This Week in Trophies 08-12-2018 – 08-18-2018

This wasn’t the best week for me trophy wise. At least I had a few weeks of a really good run though right? It wasn’t because of lack of trying, but it was a bunch of other stuff that I don’t really feel comfortable talking about just yet. So instead of getting into that, let’s just see what trophies I was able to get this weekend.

Castaway Paradise – 98%

I am one trophy away from the platinum. I just need to level up to 34 and I’m currently sitting at 26. It’s going to take a lot of farming and I mean literal farming because I spend hours farming tomatoes in this game in order to level up. While it’s tedious and not really fun, I really want to finish this game and get the platinum trophy.

Castaway ParadiseCastaway ParadiseCastaway Paradise

Fallout Shelter – 93%

Ugh, this damn game is taking forever! I just want this game to be done and I should be getting another trophy for this game within the next 5 days as I craft my final theme. Other than that I just need some more Raider attacks which is a pain in the ass and completing 100 additional quests. After I do all of that I will finally have the platinum trophy for this game!

Fallout Shelter

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – 28%

I’m on the border of if I like this game or not. The whole corruption thing is freaking me out to the point of where I’m so afraid of dying in this game because while I have to do another run through because I missed a collectible, I don’t want to reach the almost end of this game and end up dying only to have to play all over again.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Steven Universe: Save The Light – 16%

I’m continuing to just love this game because it’s Steven Universe and I love Steven Universe. I wish I had more time to play, but that’s just how it is at the moment. At least I was able to get one trophy this week so it didn’t feel like a complete waste.

Steven Universe: Save the Light

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection – 4%

So I didn’t think I would enjoy jumping back into The Walking Dead and playing all over again, but I totally am. I’m enjoying it so much that I’m delaying playing the final season until I run through all of the seasons in this collection and then I’ll start the final season which I’m itching to play.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - Collection

A total of 7 trophies this week, which did kind of suck, but it is what it is and I’m willing to accept that. I’m close to finishing a lot of games so I think I’ll be spending most of my week doing that and I’ll try to get to streaming and get to some other games on the weekend. I look forward to another week of trophies and hopefully I can get more than 7 this upcoming week. I’ll let you know how things work out next week.