This Week in Trophies 05-14-2017 – 05-20-2017

I tried to game as much as possible this week, and I think I did an OK job. I did hit some milestones as I finished my second playthrough of Mass Effect: Andromeda like I wanted to, and I also finished my first playthrough of Dead Island – Definitive Edition. Other than that, it was a busy week and I couldn’t find that much time to game. Anyway, let’s take a look at what trophies I was able to get this week.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – 84%

Like I said earlier, I finished my second playthrough of this game and even though I’m eager to start my third and final playthrough, I’m not sure when I’m going to start yet. There’s also the question of if I want to play on insanity or do the 5 gold runs in the multiplayer. Granted, I haven’t played the multiplayer all that much so I’m a little unsure of what to do here. Anyway, it probably won’t be this week that I start a new game of Mass Effect: Andromeda, but it will be soon.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: Andromeda

Gems of War – 87%

There’s usually something that pulls me back into this game each time and this time it was the fact that there was some new DLC added and with that DLC came three new trophies. I of course had to try and get as many of these trophies as I could because I hate that it kills my completion each and every time something new is added. Anyway, this time it was Guild Wars. My guild is pretty small, but at least the trophies aren’t that hard to get.

Gems of War Gems of War

Dead Island – Definitive Edition – 51%

I was happy to at least finish this game this week and get through all four acts. I have to say that this was one really crappy remaster of a game that wasn’t really all that good to begin with. I thought the remaster would be different because of a couple of different things, but it hasn’t been that great of an overall experience. Anyway, I’m unsure if I’ll go for the platinum trophy or not for this game.

Dead Island - Definitive Edition Dead Island - Definitive EditionDead Island - Definitive Edition Dead Island - Definitive EditionDead Island - Definitive Edition Dead Island - Definitive EditionDead Island - Definitive Edition Dead Island - Definitive EditionDead Island - Definitive Edition

And that was it for the week. For this upcoming week, I have no idea what to expect. I’ll have about four days to game and then I’m off to MegaCon which means no gaming. It’s a tough decision, going to a pretty big convention and meeting a bunch of awesome celebrities or staying home and gaming. Decisions, decisions. Anyway, if I do get some gaming time in while I’m not prepping for my trip to MegaCon, I’m not really sure what I’ll play and I doubt I’ll start something new. I might not even get any trophies next week. Either way I’ll let you know.


This Week in Trophies 04-30-2017 – 05-06-2017

I’m not going to lie, this was the absolute worst trophy week ever. EVER. I had no time to play anything because I worked my ass off this week and came home dead tired almost every night. For some reason when I’m that tired I really can’t game because my mind just isn’t into it especially if it’s a heavy on the story game. Anyway, get prepared to see the smallest amount of trophies probably ever.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – 81%

I was actually able to play this game for a whole day this week due to a day off and in that time I got two whole trophies. One trophy must have popped by mistake because I fell off a cliff in New Tuchanka and it registered that I jetpacked 30m in one jump. Yay for glitches? The other one was for using my little buddy ZAP to help me kill some baddies. I did advance in the story a lot locking down my second successful relationship with Vetra and basically setting out for the final mission of the game. I’m close to finishing my second playthrough and the finish line is right there.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: Andromeda

And that was it. Told you, worst trophy week ever and was totally not lying. This upcoming week I’m looking at another busy busy schedule that is totally work related and I know, I just know that when I come home all I’m going to want to do is zone out in front of the TV. I am going to try though and finish up my second playthrough of Mass Effect: Andromeda and actually play something else because I’m getting this itch where I have a ton of games on my system, thanks 8TB external hard drive, and am just itching to play them all. So we’ll see. I’ll let you know how everything turns out next week.


This Week in Trophies 04-16-2017 – 04-22-2017

This is going to be a super short blog, because unfortunately I didn’t game much this week and when I did it wasn’t for as long as I would have wanted it to be. There were a lot of things that got in the way like my work schedule which still hasn’t returned to normal along with a surprise tattoo session that took up much of my Saturday. Anyway, here are the couple of measly trophies I was able to get this week.

