Keep Trophy Lists with 0% Completion or Remove Them?

The newest PS4 System Software update “Yukimura” gives you the ability to remove the trophy lists that you have on your account that are currently sitting at 0%. While I think the rest of the “Yukimura” update is pretty cool, this trophy thing has me torn. As a trophy hunter I would like to think that one day I’ll return to those games that are sitting at 0% trophies and eventually finish them up, but should I remove them instead and save myself the time?

Out of the 255 games that I’ve added to my trophy log, only 14 of those games are sitting there with a trophy completion of 0%. These are currently the games that I have a total trophy completion of 0% on:

• Farming Simulator 14
• PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD
• Knytt Underground
• Joe Danger 2: The Movie
• Chronovolt
• Ecolibrium
• Feeding Frenzy 2
• NFL Blitz
• Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone
• Demon’s Souls
• Prototype
• MLB 10 The Show
• Sonic Unleashed

Compared to how many games I’ve played and how many have 0%, it’s not really a lot. With some of these games, the reason why I didn’t get any trophies was simply because I didn’t like the game, other games I rented when there was this thing called Blockbuster like a million years ago, and with DCUO I just simply refuse to have to actually pay for trophies. Would it really hurt to just remove these from my profile?

The trophy hunter in me says that removing these from my profile is wrong in so many ways. While I don’t play games strictly for the trophies, there might be a time when I want to actually go back to these games and give them a chance that they deserve since maybe I was just too quick to judge them.

The non trophy hunter part of me that wants to advance on leaderboards and get my overall stats up says to go ahead and remove them. If I removed these, the overall completion rating that I’m trying so desperately to get up before the end of the year would actually rise up considerably putting me way ahead in achieving my goals.

Final Verdict? The trophy hunter in me is going to win this one and these 14 empty trophy lists will remain on my profile. I seriously think that removing these from my trophy list will open up the door to just some bad gaming habits. Even though I think this update is pretty neat and giving players the option to remove 0% trophy lists from their profile has been a long time coming, I can see a lot more people just not caring what they play anymore knowing that if they don’t like it they can just remove it from their profile and start fresh again. In a way it removes the ability to be able to actually judge a game. If you only played 30 minutes of a game, got no trophies, then removed the game from your list how can you even say if it was good or bad? Most games don’t even pick up in action or story wise unless you really get into the game and then by that time you’re going to accumulate some trophies.