I Never Finished…Joe Danger 2: The Movie…Because

Joe Danger 2: The Movie

This is one of those games that I never even had any interest in playing even though it was free. I was at this point with PS+ where even if it was free, I didn’t always download it because sometimes those free games sucked and I had learned my lesson. The one and only reason why this game got played and ended up on this list was because my “friend,” I swear you’ll only have to hear about this mysterious PlayStation person only a little while longer as our friendship started to go downhill, said that it was super easy…for her. Meaning that it wasn’t going to be super easy for me because I wasn’t as coordinated. Anyway, I ended up playing a game that I never wanted to in the first place and it ended up on this list so keep reading to find out why.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie is about…I have no idea what this game is about. Truthfully, I didn’t even get past the first level of this game for whatever reason so I don’t even know what the whole point of the game is. Anyway, what I do know is that this is a racing platform game, which really isn’t in my expertise of gaming. The story though, apparently is that in the first game Joe gained a favor with a director in Hollywood and is now working as a stunt man on movies. Apparently each level is a different stunt. Kind of like the game Stunt Man on PS2, but more cartoonish and silly.

So shocker, I couldn’t get past the first stage of this game and became really frustrated fast. While this doesn’t happen a lot, when it does happen it’s one of those rare times I want to smash my controller into a million little pieces. That’s basically why I never continued to play this game. I was completely frustrated with it. I think we all have those games that we can say we got frustrated in the first level, or the tutorial level, or even the second level and just never continued playing. On a quick note, this made me do a comparison to my “friend’s” trophies for this game since I basically just took her word for how many trophies she was getting for this game. Turned out she completely lied and was only able to get one trophy for this game. Guess she wasn’t that coordinated to play this game either. Now I could be mean and post a screen shot of her trophy list here, but I’m above that so I won’t.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get none of the 19 trophies for this game. None. Yet another stain on my PSN trophy profile, but what are you going to do. The trophies for this game range from competing the game in its different modes, to getting all of the stars for each levels, and grabbing some collectibles on the way. I wasn’t able to do any of this.

Probability of this game getting played again…0 out of 5.

I have no desire to ever play this game again. I leave it on my PS3 though as a reminder that I shouldn’t play games that I don’t want to play. It’s another lesson learned and it’s one that won’t be forgotten.

Now it’s your turn. Did you love this game? Hate this game? Get completely frustrated with this game and want to smash your controller into a million little pieces? Let me know in the comments section below and for next week a break from my PS3 and a chance to play something alone on my PS Vita. At this point I didn’t care what I played so I decided to play the newest free game which just happened to be Gravity Rush. Unfortunately, I never finished that game and I’ll let you know why next week.



I Never Finished…The Cave…Because

The Cave

This was one of those free PS+ games that I actually wanted to play and just didn’t play because it was free. The concept of the game looked interesting and I was pretty excited when it was announced that it would be free. Unfortunately, it ended up on this list so there has to be a reason why I didn’t finish this game.

The Cave is about…well a cave. Not just any cave though, a magical cave that lures people into it in order to see his or her dark side. You’ll pick three out of seven characters to begin with and you’ll start exploring the cave and what brought that character to the cave. Depending on how things go you’ll either see the bad in them or the good. There are so many different combinations of character to choose from and a bunch of different ways to play that you could spend hours upon hours playing this game.

I really enjoyed this game and had a really fun time with my first playthrough. I remember being so interested in this game that I actually played my first whole playthrough straight through without stopping. It’s a short enough game that you could do that, but that doesn’t mean it lacks substance. The Cave is a pretty deep game showing you that while people might be good, everyone has a dark side. I thought it was pretty fantastic, especially the concept and all of the different combinations you could choose from. If I thought this game was so great and fantastic why didn’t I explore all options for this game and finish it? I remember that after my first playthrough I wanted to wait a little before playing again, but just never got around to it. There were too many things going on and too many games that I was playing and this one just got shelved.

As you can see from the picture above, I was able to get 9 out of the 20 trophies for this game. It’s a lot of trophies for a little game and it takes 5 whole playthroughs to get them. That’s if you play it a certain way. If you just go and wing it like I did then it’ll take a lot more. Anyway, I’m missing a bunch of random trophies since all this game really is, is a bunch of random trophies. They’re not hard to get, they just just require time. A lot of time.