Color Guardians – 57%

So I’ve played the majority of this game and for the life of me I cannot beat the last boss battle. I played for over an hour on this damn level and just could not beat it. At the moment I’m at the point where I want to just give up and say screw this because it’s not worth it. There are a bunch of awesome games that I have sitting around and I’m tired of wasting my time on this game. Will I ever get back to it? I don’t know, but at this point in time it’s a strong no.

Color Guardians

The Disney Afternoon Collection – 20%

I got this when it was released Tuesday at its hefty $19.99 price tag and really all I’ve gotten to play so far was Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers which just happens to be my favorite NES game from back in the day. Hopefully I’ll get to explore some more of this games later on this week, but for now I was content just revisiting an old favorite.

The Disney Afternoon Collection The Disney Afternoon CollectionThe Disney Afternoon Collection The Disney Afternoon Collection

Mass Effect: Andromeda – 78%

I had one day, one whole day to play this game and I feel like I didn’t even get that much accomplished. I’m still working on my second playthrough and I do like to play this game when I know that I have more than a few hours to play so this is difficult. I am enjoying my second playthrough though and I guess that’s all that counts.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Now for this upcoming week. I plan on playing some more Mass Effect: Andromeda when I get a chance, try to play some of the other games on the Disney Afternoon Collection, and play the next episode of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. That’s the plan, but as you well know things can change so I’ll let you know how everything works out next week.


Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Why are the people in Mass Effect: Andromeda so ugly?

Submitted by Anonymous Why are the people in Mass Effect: Andromeda so ugly?

This is kind of a hard question since beauty is really in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to Mass Effect: Andromeda this is true. But the question is why. Why are these characters so ugly? I think that there are a lot of reasons for this, but it mostly has to do with the facial animations themselves. While BioWare has fixed some (key word some) of these issues with the latest patch for this game, that doesn’t mean the game is at the 100% AAA standard of facial animations.

After doing some research and actually watching some video’s on the whole facial animation thing, it seems that each conversation wasn’t programmed by hand. This happens a lot with huge scale RPG games. Instead of programming each random conversation by hand, which could take years, programmers use an algorithm. I’m thinking this is why I had to learn so much math when I was going to college for computer programming, anyway this algorithm was developed in order to judge the type of conversation that was happening and how the facial animations should respond to that conversation. This made for a lot of awkward facial animations throughout the game and characters just not seeming on point with the way the conversation was going. Not only was this awkward, but it also made the characters appear ugly a lot of the times. While this would have been fine when talking to some random people on a random planet, this was not fine during key events in the game which is why there was and still is so much rage when it comes to this game.

Have a video game question that you want answered? Go ahead and leave your question in the comment section below and I’ll make sure to add your name into the blog that features your question. If you prefer to be anonymous, then go ahead and type your question into the search box. I’ll be able to see it and maybe one day you’ll be able to see it on this blog.


This Week in Trophies 04-09-2017 – 04-15-2017

As much as I hate to admit it, I didn’t get much gaming done this week. It was a tough week for me all around as covering for someone at work all week just completely drained me to the point where when I came home, I couldn’t even think about sitting down and playing video games. Yesterday was the first day in three or four days that I even turned on my PS4. I did get to turn on my PS3 this week, which is still in working condition and played a game that has been taking me forever to complete. Keep reading to see what trophies I was able to get this very hectic week.

Color Guardians – 48%

I really thought I was going to be able to breeze by this game and just play it without a problem, but boy was I wrong. This game is pretty tough and it’s going to take me a while to actually finish this game or even get the platinum trophy. I thought this would be an easy one, but clearly I was wrong. While I do find myself having fun sometimes when I play, a lot of the times I just feel frustrated as I lose over and over again.

