Making the Most Out of Your PS Vita

I’ve been a proud PS Vita owner for over 2 years now and to tell the truth, I’ve only paid a total of less than $20 for all the Vita games that I’ve played and I’ve played a lot of PS Vita games. My main goal when buying my PS Vita was that I really didn’t want to spend any money on the games, but I still wanted to get a decent amount of usage out of it. I already had a PS3 that I spent a ton of money on and I didn’t want to do the same with a handheld console. Here’s how I managed to make the most out of my PS Vita.

Most of my PS Vita games come from the monthly PS+ lineup. Even if I have no intention of playing the game when it’s released on PS+, I add it to my library anyway. That way when I feel like I have nothing at all to play, all I have to do is go to my library and download something that’s already there. If you’re a member of PS+, take advantage of it. How can you really turn down a game that you’re getting in the monthly line up?

There are a lot of free PS Vita games. Yes, you read that correctly. FREE. They aren’t part of the PS+ lineup, they’re just free. Like with most free games, there are places for you to spend actual money, but why are you going to do that. The game is free and most likely you can get at least 30 minutes or more of playtime at a time. You don’t need more then that. Once your lives or whatever runs out, move on and come back when everything regenerates.

Black Friday is a gamers friend. Especially a PS Vita gamer. Most of these PS Vita games are way over priced, but Black Friday and the weeks to follow up until Christmas have these games at a marked down rate. Load up on these games during that time and when you’re finished with them just sell them. I’ve had huge success this way and I always get back more then what I actually paid for the game making the game that I paid for free. Or it’s like I was paid to play the game. I’ve done this mostly with all of the TellTale games including The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 and The Wolf Among Us.

Cross-buys are another great way to get some extra PS Vita games. Most of the PS Vita games are made for the PS3 and/or PS4 at this point. The cross-buy feature lets you buy the game for your actual console while getting a chance to play another version on the PS Vita. Some of these games even have separate trophy lists so it’s a total win-win situation and it gets you using your PS Vita even more.

If you just can’t justify buying yourself a Vita and making that type of investment, just think of all the free games that you’re missing out on. Sure, I’ve paid for a few games but the total amount of money that I paid for these games is seriously less than $20. Most of this is because when I do buy a game for the PS Vita, I make sure that it’s on sale or I make sure that I can sell the game later on for more then I paid for it to begin with. The PS Vita is a great little handheld console to have on the side and you at least won’t have to spend the money that you spend on your PS3 or PS4 in order to play it and get a decent amount of usage out of it.


Should Dead Games Be Rebooted?

Dead games. You know the ones I’m talking about. The games that at one time were so wildly popular, had sequel after sequel after sequel, until one day they just died. No longer were these games popular, no longer were sequel’s made, and the gaming world went on without them like they never existed in the first place. With new consoles being not so new anymore it seems like the popular thing to do is to reboot these dead games, but the question is should they be rebooted?

When I think of dead games getting the reboot, I think immediately of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Back in the day of PS2, there was nothing I would rather do then plug in my plastic guitar and rock out to some of my favorite songs. Like many, I bought into the hype of playing like I was an imaginary rock star who was in my own band and who totally rocked. I bought all of the equipment, which just sits in my closet now collecting dust, and even made the transition from PS2 to PS3. Like almost everyone else though, I thought that these games soon became boring. It was the same thing over and over again with nothing new and exciting coming from either the Rock Band franchise or the Guitar Hero franchise and I eventually stopped buying the games and stopped caring about them.

As of late, both Rock Band and Guitar Hero have gotten some major press with their reboots coming to the PS4. I’m not really buying into the hype this time around though. Sure, both games have made some much needed improvements and look like they could be fun, but how long will it last? How long until both games release a new game every year as an exact copy of the year before until they die again waiting for a new console to reboot these dead games again.

In my very honest opinion, I believe that dead games should stay dead. I have some really great memories of rocking out on my PS2 version of Guitar Hero playing Skid Row’s 18 and Life, but I’m not really interested in a reboot and buying new equipment that will suffer the same fate of the previous equipment. Plus there are so many other games, great games, coming to the PS4 this year and next year and the years to come that there really isn’t room for these games anymore. So RIP Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the trend was fun while it lasted but it’s seriously over now.


