E3 2017 – Part 5 – Sony Press Conference

Out of all the press conferences that E3 has to offer, I have to say that I always look forward to the Sony one. It’s my absolute favorite because they show games that I know if I’m interested in I can buy. This is also the last conference that I watch and then just watch various different gaming news feeds to see if I missed anything good. Anyway, on with the Sony conference.

Things started off with a new look at Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. I have to say that this DLC/Expansion, I have no idea what you want to call it, looks amazing and it does make up for the fact that Uncharted 4 was sorely missing Chloe. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be enjoyed all that much because it is a Sony Conference and it wouldn’t be a Sony Conference without a few hiccups and there was basically no sound for the first three previews. Next up though, another glimpse at some more DLC. This time for Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy’s story continues as she ventures into a new frozen area with new characters to meet and new metal demons to take down. This will be one of those $19.99 DLC’s called The Frozen Wilds and it’ll be available some time before the new year.

Next up was some new Day’s Gone footage and actual gameplay. While I feel like zombie games are a little overdone at this point, this one looks new and different. The zombies aren’t your typical zombies and this game involves a lot of tactics instead of just running into a horde and killing as many zombies as possible. The only thing is there is no release date. Up next was a game that I was surprised to see because compared to the three power houses before it, it looked cheaply made and kept cutting back and forth between different scenes. This game shows you some gameplay action, but not a lot making me think that it doesn’t really operate all that smoothly. This was Monster Hunter World. After that I kind of felt the show went downhill with the showing of Shadow of the Colossus, which is a complete remake, and Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite.

Because of the deal that Call of Duty has with PlayStation there was the obligatory Call of Duty stuff with the next edition into the franchise which is WWII. I gave up on this franchise a long time ago because I just can’t keep up so while this one looks cool, I’ll be skipping it because I can’t give it the time it needs to actually play. After that was just a handful of different games that you can only play on PlayStation VR. Even though some of the games looked good like The Inpatient, others were just ugh. They even re-did The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for VR now and I’m basically over it. How many times are they going to re-do this game before giving us the next addition into The Elder Scrolls franchise? Anyway, some of the crazy VR games were Star Child, some Final Fantasy Fishing Game, Bravo Team, and the creepiest game of all where it makes you look like a weirdo following a mouse around Moss.

With the VR stuff finally done, it was time to get into some God of War because people have been waiting for this. I love that this isn’t just a new edition into this already well established franchise, but a reboot of the franchise. You can see Kratos in a new light, even though he remembers his past which is shown in this trailer/gameplay feature, he is trying to raise his son as best as he can. It looks like it’s going to be amazing and it comes out in early 2018. Up next a game that I’ve been waiting for since it was first debuted. It’s Detroit: Become Human. There was new gameplay footage, the reveal of a new character, who just happens to be a Grey’s Anatomy star, and a new mission. Everything looks great and it looks like this game is ready to go, but there’s no release date and there won’t be until David Cage says so. Then there was another game that is being overly hyped which is Destiny 2. This game could be the best game ever, but after being duped into playing the first Destiny, I will not be doing the same with this game. I really don’t believe the game has changed all that much to make it into a decent game, but that remains to be seen. I just won’t be buying it. The show then closes with Spiderman. Seriously? That was it? I thought I was watching the Sony Conference. I know that people are super hyped for this game and all, but I could really care less about another Spiderman game. There was a bunch of actual gameplay showed off and it looks decent at the moment, but I’m just not into it.

Overall Sony had a really weak show. There was nothing really concrete to show off and they focused way too much on VR. I’m not buying into the whole VR thing where I feel like I’m going to have to be dropping Dramamine every couple of hours just to play a video game. While a lot of games are coming out this year, I felt like we will be seeing a lot of these games again next year with probably no release date. What’s the point then? I want to see games that are going to be coming out sometime in the near future so that I can play them. This isn’t just for Sony, but for a lot of the conferences. I know they’re supposed to showcase games that are coming out, but I don’t feel like they should make multiple appearances at E3. When a game makes multiple appearances at E3 because it isn’t done yet, it makes me feel like it’s that company reminding you about this game because clearly with everything else that has come out you’ve forgotten about it so it turns into a show of “don’t forget, we still have this game coming out!”



E3 2017 – Part 3 – Bethesda Press Conference

I have to be honest and say that I didn’t watch this one live because I live on the East coast and that would have meant staying up until after 12 when I had to get up the next morning at 5:30 to be at work. It wasn’t happening, but I did get up early the next morning and watched while I ate my breakfast before work. Anyway, I was kind of confused as to why Bethesda was having a conference this year because I really didn’t think they would have much to show off. Keep reading to see if the conference was worth it or not.