Color Guardians Color GuardiansColor Guardians Color GuardiansColor Guardians Color GuardiansColor Guardians Color GuardiansColor Guardians

Mass Effect: Andromeda – 77%

I really only had one day to actually play this game, which kind of sucks because I’m really enjoying my second playthrough. It’s been just about a week since I last played and I really have no idea where I even ended up saving at. I know I had done a few major things, but I’m still nowhere done exploring or doing all those extra tasks. I really want to play more, but I just have to find the time.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: AndromedaMass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: Andromeda

Angry Birds Trilogy – 38%

I told you there was an old PS3 game on here this week. This game has made many an appearance on this blog. Unfortunately though it’s usually one trophy at a time. Sometimes I just get in an Angry Birds mood where I play for a little, get my fill, and then let it sit there for months without playing.

That was it for this week. Not that many trophies especially since I didn’t really spend that much time playing anything at all. I think this upcoming week will be more of the same as work plans on being just as hectic as last week, but as always I’ll let you know how things go next week.


Mass Effect: Andromeda – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda has to probably be one of my most anticipated games ever. It’s one of those games that I’ve been waiting for since the last Mass Effect and was super excited once it was announced. I even stayed excited as I waited for it to be released as I tried to gather every little piece of information about the game as I could. Then the early release reviews started coming out and it kind of felt like the ending to Mass Effect 3 all over again. Wanting to play the game for myself though, I subdued my excitement a little until I could play for myself. Even though I haven’t completed the game to 100%, I have completely finished my first playthough, before the game was patched, and figured I could give some honest opinions about the game. Just as a side not though, while I have played the multiplayer for this game, I haven’t played enough to actually comment on it so multiplayer will not be mentioned in this post.

Side Note: When I had originally wrote this blog, sometime last week, there was no news of a patch or anything, but since then a patch has been released that addressed a lot of the issues that I had with the game. To be fair, even though I had to sit through an unpatched game that had some annoying moments, I have excluded the gripes that I had prior to the patch.

The Good

The one good thing about this game is that it’s still Mass Effect. It still has all the core principles that made me fall in love with the Mass Effect series to begin with. This time around though it’s a new galaxy, a new main character, a new crew, and a new story. Even though I’ll admit to still missing Shepard and her crew, Ryder has started to grow on me along with the rest of her crew. Then there’s the story. The story is massive and there are so many aspects to it that it’s almost impossible to find something about it that you won’t enjoy. The main story of finding out who the Kett are, trying to make nice with the Angara, and trying to find the missing Arks are all deeply engaging and will draw you in. The new main character is a complete 180 from Shepard. Mostly because Ryder is new to all of this. She’s not a seasoned solider, she’s learning as she goes and the game shows this. The game shows the progression of her character as the game goes on and is really developing the character into something more. Sure, she has her awkward moments, but haven’t we all? I guess that makes her a little more relatable when you think about it because it shows that she’s human. Then there’s the crew. While there are little aspects of each crew member that make them resemble past crew members, they are each new characters. Sure it’s easy to say that Cora is the new Miranda as they both have some obvious daddy issues and so on, but these characters are new and each have their own individual stories and purposes for traveling 600 years away from the Milky Way. Each character is well crafted and if you take the time on ship and off ship in docking areas to interact with them they’ll quickly grow on you. Let’s not forget about the fact that this is a completely new galaxy. There are a ton of different planets to learn about and explore not to mention the ones that you can actually land on and find out more about. Each planet that you can actually land on is beautiful in its own way. The graphics for the landscaping of the planets is top notch and you can tell a lot of time went into making each planet feel like it was alive. I don’t know how many times I’ve stopped playing just to admire the scenery around Ryder and take in each new planet. This all comes to a head when you first go to your new planet which usually isn’t ideal and has something wrong with it, but then when you “fix” the planet, the subtle differences that you see are beautiful in their own way.