That Dreadful Moment When Trophies Don’t Pop

While trophies aren’t the be all and end all of games for me, they’re still pretty important. Trophies become especially important if you have to complete some kind of impossible feat or an almost impossible and annoying grind for them. Then there are those moments when you’re sitting in front of your TV waiting for a trophy to pop after you completed the requirements to get said trophy and then…nothing happens. Nothing at all. No trophy pop, no instant screen shot if you have a PS4, nothing.

Trophies not popping when they should is one of my gaming pet peeves. Sometimes you just work so hard to get a trophy and then to get nothing in the end is just frustrating and annoying. After this happens there are usually four different stages that I go through.

Stage 1 – Confusion: This is the moment when I start raking my brain to see if maybe I did something wrong or I didn’t do something that I was supposed to. I’ll go over the steps in my head over and over again making sure I did exactly what I was supposed to in order to get said trophy.

Stage 2 – Hope: This is when I stare at the upper left or right corner of my TV screen depending on what system I’m using hoping that the trophy is just taking a little long to process and then pop. This takes roughly around 2-3 minutes before I go into my next stage.

Stage 3 – Sadness: This is the moment that I stare at my TV screen and pout a little bit. At this point I know that I did everything I had to in order to get said trophy but it just didn’t pop when it should have. It makes me sad thinking to myself that I probably haven’t saved my game in a while or seen the autosave pop up in a while and now I’m going to have to start all over again if I want to get said trophy.

Stage 4 – Rage: Now I’m seriously pissed off. I invested so much time trying to get said trophy where I could have been doing something else, playing something else, but no I wanted to get said trophy. For that trophy to not pop when it should have is just a bunch of crap. WHAT THE HELL!

Trophies not popping when they should are like any other game bug/glitch that should be fixed with patches or updates but are usually the most ignored. I’ve recently experienced this while playing Rollers of the Realm and have since given up on the game completely. Twice I’ve completed goals that the game requires for trophies, not once but twice, yet I get nothing in return. No super ultra rare trophy that I worked my ass off for. Just nothing. Will this be fixed though? Probably not. The game has already been patched once so I doubt it will be patched again to fix a few trophy glitches. Atlus already got their money for the game, it didn’t really sell all that well seeing as I got it for cheap on sale, so why should they bother fixing it right? This has been going on for a while now and still nothing.

While this particular trophy glitch didn’t happen to me, I see a lot of Twitter complaints about how Dragon’s Bane for Dragon Age: Inquisition isn’t popping when it should. Taking down 10 dragons throughout Dragon Age: Inquisition is no easy feat so I feel the pain of those who are experiencing trophy glitches for this one. The only response that is given when it comes to this trophy is to save before killing the last dragon and if it doesn’t pop just try again. Seriously? That is not a fix.

Final verdict? Trophies not popping when they should are just like any other bug/glitch that should be fixed just like everything else that gets fixed in games. Too many developers ignore these things siding that trophies aren’t all that important, but if they weren’t important or they weren’t meant to show that you, the gamer, accomplished something in said game then there wouldn’t even be trophies to begin with. Don’t make me work for something that doesn’t even function right and then ignore the fact that your game isn’t properly working.


Should Rage Quitters Be Punished?

If you’ve ever played a multiplayer game then you’ve experienced a rage quitter. Maybe you were even a rage quitter yourself from time to time, no judgment here, but should rage quitters be punished? Mortal Kombat X thinks so.

The creators of Mortal Kombat X over at NetherRealm think that rage quitters need to be punished and have come up with a pretty clever way to punish rage quitters. Rage quitters will be punished with a Quitality when and if they decide to rage quit an online game. So what is a Quitality? It’s really simple really, when a rage quitter quits that characters head blows up and the other player is grated a win. Pretty steep punishment if you’re trying to keep a decent average.

So is this right? Is it wrong? I actually like the idea of this and think that it’s the right thing to do. Rage quitting is just another term for a sore loser. If you’re losing at a game just take the loss and move on. Why waste your time along with the time of the other person you’re playing with if you don’t get the outcome that you want. I’ve encountered the problem of rage quitters the most during my Injustice: Gods Among Us sessions and have since basically stopped playing because it’s just tiring and a waste of my time.