Probability of this game getting played again…4 out of 5.

I would really like to play this game again, and pick different characters to see his or her story, if I can remember what characters I first played as, and actually one day finish this game. As I said before though, it requires time and I’m kind of short on time these days. There’s always so much going on it’s hard enough to get as much time as I already get to game. Anyway, if for some reason I have some extra time, I would play this game.

Now it’s your turn. Is this game also on your unfinished list? Did you love it? Hate it? Let me know down in the comments section below and next week a game that shouldn’t even be on my list because I had no interest in playing it anyway. It’s only on my list because my “friend” played it and she said how easy it was and how she was getting trophies left and right but she didn’t think I was coordinated enough to get it. This made me pissed off because to this day I am in the top 1% of the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer leaderboard for both the world and the US and I have been since the game was released. Anyway, I’m not here to brag about that but I am going to tell you why I never finished Joe Danger 2: The Movie.


I Never Finished…God of War: Ascension…Because

God of War Ascension

Being a God of War fan, I played all the previous five games and never finished them, I was eager to play this one and this was one of my rare pre-orders. I call this one of my rare pre-orders because at the time I was focused on going to school to get my IT degree and wasn’t working. I had to have this game though because it was God of War. I was also pretty determined to finish this but never did. Keep reading to find out why.

As always, for this God of War, you’ll play as Kratos. There is a catch with this game though, it’s another prequel that takes place six months after Kratos kills his family. This is ten years before the original God of War with Chains of Olympus taking place timeline wise after Ascension. I know, it’s all very confusing, but this time Kratos will be punished by three Furies since he broke his oath to Aries. He’ll eventually break free from them and then do what he does best which is hunt them down and kill them. During this time you’ll have flashbacks to before he was punished and imprisoned by the Furies. This was also the first God of War game that had additional multiplayer added on.

I actually enjoyed this game along with the multiplayer and played the whole thing from start to finish like other God of War games but I just never got all the trophies for it. One of the main reasons I was able to enjoy this game was because I was on someone’s shit list again because I was able to purchase this game before she was and it wasn’t fair because that means that I would start and finish before she did. There was a lot of drama and toxic stuff going on at this time and it just sucks looking back and seeing how my gaming was impacted by this. Sadly, I was off someone’s shit list by the time I was just about finished with this game and in the middle of the final battle. This resulted in a crying phone call and me basically missing the ending to the game. To this day this is one game that I played to the end but have no idea how it ended because I had to deal with a crying “friend.” I told myself I would get back to this game, but never did as other games came up and I was off someone’s shit list again…for now.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get a decent 26 out of 36 trophies meaning if I were to go back and play I would only have to get 9 trophies to make the platinum pop and actually finish this game. I’m missing the usual trophies when it comes to God of War such as hit combos, collectibles, some other random stuff, and playing the game on the hardest difficulty. Not all that bad and it would probably take me another two playthroughs to finish up.

Probability of this game getting played again…5 out of 5.

God of War Ascension

I’ve had a real hankering to play not only this game but my other God of War games since the new God of War is getting released this April. Will it actually happen though? That’s a different story. I guess if anything I would play this one first in order to play them in chronological order since this is basically the first game. We’ll see if I can get the chance to play again.

Now it’s your turn. This is one of the most hated God of War games, even though I liked it, but let me know in the comments section what you thought about it. Did you love it? Hate it? Enjoy the multiplayer? Let me know in the comments section below and for next week a game that was free and that I actually wanted to play. It’s this weird little story where you can pick different characters each time making the combination of characters and the way the story can go in a bunch of different places. I’ll let you know next week why I never finished The Cave.


I Never Finished…Tomb Raider…Because

Tomb Raider

This is one of those franchises that I’ve been playing since I was a teenager. I played this game a few times on the PS2, but mostly did my Tomb Raider playthroughs on PC. I know, huge shock, right? I’ve always loved every single Tomb Raider game, even that really crappy one that was released for the PS2 Angel of Darkness. That’s beside the point though, Lara Croft is an icon and when I heard that Tomb Raider was getting the full reboot on the PS3, I was a little skeptical at first, but then really fell in love with not only the idea but the game. So why the hell is it on this list? Keep reading to find out.