It looks like Bethesda is trying to re-do their image with the whole theme park thing. I know it worked for Fallout 4 and was fun and creative, but for the company as a whole, I’m not really sure it worked. It made them look campy and I really wasn’t digging it. Anyway, there was a huge focus on the VR stuff that included Doom VFR and Fallout 4 VR. I’m still not catching onto this phase and I’m not sure why they would spend so much resources already making these First person games into VR. This had me shrugging my shoulders as they moved onto some Elder Scrolls Online talk. There’s a bunch of content added in already and they concentrated a little on the new release of Morrowind. This is one of those games that I played at launch, but could never really get into so I had that glazed over look while I watched because I must be doing something wrong when it comes to this game. Then there was a focus on Elder Scrolls Legends which is basically Gwent, just not available on console. If this was available on a console I would have more interest in it, but since it’s not I just shrugged my shoulders again.

Bringing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to switch was a big thing especially since you can dress up as Link. Who doesn’t want that, am I right? While I watched the person playing, I thought to myself, “this looks like a really difficult way to play Skryim.” Anyone else think that? Then there was some new Dishonored content which was basically what Uncharted did with The Lost Legacy. It’s kind of like a DLC but it’s stretched out longer to get more money. Since I still haven’t played either Dishonored game, this will be a pass until I can at least play one or both of those games.

Then there was stuff like this new Creation Club for mods, but the catch is that you have to pay for them. I’m not sure if you use real money, like the money I get from working, or money that you earn in game. This was a little confusing to me because who would pay for mods with real money? Then of course there was the eSports section that showed off the Quake Championships. This made me wish that I could be good at one of these games and actually compete so that I could say I played video games for a living instead of working like everyone else.

Finally, the show ended with two big reveals because it turns out they didn’t have too much to show this year which is why the conference was super short. It first started off with The Evil Within 2. This looked a lot like Silent Hill for me, but I still haven’t played the first one so I’m not sure. Also it’s a super scary horror game which is probably why the first one is still sitting in my backlog. Good news is that it comes out this year on 10.13.2017 which just happens to be Friday the 13th. Nice marketing strategy. The last game they showed off was Wolfenstine II: The New Collusus. This game looked pretty amazing. I have to say thought that I have two Wolfenstine games in my backlog that I would like to play before this comes out because I liked how it had this BioShock feel to it. Everything about it from the gameplay to the cinematics looks amazing and it looks like a really fun game and the good news is that it also comes out this year on 10.27.2017. Looks like this year is shaping up to be a pretty huge year for games again.

And that was it, I felt the conference was a little weak because they only ran for about half an hour and they didn’t have much to show. There was no HUGE game like when they announced Fallout 4 or even when they announced the Skyrim remaster. Those were huge, I felt like this year just didn’t bring it and I hope that next year if they do a conference they’ll have a little more.


What makes multiplayer good? The game or the people?

This topic has been on my mind for the past couple weeks as I’ve been finding it harder than usual to actually enjoy a game that has multiplayer, specifically a game that has multiplayer separate from the actual game itself. This made me wonder, was the multiplayer in a game good because it was just good and super addictive, or was it good because of the people I was playing with. There are a bunch of games with multiplayer outside of the single player that I just for some reason cannot get into, for example there’s Call of Duty, Watch_Dogs, some Uncharted games, and Grand Theft Auto just to name a few. Then on the other hand there are games that have multiplayer outside of the actual game that I can totally get into and spend hours upon hours playing. For example my biggest one is probably Mass Effect 3. I thought this would continue with the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, but it hasn’t actually and it’s been quite the opposite which brought this question up in the first place.

Before having my established group for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer I would say that I probably spent around 4-5 hours a day playing the multiplayer depending on how it was going. Were most of the matches a win with full extraction? Were the random people I was playing with any good? Was I happy with the overall quality of experience I was having? Don’t get me wrong, the multiplayer for this game was good, I mean I was spending quite a bit of time playing it, but I was also dividing up my time playing the single player which of course was my favorite. Then things kind of changed when I found a group of people to play with.

When I found a group of people to play with my game time went from about 4-5 hours a day up to 8-10 hours per day. Crazy right? While we didn’t always have a group of 4 people, there were always about 2-3 of us playing at one time and then with some random person filling the missing void, who probably thought were absolutely insane, that would come and go as they please. This was totally fine with us. There obviously had to be some correlation between playing alone and then playing with a group of people right? I mean look how much my playtime went up and basically doubled.