I applaud the developers over at NetherRealm for creating a Quitality feature for Mortal Kombat X. I hope that other developers take note and develop something similar for their games, maybe not something as extreme as your characters head blowing up, but you get my point. I would even go as far as changing a persons statistics to Win/Loss/Quit. When someone rage quits a game don’t put it down as a loss for them because they really didn’t lose. They would have lost if they stuck around until the end of the game, but they decided to just quit which is not the same as losing. Instead put it down as a Quit so that people know if that person is a known quitter or not. I think that for those worried about their statistics, they would have a pretty big problem with being known as a quitter.


Level Caps and Upgrade Packs

While I can understand why games have level caps, I mean there has to be some sort of stopping point, but what I don’t understand is this concept of upgrade packs that allow you to continue to level up after you already reached the max level. If you wanted to put a cap on the level why offer an upgrade pack a few months later so that players can continue to level up? Oh that’s right, you want more money.

Of course the whole thing with putting a cap on the level you can achieve in a game and then releasing upgrade packs so that you can continue to level up has to do with the game company making more money. To me this is just another way that gamers get ripped off. Unlike actual story based DLC, this is just offering you a way to continue to level up for a price. Maybe it comes with some extra content that you can take or leave, but other then that it doesn’t achieve anything. You’re not really getting anything else. Is there really a reason that you just have to level up to 72 in Borderlands 2 after you’ve already reached the original level cap of 50?

Using Borderlands 2 as an example, what is the benefit of leveling up to 72? Sure you get some new weapons that are level specific, but it’s really just the same as leveling up to the cap which is 50. Just think about it, when you’re level 50 and enemies are level 50, the game will be just as hard as if you’re level 72 and the enemies are level 72. This whole thing of the game getting more difficult because you’re a higher level or playing on the harder mode becomes sort of an illusion. An illusion that if you’re playing on the PS3 version will cost you an additional $9.98.

The only reason why I even purchased the upgrade packs, which was a waste of perfectly good money that could have been spent on something else, was because I have a friend who is obsessed with leveling up all of his Borderlands 2 characters to 72. When I asked him why all of his characters have to be level 72, he didn’t even really know why and to me it just seemed like a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing Borderlands 2 a hell of a lot, but I don’t need to level up to 72 in order to have fun. Part of the fun is starting from the very beginning and leveling up to 50, after that it just seems repetitive.

My suggestion would be to skip the upgrade packs. I find it just as fulfilling to replay a game with a new character and level up to the cap as it is to play the game on a harder mode with the same character to reach that new level cap. Unless these upgrade packs are included in some actual DLC that has some content to it, it’s really not worth the money. Just think all that money you save on buying upgrade packs will allow you to buy some really awesome games.


Keep Trophy Lists with 0% Completion or Remove Them?

The newest PS4 System Software update “Yukimura” gives you the ability to remove the trophy lists that you have on your account that are currently sitting at 0%. While I think the rest of the “Yukimura” update is pretty cool, this trophy thing has me torn. As a trophy hunter I would like to think that one day I’ll return to those games that are sitting at 0% trophies and eventually finish them up, but should I remove them instead and save myself the time?

Out of the 255 games that I’ve added to my trophy log, only 14 of those games are sitting there with a trophy completion of 0%. These are currently the games that I have a total trophy completion of 0% on:

• Farming Simulator 14
• PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD
• Knytt Underground
• Joe Danger 2: The Movie
• Chronovolt
• Ecolibrium
• Feeding Frenzy 2
• NFL Blitz
• Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone
• Demon’s Souls
• Prototype
• MLB 10 The Show
• Sonic Unleashed

Compared to how many games I’ve played and how many have 0%, it’s not really a lot. With some of these games, the reason why I didn’t get any trophies was simply because I didn’t like the game, other games I rented when there was this thing called Blockbuster like a million years ago, and with DCUO I just simply refuse to have to actually pay for trophies. Would it really hurt to just remove these from my profile?

The trophy hunter in me says that removing these from my profile is wrong in so many ways. While I don’t play games strictly for the trophies, there might be a time when I want to actually go back to these games and give them a chance that they deserve since maybe I was just too quick to judge them.

The non trophy hunter part of me that wants to advance on leaderboards and get my overall stats up says to go ahead and remove them. If I removed these, the overall completion rating that I’m trying so desperately to get up before the end of the year would actually rise up considerably putting me way ahead in achieving my goals.

