The Countdown to MegaCon 2018 – Part 1

With the start of November, came MegaCon’s first major guest announcement along with ticket prices and ticket sale dates. I want to discuss all of that and let’s start off by doing that and discussing the first major guest announcement that MegaCon has to offer.

MegaCon’s first major guest announcement is legendary creator Jim Lee. Jim Lee is a comic book artist writer editor and publisher who entered the industry in 1987 as an artist from Marvel comics. Lee then went on to start his own publishing company, Image Comics, before selling in 1998 to DC comics.

Jim Lee

I think this was a great first guest announcement because I was really curious as to who they were going to replace Stan Lee with since last year was his last appearance. I was kind of nervous though that Stan Lee would be making a return, although that would’ve been great, I’m kind a happy that he’s not and they have someone new to focus on. I think that even though I’m not that excited that Jim Lee will be there, I know that a lot of people are going to look forward to meeting him.

Now that we have the first guest announcement out-of-the-way, let’s talk about tickets. Tickets went on sale November 15, if you bought VIP tickets last year then you are already in on the pre-sale for this year‘s VIP tickets. If you were included in this pre-sale of VIP tickets I would hope that you picked them up because they go out really fast especially once the bigger guest announcements start coming in, I already have mine and I am set and ready to go to next years MegaCon.

If you didn’t get VIP tickets last year and you have to wait like everyone else to purchase your tickets on November 15. Let’s go into a quick breakdown of the tickets that you can get and their prices.

First you have the single day passes that’s if you plan on going just one day and only one day. The prices for single day passes have kind of increased and they go from Thursday at $20 in advance $25 at the door to Friday $35 in advance $40 at the door to Saturday $50 and advanced $55 at the door and Sunday $40 in advanced and $45 at the door.

I have to say that new to all the tickets is that they have are refundable tickets now. I’m assuming that this is because people get so hyped up when a guest is announced and then when a guest cancels for whatever reason they get pissy and now they have the option to get a refundable ticket instead of saying something like, “how they wasted money buying a ticket blah blah blah,” but in order to get that refund refundable ticket you are going to have to pay extra.

If you’re looking to go to MegaCon all four days and just want to standard pass it’s $99 in advance $110 at the door. This will also give you early access on Thursday and you’ll be able to get in at 2 PM instead of 4 PM. This is a great option if you just want to go and experience what MegaCon is like and you’re not really concentrating on celebrity guests and photo ops.

There’s also the addition of a family pass now that includes two adults and up to four children ages 6 to 12. These go by the day and for Thursday it’s $45 in advance $55 at the door, Friday $75 in advance and $85 at the door, Saturday $110 in advance and $120 at the door, and Sunday $85 in advance and $95 at the door. There’s also the option to buy a child pass which is $10 in advance and $10 at the door and this is for any child ages 6 to 12.

Getting into the premium pass now you get all four days to MegaCon for $139 in advance, these tickets are not available at the door, and with this package there are a bunch of different collectibles, exclusive‘s and all of the goodies that you get including a free single day general admission excluding Saturday to all Fan Expo HQ events until next year‘s MegaCon. You’ll also be able to get in on Thursday at 2 PM instead of 4 PM. It’s not a bad deal and I went for this one in 2016 and was pretty happy with it at the time.

Then you have the VIP package which is $429 in advance and not available at the door. This will sell out quickly depending on who they start announcing will be at MegaCon so my suggestion is that if you are going there to meet a bunch of celebrity guests and you want to go to see a bunch of celebrity panels then this is really the option for you because not only do you get all of the things that are included in the premium package but you also get some extra goodies thrown in there for being a VIP and you basically get to cut the line on the celebrity autograph lines and the photo up lines. Getting to cut the line for the autographs and photo ops is one of the perks of having this pass as well as getting 1st to 5th row seating at the major panels.

No matter the package or passes that you get though you’re bound to have a great time because there’s one thing that MegaCon does and it’s put on a really great show every time even with cancellations and all that other stuff that goes with going to conventions they still manage to pull off a really great show every single year and it’s one of the things that keeps me coming back.

Pro tip – I know when the announcement of really big guest star coming it’s hard not to be extremely excited but don’t get yourself so excited that if that guest cancels it’s going to ruin your whole experience. One of the major things you should remember when going to a convention is not to bank on having that one celebrity guest there that you really really really really really want to meet because most likely they will cancel and you’ll feel like your dreams have been crushed, this happened to me on one occasion, and from then I’ve learned to be cautiously excited when a guest that I really want to meet is announced.

Now I want to hear from you guys. Is there anyone out there actually going to next year’s MegaCon? Are you excited about the first major guest announcement? Who are you hoping they announce next? Let me know in the comment section below and as usual when MegaCon starts rolling out more guest announcements I will be updating this blog and trying to give you the most up-to-date news as possible.