Cut to five years later with the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda and I’ve barely scratched the surface of the multiplayer. As you can probably already tell, my group has disbursed to where there’s just one or two of us left. Not to mention that the overall gameplay of the multiplayer has changed drastically. There are a lot of things that come in the play with his new game as I’ve spent maybe a total of 10 hours outside of the single player playing the multiplayer. Not yet having the chance to play with my little group that’s left, I really don’t know if my obvious lack of interest in the multiplayer is because of the fact that I don’t like playing with the random people that I’ve encountered or that the game itself really isn’t that great.

In conclusion, I’ve kind of come to the realization that even though the multiplayer for Mass Effect: Andromeda isn’t what I was expecting, which was something much similar to Mass Effect 3. I mean if you think about it, the multiplayer for Mass Effect 3 was a huge success so they didn’t have to reinvent the wheel as much as they did. I think that what’s holding me off from playing as much Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer is a combination of both actually. I do miss my group of friends that I always played with, and the game itself just changed way too much to even be similar to the previous game. When it comes down to it I think that for a multiplayer game that’s outside of the single player game to be good it has to have a combination of both. You need a group of people who you actually like playing with and the game itself needs to be decent.


What to expect at E3…Maybe Part 1

E3 is less than a month away and as you can probably tell, I’m super excited about it. I love just about everything at E3. Especially the conferences. I usually have pretty high expectations, and I usually come away pretty hyped for the upcoming gaming year. Keep reading to see what I’m expecting at this years E3 starting with the EA conference.

EA Conference

Let’s start with the EA conference since they will be kicking off the E3 conference line up. What I’m expecting from them is the following:

• More information on Star Wars Battlefront 2. More information on the game itself as well as more information on the actual story mode that has been previewed.
• The new BioWare IP announcement even though it won’t be released until 2019. It’ll be big, and I really think BioWare will have a big presence at the EA conference this year.
• Since we’re already talking about BioWare it goes without saying that there will definitely something Mass Effect: Andromeda related will be announced and I’m thinking it will be the first major DLC for the game. I know EA said they were holding off on Mass Effect stuff, but I still think there will be DLC for this game. At this point it might not be much, but it’ll be something since there was a ton of build up especially towards the end of the game.
• I’m also thinking on the BioWare front there will be a very small peek at the next Dragon Age which probably won’t be released until 2018.
• One last BioWare item will probably be something to do with Star Wars: The New Republic.
• Moving away from BioWare, I’m sure the next Battlefield will be announced.
• I’m also expecting something PvZ related or Peggle related.
• Then I’m expecting a little bit of a snooze fest as we get into the sports stuff.

I’m expecting some surprises from this conference as well. Something that would be a surprise would be the announcement of another Titanfall. And then something that would also be surprising, but most welcomed would be the announcement of the Mass Effect trilogy being remastered for the Xbox One and PS4. Why am I thinking this? Because the famous N7 day falls on a Tuesday this year and it would kind of make the whole day since this has been something that has been asked for.

That’s what I’m expecting out of the EA conference. Agree with me? Disagree with me? Expecting something entirely different? Let me know in the comments section and come back tomorrow to see what I’ll be expecting from the Microsoft and Bethesda conference.


Mass Effect: Andromeda – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda has to probably be one of my most anticipated games ever. It’s one of those games that I’ve been waiting for since the last Mass Effect and was super excited once it was announced. I even stayed excited as I waited for it to be released as I tried to gather every little piece of information about the game as I could. Then the early release reviews started coming out and it kind of felt like the ending to Mass Effect 3 all over again. Wanting to play the game for myself though, I subdued my excitement a little until I could play for myself. Even though I haven’t completed the game to 100%, I have completely finished my first playthough, before the game was patched, and figured I could give some honest opinions about the game. Just as a side not though, while I have played the multiplayer for this game, I haven’t played enough to actually comment on it so multiplayer will not be mentioned in this post.

Side Note: When I had originally wrote this blog, sometime last week, there was no news of a patch or anything, but since then a patch has been released that addressed a lot of the issues that I had with the game. To be fair, even though I had to sit through an unpatched game that had some annoying moments, I have excluded the gripes that I had prior to the patch.