Final Verdict? The trophy hunter in me is going to win this one and these 14 empty trophy lists will remain on my profile. I seriously think that removing these from my trophy list will open up the door to just some bad gaming habits. Even though I think this update is pretty neat and giving players the option to remove 0% trophy lists from their profile has been a long time coming, I can see a lot more people just not caring what they play anymore knowing that if they don’t like it they can just remove it from their profile and start fresh again. In a way it removes the ability to be able to actually judge a game. If you only played 30 minutes of a game, got no trophies, then removed the game from your list how can you even say if it was good or bad? Most games don’t even pick up in action or story wise unless you really get into the game and then by that time you’re going to accumulate some trophies.


Can Game Developers Be Redeemed?

Bad games happen. It’s a sad fact in the video game world, but it’s to be expected every now and again. Bad games are usually the product of one or many things. Rushed development, technical bugs and glitches, glitchy game mechanics, and the list can go on and on. As you probably already know one of my gaming goals for this year was to not pre-order any games from Ubisoft. While I have nothing against the company personally, I’ve been let down by them too many times now and I refuse to buy another broken unplayable game from them. I mean seriously, when you mess up a game like Tetris something’s wrong. Ubisoft isn’t the only game company that’s messed up though and it of course won’t be the last, which got me to thinking can they be redeemed? Can they rise up against like other companies and come out on top or will they just fade into the bad video game abyss?

Listening to the people that actually bought your game can go along way. While that doesn’t mean that developers should be a slave to their fans and make the games that only they want to see, they should listen to see what problems that people are having with the game. A major example of this is Dragon Age 2. People complained about this game so much. They hated the overused environments, the limited area of gameplay, and the loss of interaction with party members. What did BioWare do though? Did they completely ignore the fans and just make the next Dragon Age blindly? No. Did they bow down to the fans and make a game that the fans wanted. No. What they did was listen. They still made the Dragon Age that they wanted with Dragon Age: Inquisition, but they made it so that the major complaints were taken care of. Reused and overused environments were gone, a huge open world gameplay mechanic was brought back, and there was more interaction with party members. Both the developer and the fans win making BioWare come out on top and making them a developer that people can trust again.

Sometimes a major redeeming quality can be just fixing something that’s broken. I don’t want a huge day one patch or even a huge patch a couple of days or weeks from now, I just want whatever it is to be fixed before I get my hands on the game. Don’t let game after game have the same broken mechanics or gameplay glitches. These can all be fixed, so take the time to fix them. While fixing your mistakes can lead to being redeemed, not fixing them can make people trust your company less. An example of a developer not learning from their mistakes and fixing them has come up recently with GTA V. When the game was initially released, everyone had to wait a month before getting a chance to access the online stuff. When that day came, what happened? The game was plagued with server issues as well as other technical issues. While this is understandable because it happens from time to time, it should have at least been a learning experience for Rockstar so that it didn’t happen again. But what happens when GTA V released online hesists? The same thing. If things weren’t fixed the second time around, will they be fixed the third or the fourth? How many times do things have to break before they get fixed, and how long do you expect the fans of your game to keep forgiving you for making the same mistakes?

Showing people that you’re taking time to create and release your games is also another redeeming quality. It shows that as a developer you want to put out a game that’s worthy of your brand name so you’re going to take your time whether it be 2-3 years or more to put out a game that you can say that you’re proud of. No one is going to forget about your brand just because you went a year or two without putting out a new game. This is a huge problem when it comes to Ubisoft. They release Assassin’s Creed after Assassin’s Creed year after year after year so that the game is shoved down everyone’s throat. If they really wanted to redeem themselves they would take the next couple of years off from releasing an Assassin’s Creed in order to take the time and work on an Assassin’s Creed that was just as amazing as Assassin’s Creed II.

While some game developers learn quickly from their mistakes, others don’t, and some are just going to keep going until they run themselves into the ground. When it comes to Ubisoft, it seems like they’re halfway down that road of no return. Ubisoft took on way too much trying to get at least one Assassin’s Creed game out a year and it shows. Do they listen to what people are complaining about, fix the mistakes with their games, or slow down and make a quality game? It doesn’t seem like it. Even some of their other games that they’re releasing aren’t so great either. It says a lot when you mess up a game like Tetris which has been around for years and has been done successfully by other developers.

