to look up to and maybe give her a different perspective since she was a little doom and gloom this season. Clementine has been through a lot, but she learns a lot from Javier this season and wouldn’t have done so if the player hadn’t taken control of Javier. That being said, I wasn’t prepared for how emotional this episode was. I really couldn’t find myself becoming attached to any of these characters and had a problem with the whole Javier and David relationship, but with the ending that I chose it made me realize that while I didn’t fully appreciate the Javier and David relationship, I did appreciate the relationship that Javier had with David’s family. The ending of course had me in tears as it was heartbreaking as was the ending to season one and season two. This episode was really well written and it was a nice way to pave the way for the next season.

There were some loading issues where I felt that things could have been loaded a little quicker, but those soon cleared up and the game played out flawlessly for me. I didn’t have a complete game crash as I’ve had in the past few episodes, but it was reported to me by LMD that during the final scene the game crashed so it’s out there. It’s just not happening to everyone. Throughout the season and in this last episode the quick time events have gotten better and flow more effortlessly although, one of them was a little messed up and I ended up dying because the perspective was off and the button that I needed to press was off screen. This was a little frustrating. Other than that the episode played out nicely.

While I don’t normally say this, I did see a sort of improvement in the graphics in the last episode. Anyone else notice that? Usually the graphics are the same throughout the whole game, but for this episode the graphics seemed enhanced and it made the final episode look great.

Finish this episode and you’ll add another 6 trophies to your collection along with your super easy platinum trophy. I like that you don’t have to do anything specific and just play because I feel it would ruin the story if it said you had to make a certain choice in order to get the trophy. Anyway, just play how you like and the trophies will come naturally.

Again, I’m super lazy and still haven’t hooked up the crowd play feature making this a single player game for me which is just fine because that’s usually how I like my games.

Overall I give this episode a 5 out of 5.

What’s Great:

+ Great ending to a season that had its ups and downs.
+ A promise of Clementine’s story continuing.
+ An emotional end to a story that I didn’t think I had that many emotional attachments to.
+ Improved graphics and quick time events.

What’s Not So Great:

Telltale is still struggling a little when it comes to loading times, but it’s getting better.
Although it didn’t happen to me there is a report of a complete game crash.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of this season, I thought it was a pretty decent season that bridges the gap between last season and the season to come. If you’ve held off on purchasing this game, I would say that you’ve held off long enough and should probably pick it up now since all of the episodes are released. I know by now a lot of you, myself included, are burnt out on the Telltale games even if you were a fan of the previous seasons of The Walking Dead, but I would still recommend giving this game a try if you played the previous two seasons. If you haven’t played the previous two seasons, why the hell not? Make sure you pick those up before playing this one.

Spoilers! Below are the choices that I made for the fifth episode.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier


Prey Demo Review


I want to first start off by thanking Bethesda for letting not only major reviewers, but everyone to be able to play their latest game Prey as an hour demo before the release of the game. I know before this they have been pretty tight lipped when it comes to their games because they want everyone to have the game at the same time instead of some people having it before others. I can understand this after the whole Mass Effect: Andromeda thing where certain people got to play, found out that the animations were horrible and basically let the cat out of the bag on this. Anyway, my sole purpose for playing this demo, which I really had no intention on playing because I stay away from horror type games was to judge for myself on how scary this game was going to be. Was I completely scared and basically scared away from making this purchase or was this game not as scary as I thought. Keep reading to find out.

Let’s start off with a couple of things that I liked. I liked that you can pick whether you’re going to be male or female in the game. I know this isn’t a big deal for some people, but it is for me. Getting the chance to play as a female character means that I’ll have a deeper connection to the character and can relate a little better than when I’m stuck playing a male character. I really enjoyed the opening sequence and liked that the opening credits were basically this huge interactive scene. I thought this was creative and added to the game making you become more immersed in it. I don’t want to spoil anything in this demo review either, but the story is just pretty wicked. Everything you think is true isn’t and you find that out really quickly. While playing I had like a BioShock / Dead Space feeling with the game and it was a pretty awesome experience. I really enjoyed my hour play time and was kind of like “” when the demo was over because I wanted to keep playing. On the note of whether or not it was super scary, I’m going to say it wasn’t scary although there were a few jump moments. I’m not sure if this gets worse as the game progresses so I’m a little cautious with this game.