The Good

The one good thing about this game is that it’s still Mass Effect. It still has all the core principles that made me fall in love with the Mass Effect series to begin with. This time around though it’s a new galaxy, a new main character, a new crew, and a new story. Even though I’ll admit to still missing Shepard and her crew, Ryder has started to grow on me along with the rest of her crew. Then there’s the story. The story is massive and there are so many aspects to it that it’s almost impossible to find something about it that you won’t enjoy. The main story of finding out who the Kett are, trying to make nice with the Angara, and trying to find the missing Arks are all deeply engaging and will draw you in. The new main character is a complete 180 from Shepard. Mostly because Ryder is new to all of this. She’s not a seasoned solider, she’s learning as she goes and the game shows this. The game shows the progression of her character as the game goes on and is really developing the character into something more. Sure, she has her awkward moments, but haven’t we all? I guess that makes her a little more relatable when you think about it because it shows that she’s human. Then there’s the crew. While there are little aspects of each crew member that make them resemble past crew members, they are each new characters. Sure it’s easy to say that Cora is the new Miranda as they both have some obvious daddy issues and so on, but these characters are new and each have their own individual stories and purposes for traveling 600 years away from the Milky Way. Each character is well crafted and if you take the time on ship and off ship in docking areas to interact with them they’ll quickly grow on you. Let’s not forget about the fact that this is a completely new galaxy. There are a ton of different planets to learn about and explore not to mention the ones that you can actually land on and find out more about. Each planet that you can actually land on is beautiful in its own way. The graphics for the landscaping of the planets is top notch and you can tell a lot of time went into making each planet feel like it was alive. I don’t know how many times I’ve stopped playing just to admire the scenery around Ryder and take in each new planet. This all comes to a head when you first go to your new planet which usually isn’t ideal and has something wrong with it, but then when you “fix” the planet, the subtle differences that you see are beautiful in their own way.

The Bad

With good always comes bad, and yes there are some bad things that come along with this game. It’s almost obvious to see that this game wasn’t properly QA tested as there are certain aspects of the game that just don’t work right. This is probably the worst part of it all. Missing dialogue, invisible objects, invisible people popping out of nowhere, glitched animations, combat lag, and mission stalling. All of these are part of the bad that come along with Mass Effect: Andromeda. If you’re a BioWare fan and have played some or all of their games you know that this happens for each and every game. This is in no way an excuse for them and you would think that with a new engine they would be fixed, but obviously they aren’t. Moving forward this isn’t good, and that doesn’t excuse the fact that the game should not have been released with these problems to begin with. Moving away from obvious glitches in the game, the game itself isn’t perfect. A lot of games have this problem with finding the proper balance of story missions and side missions and this game is one of them. This game already has enough content to keep you going for hours, but add in the horde of side quests and you’ll be tearing your hair out at the amount of fetch and come back quests that are in the game. Sure you don’t have to complete them, but you’ll be left with a bunch of exclamation marks on your screen if you don’t. Then there’s all the driving. There is so much driving in this game until you unlock the proper fast travel stations on each planet that it’s unbelievable. While it wasn’t meant for the Nomad to be the Mako version 2.0 it truly is as you’ll struggle to drive around each different landscape the planets have to offer. Driving around isn’t as carefree and awesome as they promised and it makes me groan every time I have to go into the Nomad to drive somewhere knowing that I’ll probably get stuck in a patch of dirt or not switch to the six wheels at the right time and will be unable to go over the smallest little hill. Looking back, I would take the Mako over the Nomad any day.

Good…but also Bad

A good thing is that each planet that you can explore is huge! A bad thing is that each planet you can explore is huge! It’s great to explore and find new things, but sometimes it just gets to be too much. I understand that the new normal in video games are these unfiltered words that seem to have no boundaries, but sometimes you need boundaries especially when it takes away from the actual game itself. BioWare is known for the stories that they create not the environments and exploration. They should have kept it this way and focused more on what they’re good at instead of trying to get into these huge open world type games. Another good thing, your Ryder isn’t alone. You have an already made family for you consisting of your dad and brother/sister depending on which Ryder you decide to play. The bad thing is that you’ll care about this family as much as you cared about your family in Fallout 4. Which, if you’re like me, when the bomb dropped in Fallout 4 you were already out the door running for the vault with your husband or wife screaming behind you that they had Shaun. Who’s Shaun? Oh that’s right the kid that you had. The family aspect only works if there is some way to for the player to form an emotional connection to them and this game lacks that. Then there’s the combat system which is new and different from previous Mass Effect games, this is also one of those good and bad type things. It’s good that it’s new, but also has that familiarity to it. You’ll know how to play if you’ve played the previous games and if you’re new you’ll find it easy to get used to. The bad is that this was one of the things that Mass Effect didn’t need to change. The combat system was fine just the way that it was in the previous games. I hate being limited to only using three different powers at a time. It’s annoying when you want your full arsenal of combat, biotic, or tech powers at your fingertips, but you can only use three at a time unless you want to constantly be switching profiles which isn’t as seamless as you would think especially in the middle of combat.

