Throwback Thursday – DLC Remix – Peggle 2 – Jimmy Lightening Master Pack

In order to get the platinum trophy for Peggle 2, I made it a little easier on myself and just went out and purchased the two DLC that came with the game. Was it the easy way out in order to get the platinum? Yes. Was the DLC worth it though? Keep reading to find out.

This master pack was basically the same as the Windy the Fairy pack that I told you about last week. You can read my review of it here. It added in some extra levels, some extra objectives, and gave you a new character, one from the original Peggle, to play as.

I was still pretty much enjoying my Peggle experience, so I had no problem getting through the extra levels for this pack or trying to get as many of the objectives that I could. Like I had also said before, my main motive for getting these master packs was so that yes I could get the platinum trophy for this game and make it a little easier on myself. I usually don’t do this, since most games don’t really have a thing with the DLC helping out the main game trophies, but this did so I took full advantage of it. Fortunately I don’t regret it all that much.

Like with the original game, you’ll play this right in the main story like it belonged there all along. Gotta love EA with those types of DLC. Anyway, there are no bugs or game breaking glitches that will interrupt your playthrough and it’s smooth sailing for the whole DLC.

The graphics are of course the same style as the rest of the game, but these graphics relate specifically to Jimmy Lightening. These are his levels so it makes sense that the graphics represent that. The graphics are one of the cool points of this game although some of the background graphics and the foreground graphics blend together at times making it difficult to see some of the pegs that you have to hit. Other than that the graphics are creative and one of the things that really make this game.

Play this DLC and you’ll get yourself closer to the platinum trophy for Peggle 2 as well as two additional trophies if you completely finish the DLC. This is a pretty easy task and you should have no problem with it. If you were able to get the two trophies that came with Windy the Fairy then you should be able to get the two trophies that come with Jimmy Lightening.

There is of course multiplayer with Peggle, but I completely skipped it because it’s not necessary for the game or even for the gaming experience. Unfortunately this means that I also can’t tell you about the multiplayer, but if you’re a long time reader of this blog then you know that multiplayer is never really my thing to begin with.

Overall I give this DLC a 3 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Just like with Windy the Fairy, it adds some more levels and trials for you to continue your Peggle 2 experience.
+ You’ll unlock a classic character from the original Peggle game who I always liked.

What’s Not So Great:
Another DLC that felt like it should have come with the game to begin with.
The background graphics and the foreground graphics sometimes interfere with each other making the board hard to see.

If you’re going for the Peggle 2 platinum I would highly recommend this DLC. It’ll only cost you an additional $1.99, or you could buy the complete Peggle 2 edition for $14.99 and have both of these DLC included. As you can probably tell, I didn’t go the smart route and actually bought the regular edition of Peggle 2 and then cursed myself because I needed the DLC and ended up spending extra money on it. My fault completely, but that shouldn’t discredit the DLC. If you’re not looking to get the platinum for this game, then I would still recommend this if you want to continue with your Peggle 2 experience.

And that’s it for Peggle 2, both DLC done and reviewed which means we can move onto a new game. But what game is it going to be and which DLC will it be for? Next week we’ll be moving on to Borderlands 2. Since I completed the DLC for both the PS3 version an the PS4 version, I’ll let you know which I thought was better as I review them at the same time and we’ll be starting with one of my favorites which is Captain Scarlet and her Pirate’s Booty.


Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Peggle 2 – Windy the Fairy Master Pack

I bought this game long after the release of it. Not because I didn’t want it or waited for a sale, it was because this game was brought to the Xbox One first and then later it trickled down to the PS4. I loved playing Peggle on my PS3 and it’s still one of those games that I’ll pick up from time to time and play just because. Anyway, like most games this game also had DLC that went with it. Although I didn’t feel that this game needed DLC, I picked it up anyway. Keep reading to see if it was worth it.

While there’s no story that goes along with this DLC, you will be given a new character to use in the Peggle universe and it’s a cute little owl like creature. You’ll also be given additional objectives as well as some new levels just in case you haven’t played enough Peggle already.

I won’t lie to you. The only reason why I got this DLC was because it actually helped with the platinum trophy for this game. With the 30 new objectives you get it means that you don’t have to do every single objective in the game, which is close to impossible and you can miss a few objectives here and there. Other than that I did enjoy the new character and the levels that came with her. I thought that I would be done with my Peggle 2 experience by the time I finished the main game, but the DLC added some more play time to the overall game and it wasn’t all that bad.

Because this incorporated into the game, it wasn’t a separate experience and it played out like it was originally part of the game. I’m still on the fence with this when it comes to DLC because I really think that it should be some sort of separate experience. If it isn’t then why wasn’t it incorporated into the original game to begin with? As always, that’s a different discussion and just like the rest of the game it played out nicely and there were no noticeable bugs or glithces.