Now to some things I didn’t really like that much. In comparison to other games, it’s not that bad, but there were still some things. In the opening sequence of the game there is a bathroom with mirrors. Mirrors are supposed to be reflective but these aren’t. I understand why some of them in the game aren’t, I won’t get into it because well…spoilers, but the ones that don’t have anything to do with the main story should have at least been reflective. I thought this was a little lazy, but that’s just me. Another thing that got to me was just how long the loading times were. I sat there wondering if the game had crashed or what because that’s how long some of the loading times are. I do have to say thought that once the game is loaded in the zone that you’re in, the loading stops and it’s a straight run though so I guess that’s a good thing. With this game, I can’t see the need to travel from zone to zone where this would become a huge problem, but it was just a little annoyance.

While I thought the demo was really cool and left me wanting more, I’m going to skip on the pre-order. This will definitely make my holiday list of games to buy though as I’m eager to see what’s really going on and how things playout through the game. Overall it was an enjoyable experience and I look forward to playing again.


Doki-Doki Universe Review (PS4)

Doki-Doki Universe

After spending a whole two weeks playing almost nothing but Mass Effect: Andromeda, I wanted to start playing other games again. With the addition of a new external hard drive I was able to download a bunch of games that were in my library just sitting there that would have never fit on my internal storage before. Even though I had already played this game on the PS3/PS Vita, I decided to give it another shot because I enjoyed it the first time around. You can read my original review here, and keep reading to find out if I enjoyed it just as much the second time around.

Doki-Doki Universe is about a cute little robot named QT3. Left alone by his family on a planet with just a red balloon, he waited years and years for his family to come back, especially Lani the little girl that he cared for. After all that wait he’s picked up by Alien Jeff and told that his model was discontinued for their lack of humanity. If QT3 doesn’t want to end up like the rest of his robot model line, he’ll have to learn some humanity and in order to do that he’ll have to travel from planet to planet and learn the different traits of what it means to be human. Along the way you’ll test your own humanity as you take little quizzes. Answer honestly and you might even actually learn something about yourself.

I really enjoyed this game the first time around that I played it, and the second time was unfortunately not that enjoyable. The reason comes a little later, but I will say that I really really enjoy the story and the overall point of this game. For such a small game it has a lot of heart and really tells a touching story. When you think of it, there are huge budget AAA games that can’t even tell this kind of a story. This game kind of breaks the mold and really has you routing for QT3 as he goes from planet to planet. Plus it has a happy ending, everyone loves a happy ending once in a while right? There’s a bunch to do as you go from planet to planet, learning and helping out the citizens of these planets. Then there’s the quizzes. There are a bunch of quizzes scattered around that will basically analyze you and I would say that it does so pretty accurately. The thing is thought that you have to answer honestly and not answer how you think the game wants you to answer.

Here comes the bad part which basically ruined the second playthrough of this game for me, the playability. Not only was this game super laggy at times, but the lag made the game crash more then once. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Game crashes are not good. It’s not good for the system and it’s not good for the overall perspective of the game. If I have a game that is constantly crashing on me then I’m not going to remember it to fondly. Anyway, one crash even corrupted my data which completely sucked. I was halfway through the game when this happened and thought I would have to start from the beginning all over again. Luckily I didn’t, but that’s not the point. The file was so corrupt that the game wouldn’t even start without having me delete the corrupt file. I’ve never had this happen before on my PS4. It made me angry with the game and by this time I just wanted to finish playing and get my trophies so I could be done with the game.

SERIOUSLY! This game completely ignores that the PS4 controller has a touch pad, like a lot of games do. This had me a little aggravated because the touchpad would have been great for those times when you were saying hello to someone or taking part in a little quick time event that made you rotate the R stick. Why not use the touchpad instead? It would have made things more interesting and gave the game that extra kick.

The graphics for this game were really nice on the PS4. I enjoyed the graphics on the PS3 / PS Vita, but was surprised that they played out so well on the PS4. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by the simple graphics that were so much more and really brought the story to life.

Play this game from start to finish and do everything this game has to offer to get yourself 14 really easy trophies. This is one of those games though that isn’t about the trophies, but the story that the game is trying to tell. When it comes to this game I like to think of the trophies as just an added bonus.

Overall I give this game a 2.5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Great story that has a lot of heart and can even teach you about your own humanity along the way.
+ Simple graphics that really make the game.

What’s Not So Great:
This game can be super laggy at times making it almost unplayable.
This game suffers from a lot of game crashes that could corrupt your data making you have to start all over again. While my data was corrupt, I didn’t have to start all over again, but I’m sure not everyone has been this lucky.
Completely forgets that the PS4 controller has a touch pad because it’s never utilized.

