I, Tonya Review

I, Tonya

I’ve always had this fascination with the whole Tonya Harding story, mostly because I remember it as a kid. I remember watching TGIF, anyone remember that(?), on ABC when the news cut in to say that there was this horrible attack on Nancy Kerrigan. I was out that night with my parents at a neighbors house and everyone rushed in to watch as Nancy screamed “why” over and over again after the attack. It became this whole thing and just something that people wouldn’t stop talking about it. Anyway, after seeing this movie on Hulu, I decided to give it a try. I really didn’t expect much from it so my expectations going into this movie were pretty low.

I, Tonya is the story, not sure how true it is, about Tonya Harding, who is played brilliantly by Margot Robbie. All Tonya wanted to do was skate and this was pushed onto her from an early age by her mother, also played brilliantly by Allison Janney. Being 4 years old and training for hours a day wasn’t easy on Tonya, but she pushed herself to become something more than what she was. It’s really like she was born to skate and just had some really bad luck along the way like meeting her first husband Jeff, played by Sebastian Stan. The story says how she was constantly abused and it gets into that a lot, but it also gets into the fact that she was the first American woman to complete a triple axel during a competition. This was no small feat and it also shows everything that happened after that, her first failure at the winter Olympics, the attack on Nancy Kerrigan, her second failure at the winter Olympics, and finally her fall from grace.

Whether or not this story is entirely true and Tonya was this emotional and physically beaten woman or maybe it was the other way around and she was the one who was physically abusing her husband, the one thing that can’t be denied is that she was a really talented skater who had a bunch of unfortunate events lead up to her many failures. This movie shows how she was a really talented skater who basically grew up on the wrong side of town but tried to overcome all of that. Unfortunately she didn’t and she’ll always been seen as the villain no matter how she’s portrayed. I found the movie to be an interesting one as it showed her complete life before skating, during her skating years, and a brief writing about what happened after she was stripped of her skating status. Other than that, I really don’t know what to think of this movie. Did she not know what was going on or was she the mastermind behind all of Nancy Kerrigan drama? That story will never be accurately told since there are so many players in this game and it’s really a web of lies as everyone tries to blame on another.

The cast really makes this movie as Margot Robbie, who to tell the truth after Suicide Squad, which you can read my review here, I didn’t really think much of her, did an amazing job portraying Tonya Harding. Margot Robbie is a really talented actress and she shows off just how talented she is in this movie. Her acting, along with the support of Allison Janney, just brings this movie to life and really captivates the audience. The other people in this movie are kind of forgettable, but the cast as a whole works really well together and makes this movie a hell of a lot more interesting then it probably should have been.

Overall I give this movie a 4 out of 5.

Whether or not this story is the actual truth is highly debatable, but it is an interesting one to watch if you were into the whole Tonya and Nancy drama that unfolded in front of the American public. It’s basically a story about a promising skater’s fall from grace and how that can never be redeemed no matter what. I would say that if you’re in the mood for a movie that is dark and shows that how even though some people try to better themselves they can’t, then this is the movie for you. If you’re looking for the actual truth on the whole Tonya and Nancy thing, I don’t think you’re going to find it here so move along. If you just want something to watch and see one perspective on the events that unfolded then at least the movie is entertaining enough to keep your interest for the two hour run time.



Downsizing Review


Nothing on HBO, a full list of Netflix movies that I have yet to watch, but I decided to rent a movie on PSN instead. The sale that they had on this movie had something to do with it, but also the fact that I remember seeing the preview for this movie, maybe a year ago, and thought it looked funny. Previews do that though don’t they? Keep reading to see if this movie was what I thought it would be or if it turned out to be something else.

Downsizing is about Paul Safranek, played by Matt Damon, who basically lives this unfulfilled life. He works a job that he hates, has a wife that he can’t please (not in that way, you dirty minded people), and is basically miserable like everyone else. That is until he hears from his friend Dave, played by Jason Sudeikis, that downsizing is the way to go. So what is downsizing? Downsizing was invented by scientist Dr. Jorgen Asbjornsen, played by Rolf Lassgard, and it shrinks normal sized people down to 5 centimeters tall, puts them in downsized community’s, and basically makes the meager amount of money they have in the “real” world equal millions of dollars in the downsized world. His motive for doing all of this though is to save the environment, not make people live like kings. This sounds great for Paul and his wife Audrey, played by Kristin Wig, until it doesn’t and while Paul goes along with the irreversible procedure Audrey just can’t. This leaves Paul all by himself in a downsized world. He’ll go through a bunch of stuff and realize that even in a downsized world, his life is basically still crappy and he can’t find a purpose, that is until he meets Ngoc Lan Tan, played by Hong Chau. Will Paul finally find happiness? You’ll have to get through two hours of this movie to find out.

