I Never Finished…Rochard…Because


After the whole BioShock fiasco thing, where I wasn’t supposed to be playing a horror game because I generally don’t like them, but ended up playing it, I wanted to play something that no one else was going to play. Because I played around Christmas time it meant that I would be left alone because a lot had happened since the Resident Evil 5 Thanksgiving and girls don’t have this “Bros before Hoes” type code, so I was left alone. This was fine with me because before playing Mass Effect 3 MP I generally played alone. I didn’t have a mic, didn’t have PlayStation friends, and lived a perfectly happy life. Because I got way off track, here’s why I never finished Rochard.

In Rochard, you’ll play as John…Rochard. He’s the leader of the lowest level of an asteroid mining team for Skyrig Corporation. He basically runs a group of people that aren’t really important, until they find an ancient alien structure hidden in an asteroid. Once that happens, John’s whole team goes missing and it’s up to him to find them. When that happens he’ll encounter space bandits and other forces at work in Skyrig Corporation.

I actually thought this game was really cool and enjoyed that it was a 2D puzzle / side scrolling platforming game. There are a bunch of different puzzles and your main weapon is gravity which is just super cool. It was a pretty cool concept for the game and I was really determined to play. I spent a lot of time playing this game and really enjoyed the time playing, but there was also this little thing, that still exists, which is the N7 headquarters and it really meant a lot to me so even though I played Rochard, I was also worried about my leaderboard standings. Anyway, I remember getting to a point where I just couldn’t beat and then called it quits.

As you can see from the trophy picture above, I was able to get 6 out of the 14 trophies offered for this game, which when you think about it, it really isn’t that bad. All I’m missing is some random trophies along with some collectibles trophies, finishing the game trophies, and a speed run trophy. All it would take is some time and determination to actually get these done.

Probability of this game getting played again…4 out of 5.

I’ve been using my PS3 a little bit more lately, so I can totally see myself playing this game at some point. I would actually like to beat this game and see how it ends, I would also like to get 100% of the trophies for this game as well. We’ll see how things go though because this is the season of new games and even though I try to work on my backlog, everyone knows how that goes.

Now its your turn to let me know what you thought about this game. Did you love it? Hate it? Actually finish it and get 100% of the trophies? Let me know in the comments section below and next week I’ll let you know why I never finished another game. Now this game was an old favorite of mine and actually got a newer updated release just recently that I’ve been constantly playing. Know what game it is? It’s Sonic the Hedgehog. Next week I’ll let you know what held me back from finishing this game.