I know I was really harsh for this game and it’s sad because this is a really great game, but I was harsh on it because it was a port from the PS3 / PS Vita version to the PS4. While the PS3 version didn’t work all that well, the PS Vita version was different meaning that some work should have went into making the PS4 version workable without the problems from the PS3 version. This didn’t happen and for a game that had so much heart, it just seemed like a money grab which is kind of heartless if you think about it. That being said, the story is really worth it because it’s sweet and has a lot of meaning to it, but if you’re going to play it skip the PS3 and PS4 version and play on the PS Vita.


The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Episode 3 – Above the Law (PS4)

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

It’s basically been about three months since the release of this game. I’m really hoping that because the first two episodes were released together that the delay of the next episode was because of that. If not, it means that Telltale once again has way too much on their plate and episode release dates are going to be few and far in between especially with Guardians of the Galaxy coming out. Anyway, episode 3 for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier was finally here so I decided to take a break from Mass Effect: Andromeda to see how the story went. Keep reading to find out what I thought about the episode.

Picking up right where episode two left off, and I mean right where it left off because it left off in one of those “holy shit” moments. Javier discovers that not only is his brother David alive, but he’s also one of the members in charge of The New Frontier. Different events will unfold throughout the game and loyalties will be tested. There are some pretty harsh decisions to make especially since Javier and his brother have been separated so long and Javier has basically taken over as the man of the house for David’s family. All of that and more comes into play in this episode and you’ll even get a look at Clementine’s time as a member of the New Frontier. The episode will end on another cliff hanger. Why not right, it’s not like you have to wait months for the next episode, oh wait you usually do.

BOO! While I’m all for playing as a new character in this game after getting attached to Clementine, don’t give me a 5-10 minute scene playing as her to show what she’s been doing after the events of season 2. Either we play as a new character or we play as Clementine. I would even be happy if they went the same route as Tales from the Borderlands and we played both characters at different times. This 5-10 minutes an episode of playing as Clementine is more aggravating than not being able to play as her at all.

Overall I found this episode to be a little on the short side, but not missing anything in the action and decision making department. A lot of tough decisions were made this episode, I’m pretty sure I picked wrong a lot of the times, but that’s how it is with these games. I’m not sure how it will impact the game going forward, but we’ll see. For such a short episode though a lot happened and it all had a little bit of a rushed feeling to it even though it was interesting and played well into the story that the first two episodes had already established. That being said, I’m not sure how I like the whole family aspect thing of the game. I really have no emotional attachments to these characters and am really stuck on how to choose certain things when it comes to the relationship between Javier and David. While there’s some back story on them, it’s not enough for me to feel that even though David is an ass that I have to be loyal to him or help him out in any way.

Total Negan moment. Without too many spoilers, I don’t like to do that for these reviews. There is a moment when you can totally pretend to be Negan. Anyone who watches the show or reads the comics know what I’m talking about. I thought it was a pretty cool addition to the game, and once again it was one of those tough choices that you had to make. I did it for my own reasons, but it would be cool in the comments section to hear if you made the same choice and had a Negan moment of your own or went a different route.

The playability of this episode had some minor improvements when it came to the overall quick time events, but the game did suffer from some loading time issues. A big deal for me was that when I was playing the game totally stalled on me and suffered from a hard crash. Luckily the game had just saved moments before so I wasn’t taken back to a scene that was twenty minutes before the crash, but still this is one of those things that just really bugs me. Game crashes suck, especially hard ones where everything has to be reset. This is never a good thing and I hope it’s something that doesn’t continue in the next two episodes.

Super fast reflexes Again without any spoilers, there was as section in this episode that got me so annoyed because it just required you to do something in an extremely short period of time and I just couldn’t do it no matter how hard I tried. It was seriously a stroke of luck that I actually got through the whole episode because I was about to throw in the towel. For these type of scenes it’s really important that your game mechanics are working well. When I have to grab something that’s way over to the right side of the screen within less than 30 seconds, please make sure that that cursor isn’t all the way to the left side of the screen in the middle and in a place where I can’t even see it to begin with.

The graphics for this episode are the same as the previous two episodes and as I’ve always said, this is something that Telltale usually excels in. We can forget about that little Game of Thrones incident and just focus on something that they actually do right 99.9% of the time. The graphics really match what’s going on and have that comic book feel to them so it feels like you’re actually playing right out of the comic book. I really enjoyed this and it enhanced my gameplay experience.

Finish this episode, if you can do so without breaking something, and you’ll get another six uncreative imaged trophies to complete your list and get you one step closer to the platinum for the end of the season. Like I said, super easy, just play the game and they’ll pop naturaly.