The premise of this movie and even the description sounds good right? Sounds like it would be a funny, but at times heart warming movie to watch right? Wrong. To tell you the truth I have no idea what point this movie was trying to get across. Was it trying to show Paul’s struggle and how he eventually become a better person and the person he wanted to be? Was it a platform to show that humans are destroying the world through global warming and climate change and no matter what it can’t be changed making us all doomed? I can clearly tell you that I have no idea. There were so many ideas to this movie and none of them worked out. None. Paul’s story was super boring, the whole climate change and global warming thing was put in the wrong type of platform, and the rest of the movie was just ridiculous. I completely felt tricked into watching a movie that was supposed to be funny and maybe a little heart warming. This movie wasn’t funny and maybe just maybe if it was done right, it could have been just a little heart warming. By the time this movie gets to the heart warming moments, you are so done with this movie that you just don’t even care anymore.

The cast toted a bunch of big names, but they just didn’t click together and it didn’t work. This movie was like a joke even to the cast and this was definitely not Matt Damon’s best movie. Even if the cast was better, I don’t think that anything could have saved this disaster of a movie. The acting for this movie was just horrible as was the whole movie itself and it was in no way redeemable. Not to mention there were some funny people in this movie like Kristin Wig and Jason Sudeikis, but they just weren’t funny in this movie.

Overall I give this movie a 1 out of 5.

It is my strong suggestion that you don’t waste your time on this movie that doesn’t have a clear point or message to provide. The previews were a ruse to get you to see the movie and really didn’t deliver on anything that was promised making this movie a complete disappointment and just a waste of time. If you still want to see this movie after all of that, then be my guest, but be ready to be completely disappointed and wake up the next morning still wondering why you even bothered with this movie.


Pitch Perfect 3 Review

Pitch Perfect 3

I have to admit I’m a huge Pitch Perfect fan. I have been since the first movie, which I totally fell in love with, and it continued onto the second movie, which was OK (I say OK even though I’ve watched it probably the same amount of times as the first one), so I was excited for the third and final chapter of this movie series. I was supposed to see it in the movie theater, but was sick for most of the month with a really bad case of tonsillitis. So I waited for it on DVD. I heard about the bad reviews and put off getting this movie for a while. I finally made the purchase though and figured I would give it a shot.

Pitch Perfect 3 centers around the main characters of the Barden Bella’s. Beca, played by Anna Kendrick, is a failed music producer who has just lost her job. Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson, is trying to get her own show on the road with Fat Amy Whine House. Chloe, played by Brittany Snow, is trying to get into vet school. Aubrey, played by Anna Camp, is still working the same job that she worked in Pitch Perfect 2. The whole point though is that all of these girls are basically miserable. They’ve finally left college and are trying to make it in the real world, but it’s not happening. When they get the chance to reunite as Bella’s one last time for a USO tour, they jump at the chance and go globe trotting as the USO world tour turns out to be a competition and the winner will become the opening act for DJ Khaled. Will the Bella’s succeed for one final time? Or will it finally be time for them to hang up their yellow scarves? All that will be revealed and more in the final Pitch Perfect movie.

Being the Pitch Perfect fan that I am, I would be lying if I said that this movie was the perfect ending to a movie that took what Glee had and turned it into something better. This movie just plain out sucked. It was the worst Pitch Perfect movie and a horrible way to put an end to all of these girl’s story. The main plot was iffy at best and the sub-plot of Fat Amy’s dad being some crime lord was just thrown in there for a reason that I’ll get to in a minute. I really tried to like this movie, I did, but I just couldn’t. There were so many things wrong with it, so many missed points, so many missed opportunities, that it just made this movie a complete yawn fest. I will say that the whole USO tour thing was clever and would have worked, if they devoted more time to that instead of making it a montage and instead centering on the whole Fat Amy and her dad. Don’t get me wrong, Fat Amy is one of my favorite characters, but the sub-plot that was added to this movie just made this move sink down even lower in the ratings. There were those funny parts, most of them because of Rebel Wilson, but other than that I felt like I just stared at the screen for an hour and a half and watched a complete and utter train wreck. Unlike the movies before, there was nothing catchy, nothing to actually remember, nothing to actually reference in the real world and have people who don’t know the movie look at you like “huh?” and have people who do know the movie quote something back to you. (Yes, I have to put in here that I’m a total nerd when it comes to this movie and will refer to things as acca-awesome which makes people look at me funny at work. They obviously don’t get the Pitch Perfect references.) Anyway, this movie could have been so much better, but it just wasn’t.