The Ugly

If you’ve read anything about Mass Effect then you already know what this section is going to be about. This game has the most ugliest characters and facial animations that I have ever seen in a game and I’ve played some pretty crappy games. For a AAA game that took 40 million dollars to make, these are not the facial animations that you would expect. There are games that came out years ago that have better looking characters than this game. With all of the advancements in technology this is something that cannot be overlooked and I can understand why people are so upset about this. These characters just look like really bad Sim characters as everything looks plastic and fake. There is nothing real about any of these facial animations or the way the characters behave. I understand the whole thing about using algorithms when it came to doing the facial animation stuff, but seriously no one picked up on the fact that this did not look good. Seriously though, who said “wow this looks amazing! Cutting edge technology here!”? Someone had to say that in order for this to pass and clearly that person didn’t know what they were talking about. When it comes to the characters and facial animations this game has become one huge meme and it’s really sad.

Side Note Since the latest patch, I have seen some improvements to certain cinematic scenes. The characters look a little different than they did when the game launched, but it hasn’t fixed everything. That being said, I’m not sure how many patches it’s going to take to actually fix all of this or if there will be a time when BioWare just gives up and says the characters and facial animations are what they are, but this is just something that should have been fixed way before launch.

Without making any kind of excuses and being blunt, this game isn’t perfect in anyway and could have probably used another 5-10 months of polishing in order to make it the worthy successor of the Mass Effect trilogy. At the moment, it seems a little unworthy of carrying the Mass Effect title. There seems to be this equal balance of something good, something bad, and something ugly, but that’s not what you want. You want an outstanding number of good things and then some bad things that can’t be helped, not to mention you want to stay away from the ugly. While patches may make all of my points irrelevant in the future, the fact of the matter is that they exist now while not only myself, but tons of other people are trying to play this game. That being said, this is still a BioWare game and it still excels at telling a story which is what BioWare is great at doing, but at the moment the bad and the ugly are kind of overtaking it. I can find myself playing for hours and enjoying myself until something bad comes along, another glitch that can’t be ignored, another awkward facial animation that cannot be overlooked. It’s my hope that by the time I truly finish the game, get all of the trophies, and publish my final review, that a lot of these things have changed in order to make this the game that it deserve to be.


Does Horizon Zero Dawn need DLC?

Horizon Zero Dawn

With Horizon Zero Dawn already selling over 2.6 million units in the first two weeks of release, it’s really no surprise that Guerilla Game’s is working on an expansion on this game to further the story. While DLC is common, I mean come on even LEGO games have them now. This raises the question that even though developers can make as much DLC as they want does the game, specifically Horizon Zero Dawn, need it?

SPOILER ALERT! There will be some minor or major spoilers in this blog so if you haven’t played and want to see how things go for yourself, then I suggest stop reading. If you’ve competed the game or just don’t care, read on.

If you’ve played and finished the game, you know that our main character Aloy is on the search for not only her mother, but also a way to stop Hades. Hades is your main bad guy in the game as he’s released into the world thinking that it isn’t perfected and that it needs to come to an end in order for GAIA to start all over again. Hades was basically the failsafe if GAIA messed up so bad the first time around that things would have to start again. The thing is, everything that was once GAIA is kind of destroyed so if Hades succeeds then the world is basically done for. Being the hero that Aloy is, she defeats Hades, or at least she thinks she does because she doesn’t know that he’s captured again by Sylens, and basically finds her mother. This is a great ending, it takes all of the games questions and answers them and gives closure to Aloy. So why is there DLC on the way?

This is one of those games that I felt had so much closure and a little twist at the end that I would really hate to see more DLC for it. The ending was perfect and alluded to a sequel that doesn’t have to involve Aloy. At the end of the game I felt that her journey was completed. She did what she wanted to by bringing people together and finding out what happened to her mother and how she was created. As much as she was a great character, I just felt like her story didn’t need to be continued. Aloy’s story had that closure that not a lot of game characters get. She’s young enough that there could be 5 or 6 of these games to see her character develop from a young adult into actual adulthood, but there’s no need for it. Her story was perfect and should be left at that.

Saying that, that doesn’t mean that I’m not open to a sequel for this game. With Sylens capturing Hades at the end of the game, it’s pretty obvious that the Horizon story is far from over. That being said though, I would like to play as a new character the next time around only to keep this franchise from falling into the same faults as Mass Effect and Uncharted. It’s a proven fact that using the same character over and over again gets the player attached to that particular character and not want to see a change. It works for some games as God of War keeps pumping out game after game with you playing as Kratos, but some games don’t want that. I really feel that Aloy’s story is over and would like to see the next game take place in another part of the world with someone as unique as Aloy.