Guess what I still haven’t done? Created a Telltale account which means that I can’t use the Crowd Play feature. This is the only type of “multiplayer’ This game has and I still have no idea if it even works or is a good feature. Needless to say though, I don’t’ think I’m missing out on much since I like playing this game alone.

Overall I give this episode a 3 out of 5.

What’s Great:

+ Most of your questions from the last episode are answered before there’s another cliff hanger at the end.
+ Action packed episode that will have you making some pretty hard decisions.
+ Awesome graphics that are expected with this game.

What’s Not So Great:

A little bit on the short side for so much content.
Another long wait on the release date.
Not enough Clementine! (this is really just a personal thing and might or might not hinder on your gaming experience.)
The return of some super long loading times and an actual hard crash during gameplay.

This is still a pretty decent series. Like with all of the Telltale series, the episodes have their ups and downs. This was one of the down ones for them as it seemed a little rushed and had too much packed into it for such a short amount of gameplay time. There were other problems with the long wait for the release date and then some actual playability issues, but other than that the story is a really good one this season, even if it’s lacking Clementine. For this one, because of the release schedule being off again I would say to wait until all of the episodes are released before picking this up so that you don’t have to wait during the cliff hanger endings that each episode seems to have.

Spoilers! Below are the choices that I made for the third episode.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier_20170329143102


Horizon Zero Dawn Review (PS4)

Horizon Zero Dawn

This was one of the E3 games that I seen and knew that I had to have day one. With games like this, I usually like to go in knowing as little as possible so that I can discover and explore on my own. Plus with this being a completely new IP, there wasn’t a lot to go on. There were a few trailers, a few that blew my mind and then one that made me question why I had pre-ordered the collectors edition. All in all though, I went through with my pre-order and was able to complete the game fully. Keep reading to see what I thought about it.

Horizon Zero Dawn takes place on earth in the far away future. There are machine based dinosaurs and everyone has gone back to a simpler way of living. Gone are the technologies of today and everyone seems to live an overall happy type of life. You’ll play as Aloy, a motherless outcast from the Nora tribe. Since she has no mother, she’ll be given to another outcast of the Nora tribe Rost. Rost will raise Aloy from an infant, give her a name, and then train her to be able to compete in the proving which will turn her into a Nora Brave and be an outcast no more. Things don’t exactly go as planned though as the once mostly docile dinosaur machines have turned hostile at every turn. This threatens the entire world as everyone knows it. It’s up to Aloy to not only put a stop to it, but to discover the mystery of Zero Dawn.

Ashly Burch is great…but… Ashly Burch is great. Her voice acting skill is undeniable as she’s voiced memorable characters like Tiny Tina from Borderlands and Chloe from Life is Strange, but there was something about this role that didn’t seem fitting. While not discrediting her as an actress in any way, Aloy just felt like a tribal version of Chloe. I don’t know if the two characters were too similar and voiced in the same way that made it seem off or if it was the way that Aloy just spoke like a rebellious teenager all the time that it just became cringe worthy when she spoke. Either way, the performance given kind of hindered on the game just a little bit.

The game starts off with this beautiful cinematic that just had the tears streaming as you see Rost struggle to give this motherless girl a name. You’ll also see Aloy struggle as a child as she’s not accepted because she’s an outcast and eventually make her into the strong woman that you’ll play her as. She’s the only one who can bring people together in order to take down these metal devils and basically save the world. The main story of this game is so twisty and turny that there is no way that this isn’t interesting. The main concept of this game and why things are they way they are is just mind blowing. I was shocked at how clever the main plot of the game was. It’s an amazingly crafted story that suffers just a little with the tedious side quests that seem to have no meaning and are basically fetch and come back quests and errands. These hinder on the main story a little and really just act as filler because if you just played the main story along with the important side quests than this game would have been a hell of a lot shorter. My final game time came in at just a couple minutes shy of 50 hours. That was basically doing everything the game had to offer including side quests, errands, and collectibles. At times this made the game feel like a little bit of a chore to play, but when it got down to just having the main story left, I couldn’t step away from the game.

Total Commander Shepard moment – Mild Spoilers There’s this part in the game, before the big battle, that if you recruit all of your allies and bring everyone together, which can or cannot happen depending on how you play, you’ll get a chance to go to each of their stations and have a brief chat with them before heading off to bed for the night. Sound familiar? Maybe because this totally borrows from each and every Mass Effect 1-3 moment before each boss battle, except for the part where you end up in bed with one of your squad mates. Unlike Commander Shepard, Aloy ends up in an empty bed.

