Game of Thrones Episode 1: Iron from Ice Review (PS4)

I absolutely love Game of Thrones. I never miss an episode and when I watch it’s the only thing that I do. For this show alone I put down my PS Vita and take a break from gaming. That should tell you just how much this show means to me. I’ve seen the other Game of Thrones game that came out for the PS3, but let’s be honest it looked like crap so I skipped it. When I heard TellTale was doing a Game of Thrones game, I knew it had to be done right so here’s what I thought about the first episode:

The main story of the game revolves around House Forrester which you don’t see in the show. This makes sense since die hard fans of the show, like myself, aren’t upset that you’re changing the course of the show. The episode takes place between the happenings of the epic Red Wedding and the Royal Wedding episodes of the TV show. In this first episode you’ll get the chance to play three different characters, just like the show this episode is filled with a bunch of characters and you’ll probably remember half of them.

You’ll first play as Garred Tuttle, promoted squire of Lord Forrester. You’ll see his journey starting at the Red Wedding and make some pretty serious choices that alter the course of his whole life. Are you making the right decisions? The wrong ones? Just like with the actual show it’s never really clear what’s right and what’s wrong in this game. Events of the game force Garred to be sent to The Wall and you’ll have to see where that goes in the next episode.

The second character you’ll get to play is Ethan Forrester. Due to the events of the Red Wedding and House Forrester backing the Starks, you’ll be the new lord. Still a child, you’ll have to make some difficult decisions on how to rule your newly acquired lands. Do you do things to please your family or your people? How are those choices going to effect everyone who now depend on you to make the hard decisions.

Finally you’ll get to play as the eldest daughter of House Forrester Mira. Mira is currently serving as a hand maiden to Margaery Tyrell in Kings Landing. Of course this is one of the big draws to the game since you’ll actually get to now interact with major Game of Thrones characters like Margaery, Cersei, and Tyrion. Since you backed the Starks you’re not trusted in Kings Landing, big surprise, and you’ll have to appease everyone and convince them that you’re not a threat all while trying to help our your struggling family.

The overall story of this game was interesting and played nicely if you’re a fan of the show or of the book series. I like the new direction that TellTale is going in where you switch narratives back and forth between characters. It works for this type of game because the show does the same thing and the transition is flawless. I’m eager to see where the story goes especially after the ending that the first episode delivered. Not to spoil anything, I’ll just say that I thought it was a bold move and was totally shocked by the events that took place.

The overall playability of this game wasn’t bad. There really wasn’t all that much walking around or looking around like typical TellTale games. It was mostly story and decision based, but at least the game ran without lag time or loading freezes and the game itself was free from those pesky bugs that plague TellTale games.

Now onto the graphics. Usually I’m not one to complain about the graphics of a game, but the usual TellTale cartoon style graphics just didn’t work for this game. It made the game seem like a Game of Thrones Saturday Morning Cartoon special instead of something the actually had to do with the show. A lot of the times this took from the actual story of the game as I thought about how horrible it looked while playing. Not to mention that the textures were off, a lot of scenes were overly dark, and there was a whole lot of pixelation going on. This all took away from the story which was really good.

As far as trophies goes, this is a TellTale game so you can expect 1 trophy for each chapter as well as 1 for completing the game which gives you a total of 8 new trophies to add to your collection. Play the whole 6 episodes of the game and you’ll walk away with a brand new platinum trophy. Once again the images for the trophies are unimaginative and bland. I wish they would put as much thought into the images as they do for the names of the trophies.

As always no multiplayer, so nothing to report on that front.

Overall I give this episode a 3.5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Game stays true to the show and brings an interesting new story along with it.
+ No lag, bugs, or other glitches.
+ Interesting new characters and fan favorite characters from the show.

What’s Not So Great
Cartoon like graphics take away from the overall game.
Texture problems and pixelation problems are a huge downfall.

The cliffhanger ending will keep you on the edge of your seat and wishing that you waited for all of the episodes to come out before playing since who knows when episode 2 will be out. I eagerly await the next episode just to see what actually happens next and hope that they clear up some of the issues with the graphics.

SPOILERS! Below are the choices that I made for the first episode.

Game of Thrones Episode 1: Iron from Ice Choices