I like to think of this game as one of those rare complete package games. This means that it doesn’t need DLC, but it does need a sequel. I would rather have Guerilla Games work on the sequel that this game deserves rather than waste their time with DLC after DLC after DLC. Although, when you think about how the game ended then jumped back to a point in time before the game ending, you knew that there had to be DLC coming. It didn’t say it, but it alluded to it. That being said, I’m a sucker for DLC for some games and this will probably be one of them, it’s just my hope that after all of this DLC is released a second game gets the time it needs to be fully developed and with a new hero.


Upgrading to an 8TB hard drive…was it worth it?

With the release of the newest PS4 firmware update, version 4.5, PS4 gamers were finally able to upgrade using an external hard drive. This is one of those features that I’ve been waiting for. The 500GB that came with the system was never enough. With games becoming larger and larger as technology advances and games just become bigger overall, 500GB can be filled with just a couple of games not to mention patches that come with games along with unrestricted DLC sizes. When it comes to go big or go home, I usually go big and this time I did too by upgrading to the largest size external hard drive that the PS4 allows. But the real question is, was it worth it?

While I could have upgraded to an internal hard drive a long time ago to fit the amount of games that I have, I never felt comfortable doing so. This generated a lot of laughs because “it’s so simple,” and “I thought you knew what you were doing when it came to computers and stuff.” And while I do know what I’m doing when it comes to “computers and stuff,” I never felt comfortable popping open the top of my PS4 and removing the hard drive. For that reason, I lived with the fact that when I wanted to play games I basically had to wait until I finished one in order to remove it or wait until I got tired of not playing a certain game and just start rage deleting a bunch of games in order to fit the game I wanted to play. It was a way of life for me until February.

In February, it was announced that the next big PS4 firmware update would allow the use of an external hard drive. This meant I didn’t have to open up my system and could just connect a hard drive using a USB port and be on my way. Since then I’ve been looking into all of my options and finally decided on one just as version 4.5 was released.

Finally deciding on the Seagate 8TB Expansion, I placed my order and eagerly awaited its arrival. Dreaming of all the games I would finally be able to play, reality struck when I finally got my external hard drive. First of all, the thing is huge. It’s this huge, heavy, rectangular box, that I had to be creative and find a hiding place for. Second of all, there is now this really ugly USB wire sticking out of the front of my PS4 leading down to where I hid the box kind of messing up the ascetics of my gaming setup. And then finally, the thing is so damn noisy. It’s constantly making some kind of clunking type noise that differs depending on if a game is downloading to it, a game is being played off of it, or if it’s just on.

Other than all that though, it was a pretty easy install, even though I had a WTF moment when I first plugged it in and a little message popped up saying that this drive wasn’t supported. While part of my brain knew this meant it had to be formatted, the other part of my brain went into panic mode because this thing was not cheap. Maybe a message change is in order? Instead of saying that the drive isn’t supported maybe it should say that the drive needs to be formatted? Just a suggestion. Since it was blank the format didn’t take all that long and since then I’ve been adding as many games as possible on while my PS4 isn’t in use.

So far I have four disc games on there, Dragon Age: Inquisition (including all of the DLC),Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and Mass Effect: Andromeda along with over 50 downloaded games that range from a couple of hundred MB to almost 40GB each. With all of this, I’m at a capacity of almost 400GB. These aren’t all of my games though and I still have a bunch more, and I do mean a bunch, to add, this isn’t half bad.

Looking at this as a kind of a long term investment, I’m pretty happy with the 8TB. Sure it’s a lot and it might not even see all 8TB be filled up, but I feel like it was worth it. This huge strain has been lifted off of my shoulders as I no longer have to worry about storage space and what the hell is wrong with my PS4 because it won’t go under 25GB. Overlooking the fact that it’s huge, clunky, has a wire sticking out of my PS4 permanently, and is noisy I would say it was totally worth it.

While the 8TB might not be for everyone, I will say that if you’re like me and find it a huge taboo to pop open the top of your PS4 in order to change the internal hard drive, then external is the way to go. If you’re like me and don’t want to worry about storage space ever, then 8TB is the way to go, but if you’re the more casual gamer then I would say that anywhere between 2TB and 4TB would be sufficient enough.


E3 Is Coming!

As a gamer, it’s just about my favorite time of the year. Why is it my favorite time of the year? Because E3 is starting this weekend! That’s right, the biggest gaming event of the year is here. While I’ll be spending two days watching press conferences, here’s a glimpse of what I’ll be looking for.