The Queer Baiting is Real – So it’s been obvious since the first movie that there was always something going on between Becca and Chloe. Sure people will say it was because of the shower scene, but it was something so much more. Even if the shower scene was removed from the first movie, which would be a damn shame, it was obvious to see that there was something going on between Becca and Chloe. Maybe the first movie didn’t intentionally do this, and that’s understandable. It happens a lot where people will ship a certain couple, who aren’t actually a couple, just based on the obvious chemistry on screen. An example that comes to mind is Xena. I could talk about Xena for hours, but moving on, the second movie played upon this and played upon the LGBT audience that began to ship Becca and Chloe. Obviously I was one of them. I so wanted this to happen and got tired of the whole Becca and Jessie thing. When it was put to an end in Pitch Perfect 3 it made me wonder a bit. Would Universal make Becca and Chloe a thing? With this last movie being a basic fan service, you would think so. Then it was leaked that a kiss between Becca and Chloe was filmed and it was how the movie would end. Then there was the promo that Universal put out themselves, before getting rid of it, with Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow going in for an embrace but stopping and urging the audience to come and see if they actually got together in the final movie. Fast forward to the movie being released and everything basically being erased. SPOILER ALERT Chloe ends up with some random guy that she met at the beginning of the movie. Becca ends up alone because she’s not having any of that shit. Throughout this movie it was heavily hinted that these two characters would end up together, and I’m not just talking about the touching scene, it was other obvious things that were thrown into the viewers face only to have nothing pan out in the end. This is obvious queer baiting on behalf of Universal and it’s wrong. It’s wrong in so many ways especially for a movie studio that basically produces porn with Fifty Shades of Grey and the sequels, which you can buy unrated versions of, but God forbid there were two women kissing on screen! It’s not it like was hinted at for three movies! Seriously Universal? Then to not even release the kiss as a deleted scene on the DVD was just a nail on the coffin. Being part of the LGBT community this just really gets to me, I would have been fine if the scene wasn’t filmed and confirmed or if the promo that was pulled hadn’t been released at all, but all of this happened and for Universal to purposely not put this into the movie was obvious queer baiting and it’s just wrong. So shame on you Universal.

As always, the one and only shining part of this movie was the cast. The cast works perfectly together and I really love it when a movie comes together and brings together a cast that just works like this one did and always will. For all three movies, this cast of actress’s have just knocked it out of the ball park and through the ridiculousness of it all made these movies what they are. The first one being iconic, the second one being some what memorable, and the third one being forgettable. The only thing that’s memorable about this movie is the devotion of these actress’s to try and put the best movie they could possibly put out there and for that they get a kudos.

Overall I give this movie a 1 out of 5.

So what a way for this movie to go out. This was the worst addition to the Pitch Perfect franchise with the horrible plot, the even more horrible sub-plot and the more than obvious queer-baiting that went on during the course of not only this film but the other films as well. While this movie doesn’t ruin the whole franchise as a whole, it definitely ends it on a sour note and makes me want to hide this movie from my collection. This is definitely not being played during the Pitch Perfect binge watching nights. If you’re a Pitch Perfect fan I would say to skip this movie and just end it at 2 because it’s not worth it to sit through a horrible plot and sub-plot. If you’re a Becca and Chloe shipper, like myself, I would say to never watch this movie because it will reel you in, hook, line, and sinker, only to not deliver in the end and put a nail in the coffin of the whole Becca and Chloe shipping.


A Quiet Place Review

A Quiet Place

This is one of those movies that I didn’t want to wait until it came out on HBO, Netflix, or even to rent to see it. I had to see this one in the movie theater. From the previews it promised to be a horror movie that has never been done before. As a horror movie fan, this piqued my interest. Mostly because just about everything has been done before and every horror movie is basically built on something else that existed before it. Anyway, I headed out to my local AMC theater on a weekend when Avenger’s: Infinity War came out, which was my first mistake. My second was actually going to an AMC theater because they just suck. VIP lines (again this is a movie theater not a convention), ticket and concession lines combined (who the hell thought this was a good idea?), and staff members who are just plain rude. I try to not let this ruin my movie going experience, so let’s get into the review of the movie.

A quiet place is about a family headed by Evelyn and Lee Abbott, played by Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, with their three children. It’s been three month’s since an alien invasion by these aliens that can’t see, have armored bodies, super excellent hearing (since they can’t see), and are super fast. It’s basically the apocalypse and most of earth has been wiped out since these aliens have no weak points. While out on this very faithful day, the youngest of the Abbott clan makes some noise and gets killed. Cut to a year later where Evelyn is pregnant and about to give birth, Lee is working on trying to find a weakness in the aliens and give the gift of hearing to his deaf daughter Regan, played by Millicent Simmonds. Lee is also trying to teach his oldest son Marcus, played by Noah Jupe, about survival. While all of this is going on, they all have to be extremely quiet. But there’s a catch. If there is noise around that’s louder than the noise the family makes, the aliens won’t hear them. How is this family going to survive? Will they find a weakness and be able to stop this alien invasion or at least kill the aliens on their farm? This fast paced movie will have you on the edge of your seat as you watch to find out.