Tomb Raider is about Lara Croft before she was Lara Croft. The new and ambitious archeologist sets out on her first ever adventure and like all Tomb Raider games, something goes horribly wrong. With this game it means that the ship that she’s on, Endurance, gets shipwrecked and Lara and her crew end up getting way more than they bargained for. For a character that is so well known and iconic, this game gives you a new perspective on the character as it’s basically a prequel to all the other Tomb Raider games where Lara is more experienced. As always, Lara will go in looking for one thing and end up finding another in this open world action adventure game.

At first I wasn’t sure what to think about this game. I know it was a new generation of games, but I was still stuck on my first Tomb Raider games and the look and the feel of them. When I finally got around to playing this game though, I fell in love with it because it was new and exciting but it was still the same Tomb Raider game that I was looking for. Yes, some of the mechanics changed and Lara could now use a bow and arrow, totally my favorite part by the way, but it also meant that this was giving her character as well as the franchise a fresh start. I enjoyed this new perspective so much that for a week straight this was all that I played from morning to night. I played a mix of the regular game and the multiplayer which I was pretty good at and actually enjoyed. I was seriously on this loop of waking up each morning and playing this game first thing, breaking along the day for various reasons, and then playing until I was ready to pass out. I even finished this game, but then ended up not getting the platinum trophy? Here’s the thing on why I never finished it though, at first my “friend” was pissed that I bought this game because apparently, I wasn’t allowed to buy games that she had no interest in and no desire to play so she decided not to talk to me for a whole week. This is where the playing day and night came in because I had no distractions and to tell you the truth I was loving it. I happily finished this game and was about to re-start it to go back and get my remaining trophies when my “friend” decided that she was talking to me again and every single time she noticed I was playing this game I would get a phone call, or a PSN message, or a Skype message, or a text and the game became less fun until I just tossed it to the side. This is totally my fault by the way because I’m the one that allowed it, sometimes it just takes a while to see how stupid you once were.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get 32 out of the 51 trophies for this game, and that was just on my first go around. Can you imagine if I went through with my second playthrough? That platinum trophy would have been mine. Anyway, I’m only missing a few super easy trophies, collectibles and such, and some grindy multiplayer trophies, that I totally could have gotten because I was playing the multiplayer that much at the time. Yes I might be hard to believe, but I tossed Mass Effect 3 MP to the side for this game. It’s not a lot of trophies left and I accomplished a lot because I was able to get 50% of the trophies on the first time around. How many times does that happen?

Probability of this game getting played again…4 out of 5.

Tomb Raider

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about getting the remaster for my PS4, but I always stopped because I really want to finish this game first and then I don’t mind playing it again on the PS4. Anyway, I would really love to get back into this game and now that my “friend” is no longer my friend it shouldn’t be that hard to do except I rarely turn on my PS3 these days.

Now it’s your turn. Did you fall in love with the reboot of this icon game and character like I did? Or did you hate it? Are you still not finished with the multiplayer and looking for someone to help you grind your way through the trophies? That would be a good enough excuse for me to turn on my PS3 again. Let me know in the comments section below and for next week another game that I was having a good time playing because I was on someone’s shit list again for purchasing this game, until all was forgiven and I was basically back to square one and all of the enjoyment was gone. By now you probably know why I never finished this game, but I’ll tell you why I never finished God of War: Ascension next week.


I Never Finished…Foosball 2012…Because (PS3)

Foosball 2012 PS3

As I mentioned before I played this game on the PS Vita and didn’t even finish it. You can read about why I didn’t finish that version here. So why play this game then on the PS3 if I couldn’t play it on the PS Vita? My friend at the time didn’t have a PS Vita and wanted to play this game with someone. She knew I had both and wanted me to play on the PS3 with her instead of the PS Vita. I obliged since I had been spending some time with my PS Vita and felt a little bad although she did make me play two games previous which you can read about here and here that I not only didn’t finish but didn’t like. Moving on though, we played this game a few times and then I never finished it.