The Bad

With good always comes bad, and yes there are some bad things that come along with this game. It’s almost obvious to see that this game wasn’t properly QA tested as there are certain aspects of the game that just don’t work right. This is probably the worst part of it all. Missing dialogue, invisible objects, invisible people popping out of nowhere, glitched animations, combat lag, and mission stalling. All of these are part of the bad that come along with Mass Effect: Andromeda. If you’re a BioWare fan and have played some or all of their games you know that this happens for each and every game. This is in no way an excuse for them and you would think that with a new engine they would be fixed, but obviously they aren’t. Moving forward this isn’t good, and that doesn’t excuse the fact that the game should not have been released with these problems to begin with. Moving away from obvious glitches in the game, the game itself isn’t perfect. A lot of games have this problem with finding the proper balance of story missions and side missions and this game is one of them. This game already has enough content to keep you going for hours, but add in the horde of side quests and you’ll be tearing your hair out at the amount of fetch and come back quests that are in the game. Sure you don’t have to complete them, but you’ll be left with a bunch of exclamation marks on your screen if you don’t. Then there’s all the driving. There is so much driving in this game until you unlock the proper fast travel stations on each planet that it’s unbelievable. While it wasn’t meant for the Nomad to be the Mako version 2.0 it truly is as you’ll struggle to drive around each different landscape the planets have to offer. Driving around isn’t as carefree and awesome as they promised and it makes me groan every time I have to go into the Nomad to drive somewhere knowing that I’ll probably get stuck in a patch of dirt or not switch to the six wheels at the right time and will be unable to go over the smallest little hill. Looking back, I would take the Mako over the Nomad any day.

Good…but also Bad

A good thing is that each planet that you can explore is huge! A bad thing is that each planet you can explore is huge! It’s great to explore and find new things, but sometimes it just gets to be too much. I understand that the new normal in video games are these unfiltered words that seem to have no boundaries, but sometimes you need boundaries especially when it takes away from the actual game itself. BioWare is known for the stories that they create not the environments and exploration. They should have kept it this way and focused more on what they’re good at instead of trying to get into these huge open world type games. Another good thing, your Ryder isn’t alone. You have an already made family for you consisting of your dad and brother/sister depending on which Ryder you decide to play. The bad thing is that you’ll care about this family as much as you cared about your family in Fallout 4. Which, if you’re like me, when the bomb dropped in Fallout 4 you were already out the door running for the vault with your husband or wife screaming behind you that they had Shaun. Who’s Shaun? Oh that’s right the kid that you had. The family aspect only works if there is some way to for the player to form an emotional connection to them and this game lacks that. Then there’s the combat system which is new and different from previous Mass Effect games, this is also one of those good and bad type things. It’s good that it’s new, but also has that familiarity to it. You’ll know how to play if you’ve played the previous games and if you’re new you’ll find it easy to get used to. The bad is that this was one of the things that Mass Effect didn’t need to change. The combat system was fine just the way that it was in the previous games. I hate being limited to only using three different powers at a time. It’s annoying when you want your full arsenal of combat, biotic, or tech powers at your fingertips, but you can only use three at a time unless you want to constantly be switching profiles which isn’t as seamless as you would think especially in the middle of combat.

The Ugly

If you’ve read anything about Mass Effect then you already know what this section is going to be about. This game has the most ugliest characters and facial animations that I have ever seen in a game and I’ve played some pretty crappy games. For a AAA game that took 40 million dollars to make, these are not the facial animations that you would expect. There are games that came out years ago that have better looking characters than this game. With all of the advancements in technology this is something that cannot be overlooked and I can understand why people are so upset about this. These characters just look like really bad Sim characters as everything looks plastic and fake. There is nothing real about any of these facial animations or the way the characters behave. I understand the whole thing about using algorithms when it came to doing the facial animation stuff, but seriously no one picked up on the fact that this did not look good. Seriously though, who said “wow this looks amazing! Cutting edge technology here!”? Someone had to say that in order for this to pass and clearly that person didn’t know what they were talking about. When it comes to the characters and facial animations this game has become one huge meme and it’s really sad.