One of the main things I’ll be looking for is basically when EA kicks off E3 on Sunday. Of course I’ll be looking for more information on Mass Effect: Andromeda as well as a tentative release date. I’m also looking to see if Titanfall 2 will be a multiplatform release. Another thing I’ll be looking for is the announcement of a new IP from BioWare. Other than that I think it will be a snooze fest for me with all the sports stuff. I would be extremely surprised if it’s announced that the original Mass Effect along with Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 were being remastered. I’ll also be shocked it any new details are revealed about the next Dragon Age.

After that I’ll be waiting for the reveal of The Walking Dead Season 3 before waiting for the Bethesda press conference. Here I’ll be looking for the rumored remaster of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but other than that I’m not looking for anything else except maybe the future content plans for Fallout 4.

Monday is a big day and I’ll kick it off by watching the competition’s, Microsoft, press conference. I’m not looking for anything particular, just looking to see what the competition has to offer. After that is Ubisoft, which I will be looking for a few things. First I will be looking for no sign of an Assassin’s Creed game this year, unless they decide to join the remaster bandwagon and do a remaster of the first two games. I will be looking forward to hearing more about For Honor and South Park: The Fractured but Whole.

Now for the final big one for myself and other Sony fan boys and girls, the Sony press conference. While I expect a lot of VR talk, I’ll also be looking for some exclusive game announcements. What would excite me the most would be a new addition to the inFamous franchise as well as the God of War franchise. I’m also hoping for some new news on Detroit and some new gameplay from Horizon: Zero Dawn.

During either of the Sony or Microsoft conferences, I’ll also be looking for some pretty big third party announcements. My top wish list includes something Red Dead Redemption related, something Borderlands related, and something BioShock related. Now it’s your turn! Let me know in the comments section below what conferences you plan on tuning into and what you’re looking forward to the most. As usual, I’ll have my E3 round up posted sometime next week.


Top 10 PS2 Games That Need To Come To The PS4

With Playstation now porting over a bunch of PS2 games, I of course have my own list of PS2 games that I would love to see ported over to the PS4. I spent many many years playing my PS2, even when it went out of style and the new hip things was the PS3. I just couldn’t let go of my PS2, mostly because of how I got it. I got my PS2 after over a year of saving up my daily lunch money and sneaking food out of the house so that I still had lunch. That was the first game system that I actually bought with my own money so it meant something to me. Anyway out of every game that I played on my PS2, here’s my list of the top 10 games I want to see on the PS4.

10. The Thing

Based off of the 1982 movie, this game was all about survival. Not only did you have to make sure you didn’t go crazy in a remote part of Antarctica, you had to make sure your whole team didn’t go crazy all while trying to stay alive. Once your team members were dead, they were dead and didn’t come back. With each team member that died, the harder the game became. I spent a countless amount of hours on this game and miss it dearly which is why it needs to come back.

9. Indigo Prophecy

My first quick time event game, I fell in love with this game from the first time I played it. I completely found this game by chance as it was just sitting on the shelf at my local Blockbuster just begging for someone to rent it and play. Having played just about everything else, I thought what the hell. Once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down and was totally immersed in this thriller that was both weird and intriguing. Another game that I never finished, I begged my Blockbuster to let me buy this game since I couldn’t find it anywhere else to purchase. Of course those bastards said no, and now I’ll wait for the day it’s ported to the PS4.

8. The Operative: No One Lives Forever

Make fun of me all you want, but this was a kick ass game. You play as a Cate an ex cat burglar turned into the first female spy in 1960 England. How you play each mission is up to you and that’s what made it so great. I remember spending as much time as I could playing this game and would love to be able to play it again, this time with trophies.

7. The Godfather

This was a day one buy for me when it came out. It offered things that I had never seen in any other video games before and was innovative for its time. I know this also came out on the PS3, but it didn’t have any trophies and a PS4 version would be great. It follows what has to be one of the best movies of all time and also makes the story one that is personal to the character that you create

6. James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

Not much of a James Bond fan, the movies or the games, there was just something about this game that caught my eye. I don’t know what it was but I picked up this game on a whim and just couldn’t stop playing it. I loved every minute I spent playing it and it would be nice to see this one ported over to the PS4 so that I could have the chance to play it again.

5. Silent Hill

If I’m going to be honest, then I’m going to tell you that this game scared the shit out of me. The first time I entered that school and those little weirdo kids came at me with their knives I screamed, threw my controller on the floor, and ran out of the room. Although I’m not a fan of horror games all that much, can you blame me after this experience, I would still like the chance to be able to conquer my fear and give this game another go.

4. Stuntman

I don’t know why but I gave this game a try and it just stuck with me ever since. It’s one of those games that really isn’t all that interesting by any means, has you repeat levels over and over again until you get things right, and by no means should be all that memorable but it just is for me. It’s memorable enough that it made it into my top 5 and I want to see this game ported to the PS4 if only for the insane trophy list that is going to come with it.

