Kiss Me First – Season 1 Review

Kiss Me First

This popped onto the Netflix feature screen one day and I just had to take a look at the trailer for it because the concept of the show intrigued me. After watching the trailer, I knew that this was a series that I had to watch. Now usually I don’t watch new series that are just starting and could possibly have more seasons to follow because my TV schedule is completely booked, but I decided to throw all of that into the wind because there were only 6 episodes and this show looked too good to pass up. Keep reading to see if this show turned out to be a hit or a flop.

Kiss Me First is about ShadowFax/Layla, played by Tallulah Rose Haddon. Her mother just died and she’s returned to an empty home. Her only escape from the real world is this VR world called Azana. Azana is basically like Fornite, but in VR. Everything is going great for Layla who is an expert at this game until she meets with the mysterious Mania/Tess, played by Simona Brown, who leads her to discover a whole new realm of the game called Red Pill. After becoming a member of Red Pill she’ll meet and have confrontations with Adrian, played by Matthew Beard, as little by little the members of Red Pill start dying in real life.

I really enjoyed this show from start to finish. I have to say that while it starts out a little slow and it has this Matrix reference in it that I didn’t understand because I never watched The Matrix, yes go ahead and rant on me for not watching the Matrix down in the comments section, but then it really picks up and you just want to keep watching it. It’s definitely one of those binge worthy shows. After a few episodes of fun and games, things suddenly turn serious and the show takes on a whole new life. I really liked how the show did this and first introduced you to Layla and her situation. It showed her struggling to find out what to do about money after her mother died and then jumping into this world of Red Pill that she had no idea what she was getting into. Things go from light to really dark and ends on a note that makes you just hope there’s another season because if not it’s a huge cliffhanger.

So the cast is what makes this show and it wouldn’t be much of a show without them. That being said, they are kind of amateurs and it shows. The acting isn’t horrible, but it’s not that great either. Sometimes this breaks the immersion of the show and sometimes it’s just ignorable. I’m hoping that if this show continues for another season that the acting at least gets better. The cast worked well together, but not as well as I would have hoped for. It was just a weird combination of people and I’m not sure how to react about this.

While the show is trying to be an ensemble show that revolves around all of these people in Red Pill, the show is basically about Layla and this secret that she’s keeping which makes her the perfect candidate for Red Pill because everyone has a secret. While the show does delve into the other members of Red Pill, it only does so to forward Layla’s story and not to serve any other purpose. For next season, I would like to see some characters stand on their own even though it doesn’t look that way, but it would be a nice change up to see the show not without Layla, but from a different perspective.

Overall I give this season of Kiss Me First a 4 out of 5.

If you are a gamer then you’ll want to watch this show. It kind of has everything, including video games and the new VR craze. Not in that corny game turned into a movie type thing either. It’s a good show that has a good plot. Yes the acting is weird and awkward at times, but I would say that after episode 3 you’ll be hooked and do like I did and binge watch the final three episodes just to see how it ends. If you aren’t a gamer, you can still appreciate this show as it has this huge mystery to it, but it might not be as interesting. I still give this show a strong recommendation and hope that it’ll be back for another season.


Big Mouth Season 1 Review

Big Mouth

There’s something about binge watching a show on Netflix that makes being on bed rest so much more pleasant. Instead of having a pity party for yourself, you can just watch one episode after the other. While I was on bed rest, I decided to watch Big Mouth. I had seen the previews for it a few times and figured I could use some comedy and watched it basically non-stop. Keep reading to see what I thought about it.

This adult orientated cartoon, Big Mouth is about two friends Nick, voiced by Nick Kroll, and Andrew, voiced by John Mulaney. Andrew is currently going through puberty and basically being controlled by the Hormone Monster, also voiced by Nick Kroll. While Andrew is going through this wild and crazy ride called puberty, Nick is basically sitting on the sidelines because his Hormone Monster hasn’t come to him yet to help him along on his journey. Both boys will experience the ups and downs of falling in and out of love in their school setting with the rest of their friends who are also experiencing the same thing as they are.

