Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – How do you unlock the Geography class in Bully on the PS4?

Submitted by Anonymous How do you unlock the Geography class in Bully on the PS4?

The really basic and simple answer to this questions is that you don’t. On the PS4 version of Bully there is no Geography class. For me this was a real bummer because the Geography class was included in the Scholarship edition of Bully that was released for the PC, Wii, and Xbox 360. This edition was never released on the PS3 which is why there is no Geography class. This was a bummer and it’s also the reason why I never bought this game for my PS3 even though there was a download for it. The download was for the PS2 version and also did not support trophies. With the so-called remaster for the PS4, I though that the Geography class would be added it, but it wasn’t and it seems like all that we really got was the PS2 version of the game on the PS4 with trophies.

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