Having said that, I still think that Ubisoft can be redeemed some day if they turn things around soon. I’ve played Child of Light and Valiant Hearts: The Great War recently and not only did I enjoyed them, but I seen a lot of potential with each of them. They’re different from the standard Ubisoft game, but they’re good. They play nice, are glitch free, and they show that it took a lot of time and effort to make each game, but these games alone cannot fully redeem such a huge developer. If Ubisoft just listened to some major complaints, fixed the major issues with their games, and take the time to make a quility game then there isn’t a reason why they can’t be redeemed.


PAX East Impressions

To be honest, I didn’t even realize until the last minute that this past weekend was PAX East. Nevertheless I was still excited about it as I am for any video game based convention even if I’m not able to attend. During this time I do like to keep a watch on video game news just to see if anything ultra exciting happens. Although this show seemed a bit lackluster there were a couple of things that interested me.

Gearbox officially announced the next Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC. Claptastic Voyage will be released on March 24, which I’m sure had nothing to do with The Handsome Collection coming out on the same day, and is supposed to connect Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel. I have to say that I didn’t think this DLC was going to be getting a release date this soon. Small details were given for this DLC at PAX South saying how huge it was and it’s going to be the biggest Borderlands DLC ever so I just thought this one wouldn’t be coming out until the summer at least. The final season pass DLC was also announced and it’s an upgrade pack that will increase the level cap to 70.

Atlas Mugged, the next installment of Tales from the Borderlands will be released on March 17. FINALLY! After months and months of waiting the long awaited second episode is finally coming out. I really hate that it’s taking this long for these episode based games to come out. It was revealed at PAX South that the new episode would include Scooter and that was about it. I expected a release date to be released a week or two after that but to have to wait this long is seriously ridiculous.

And that about wraps up what interested me at PAX East. I don’t know if it’s just me, but these shows are seeming a bit lackluster this year so far. I remember hearing about announcement after announcement in the years past, but this year it just seems like the announcements are coming from Gearbox and no one else. I was once again expecting something, anything, on the Dragon Age front but was disappointed to hear nothing. At this point I’m really hoping that E3 is going to be spectacular and show me something that I can’t stop talking about.


Keep, Sell, or Trade

You would think that one of the hardest decisions to make after completing a game is which game am I going to play next, but it’s not. The hardest decision that I have to make after completing a game is what I’m going to do with it. Should I keep it just in case one day I have absolutely nothing else to play and decide to go back and play this particular game? (The way my backlog is right now I’m 99% sure this is never going to happen, but you never know.) Should I sell it and get some extra cash so that I could buy…well more video games of course. Or should I trade it into my near by video game store or even trade with someone for another game in return? Decisions, decisions! There are good and bad points to each of these, but I have a couple of general rules that I follow when it comes to what to do with a game when I’m finished with it.

When it comes to keeping games, I only keep the games that I absolutely love. Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Borderlands are just a few of those game series that when I finish with them I just can’t let go of them. Why keep these games even if I’ve gotten that platinum trophy or the 100%? I keep them because some days I want to play something that I’m familiar with. I don’t want a new game experience and I don’t want to try something new unsure if I’m going to like it or not, I just want something that I know and something that I’m comfortable with. It’s like that old T-shirt that you keep. Sure it has a bunch of holes in it and maybe a few random stains here and there, but it’s comfortable. It’s familiar. These games do that for me so I’ll keep them in my collection.

When it comes to selling games, I’ll sell the games that I really didn’t enjoy or know for a fact that I will never play them again. Assassin’s Creed, inFAMOUS: Second Son, Tearaway, and a hell of a lot more. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed a lot of these games and thought they were great, but I’m just never going to play them ever again and I know for a fact that I’m never going to want to play them again. Take inFAMOUS: Second Son for example. This was one of the best games for the PS4 so far hands down. I spent quite a bit of time fully immersed in Deslin’s life and the beautiful city of Seattle. So why sell it? Because I’m done with the game. I played Deslin as the good guy and I played him as the bad guy. I also did everything that the game had to offer. All of the side missions, all of the collectibles, all of the bonus missions. There were no new experiences for me to have with this game and there wasn’t a way to see things in a different light if I were to play again. Why keep a game knowing that I’m never going to play it again especially if I could make some extra money on it?