If anyone has ever watched BoJack Horseman or F is for Family, you know that the Netflix adult orientated cartoons push the limits a little, but this show just blows them away. This is really for adults only, even though it’s about teenagers going through puberty. Seriously, if you have kids do not let them watch this. Moving on though, even with its adult orientated theme it’s hard not to laugh out loud during an episode. I don’t know why, but I think if this was in regular movie form and not a cartoon I wouldn’t be so blasé about it. I would probably tell you that it was overly crude and way over the top, but I think that because it’s a cartoon it’s ok for it to be like that and is actually really funny. I enjoyed watching Nick and Andrew go through the normal stuff that teenagers go through as well as seeing their friends go through the same thing. It was just a funny show that adults can basically relate to because we’ve all been through that stage once in our lives.

The cast really brings this show together because they are just extremely funny. Not only do you have Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, but you also have other talented actors that play a variety of parts including Fred Armisen, Jessie Klein, Jason Mantzoukas, Jordan Peele, Maya Rudolph, Jenny Slate, and the list continues. Working together they just click and make the characters that they play that much more funny. The cast really takes this show and makes it as funny as it is, without them it would be this weird little cartoon.

Overall I give season one a 4 out of 5.

If you want a show that you can just binge watch in an afternoon and laugh at stupid jokes, then this is the show for you. It’s way over the top and I can’t stress enough how adult orientated it is, but it works. Like I said before mostly because this is a cartoon so it can get away with a lot more than what a live-action show can. If you’re on the fence about this show, I would say to watch at least one episode, if you don’t like it you can always shut it off halfway, but like me you might also be sucked into watching the rest of the season. Just remember to keep this one away from the kiddies.


Friends from College Season 1 Review

Friends from College

To tell you the truth, I had seen some of the previews for this show and really thought about passing it up. I wasn’t a huge fan of most of the actors in it or the premise, probably because I couldn’t relate, but apparently my mind was changed. I have no idea why, no that’s a lie. I do know why and it’s because I really wanted to see Cobie Smulders in a new role since playing Robin on How I Met Your Mother. Anyway, there weren’t a lot of episodes so this called for a binge watch.

The first 8 episodes of this show introduce you to six people who have been friends from college which was 20 years ago when they were in Harvard. You’ll be introduced to Lisa and Ethan Turner, played by Cobie Smulders and Keegan Michael-Key, who have been married since shortly after college. They’re on their way back to New York where the rest of their “friend group” currently lives. While there, neither of them have jobs so they’ll be living on their friend Marianne’s, played by Jae W. Suh, couch. Not much is told about Marianne other than she lives this bohemian life style because the main story focus’s on Ethan ad Lisa. Ethan has been having an affair with Sam, played by Annie Parisse, for the past 20 years. Sam is married and has kids with another guy and is quickly approaching the big 40. Ethan in the meantime will be trying to write his next novel only to find out that the best thing for him to write at the moment is something for teenagers where he could then sell the rights and have a movie made. He’ll get some help in this department from his friend Max, played by Fred Savage, who is basically his publisher. Meanwhile Lisa will be on the search for a job and a purpose as she tries to unsuccessfully conceive a child. During this time she’ll meet up with her ex Nick, played by Nat Faxon, who is also part of this whole friend group. Nick does nothing but pick up younger women because he’s a trust fund baby and basically doesn’t have to do a damn thing.

I found none of these characters to be relatable or even redeemable. They’re all pretty horrible people, maybe that’s what drew them to each other in the first place, and throughout the 8 episodes of this show it shows how horrible they are. Personally I don’t understand how these people are friends in the first place as they all seem to have nothing in common really other than the fact that they went to college together and are horrible people. They’ll lie to each other, treat each other like utter crap, and do things that aren’t acceptable, yet they somehow remain friends. This I can’t understand. Maybe because I don’t know people like this or never had this type of experience. I’m not sure a lot of people can say that they’ve been friends with someone for 20 years and have acted the way these characters act in the show. It just doesn’t seem real and this made the show less enjoyable.

This ensemble of a cast works OK together. They’re kind of mismatched and don’t seem like they would be the type of people that would be friends in the first place. This kind of shows as there are a lot of awkward moments and the show just seems off because of it. In their own right I’m sure a lot of these actors/actress’s are great, but together it just seems like they don’t work because there isn’t a lot of chemistry between them.

Overall I give this season a 2 out of 5.