I thought this movie was great and really enjoyed it. The not being able to make a sound thing was an interesting one and it helped the movie to show a family with a deaf child who already knew sign language. Can you imagine if they didn’t? The movie would have gotten really old really quickly. But in the end this helps them in a way that I found new and innovating. I really don’t have many complaints about this movie as I was on the edge of my seat just waiting to see what happened next. How will Evelyn have her baby without making a sound? How will Lee help his children learn about survival? Will Regan forgive herself for the death of her youngest brother? The one and only complaint I have about this movie is that before the movie starts you have no background on this family. Who are these people? Who were they before the alien invasion? Evelyn is supposed to be some sort of doctor but how are we supposed to know that? Because she takes her own blood pressure and has a stethoscope to listen to her unborn baby’s heartbeat? I take my own blood pressure, but I’m not a doctor. How are we supposed to know that Lee is an engineer? Because he tries to fix Regan’s hearing implant every chance he gets and has all of this fancy equipment? He could just be someone who tinkers with electronics. A little background, even half an hour, would have gone a long way for this movie just to put you in the right setting and to see who this family was and who they are during the invasion. Other than that the movie was an amazing one as it brings a new and interesting stories into the horror genre.

When did horror movies get so emotional? I don’t mind crying when movies are sad or when they give you this ultra-happy ending that you know for a fact only happens in the movies, but seriously I hate crying at horror movies. Because this movie revolved around a family trying to survive it made it extremely emotional though. Especially since Regan thinks Lee blames her for the death of her younger brother. They even built a little shrine for him that Regan visits and Lee is oblivious to the fact that he’s distant towards Regan until his son points it out to him. Anyway, I won’t spoil it here, but it makes the ending that much sadder and had me crying…at a horror movie. Which I hate doing.

The cast for this movie works perfectly. This is probably because Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are actually married. It makes the family aspect of this movie work because something about them being together on screen just screams family. Anyway, it gets the point across that this is about a family because Emily Blunt and John Krasinski make it seem so real. The children in the movie Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe do an excellent job of making this movie seem so real as well. They’re children who are struggling with something unknown. They’re still trying to be children, but also trying to learn how to survive knowing that each day could be their last or one of their parents last. Anyway, the whole cast makes this movie work.

Overall I give this movie a 4.5 out of 5.

I thought this movie was great and is one of those rare horror movies that bring something new into the genre itself. The cast works great together, the story line is a solid one, and the new baddies are pretty damn amazing and also original. It you’re looking for something to go see that isn’t a super hero movie and something original then I would definitely recommend this movie. If you’re a fan of the horror genre and are tired of all the normal horror tropes, then I would definitely recommend this movie. If you’re not really a fan of scary movies, I would still recommend this movie because of how different it is. This is one of those movies that I wouldn’t mind watching again and again because it was that good.


Atomic Blonde Review

Atomic Blonde

I’ve been waiting to see this movie since I first seen the previews for it sometime last year. I thought that it was going to be this super cool, James Bond with a female lead sort of movie, so when I seen the preview over and over again on HBO, I knew that I couldn’t miss it. Anyway, after a long wait I finally was able to see this movie so keep reading to see if it was what I expected it to be.

Atomic Blonde is about MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton, played by Charlize Theron, who is sent in to 1989 Berlin in order to find a watch. This watch was on another MI6 agent who was murdered and it contained a list of all undercover agents and the name of a traitor. Lorraine will make her way through Berlin, coming in contact with other spies played by James McAvoy and Sofia Boutella, in her quest to find this watch. All of this is told as a flashback scene while she’s being investigated for the events that went down during her mission.

I hate to say this, but this movie bored me to tears and the most exciting part happened within the last 15 minutes of this two hour movie. It’s really sad to have to sit there for two hours going through boring scene after boring scene that basically leads nowhere until the end where you find out that what was shown to you wasn’t what was really going on. Don’t get me wrong, when this happens in movies it can be a huge changing point and make you think “Wow I can’t believe this just happened!” That is if the actual movie itself is good. Sadly, this movie isn’t and the big twist at the end just makes you roll your eyes because at that point you’re just done with the movie. It feels like this movie could have been so much more and the only good thing I can say about this movie is that it had an awesome soundtrack. Other than that I found the movie hard to follow, boring, and just not worth the ending.