To be honest, I’ve never traded any of my games with someone. I came really really close to it once but things just didn’t work out. There’s a lot of trust when it comes to trading games with another person. If you give your game to someone are you 100% positive that you’re going to get another game in return? Maybe you will and maybe you won’t. You can never really be certain. Another thing is that a lot of my friends have the same exact game that I do so what would we be trading? To me it just makes no sense to trade games with someone else. I would also never ever “trade in” my game to a big box game retailer. Why? Because they totally rip you off. Most of the time you can’t even get cash for your trade in you either get store credit for a gift card that you then have to turn around and use at the same store. So they get a game that they’re going to sell for double to triple the price that they gave you and you get some store credit or a gift card for your next purchase. Gee, thanks. That extra $5 really helped me out.

Final Verdict? Keep the games that you absolutely love, sell the games that you’re done with and have no use for anymore, but never ever trade your games. If you don’t want a game when you’re finished with it you can easily sell new releases 1-2 months after release for $39-49 depending on the game. That’s some serious cash that can go right in your pocket.


PAX South Impressions

This past weekend was the first ever PAX South. This is actually pretty cool because seriously what gamer doesn’t love a convention dedicated to gaming? Anyway, even though I wasn’t able to attend this year, there’s always next year, I was hoping to hear some pretty big news coming out of PAX South especially since this was the first one. Might as well start out with a bang right? Even though the weekend didn’t really turn out how I expected, not that much was really announced, here’s what did manage to catch my attention.

At the start of PAX South there were whispers that Borderlands 3 would be teased. Of course this made sense. There is no way that this franchise wouldn’t continue. It’s inevitable that there would be a Borderlands 3, even though I wasn’t really expecting one all that soon especially with the release of the Handsome Collection for PS4. I was thinking something along the lines of a screen shot or even a small trailer would be released, but I was wrong. So wrong. All that was announced was that they were looking for a team to create Borderlands 3. What happened to the old team? At the moment this game is just a thought in someone’s head. It was a huge let down to know that they’re not even working on a new Borderlands until they find this team of “Industry Badasses.”

DLC! I expected a lot of DLC information to be dropped this weekend especially with the overload of games that came out this past October and November. All I got though was some Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC announcements. While I’m not really all that excited about the new character Lady Hammerlock, I’ve never been interested in buying character DLC’s. This is one of the things that I think should be included with the game to begin with. Don’t try to sell me extra characters after the game release. Anyway, I was interested in this major DLC that is supposed allow you to go inside the mind of Claptrap. Not that much was said about it, just that it was going to be the biggest DLC that they ever made. Hopefully it doesn’t come with a big DLC price tag.

There has been absolutely no information about Tales from the Borderlands since the initial release of episode one, but there was a small teaser this weekend that showed Scooter in the next episode. I was hoping for something more, like a release date, but oh well. I guess the next episode will be released when it’s going to be released teaching all of us to actually wait until all 5 episodes come out before purchasing the game.

While we’re on the topic of Borderlands…how about a Borderlands 1 remastered game? Sure, why not? While there’s no official news on the topic, it was said that there was a possibility of this game being remastered. I’m sure they’re just waiting to see how much this new Handsome Jack Collection makes before remastering the first game.

Now for something not Borderlands related, Dungeon Defenders 2! It was nice to hear that the game went back to its original roots. I was hoping for a release date for the PS4, but nothing was even said about the PS4 version. I have to say that I absolutely loved Dungeon Defenders and spent countless amounts of hours playing this game over and over again. It’s seriously sad that the servers were shut down and nothing was done about it.

Overall I have to say that I was just a little disappointed. I really expected the news stories to be overwhelming this weekend and filled with announcement after announcement. I know a lot of people were looking for some HUGE announcements like Mass Effect 4, Fallout 4, something Elder Scrolls related, and a couple of other biggies but I know that these will likely come during E3. What I was hoping for was some decent DLC announcements on the Dragon Age: Inquisition front. I think this would have been a great time for them to start announcing some big DLC’s for this games seeing as it came out last year, but I guess we’ll just have to keep waiting. Other then that I’m looking forward to the next gaming convention that will be coming up.