3. The Simpsons: Hit and Run

Who didn’t love this game? It’s The Simpsons meets GTA III. This game is just awesome and not a lot has to be said about it to warrant a port over to the PS4. This needs to happen right now.

2. Max Payne

Although I have Max Payne 3 sitting on my PS3 just waiting to be played, I would give up playing that in order to play the original Max Payne on my PS4. One of the best games in the series, granted I didn’t play 3 but I played 2 and the original was much better, you play as beaten down cop Max Payne who is trying to avenge the death of his family. The story is gripping, has a few surprise twists and has some pretty innovative game play. Why wasn’t this one of the first games ported over to the PS4?

1. Bully

Did you know that this one was going to be my number one game? What’s not to love about this game. I must have played this game from start to finish over 10 times and each time felt like a new experience to me. Who would have known that a game about going to school could actually be fun? Forget GTA III and GTA Vice City, this was Rockstar’s true gem for the PS2 and seriously needs to be brought to the PS4.

There you have it, my top ten list of PS2 games that need to come to the PS4. Agree with me? Disagree with me? Have a list of your own or some games you think should be added to my list? Let me know in the comments section below.


Video Game Holiday Shopping Guide

So that time of the year is coming up again, that time when instead of getting up late on Thanksgiving day, I get up super early, I’m talking before 6 am, in order to do some before Black Friday shopping. What is it that I’m looking for on this holiday when I should at least be able to sleep in? Video Games. Did you really think it would be something else? Anyway, after years of practice when it comes to these types of sales, I figured I would give a few tips and tricks on how to stock up on some games you may have missed throughout the year and give you an insight on what I’m looking for myself this year.

My first question is always, where to begin? There are so many games, so many sales that it sometimes gets confusing on which to go for first. Personally I like to go for the Telltale games that I haven’t downloaded or maybe I just want to get again for another system and here’s why. During Thanksgiving day sales and the sales that come after that, these games are super cheap. I’m talking sometimes $10 – $15 off a brand new game. Not bad right? These games are also the easiest to complete and since I’ve most of the time played them already, I have no need to keep them so I can go ahead and resell them for even more then what I paid for them. It’s a nice feeling to know that you’re kinda getting paid to play a game.

After that I go for the blockbuster hits of the year. These games were super popular when they were released, but now they’re sitting on the shelves while the newest craze in video games takes its place. These are also super cheap this time of the year because retailers simply don’t have the room for them and they want to make more room for newer games. So make sure you grab these next, I’m taking about your Assassin’s Creeds, your Metal Gear Solid’s, and your Bloodbornes. I expect to see these anywhere from 25% to 50% off.

But wait there’s more! Don’t you dare forget about the countless amounts of Lego games that will also be on sale this time of year as well. These games, although I once seen them as childish, have become my latest obsession. I simply adore most of these games and am always willing to pick them up at a decent price which is usually what happens around the holiday sales time. Expect these games to be anywhere from 25% to 50% off as well. Not only are these games going to be cheap, but if you aren’t one for keeping them when you’re done, you can go ahead and sell them for even more then what you paid for them making this a win-win type of game.

Lastly, I like to go for a little bit of clean-up. You know these games, maybe they weren’t exactly all that popular or maybe they weren’t even on your radar but they’re super cheap! In this case I like to throw caution into the wind and grab a couple of games that I might not have gotten throughout the year because they just weren’t my type of game. These types of games can open your eyes to new experiences and at least during this time of the year you don’t have to pay much for them.

There you have it, my way of going about the countless holiday video games sales that will be going on this year. Also, don’t forget to pick up that extra controller that you know you’ve been needing because yours is broke from overuse. Even if you’re controller isn’t broke it’s always nice to have a spare for when it finally does break. RIP my PS4 White Controller. You were cool when I first got you and now…now you’re just sad because your damn R2 button won’t stop sticking and you’ll be replaced.

Video Game Wish List
• Dying Light (PS4)
• The Wolf Among Us (PS4)
• Bloodborne (PS4)
• Mortal Kombat X (PS4)
• Evolve (PS4)
• Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Edition (PS4)
• Lego: Jurassic World (PS4)
• Until Dawn (PS4)
• Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate (PS4)
• Game of Thrones (PS3)
• The Last of Us: Remastered (PS4)
• Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition (PS4)
• Mad Max (PS4)
• Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4)
• Tearaway: Unfolded (PS4)
• Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 (PS4)
• Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4)

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments section if you think I missed anything, or let me know what you have your eye on this holiday sale season!