Don’t get me wrong this show is genuinely funny at times, but those bursts don’t of funny don’t last throughout the season. There are parts during the season that are boring or just plain unrealistic making this show even harder to relate to. I really feel like this show had a huge missed opportunity because it could have been something good. Instead it was just a show of people who really can’t let go. College was 20 years ago. Sometimes it’s best to just move on and you aren’t always friends with people for that long because they change or whatever. Anyway, if you don’t mind watching people do horrible things to other people who are supposed to be their friends, feel free to watch. If you’re looking for something that you’re going to relate to then look somewhere else.


Penny Dreadful Season 1 Review

Penny Dreadful

I decided to watch this show because it’s the summer and nothing good is ever on in the summer, plus I totally missed this show when it was actually on. At least this gave me the chance to binge watch it on Netflix. Keep reading to see what I thought about the first season of this show.

Penny Dreadful basically tells the origin stories of Frankenstein, Dracula, and Dorian Gray in a new and different light. Season one follows Vanessa, played by Eva Green, and Sir Malcom, played by Timothy Dalton, as they search for Mina, Sir Malcolm’s daughter. Having the psychic ability, Vanessa can sense that Mina is trapped between the living and dead world and has teamed up with Sir Malcom, a seasoned explorer, to find her. They’re going to need help though and that comes from cowboy Ethan Chandler, played by Josh Hartnett. Ethan has some deep dark secrets of his own just like the rest of this crew of misfits. There’s also Dr. Victor Frankenstein, played by Harry Treadaway, to level out the group and perform anything scientific that needs to be done. Each character has their own motivations this season and their own reasons for being part of this little company. Will they find Mina? What will happen when they do? All of that plus more is revealed throughout the season.

I have to admit that after the first two episodes I was going to give up on this show because they made me think “what the fuck did I just watch.” I told myself to watch one more episode of this show before giving up and lucky I did because I was hooked. The story throughout the season develops deeper with each episode and has different twists and turns that make you want to keep watching. I really enjoyed the different telling of stories that have been told before in the past. Everyone knows Frankenstein’s story, but not like the one that Penny Dreadful tells. It’s hard not to get sucked into wanting to know more about each and every character because they’re well developed flawed characters that make you want to dig deeper. This season basically concentrates on Vanessa and Sir Malcom most of the time with their complicated relationship, but you also get an inside look at Dr. Frankenstein and his first monster. There’s also the mystery of Dorian Gray that gets little attention this season along with a whole bunch of mystery surrounding Ethan. The season wraps itself up nicely and sets up the stage for the second season by answering the questions that season one asks before presenting new ones.

How Amazing is Eva Green? Simple answer. Pretty damn amazing. I first seen her in the movie Cracks and then later on in 300: Rise of an Empire. Each character that she plays, including the one in Penny Dreadful is unique and different and she owns each and everyone of those roles. Her strong point is playing those bat shit crazy characters and she plays them to perfection.

Even though Eva Green stands out as the star of this show, it is an ensemble show and it wouldn’t work if these actors didn’t have chemistry. These actors were picked out perfectly and play each role perfectly that it just makes the show work. Each actor works off of each other and it shows on screen making the show work.

Overall I give this season a 5 out of 5.

This show is simply amazing. It’s intelligent and intriguing all at the same time that you don’t want to stop watching. Saying that, I will say that there are a lot of WTF moments that will make you question why you’re watching the show to begin with as well as a lot of gratuitous sex and nude scenes that are a bit much at times. Remember this was on Showtime. That’s not an excuse, but it’s the truth. Cable channels thrive off of that type of thing. If you can handle that then I would say that this is a show that shouldn’t be missed. If you’re sensitive to that type of thing and want to stay away from the weird I would say to give this show a pass and watch something a little more tame.


GLOW: Season 1 Review


Not only do I game, watch a lot of movies, read a good book from time to time, but I also watch a hell of a lot of TV. While it’s really difficult for me to write a review on every single show that I watch, I really don’t have the time to be honest, I figured I could write a review on shows that I’ve binge watched since they’re fresh in my head. Let’s start with something that I binged watched in a day. Yes one whole day dedicated to one show and that show was GLOW.

