Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Is Bully on the PS4 as good as Bully on the PS2?

Submitted by Anonymous Is Bully on the PS4 as good as Bully on the PS2?

This is a pretty simple question to answer because the Bully that you get on PS4 is the exact same Bully that you get on the PS2. There’s nothing new, nothing different, and nothing extra added to the game. Unless of course you count that you can now get trophies for it. If you still have a PS2 and don’t care about trophies, I would say pop in your PS2 version and play again. If you had Bully on the PS2 and no longer own a PS2, but want to play the game again, then go ahead and get it for the PS4.

I will point out though that there are some problems that the game suffers, which you can read about here. And if you’re still unsure of whether or not you want to purchase the game, I did a full review of the game over a year ago that you can read here.

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