The cast for this movie is basically just eh. The star of the movie is Charlize Theron and I was kind of surprised that this just wasn’t the role for her. Don’t get me wrong I think that she’s a great actress, but this movie just fell flat for her as it did for James McAvoy who is an amazing actor. Sometimes even a great cast that boasts two huge stars really can’t be saved by anything and that’s kind of sad.

Overall I give this movie a 2 out of 5.

The twist at the end gets some credit even though by that time the movie ended and I really didn’t care. The action sequences were way over the top and I would keep the kiddies away from this movie as it has a way over gratuitous sex scene between Charlize Theron and Sofia Boutella. I mean, I was even embarrassed watching it and just wanted to shrink into a corner. Not because I’m some sort of a prude, but because it just didn’t fit the movie. Anyway, if you still want to watch this movie, go ahead, but just plan on being disappointed because it’s nothing like any of the trailers suggest that it’s going to be.


Love, Simon Review

Love, Simon

It takes a lot these days to actually get me to a movie that’s playing in the theater, the last movie I seen in the movie theater was Jigsaw and that was a while ago. Going to the movies these days means having to travel about two towns away or suck it up and go to the local AMC. I sucked it up this time and went to the local AMC, got the broken chair again, probably paid way too much money for a bottle of water, and went to go see Love, Simon. Keep reading to see if this movie was worth it though.

Love, Simon is about Simon, played by Nick Robinson. Simon is a normal 17 year old boy. He has his normal group of friends at high school that includes his best friend Leah, played by Katherine Langford, a supportive mom and dad, played by Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel, as well as a little sister who he loves, but doesn’t tell her that, played by Talitha Bateman. He has the perfect life, expect he’s keeping this huge secret from everyone. His secret is that he’s gay and he doesn’t know how to tell the people around him. He’s going to wait for college where he can just be who he is inside, that is until there is an anonymous post on his high school’s blog from another boy named Blue. Blue is also gay but just can’t find it in him to come out. Simon contacts Blue and their love story begins.

So I absolutely loved this movie. It was a breath of fresh air in an overall stale theater environment that includes super hero movies, sequels, reboots, and so on. While all of those movies are just fine, it’s nice to see a movie that’s different and this one is. In this day and age you would think that coming out isn’t a thing anymore, but it is and this movie shows the struggle of two boys who find each other but are afraid. Afraid of what people would say, afraid of how their parents will react, and afraid that their world will be turned upside down. So instead of being who they are, they hide. They put on a mask, until it’s forced off. This movie was one that had it all though, it had those touching moments, those funny moments, and those I’m going to cry for the next five minutes moments. Simon is highly relatable for those who are closeted and think that coming out is going to be the worst thing ever, kudos to this movie for pointing out the fact that straight people don’t have to come out and they can just be who they are. Coming out, especially at that age, hell at any age, is scary, you create these scenarios in your head about how your parents will hate you and think they did something wrong, how you’ll be bullied, and how the people who know you will feel like they don’t know you anymore. This movie takes Simon’s worst fears and shows that it’s ok to be who he is. If anything, I hope that this movie helps teenagers who are closeted and think the worst will happen from coming out, I know that if I had seen this movie when I was that closeted teenage girl who just wanted to fit in, it might have made things a little easier for me.

The cast for this movie works perfectly together. A huge kudos to Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel who play the ultra-liberal mom and the old school jock dad. They play their parts to perfection and show what parents of LGBT teenagers should be like. Supportive. The main credit goes to Nick Robinson though who plays Simon because he plays such an amazing role. While he’s trying to act “normal” he’s struggling inside. He wants to be who he truly is and you can see this struggle on screen. You can see how he lights up everything he hears from Blue and how scared he is when he’s blackmailed into being outed. His acting makes the movie because you feel for him and the struggles that his character is going through.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

I didn’t just see this movie because I’m a part of the LGBT community and you don’t have to be part of the LGBT community to see this movie. It made me smile when I was leaving to see two old ladies walk into the movie theater to see this movie. I would say that this movie is for everyone because it shows the struggles of this teenage boy who doesn’t have what’s considered a normal teenage struggle. It also has a cute little love story with it too to just make this movie more heartwarming. I really recommend seeing this movie and feel like if you don’t or skip it because you’re gong to peg it as, “just another gay movie,” then you’re the one that’s missing out.


Chappie Review


It was another Saturday night and after getting roped into watching some weird ass movie the week before on HBO, I decided to not follow that pattern again and instead turn on Netflix and see what I could watch. I went through my list twice, twice and decided to pass on everything. I hate it when this happens, but this is my own fault since my list is basically filled with shows and not actual movies. Anyway, I did some more scrolling and found Chappie. This was one of those moments where I was like, “I wanted to see this movie when it came out!” I was quick to press the play button so keep reading to see if it was what I expected it to be.