The playability for this game is great and that’s because it borrows from other games like the new Tomb Raiders and Far Cry: Primal, but expands on them and does it in its own way. This game takes using a bow along with other not-gun weapons to a new level as well as crafting ammo, traps, and medicines. This is an interesting aspect of game play, but it also requires a lot of collecting and gathering. It also involves killing a bunch of random machines unless you want to spend your shards at a local merchant. All of the weapon types and combat scenarios felt extremely natural in game and I was more than comfortable using the bow. While this game had no bugs or glitches at all, an extremely rare thing with the recent amount of games I’ve played, there were a couple of downfalls. Each area is heavily populated with these dinosaur machines meaning that if you aren’t sneaking around in every single area, you’re extremely noticeable and open for attack. It’s nice to sneak around, but that doesn’t mean I want to do that the whole game. Sometimes I just want to be able to run from point A to point B and the game kind of punishes you for that as you’ll get attacked constantly. Without crafting fast travel packs or purchasing them, you’re then basically screwed. There’s also the fact that when you do need to buy something from a merchant, it’s kind of a pain to do so. For me, a constant commodity I was running out of was wire. I could never keep enough wire and there is no multiple purchase option. You have to hold down X over and over and over again until you get the desired amount of whatever it is that you’re buying. Those were just a couple of annoyances that I found.

What can I say about the graphics other than they are simply beautiful. Everything from the different areas of the world, to the characters in the game, to these huge machines that you’re taking down, they were perfect in each way. Each cinematic scene was well crafted and added to the game and the few facial animation downfalls that happened every once in a while, didn’t take away from any of this at all. It was still a very well crafted beautiful open world game. From the moment that I started the game to the moment I ended it, I was impressed with the graphics and the amount of work that went into them.

There are a total of 56 trophies for this game. Each and every one of them are easy to get and you’ll basically end up getting them as you play along throughout the game without having to worry about them. I can see that you would really only have to go back for a couple of them here and there, but other than that they should come naturally. While each of these worked for me without a problem, I know a buddy of mine, @TheAlbumWeb, was having a problem with the All Acquisition machines killed trophy. There seems to be a glitch with this trophy to where you can kill all of the acquisition machines but it won’t pop. Luckily he was able to get it after some time meaning that he was finally able to get the platinum trophy. A huge congratulations to him for that because I knew he spent way more time with the game than I did. While I’m not sure if this has actually been fixed or not, this is a trophy related problem and should be noted if you’re going for the platinum. You may or may not end up having a problem with this trophy and if it doesn’t get fixed, it kind of sucks.

While there is no multiplayer for this game, it was said that there would be some social aspects included in the game. I have no idea what this means because this was a strictly single player game. When I hear that there is going to be some type of social aspect I usually cringe because this means co-op or straight up multiplayer, but this hasn’t been added in at this time and I’m not sure it even needs it. There are some games that you just play by yourself and this is one of them. I don’t need someone tagging along while I try to hunt dinosaurs and I don’t need to play team death match with bows and arrows. The game is fine the way it is and the whole “social aspect” thing should be kept out of this game.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ New and clever plot line that hasn’t been done before and was extremely interesting once you got to the core of it.
+ A new and exciting take on techniques used in other games and made better by this game.
+ Beautiful graphics that make the game and show was a game in 2017 should look like.
+ Smooth running game that had no major bugs or crashes during the full amount of time put into it.

What’s Not So Great:
Side quests and errands that hinder on the main game just a litte.
The constant need to be in stealth mode along with an unrewarding fast travel system and weird buying from a merchant problems.
Voice acting is a little off and sometimes there are problems with facial animations.
All Acquisition machines killed trophy glitched for some people.

While I was overly critical of this game at first, it was one of those games that got turned around and came out on top. The story is there and the main character is a quality one. Yes the voice acting is off, but that doesn’t discredit Aloy as a character. The only real problem I had with this game is the way too many fetch and come back quests and errands that had no real point and didn’t feel like they contributed to the overall game in any way. Other than that the game was an excellent original game that hasn’t been done before story wise even though it does borrow some other of the game mechanics from already established franchises. While this might not have been a day one buy for you and at the moment it has no replay value, I would still give this game a seal of approval. If you want to spend the full $60 on it you won’t regret it and if you want to wait until it goes on sale to save some cash you won’t regret it either. Saying that, it is a game that deserves to be played you just have to determine how much you want to spend on it.