Side Note Since the latest patch, I have seen some improvements to certain cinematic scenes. The characters look a little different than they did when the game launched, but it hasn’t fixed everything. That being said, I’m not sure how many patches it’s going to take to actually fix all of this or if there will be a time when BioWare just gives up and says the characters and facial animations are what they are, but this is just something that should have been fixed way before launch.

Without making any kind of excuses and being blunt, this game isn’t perfect in anyway and could have probably used another 5-10 months of polishing in order to make it the worthy successor of the Mass Effect trilogy. At the moment, it seems a little unworthy of carrying the Mass Effect title. There seems to be this equal balance of something good, something bad, and something ugly, but that’s not what you want. You want an outstanding number of good things and then some bad things that can’t be helped, not to mention you want to stay away from the ugly. While patches may make all of my points irrelevant in the future, the fact of the matter is that they exist now while not only myself, but tons of other people are trying to play this game. That being said, this is still a BioWare game and it still excels at telling a story which is what BioWare is great at doing, but at the moment the bad and the ugly are kind of overtaking it. I can find myself playing for hours and enjoying myself until something bad comes along, another glitch that can’t be ignored, another awkward facial animation that cannot be overlooked. It’s my hope that by the time I truly finish the game, get all of the trophies, and publish my final review, that a lot of these things have changed in order to make this the game that it deserve to be.


This Week in Trophies 03-26-2017 – 04-01-2017

I’m usually the type of person that plays multiple games at a given time, usually no more than 5 at a time, and can find this proper balance to be able to play all of them. Since the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda all of that has gone out the window as all I’ve been playing is Mass Effect. Sure I took some timeout to play an episode of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, but even that didn’t last long before I as back to Mass Effect. Now that you already know what games I played, here are the trophies I was able to get for each game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – 52%

Needless to say, I’ve played a lot of Mass Effect this week. I’m about 62% done with the game, according to my last save, but I kind of feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface as I go along doing side quests and loyalty quests and completely ignore the main quests. Anyway, I will have a blog coming out later this week giving a breakdown of basically my full first impression of the game as a whole.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: AndromedaMass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: AndromedaMass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: AndromedaMass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: AndromedaMass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: AndromedaMass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: AndromedaMass Effect: Andromeda

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – 60%

I took an oh so short break from playing Mass Effect this week and played the third episode for this game that finally came out after months of waiting. I’m sure this was because the first two episodes were released together, but really that’s no excuse. Anyway, I’ll have my full review of this episode out on Wednesday.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier The Walking Dead: A New FrontierThe Walking Dead: A New Frontier The Walking Dead: A New FrontierThe Walking Dead: A New Frontier The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

And that was it for the week. A simple week gaming wise, but a busy week in other aspects. While I’m going to mostly stick with Mass Effect: Andromeda, at least until I can finish my first playthrough, I am going to try and throw in some other games for good measure and in order to break up my time a little better so that I’m not just playing the same thing over and over again. I’m not exactly sure what that’ll be, but I’ll let you know how things turn out next week.


This Week in Trophies 03-19-2017 – 03-25-2017

What a week! I finally got my hands on Mass Effect: Andromeda and just like I suspected, everything else went out the window. I haven’t even looked at or touched another game prior to the release of this game. I did play some other games before the 21st though and actually got one whole trophy, but other than that it’s been Mass Effect: Andromeda as much as I can. Unfortunately this hasn’t been nearly enough since there was a ton of drama at my job this week that actually ended up taking some time away from my gaming. Being an adult right? Anyway, onto the trophies.

Gems of War – 88%

I only got one trophy for this game this week, but it’s a trophy that I’ve been trying to get since I first downloaded this game. Out of all the trophies this game has to offer, it has to be on the most luck based trophy ever. I can’t even begin to tell you how many treasure hunts I’ve been on in order to try and get two safes by the end of my game. This week I hit the jackpot as I finally was able to do it, and I have to honestly say I have no tips on how to do it. It’s really luck based, which kind of sucks. Anyway, getting this trophy didn’t suck as it brings me one step closer to that 100%.