Taking place in the 80’s, GLOW revolves around the creation of a new wrestling show. It’s not about the men this time and instead it’s about the ladies, to be specific it’s about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Anyway, in season one’s first ten episodes you’ll follow the main character Ruth, played by Alison Brie, who is an out of work actress because she basically can’t find what she’s looking for in Hollywood. This is a time when all the good parts are given to men and women are still the secretaries. Anyway, she’ll show up to an audition with a bunch of other misfits and social outcasts in order to form GLOW. What she doesn’t expect is that her former best friend, former because she did something that she shouldn’t have, Debbie, played by Betty Gilpin, will also be a part of this. Not only will Ruth struggle to prove herself, but she’ll also struggle to repair her relationship with Debbie. Throughout all of this, struggling B movie film director Sam Sylvia, played by Marc Maron, will try to reclaim his former glory as he tries to produce this new show.

The start to this show and the season starts off completely slow and really doesn’t pick up until the end. I think that if I didn’t binge watch it, then I would have probably given up on it around the 3rd or 4th episode. I at times found myself scrolling through my phone every now and again during an episode and realized that I didn’t miss anything at all when I looked up again. I like the plot of the show, I just think that it had way too much build up to the final pivotal ending which basically says now you have to watch next season. If the show didn’t end like that and picked up the pace a little bit more I would have watched the second season without feeling obligated to do so because now I have to see what happens.

While it’s obvious who the main characters are, this is still an ensemble show like Orange is the New Black. It doesn’t work without the other ladies and I would have like to see more of their stories instead of the show going back and forth between Ruth and Debbie. While some stuff was shown on the other women, it wasn’t enough to make them count. I wanted to see their back stories and I wanted to see why they had decided to come to the audition for GLOW. I didn’t get that and it was kind of a mistake because the show doesn’t work without them. I hope for season two, they get more into why the other ladies are there and show some backstory on them instead of hoping on the Ruth and Debbie going from friends to enemies to frenemies and then to friends again train.

I thought the overall acting for this show and this season was overall just eh. There was no one who really stood out and made me say “Ooo this is my new favorite character.” There was no one to relate to and really no one to root for. While this show has some familiar faces and voices, everyone is basically new and it kind of shows. While this isn’t a bad thing, not all shows have to have these huge stars in them, I just hope that they can improve in the upcoming seasons. Just because the show is kind of campy, doesn’t mean the acting has to be too.

Overall I give this season of GLOW a 3 out of 5.

This show definitely isn’t for everyone and will only attract a certain type of audience. If you’re a wrestling fan, you’ll probably want to take a look at this show especially if you watched the original GLOW, which was an actual thing that I totally used to watch when I was really really young. If you’re looking for an Orange is the New Black type of feel to this show since it’s been toted that it’s from the same creators then you’ll be sadly disappointed. I would say that if you’re willing to watch a show that has no real direction until just about the end and you don’t mind having to wait for another season to actually see the story advance then take a chance on this show. If you’re one of those people who get easily bored and don’t plan on binge watching, I would say to give this one a pass since at times it can be extremely slow and boring.


Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – The Walking Dead: Season 1 – 400 Days

This DLC for The Walking Dead: Season 1 was kind of an in between DLC. It came out long after the first season of The Walking Dead was already released and just a little bit before the second season was released. It was released on all 3 different PlayStation platforms and I had the chance to play on all 3. Keep reading to see what I thought of the overall DLC and which platform I preferred playing on.

Taking a break from the season ending episode of The Walking Dead, 400 days centers on the first 400 days of the zombie apocalypse and how it affected the lives of different people from different walks of lives. In this DLC, you’ll have the chance to play as 5 different characters. You’ll play as prisoner Vince on day 2 of the outbreak as he’s being moved on a prison bus. He’ll have some difficult choices to make in order to try and survive. Next up is Wyatt on day 41. He’s traveling with a friend and did something pretty horrible. Wyatt and his friend will run into some trouble as they try to escape not only the zombie apocalypse but also the person chasing them. Russel’s story takes place on day 184 as he’s trying to get to his grandmother’s house to see if she’s safe and sound. Russel will run into some trouble on the road and it’s a good lesson on why you shouldn’t hitchhike. On day 220 you’ll meet Bonnie. She’s a former drug addict who is currently traveling with a married couple. The addition of an attractive (?) woman, or any woman at this point, is going to cause trouble between the married couple and Bonnie is really no help in the entire matter. Last is Shel and her sister Becca on day 236 and day 259. Stuck in a group that’s turning on itself and accusing each member of stealing, Shel is going to have to figure out what’s best for herself and her sister.