The point of this game was exactly the same as the PS Vita. There was no story, it was just a regular sports game where you picked your team and you went on your way with playing. It was simple. Just like the PS Vita it had the world tours mode which gave you a bit of a challenge.

Even though I enjoyed this game on the PS Vita, I really didn’t enjoy it on the PS3. I know that it was the same game, but I just liked playing it on my PS Vita a lot better. Maybe it was because I had some peace and quiet while I played. I guess in a way I’m just really like that. I have a much better time gaming when I’m playing by myself half the time then when I’m playing with other people. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy playing games with my friends, but I think every gamer needs that alone single player time. Anyway, like I had said I played this game because of my friend who ended up hating the game and then blaming me for making her play. This is a warning going forward, these next few I Never Finished…Because blogs will have some sort of drama attached to them. Seriously. It’s just a warning. Anyway, since she didn’t like it and threw a little temper tantrum, I also stopped playing on the PS3 and the PS Vita and ended up not finishing the game on either system.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get 3 out of 12 trophies for this game. The funny thing is that they are exactly the same 3 trophies that I got on my PS Vita. The only thing I’m glad about is that even though I only gained 3 of the trophies that I have the one online trophy so if I want to go back and the servers are closed, I already have that trophy.

Probability of this game getting played again…1 out of 5.

If I’m going to go back and play this game it will be on the PS Vita because like I said I enjoyed it a lot more on the PS Vita than I did on the PS3. Some games are just better with handheld systems. Anyway, I really have no intention of going back to this game on the PS3 any time soon.

Now it’s your turn. Did you also get this game free as a cross play? Did you love it? Hate it? Let me know down in the comments section below and now for next week a game that I played because I wanted some of that single-player alone time that I talked about before. For it to be an alone time game it had to be a PS Vita game because the friends lists didn’t sync up and no one knew when I was online which is why I thought Chronovolt was going to be perfect. Turns out it wasn’t and I’ll let you know why I never finished it next week.


Most Anticipated Game for January 2018

January 2018

It’s hard to believe another gaming year has come to an end and now we can look forward to all of the new games that are coming out next year. There are a lot of good games coming out on the horizon and next year seems like it’s going to be a really good year for gamers. Let’s see if there’s any of those games coming out in January.

*Just as a side note, my list of January releases is not perfect. There might be some missing, or some dates may change. If you have anything you want to add feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll include it in the list.*

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – PS4

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory – PS4

Velocity 2X: Critical Mass Edition – PS4 / PS Vita
The Inpatient – PS4

Monster Hunter World – PS4
Dragon Ball FighterZ – PS4

Dissidia Final Fantasy – PS4
UFC 3 – PS4

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – PS4

And that’s everything for the month of January. Not really a lot of games coming out, but it’s still the first month of the year so I’m not worried. I’m sure by the end of the year I will have at least added another 20-30 games into my backlog of games.

I would be interested in The Inpatient, if it wasn’t only for the PS VR. Although I didn’t give Until Dawn the best of reviews, you can read my review of the game here, I’m interested to see what else they’re able to do and this game looked pretty damn good when I had first seen it presented at E3 this past year. The only problem is that it’s only available for PS VR. I won’t give in and buy this headset that is one day going to sit around like my Guitar Hero / Rock Band Equipment. I don’t feel like the VR stuff is perfected yet and I’m not sure that it ever will be. Moving on though, if it wasn’t for the whole thing being VR then I would definitely pre-order it.

Now it’s your turn. Anything on this list something you’ll be getting day one for the first month of the year. Have one game that you’ve been waiting for and will finally get to play it come Jauary? Let me know down in the comments section as I’ll be sticking to my huge backlog of games for the month.


I Never Finished…Closure…Because


After Guardians of Middle-earth, which I never finished and you can read about it here, you would think that I would have learned my lesson and maybe play a game that I wanted to play, but nope. I was told that this other free game for the month was artsy and all the artsy people were playing it and I should totally play it. I figured, I was artsy, I was taking a photoshop class at the time and my instructor thought I was less than artsy, but I proved her wrong when I got an A in her class anyway. Wanting to prove that I was artsy and “hip” I figured I would give this game a chance. Like every game on this list, I didn’t finish it so keep reading to find out why I never finished Closure.