Gems of War

Mass Effect: Andromeda – 22%

Even though the trophies are at 22% I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of this game yet. With this game, the trophies are popping and I’m not really paying attention to them as I get wrapped into the story. While I could go into detail now but instead I decided to write a blog about it. A full detail of my first impression of the game. I will say though that I’m having a really fun time playing and I’m enjoying it a lot, but that doesn’t mean that the game suffers from some problems. Yes, the animation is one of them and then some stuff with the multiplayer. You’ll have to wait for the blog though to see my breakdown of it.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: AndromedaMass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: AndromedaMass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: AndromedaMass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: AndromedaMass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: AndromedaMass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: AndromedaMass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: AndromedaMass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: Andromeda

That’s it for this week. Not a lot, I know, but that’s how it is when you don’t have a lot of time to game as it is and one of your very favorite franchises releases a new game. I’m sure this will continue into the next couple of week so be prepared to see a lot of Mass Effect in here. I might get some other games in like The Walking Dead: A New Frontier since the new episode comes out this upcoming week, but other than that I’m not sure. I’ll let you know how things turned out next week.


E3 2016 – Part 1

E3 2016 started off with a whimper, but then went out in a huge bang basically setting the stage for the second day of E3. Starting off the show on Sunday was the EA press conference, which was a first for EA who usually shows after the Microsoft show on Mondays. After that was a few more reveals that didn’t hit the main stage of E3, before Bethesda closed the night with their press conference. Here’s a recap of what’s happened so far.

Before the Show

Long before the EA press conference even started, Titanfall 2 was leaked online. Both the standard multiplayer trailer was revealed along with the brand new single player campaign trailer was revealed. It showed that the game had a release date of 10-28-2016 and would be available for all platforms. I wasn’t all that impressed with the multiplayer or the single player based on what I saw and to me it just seemed like a version of Transformers. I wasn’t really upset when the first one wasn’t released on the PS4, so I’ll go ahead and just pass on this one as well.

EA Press Conference

Kicking off the EA press conference was Titanfall 2. I guess this was supposed to have a big impact but because of the leak, it really failed. Watching both trailers a second time it just made me think that this was just another Call of Duty type game with robots. After seeing the trailers again, I knew I wasn’t going to be missing this one when I passed it up. Next up was the, wait for the surprise, new Madden 17 game! There was some talk of gaming events for those of us gamers who are non-professional before highlighting the eSports professional gamers. At this point in the press conference I was just desperate to see some games.

After all the Madden stuff came Mass Effect: Andromeda. Finally! What I had ben waiting for all week long. I wanted to see more after the trailer last year and was hoping that BioWare would deliver. What we got was information that you would be the so-called alien as you traveled to a new land that needed to be colonized for humans. This allows you to travel to a new galaxy and forget about that ultra-important main character from the last series. What was her name again…it started with an S…oh yeah Shepard. Forget about Shepard though because with ME:A you’ll have a whole new cast, new alien races, and new exploration all on the FrostByte engine. While there was some new gameplay footage it was far and in-between the shots of random people working on the game. There was a new Asari looking alien along with an unmasked human female waking up on a ship. Other than that it was said that more information would be released in the fall which meant no release date, no actual trailer, and really nothing. Total disappointment.

Up next was FIFA, or as I like to call it, another chance for a brief zone out time. This year though they’ve added a sort of RPG element to FIFA which I guess is supposed to make it more appealing to a larger audience. I’m still not interested in this game though or the amount of attention that it was given. Then came the new EA Originals section which was set up to help small developers make the games of their dreams due to the success of Unravel. With that announcement came what’s supposed to be the next Unravel, called Fe. While this seems to be a more open world type game where you’re supposed to explore this forest as a Cub and unlock different songs that are trying to be destroyed by the bad guys, I’m not sure this will have the same impact as Unravel did and I’m not really as interested in it as I was for Unravel.

