Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Is it worth it to play Bully again?

Submitted by Anonymous Is it worth it to play Bully again?

This question could mean a lot of things, so let’s go by what I thought it first meant. If you mean, is it worth it to play Bully again after playing on the PS2/PS3, then I would say that it’s up to you and how you felt about this game to begin with. If you fell into the category of people that loved this game, which I did, then you’ll want to play this game on the PS4 to live out some nostalgia and you’ll shell out the $14.99 it costs to get this game. If you fell into the category of people that hated this game, there were some out there who were expecting Rockstar to do another GTA which this clearly wasn’t, then you’re not going to want to play this game again on the PS4. It’s the same exact game that it was on the PS2/PS3 so if you hated it then you’ll hate it now.

Now if you meant is it worth it to play Bully again because I missed a few trophies and I want to get the platinum, then my answer would be it depends once again on you. Are you a trophy hunter? Do you need that platinum trophy? Most of the trophies for this game are obtainable the first time around and it’s pretty hard to miss them, but it happens. Now my second question would be, did you enjoy the game? If you enjoyed the game then it should be no problem to go back and get the trophies, but if you hated this game then you’ll probably want to skip it the second time around. There really isn’t a reason to go back and get trophies if you aren’t into the game. If you’re a die-hard trophy hunter you’ll want to go back and finish the trophies because sometimes missing just one trophy will just plague you. Either way the choice is yours. If it was up to me, I would go back and do it just because I really enjoyed the game despite all of it’s flaws.

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