I thought this was a brilliant addition to The Walking Dead: Season 1. It showed how the zombie outbreak was taking its toll on everyone as the days continued on and things continued to get worse. Was there hope? At the end, each of the survivors thought so and if you played their characters a certain way you might have gotten a glimpse or two of them in Season 2. You’ll even notice that Bonnie has a much bigger role in Season 2. If I didn’t like this DLC as much as I did then I wouldn’t have played it on three different occasions. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the 5 short stories that took a break from the season 1 ending episode and found it nice to see how people from different walks of lives were coping.

Depending on which system you choose to play on, the game will play differently. If you’re playing on the PS3, expect the same lag and overall other glitches that occurred while playing the first season of the game. On the PS Vita, expect a little bit of a better game that doesn’t lag all that much. Personally, I found the PS4 version to have no lag or usual glitches that Telltale games have had in the past. Other than that the gameplay is the same for all three versions with only the PS Vita adding the choice of using the touch screen to make your decisions.

The graphics for this game were the same style as the first season of The Walking Dead. It was that comic book / graphic novel type style that works really well for this game and enhances the overall game. I would say that while all three systems had the same graphics that of course it looked a little bit better on the PS4. That’s not to say though that it didn’t look good on the PS3 or the PS Vita, because it did.

There are of course trophies for this DLC. There are a total of 8 different trophies for this game. While 6 of them just require you to play the game like normal Telltale games do, there are two of them that require you to do a little more than just play the game. They’re both pretty easy to figure out and really shouldn’t give you any trouble.

No multiplayer for this DLC on any of the systems.

Overall I give this DLC a 5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ You’ll get to play as 5 different characters who, depending on your decisions, may or may not reappear in season 2.
+ Each story, although different, all come together at the end to form a big ending moment.
+ A nice in between DLC that will bridge together the gap a little between the two seasons.

What’s Not So Great:
Depending on which system you play on there are some common Telltale problems.

Which Console was the Best to Play on? For me, it was the PS4. I really enjoyed that there were no lag or other glitches with this version and that everything ran smoothly. My second choice would have to be the PS Vita because I enjoyed being able to use the touch screen at times even though there was some lag and other glitches. If you only have a PS3, then I would say that it’s still worth it, but you’ll have to experience some of the lag and other glitches.

Overall I thought this was a really strong DLC and I kind of wish they would have done something like this as an in between for Season 2 and the upcoming Season 3. Something that didn’t focus on Clementine, but something that focused on other people that were still struggling and that would maybe make an appearance in the upcoming season. There’s really no reason not to get this DLC since if you get this game on disc it usually comes with it. If you’re like me and downloaded the original game, I would still suggest spending the extra money to get this DLC.

Now for next week. A game that I really didn’t enjoy all that much, but my special edition came with the DLC and there was no way that I wasn’t getting 100% of the trophies. Next week I’ll let you know what I thought of my first completed DLC for L.A. Noire – A Slip of the Tongue.


Throwback Thursday Review – The Walking Dead Season 1 (PS Vita)

So this was another Black Friday deal that I picked up last year. I had really enjoyed the first season on the PS3 and decided why the hell not get it for the PS Vita especially since it was on sale. When I first got it I wasn’t really sure what it was going to be like, but was excited to see the differences from the PS3 version. Here’s what I thought about Season 1 on the PS Vita.

Of course the main story of the game is the same. You’ll play as Lee who not only has to survive a zombie apocalypse, but who also has to look out for Clementine. Both of them are alone and as much as Clem depends on Lee to take care of her, Lee depends on Clem as well. Depending on the choices that you make along the way people you meet, even Clem, will react differently towards you. You’ll make friends and enemies along the way and make some pretty life altering decisions while playing.