Finally to start wrapping up the conference, EA touched base on all of the Star Wars type games and concepts all in the works with the soonest coming out in late 2017 and the furthest away coming out sometime in 2018. Along with this there was another trailer of people working. No one wants to see people working, people come to these things to see actual game play footage and trailers. Then there was the big Battlefield 1 segment to end the conference. Even though this game doesn’t interest me I think that basing it during World War I is a bold move that will pay off in the end for them. The game looks great and they know it.

That was it for the EA conference and I have to say that it was the most disappointing start to E3 that I’ve ever seen. If you’re going to start off E3 then you need to have some major announcements and you have to do something huge. EA did not deliver in anyway and I thought it put a little bit of a damper on the rest of the day.

The In-Between

Being the small company that they are, even though they like to tackle these huge projects that sometimes work out and sometimes don’t, Telltale decided to do a small reveal on their upcoming season of The Walking Dead. Tuning in early, I had been waiting for this. There was so many ways that Season 2 could have ended that I wanted to see where they were going. I was mostly disappointed when what was really talked about was the new Batman game coming out because of the screenshots that were released earlier in the day. The art style for the new Batman game is typical for Telltale and they promise that this is their own story where you’ll play as both Bruce and Batman and it’s not based on the comics or the movies. Troy Baker was announced to be the lead in this game, huge surprise as I roll my eyes, and that it wouldn’t run off of a not new engine, but an improved one. Apparently each episode will feel like a movie so you’ll be getting 5 movies, unless of course they think they can make more money and then they’ll be DLC. That’s how it works now right?

Finally the first look at The Walking Dead Season 3. An extremely small trailer is shown which at first makes you think that it’s nothing until the big reveal of a teenage Clementine. Telltale says that with this game they’re coming close to where the comic books are and the show is basically at. There’s a new super important sub character with Clementine and it takes place years after the events of Season 2. Even though I’ve been giving Telltale some major shade after the past couple of games, I’m really looking forward to season 3.

Bethesda Press Conference

To close the night was the Bethesda press conference which stated out with a bang, take notes EA because this is how you start your press conference. A huge new trailer for Quake Champions was shown and it looks like a bloody mess of gaming fun. I don’t like full on multiplayers most of the time, but I can see myself getting into this game. After that was a few highlights of the super successful Bethesda year that kicked off a year ago at E3 2015. There was a small focus on The Elder Scrolls Legends, which is a card game which I found similar to maybe Gwent, but it really held no interest for me even though it’s story based and has a single player and multiplayer campaign.

KUDOS: This goes out to the whole Bethesda team who wore LGBT ribbons following the events of what happened on Sunday morning. I didn’t see anyone else do this at their shows and they were the first. This meant a lot and I thank them.

Moving on was some Fallout 4 DLC news. There was the small announcement of Contraptions that looks overall goofy but nonetheless fun as it adds more building components into the game. Then there was another similar DLC called Vault-Tech. Now this is pretty damn cool because it allows you to build your own vault, make your settlers into dwellers and do research projects on them. Then came the next big story based DLC. It was a huge WTF moment for me as it was announced as an Amusement Park! Not all that much was shown but I’m super excited and I can’t wait. There was also talk of more updates to Fallout Shelter which I played briefly but became bored with. Right after that was the reveal of what I had been hoping for out of this press conference…The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Remaster! The game looks visually stunning and absolutely beautiful when it was compared to the last gen rendition of the game. This game will be available on 10-28-2016 and it’s a day one purchase for me and the countdown starts now. Isn’t there another game coming out on the same day…something Titanfall 2…I can’t even remember.