Chappie is about a time in the future, not too far in the future though, where the police use robots to patrol the streets of Johannesburg and take crime levels down to basically nothing. This is all because of the company Tetravaal which is run by Michelle Bradley, played by Sigourney Weaver, and the creator of these police robots Deon, played by Dev Patel. Deon has other plans for this robot though, he wants to create the first ever robot who can think and feel for itself and that’s where Chappie, voiced by Sharlto Copley, comes in. After being hit with an RPG during a police raid, unit 22 is unusable, but Deon has other plans for this unit and implants a new chip in unit 22 to make him human, to make him Chappie. Chappie unfortunately ends up in the hands of some criminals that want to use him for criminal activities, while back at Tetravaal, Vincent, played by Hugh Jackman, is trying to come up with his own robot very unsuccessfully. This will push him to challenge everything that Deon does and do everything possible to destroy Chappie.

While this movie has the feel of Short Circuit, kudos to you if you actually know this movie, it’s actually a lot deeper. This was surprising as it is an action and adventure movie, but has a deeper meaning to it especially when it talks about death and what happens when you die. While I wasn’t expecting that and didn’t mind it, it made the movie more interesting and thought provoking, I will tell you that I was ready to shut the movie off if Chappie asked “Does this unit have a soul?” Luckily he didn’t and I continued to watch and ended up really enjoying this movie. Chappie’s main goal is to basically learn and in learning he wants to be able to allow people to live forever which would mean moving their human consciousness into a robot form. Basically this movie had a little bit of everything. Those thought provoking moments, those action and adventure sequences, some comedy thrown in for good measure, and unfortunately a sub-plot thrown in that could have brought this movie down. For some reason it didn’t though and I actually found myself upset when this movie ended because I thought it could have been a little longer if they would have cut out the un-needed sub-plot.

The acting in this movie isn’t great and that’s hard to say because I’m a huge fan of Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman, and Dev Patel. It’s just that this isn’t their best movie, but it doesn’t hurt the movie either. The acting seems kind of forced and really out of character for Hugh Jackman and Dev Patel, while it seems that Sigourney Weaver takes up a role that she’s taken up in several other movies. I was really surprised that since these are the three main characters that this didn’t hurt the movie and it’s rather strange when an actual plot of the movie can be that good that the acting really doesn’t matter. Anyway, there was also the three street thugs who were Chappie’s teachers and of course they were way over the top and unbelievable. I don’t think that street thugs act that way, but this is just a movie.

Overall I give this movie a 3 out of 5.

So the acting for this movie is bad. I’m going to put that out there right now, the sub-plot is also bad, but the main story, the story about Chappie, his learning process and what he turns into, is the most interesting part and will keep you immersed in this movie for the over two hour run time. If you’re in it for the action and adventure, I would say to pass on this movie, but if you want to watch a movie that provides a spin of answers on what would happen if an AI had actual consciousness and touch base on what happens when people die and can their consciousness be transferred so they can live on then this is the movie for you.


My Cousin Rachel Review

My Cousin Rachel

I have no idea why I wanted to watch this movie for my Saturday night movie. Maybe it was because I seen it as a preview last week after watching Alien Covenant and thought why not. Other than that this movie was completely off my radar and I didn’t even know it existed until last week. While sometimes that can be a good thing, it can also be a bad thing. Keep reading to see which of the two it was.

My Cousin Rachel is about Philip, played by Sam Clafine, who learns that his cousin Ambrose has died mysteriously after traveling to Florence and marrying Rachel, played by Rachel Weisz. When Rachel mysteriously disappears Philip vows to take revenge on her as he blames her for the death of Ambrose even though for coroner said that he died of a brain tumor. How they diagnosed that type of thing in the 19th century is beyond me but hey it’s a movie. Anyway, after meeting Rachel, Philip becomes obsessed with her. Is there some sort of witch craft at play, is there just something about Rachel, or maybe Rachel isn’t what he had originally thought that she was. All this will sort of be figured out, but not really in this overly boring murder mystery drama.

I spent a lot of time watching this movie and looking down at my phone. I hate that I’ve become one of these people that when they’re bored they look down at their phone and think of other things to do. When have I become this person that can’t watch a movie no matter how boring it is and just watch it? Anyway, this movie was super boring. The story could have been enough to support the whole murder mystery thing, but it just didn’t for whatever reason. Not only that but the movie was a short one that was slow and ended things rather quickly giving a brief epilogue of events afterwards. Did Rachel really kill her husband? Was she some sort of witch who brewed magic tea to make men fall in love with her? Was she some sort of Black Widow? No one knows and don’t expect to find out by the end of the movie either.