Closure is your typcal puzzle / platformer, which I generally like, but this one centers on light. So it basically has this Lion King type thing where “everything the light touches is your kingdom,” well in this game everything the light touches is where you can walk. Step on a dark spot and it could mean the death of your character. The point of each level was to make it to the end without dying and by following the light.

I completed the tutorial and just basically rolled my eyes because I just didn’t like this game. It’s ok to not like games. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like indie games or anything, I just didn’t like this one. It was complicated and everything was dark. I get that there was probably some meaning to that but I really dislike dark games because you can’t see anything. I played through the tutorial. Tried a couple of other levels and then gave up.

As you can see I was able to get a single trophy out of the 8 available for this game, and I got it for completing the tutorial. All of the other trophies are basically for completing each level, completing the game, completing the game at 100%, and finding them moth cave along with the silver moth. Not a difficult trophy list if you like this type of a game.

Probability of this game getting played again…2 out of 5.

This might have been one of those games that I misjudged too quickly and I wouldn’t mind going back and giving it another try eventually. This basically means that if there is nothing else to play, ha like that’s going to happen, then I would give this one a chance. Other than that I’m fine with it staying on my list of unfinished games and on my PS3.

Now it’s your turn. Love this game? Hate it? Get past the tutorial and play the whole game? Have at it in the comments section below and let me know what you thought about this game, and for next week a free PS Vita game. I figured after this game and the game from the week before that I deserved a game that was just for me so I could go into my own little PS Vita world and play by myself. The little trailer for this game made me go, “wow this looks amazing” so I downloaded it and now here it is showing up on this blog. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t so amazing. Next week I’ll let you know why I never finished Ecolibrium.


I Never Finished…Guardians of Middle-earth…Because

Guardians of Middle-earth

Another free PS+ game on this week’s blog, but there’s a catch to this one because I actually didn’t want to download it. Yes, this was coming up on the time where I didn’t actually download every single PS+ game and play it only to have it sit on my trophy profile unfinished. This was one of them. I decided to skip this one because, I know I’m going to lose some geek cred here, I am not a Lord of the Rings fan. Never watched the movies, never read the books, never had any interest to do either. I will say though that I have a few Lord of the Rings based games sitting un-played that I got really cheap, but other than that, no interest what-so-ever. There’s a reason why I downloaded this game though and then never finished, so keep reading to find out why.

Guardians of Middle-earth is your standard MOBA. 10 people split up into two groups of 5 and battle it out. You can pick from your favorite Lord of the Rings characters and it has a really strong emphasis of being a team game. Meaning in order to win you have to be well coordinated as a team. That’s basically all I remember about this game because I only played it a handful of times.

So why play this game if I’m not a Lord of the Rings fan? Peer pressure. Plain and simple. I had a friend and wanted to keep her a friend so I downloaded this game because she wanted to play it and had no one to play it with. Who else to ask but gullible me? According to my friend, you hear a lot about this “friend” who is no longer a friend and there’s this huge story behind it and a lot of other crap but it’s just not the story to tell here. The story is boring and drama filled and ends badly for me. For her? Maybe, I don’t know. Going back to this game that I never finished. It was one of those conversations we had like, “can’t we play something other than Mass Effect 3 or Borderlands,” that was also accompanied by, “it’s free.” So, I downloaded it on the premise that we would actually play the game until we were really good at it and got a decent amount of trophies since I was starting to become a trophy hunter. This got old fast and was played with a lot of sighing on both ends of the microphone as I died, she died, and we lost match after match. Soon, it became one of those games that we didn’t about and I never picked up again.

As you can see from the picture above, I was only able to get one trophy out of the 15 this game has to offer. What was the one trophy that I was able to get? A trophy for dying. Amazing right? Maybe I should have seen it then as a sign of our friendship which was also dying a slow and painful death that just dragged along until we didn’t speak anymore. Anyway there are a bunch of other trophies for doing various things in this game like winning, which we never did so I never got them. They range from easy, if you know what you’re doing, to hard even if you know what you’re doing. This is by far an easy trophy list.