This was followed by the introduce of Prey a new sci-fi thriller that seems like it’s part Dead Space and part The Darkness. It comes out next year, but I’ll probably pass on it. Some information about Doom was up next including more information about Doom Snapmap which will be free along with some multiplayer DLC before the paid multiplayer DLC comes out. There was a brief section about The Elder Scrolls: Online and all the progress that has been made along with the new DLC that is coming out for this game. I know I kind of gave up on this game, but I might just have to get back into it eventually.

There was the surprise announcement of Bethesda VR as they join the rest of the world in the VR craze which I’m not sure is going to be a good move or not. Although I would like to play Fallout 4 VR style, I’m still not sure. To end the show was Dishonored 2. A new trailer was shown along with a bunch of new game play and a release date of 11-11-2016. I never got a chance to actually play the first one and the way this game looks, I want to try and play the first one before this one comes out because it looks awesome.

And that was day one of E3. Bethesda was the big winner of the day as they show off what people really want which is trailers and actual gameplay of their upcoming games. For a company that this is their second show they come off looking like pros while EA suffers a huge setback this year and I wouldn’t be all surprised if they’re called the losers of the show this year. Keep checking back for more E3 information as this huge week of gaming goes by!


Game Announcements and Release Dates

Game Announcements. They’re what a gamer lives for, to hear that your favorite franchise is getting a sequel or to see a trailer for a brand new game that looks bad ass. Game announcements are what get me pumped about upcoming games and it’s basically what E3 is right? Game after game being announced along with a tentative release date that is off into the way way future, but then something kind of changed this year. At the Bethesda press conference, Fallout 4 was put out on display along with a release date. Only a few weeks before the first trailer ever for the game was released, but what surprised me the most was that the release date was this year and really only a few months away.

This whole concept of not announcing a game or releasing a trailer until the game is just about done was kind of unheard of and it got me thinking. What if all games did this? Instead of telling people years in advance that a game company is working on a game, what if instead a game company only announces a game when it’s just about done and when the release date is only a few months away?

When it comes to franchises that are a staple point to a game company, you know that the company is working on developing this game. Did anyone have any doubt that BioWare was working on the next Mass Effect? Or that there would be a Borderlands 3 and an Uncharted 4? Is it necessary to know that these companies are working hard on these games that will come out when they come out? No. Now don’t get me wrong, I used to be on the other side of this where I wanted to know what the company was working on and I wanted to know every little detail about the game that they would release, but now I’m not so excited about hearing little details that will most likely change before the game is released. When the game is just about finished and you have an actual solid release date, then let me know more about the game.

I really liked the way Bethesda handled the whole Fallout 4 announcement. It was basically like here’s a trailer, here are some details at E3, and here’s your release date that is only a few months away. That’s something to get pumped about, being able to hear about a game and learn more about it and then know that in a few months you can actually play it instead of here’s a trailer and some obscure release date that’s a year and a half away. With Fallout 4, you basically know that none of the things that were shown will change. They’re just about set in stone with a release date that close by. There might be a few tweaks here and there but nothing major.

When it comes to new games, there really doesn’t need to be years and years of hype to promote the game. I don’t need to know about a game years in advance because most likely I’ll forget about it or at least forget about the major details of the game since there will be other news on other games that are maybe coming out sooner. I would love to hear about a brand new game knowing that I only have to wait a few months to play it, not that it doesn’t even have a release date and I’ll get to play it maybe years from now. Then there’s the possibility that the game will be canceled which is always a total let down especially after the game has been hyped to death.

I really hope that when it comes to game announcements that companies start to follow in Bethesda’s footsteps. I thought they handled the Fallout 4 announcement beautifully. I like that this game is just about done and nothing major is going to be changed. They didn’t release a teaser years before to gauge the audiences perception of the game in order to see if things needed to be changed. Instead it was like here’s the game and it’s just about done, bitch and complain all you want but that’s it. So kudos Bethesda for making me change the way I see game announcements and how it’s important for game announcements and release dates to be closer together and not further apart.