The cast was one of many no names expect for Rachel Weisz who is a better actress than this movie deserved. This movie was definitely not for her and she either played the part of Rachel really well or was just bored with the role itself. Anyway, the casting didn’t work making this movie as a whole not really work. Throw in a bad cast, a bad plot, and a slow presentation to give yourself a really horrible movie.

Overall I give this movie a 1 out of 5.

Not as bad as some movies that I’ve seen, this movie will definitely bore you to death. By the end you really don’t care how Ambrose died or why Philip is so obsessed with Rachel and you just want the movie to be over. This movie had a lot of potential to be a great murder mystery, but failed miserably. Out of all the books that can be turned into movies I can’t believe this is one of them and I could never see myself reading this book or ever watching this movie again. I would give my strong recommendation to skip this movie and turn to something better, but if you want to be bored and lulled to sleep or just have some background noise while you play with your phone then this should be the movie for you.


Alien: Covenant Review

Alien Covenant

Another Saturday night means another movie night. I was still longing for a horror movie since the last few were a bust. When HBO said that they were going to be premiering this movie, I figured I couldn’t go wrong. I mean it’s an Alien movie and Alien was one of the first horror movies that I fell in love with. Was this movie finally the movie that I was looking for? Keep reading to find out?

Alien: Covenant is the direct sequel to Prometheus. Before we get into the review for this movie, I want to say that I actually went to the movie theater to see Prometheus. That was basically when no one really knew if it was a prequel to Alien or if it wasn’t. After the movie, I was saying how this was definitely a prequel to Alien, when some fanatic came running up to me saying that it wasn’t and Ridley Scott said that it wasn’t, it was just a similar movie. I pointed out how Prometheus ended and that if you didn’t think it was a prequel then you must not know Alien. Movie man made his way angrily from me muttering how I didn’t know shit and well this is my time to gloat. Prometheus IS a prequel to Alien and this movie, Alien: Covenant proves it. So ha. Anyway, Covenant is a ship with a mission. The mission is to find Origae-6 and colonize it. This means that it’s not some random expedition, but that Covenant has not only a crew, but over 2,000 human’s aboard in cryostasis along with some embryos to kick start the colonization of Oriage-6. Walter, played by Michael Fassbender, is the ship’s AI who is controlling things while everyone is in cryostasis. When the ship encounters something destructive while trying to power up, the crew is forced to wake up and make repairs while losing their captain. Taking over as captain is Oram, played by Billy Crudup. After a quick repair mission, Tennessee, played by Danny McBride, finds some strange feedback coming from somewhere close by. Finding another planet that is closer than Oriage-6 and habitable, Oram decides the crew should check it out even though Daniels, played by Katherine Waterson, disagrees. Anyway, select members of the crew decide to land and go on an expedition of this new planet when they encounter David, also played by Michael Fassbender, the only survivor of Prometheus. David has been alone on this planet for 11 years and knows the ins and outs of the planet, but also has a sinister plan brewing. Will the crew of Covenant be able to stop him and get back to their original mission? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Hmm…this seems familiar…. I have to say that the beginning of this movie plays out a lot like Mass Effect: Andromeda. Everyone is in cryostasis hoping to find a new planet to colonize, something bad happens, and then the shit hits the fan. The similarity stops there, but anyone else notice this? Let me know in the comments section below.

I thought this movie was great. Even though the opening was a little slow, it was still a really great Alien movie. Last week I complained that there weren’t enough strong female roles in the horror movie genre, so kudos to Ridley Scott who always makes sure that the women in his movies are some bad-ass ladies who know how to get the job done. They aren’t screaming and terrified all the time and they don’t act over the top. Moving on though, I enjoyed how this movie basically gave a breakdown of what happened after the ending of Prometheus, since it did kind of end on a cliffhanger, and basically wrapped up that movie while making the story in this movie one that needs to be continued with another movie. This movie brought back the original Alien creatures that terrorized Sigourney Weaver for a bunch of movies and brought them to life in a new and pretty neat way. For me, even though some of the scenes were a little over the top and overly gratuitous with the gore and the one shower scene, the science fiction aspect of this movie had me at the edge of my seat. I also enjoyed that this was an actual horror movie. Finally!

The cast of this movie was just amazing. Michael Fassbender stole the show as he always does, but especially this time since he played two different parts. After the original David android is seen as too human, Walter is made to be less human and more mechanical meaning that these were two completely opposite roles that Michael Fassbender played to perfection. While the rest of the cast was basically expendable, the one other stand out role was Katherine Waterson. I though her portrayal of Daniels was amazing and she was definitely the right choice for this movie where she’s basically takes on the role of the new Sigourney Weaver. I say that not as an insult, but as praise. Anyway, these three characters are the ones to watch in this movie as they stand out and will determine the faith of everything moving forward.