Probability of this game getting played again…0 out of 5.

I have no desire to ever touch this game again and I leave it on my PS3 so that I can look at it every now and again and remind myself to never be that person that I was in 2013 again. Anyway, this is one of those games that can just sit on my system with 1 trophy out of 15 completed and never be touched again. I don’t even know if the servers are still open for this game or anything and I really could care less.

Now it’s your turn. Are you a huge Lord of the Rings fan and loved this game? Huge Lord of the Rings fan and hated this game? Still actively playing this game? Want to brag that you’re really good at this game? Have at it in the comments section below and now for next week another game I got talked into playing because it was so artsy and it was just the most amazing game in the world. Turns out that it wasn’t and I gave up on it real quick. Join me next time so I can tell you why I never finished Closure.


Most Anticipated Game for December 2017

December 2017

The final month of the year is upon us and while it’s probably going to be lackluster in the game department, I’m pretty sure there is something coming out. Right? Anyway, not to worry because next year is going to be jammed packed with a bunch of games that will make up for it. Anyway, here’s what’s coming out in December.

*Just as a side note, my list of December releases is not perfect. There might be some missing, or some dates may change. If you have anything you want to add feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll include it in the list.*


Steep Winter Games Edition – PS4
Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition – PS4
Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package – PS4

Okami HD – PS4
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition – PS4

De Blob – PS4

And that’s it for a super short release schedule for December. From this list, I will tell you that I’m not into the whole VR thing because I don’t think it’s worth it and feel like I will be throwing up every couple of minutes from the motion sickness so DOOM VFR is out for me. So are all these other games which means I’ll be working on my backlog.

Now it’s your turn, picking anything up in December or working on your backlog like me? If you haven’t already picked up Horizon Zero Dawn, now is a great chance to pick it up. It was a great game, you can read my review here, and you get the DLC for it. Win-win in my books. Anyway, let me know what you plan on playing in December in the comments section. Next year is going to be pretty huge for games and I’m super excited to be reporting what will be coming out starting with January 2018.


I Never Finished…Darksiders…Because


This was yet another one of those free PS+ games. I have to say that I really had no interest in playing this game at all, but this came out at a time where for about a week or so PSN had this weird blackout on certain consoles, and I was one of those consoles, and my friend at the time said that this game was so amazing that I just had to play it. Anyway, with nothing else to play (total lie, had a bunch of things to play), I decided to play this game. Now here it is on my I never finished list. Keep reading to find out why.

In this game you play as War. War is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse who has unfortunately brought the apocalypse to Earth a little sooner then he should have because the seventh seal hasn’t been broken and the other horsemen aren’t there with him. Someone has set War up and this will be his journey to not only find who set him up but also redeem himself.

To be honest, even though this game had an interesting plot I found it to be completely boring. I played the first couple of missions, maybe since there’s not much I could remember about the game, and then gave up. Not because the game was hard or anything but just because I really couldn’t get into it no matter how hard I tried. Sometimes there are games that no matter how good someone else might think they are, they just aren’t to you and aren’t your type of game. I mean this game had all the means to be my kind of game, but it just wasn’t which was why I never finished it.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get a totally sad 4 out of 43 trophies for this game. OUCH. Being a trophy hunter and not liking a game you’re playing sometimes is hard. Do you power through and get all of the trophies or do you just call it a day and say whatever? With this game I just called it a day as I got some trophies for completing missions and some random trophies as well.

Probability of this game getting played again…2 out of 5.

I’ve admitted to this in the past that sometimes I’ve been too quick to actually judge a game and have done so wrongfully. This might be one of those games and I could see myself playing this game one day far far far into the future where I didn’t have anything else to play.

Now it’s your turn. Did you love this game? Hate it? Actually finish the game and can tell me that it’s worth giving it another try sooner than I want to? Let me know down I the comments section below and for next week, another PS Vita game that I got for free. I also got it for free on the PS3, but decided to play it on the PS Vita first. Spoiler alert though, I also never finished it on the PS3. Anyway, next week I’ll let you know why I never finished Foosball 2012.