Video Game Tattoo Chronicles – Part 10 – I Settle for Nothing but the Best

For me tattoo season is in full swing because this is the time when my tattoo artist is the least busiest and I can basically make my appointment whenever. This is great for me and great for him because he gets to fill up his schedule. Anyway, this month was time for the big shoulder piece as my Borderlands / Mass Effect mash up sleeve is about 60% complete.

I have a bunch of favorite Mass Effect characters, there’s of course FemShep which is already on my lower arm, Liara, who made her appearance just above my elbow, and now Miranda that gets the top spot as my huge shoulder piece. There are more Mass Effect characters to come, but this was the one that just had to be the center because it’s a badass picture.


So it was decided that this tattoo would get a Sin City type of treatment in my first full black tattoo making it stand out from the rest of the colors on my sleeve. It brings attention to the tattoo itself and makes it just pop. The session lasted from 12:30 pm to exactly 6 pm and it’s not even fully done.


It looks done, but of course my tattoo artist wants to add some details to it, some white highlights, some background and he would have done it that very day if there weren’t a mother / daughter combo waiting for him to finish up with me. Anyway, the highlights and some background will come with my next appointment which just happens to be next month.

Because my tattoo artist thinks I don’t give him enough love… If you follow this blog, and read about my tattoo stories, please do me a solid and check out my tattoo artist on Instagram. His tag is gentry_draws. Not only is he a really great artist who does a bunch of different tattoo’s ranging from your typical tattoo’s, to his own original work, and to the excellent stuff he does on my sleeve, but he’s also a really great guy. Head over to Instagram and check him out so that he can stop complaining that I don’t actually mention him anywhere.

Now for next month, I have to say that after getting the highlights and some background done on my Miranda tattoo, I seriously have no idea which character will be next. There are a few more musts for my sleeve before we can start on the actual background that will cover in the blank spots. Those must characters include Garrus, Mordin, Moxxi, and Tiny Tina. I’m really at a loss of what to do next, so next month will be a complete surprise. I have to say that I’m kind of leaning towards Moxxi since it’ll be another rather large piece, but so will Garrus. So…yeah, I have no idea. Want to give me a suggestion? Do so in the comments section below and I’ll let you know what was added to my sleeve next month.