Overall I give this movie a 3 out of 5.

Can I say it again how this movie is a direct sequel to Prometheus just in case random movie theater guy is reading? Even though he probably isn’t. Anyway, it was an enjoyable sequel to a great movie. Not saying that this movie isn’t great, but it just went a little over the top to say that “Hey, even though Alien is in the title, this is an ALIEN movie.” I mostly enjoyed more of the science fiction aspect of this movie, respected some of the horror aspects that weren’t cheap jump scares, but thought that it went overboard at times to prove that it was still an Alien movie. Anyway, if you’re a fan of the Alien movies, this one is not one to be missed. Just make sure to watch Prometheus first so that you aren’t completely lost.


XX Review


It was Saturday night and that means that it was movie night. HBO was playing some boring movie, so it was time to turn on Netflix and get my list cleared out a little bit more. I have to say that I’ve been doing a decent job of doing that with the only problem being that when I take one item off, I usually end up adding another 5. It’s a never ending cycle. Anyway, I wanted to watch an actual horror movie this week since I’ve been trying to unsuccessfully the past couple of movie nights. XX looked promising, but the question is was it the horror movie I was looking for? Keep reading to find out.

XX promised to be an anthology of horror movies told in a woman’s perspective which had me intrigued and it also made me think of Trilogy of Terror. Anyone remember that movie? If you do leave me a comment down in the comments section below. Anyway, it started off with a little story called The Box. The box is about a woman on a train with her two kids. Nosey little Danny asks an old man to see what’s in the box he’s carrying. From there on out he refuses to eat. No one can figure out why little Danny doesn’t want to eat and things progressively get worse from there as he tells his sister, who then refuses to eat, before finally telling his father, who as you might have guessed will also refuse to eat. It’s up to the mother to find out in time what’s causing this or watch her family die of starvation. Next up is The Birthday Party. A mother is holding birthday party for her daughter only to find that her husband is dead in the other room. Why are we going to ruin a perfectly good birthday party though even though the girls father is dead? The plan is to somehow hide the fact that he’s dead. The mother will do this by hiding him in a panda suit. Will anyone find out that the girls father is dead or will they all go on to enjoy a happy little party? Next up is Don’t Fall where a group of friends decide to go hiking on some ancient grounds. That’s never good as one friend becomes possessed by some ancient markings that she touched on a wall. Will her three remaining friends survive the night? Finally is Her Only Living Son which revolves around a mother and her son. Her son is coming of age and she’s getting ready to celebrate his 18th birthday. Too bad though that her son is basically the devil’s son and he’ll have to decide whether he’s going to follow in his father’s footsteps or be the man his mother raised.

Holy hell this movie just totally sucked. I realized this from the first two minutes in, but just had to keep watching. What if I was missing something incredibly awesome by the time the movie ended? Turns out that I wasn’t and each and every short story was just worse than the one that came before it. Not to mention this wasn’t even a horror movie! What the hell is going on? Does anyone know how to define an actual horror movie anymore? Apparently not and apparently seeing things from a woman’s perspective in horror movies means that everything is extremely overly complicated and overly thought out to the point of exhaustion. This was kind of offensive since there aren’t that many strong women roles in horror movies, we usually get the screaming woman who’s running up the stairs trying to get away from whatever is chasing her. Who the hell would run up the stairs to get away from the big bad? Apparently the stupid women that most horror movies portray. For once, just once I would like to see a horror movie with a kick ass woman who doesn’t scream like a moron at every little thing and who doesn’t run up a flight of stairs when being chased. Anyway, this movie just follows the typical horror movie trope that women are basically useless and powerless.

This movie was filled with a cast of people that aren’t even worth mentioning because I had no idea who the hell they actually were. Some of them sort of looked familiar, but I would rather not mention them since they did such a horrible job at making this movie work. Each short story had a different cast and they all worked together horribly.

Overall I give this movie a 0 out of 5.

Yes that’s right a 0. This movie was the worst movie I have ever seen and isn’t even worthy of a rating. It should come with a big sign on it that says stay the hell away from me because I am horrible. This isn’t even one of those movies that you can watch and laugh at because it’s laughable. There was no laughing just a lot of eye rolling as I watched this movie and counted down the minutes for it to end. When they got to the fourth and final story I actually cheered because it meant that I had to sit thought one more piece of crap before this movie was over. Anyway, if you’ve ever listened to any of my movie advice, please listen to this one and just stay as far away from it as possible.