As with the rest of Peggle, each level has it’s own graphics and this had a more whimsical feel to it. I really enjoyed the way each level was laid out and the graphics that went with it. Overall this was a nice graphical representation of the game and it was cool to look at while you were playing. I will say that sometimes the background graphics get in the way of the actual level graphics and makes it hard to distinguish between the two.

Purchase this DLC and play everything the DLC has to offer and you’ll get yourself another two trophies to go along with your overall Peggle list. The trophies aren’t hard and just really require you to play the game so there shouldn’t be a problem.

There is multiplayer with this game and with the DLC since you can use the character in the multiplayer but it’s completely optional, meaning I didn’t play it, and you don’t have to play it to get the whole Peggle experience.

Overall I give this DLC a 3 out of 5.

What’s Great:

+ A new character for you to play in with new powers and who is super cute.
+ New levels and new objectives.

What’s Not So Great:
Graphics are nice but sometimes interfere with main board of the game.
All this DLC did was really add on another character that should have been in the original game.

While I did enjoy my time playing this DLC, I wouldn’t call this DLC a must have unless you’re trying to go for the platinum trophy and you want to have the additional objectives so that you don’t have to all 180 that the original game has to offer. Also, this DLC isn’t that bad if you want to expand on your Peggle experience. Giving the option though, if I didn’t need it for the trophy then I probably wouldn’t have gotten this DLC.

Now for next week, the one DLC for Peggle 2 just wasn’t enough and I needed some more objectives because I obviously suck at Peggle. Next week I’ll let you know about the second and last DLC for Peggle 2 which was Jimmy Lightening Master Pack.


Peggle 2 PS4 Review

When Peggle 2 was first announced for the PS4, I was super excited. I absolutely loved the first Peggle on my PS3 and to this day will occasionally play it to try and finish up some of the trophies that I’m missing. Being such a big Peggle fan, here’s what I thought about the game:

While there’s not one general story when it comes to Peggle, I liked how each different character in each different Peggle world kinda had a story of their own to tell. The stories were told not so much through text, but through the different pictures in the background of the Peggle board. This was something that was not only new but also enjoyable.

While this game was pretty much the same as the first Peggle, just with different boards and layouts, I enjoyed the addition of the new characters with new powers since it kept the game interesting and fun. Some powers were pretty damn awesome, Berg and Gnorman, while others kind of failed, Jeffrey and Luna. While each character had their own different level with objectives to complete, they also had another 10 trial levels to complete as well making this game pretty lengthy. It was nice to be able to go back and play a character level with a different character the second time around since it made getting some of the uncompleted objectives much easier.

There’s really not that much to discuss when it comes to playability, I mean Peggle is pretty simple. You aim the ball and shoot the ball at the pegs. This was done well in the first game and carried on into the second. It didn’t improve or get worse and that’s not a bad thing. What was a really good thing though was that I found this game to be completely glitch and bug free. Everything worked as it should without a problem.

I didn’t’ really think much at first about the graphics on this game, but then later came to realize that they were pretty sweet. If you pay attention to the background and not the pegs on the board you can see how much detail went into each background. While this was awesome, at times it was also not so awesome as I found it distracting while trying to clear the board. I also found that on some backgrounds the pegs blended into the background and I couldn’t make them out.

There are a total of 33 trophies for this game including a platinum trophy. I was super surprised to see a platinum trophy thrown in there, but I’m not complaining. 29 of those trophies are for the actual game with another 4 for the DLC packs. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate the difficulty of the trophies at an 8. While each characters levels and trials are easy and shouldn’t give you a problem, it’s the trophies that make you complete all 180 level objectives that will give you the most problem and prevent some people from getting the platinum. While I never ever suggest doing this for any other game, I will suggest it for this game. Buy the DLC. Yes, I know it’s like paying for trophies, but seriously the DLC adds another 60 level objectives giving you a total of 240 level objectives. This means you can miss a bunch of the level objectives, but still get the trophy for completing 180 objectives.

While there is a multiplayer mode on this game, I’m going to be honest and tell you that I had no interest in playing it at all. I’m more then content playing Peggle by myself and have no need to go online and compete with people. I played the multiplayer in the first Peggle and really wasn’t that impressed so I just decided to skip this one.

Kudos: I was really happy that there were no multiplayer trophies that forced me to play something that I didn’t want to. More and more games like to throw in those trophies so that if you want the platinum you have to play the multiplayer and I hate it, so a big thank you to the Peggle 2 team for not doing this.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Cool new levels.
+ Addition of new characters with new powers.
+ Story through background pictures.

What’s Not So Great:
Backgrounds sometimes blend with the pegs making them hard to see

While at the moment I am completely Peggled out, I can see myself playing this game again if there were more DLC added to it. If you enjoyed the first Peggle, you’ll enjoy this one too. I know that November is a huge blockbuster game month and you’ll be busy playing those AAA games, but once you realize that some of those games aren’t living up to your expectations give this game a try.