No matter how many times I’ve played this game, I’ve always been totally immersed in it when I was playing. Each time after the first, I knew the story, knew the characters, and knew how it would end but it didn’t matter. This is one of those games that has a very well told story no matter the decisions that you make along with an amazing cast of characters that you’ll either love or hate. I actually liked playing this game again because it made me see characters differently the second time around. I didn’t think of Lilly as just a bitch, but someone who was scared on the inside and just like everyone else was trying to survive. One of the good things about waiting for the disc version of this game was that I didn’t have to wait until each episode came out. If I felt like playing another episode it was right there for me to play.

While the PS3 version of this game had glitchy controls, I found the PS Vita version much easier to play. The shooting scenes became easier when all I had to do was tap the zombies or whoever on the head with the Vita’s touch screen. I really enjoyed the use of the touch screen and was able to enjoy the game a little bit more on the Vita because the playability was just flawless. I recommend using the controls to walk and then the touch screen for everything else. Of course there was the usual lag when loading and unlocking the trophies that occurred in the PS3 version.

The graphics on the game were the same as the PS3 version just smaller to fit the PS Vita screen. Even on a smaller screen the comic book style of graphics really works for this game. Sometimes scaled down to that size makes a lot of graphics just absolute crap, but that doesn’t happen with this game making the graphics enjoyable not only on a big screen but on a small one as well.

There are a total of 49 trophies for this game including the 8 trophies you’ll get from the DLC. If you waited for the disc version you’ll get the DLC included with your purchase which is a nice little bonus. All of the trophies are easy. Play the game and you’ll get a new platinum by the time the last trophy pops. There are only two missable DLC trophies but you can always replay those scenes with ease to go back and get them. I like that you don’t have to do specific things to get the trophies for this game. If you had to make certain decisions for certain trophies to pop it would really ruin the story that Telltale is trying to tell with this game.

Bonus points for no multiplayer. I have to say that I’m always glad when Vita games do not have multiplayer attached with them. For some reason I always have the most difficult time with any game on the Vita that requires multiplayer.

Overall I give this game a 5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Telltale really knows how to tell a story in their games and this is one of the best.
+ Interesting main and supporting characters that are memorable.
+ Nice use of the Vita controls
+ Cool comic book style graphics that are fitting for the game.

What’s Not So Great:
The usual lag with loading and trophy pops.

While I enjoyed this version and really had no problem other then the usual lag when loading and trophies, I still recommend the PS4 version with the Vita version coming in at a really close second. I had a lot of fun playing this game the three times that I did and I can’t wait to see what’s to come with this series.

Join me next week when I review my first Lego game ever. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. At first I have to say that I scoffed at all Lego games. I thought they were child games that should be played by children not adults. I couldn’t believe so many adults on my friends list were actually playing these games so I just had to see what all the fuss was about.


The Wolf Among Us Review (PS Vita)

I played this game once already this year on my PS3 and thought it was pretty bad ass so when I noticed it was on sale for Black Friday, I decided to pick it up and give it a try for the Vita. I think one of the reasons why I enjoy this game so much is because it’s like Once Upon a Time but just grittier. Anyway, here’s what I thought about the Vita version.

Just like the PS3 version, this game revolves around Bigby Wolf. Yes, he’s the Big Bad Wolf but in Fabletown he’s the sheriff. You’ll play as Bigby as he tries to uncover the mysterious and gruesome murders of two prostitutes Faith and Lilly. Following this case and trying to find the murderer will only lead Bigby down an even more complicated path filled with twists and turns eventually uncovering a lot more then just who committed these murders. Throughout the game you’ll have interactions with different fable’s, some who you might know and some who you might not. Each of them have their own stories to tell and haven’t exactly been on easy street while making the transition from fable to normal person. In the end, what you do and say will make your fellow fables decide how they feel about you. Will they still see you as the Big Bad Wolf or will they just see you as the new sheriff? The choice is yours in this interactive story from Telltale.

As much as I couldn’t get enough of the game on the PS3, it was the same with the Vita version. I remembered the story well enough but it still felt new and just as interesting as the first time I played it. It was enjoyable to revisit Fabletown and change around my decisions to see how the other fables would now react to Bigby. I did see a difference in the way that Bigby was treated, but ultimately things seemed to be pretty much the same as they were the first time I played.

I felt a little trepidation going into this game after the experience that I had with The Walking Dead Season 2 on the vita. I hated thinking that this game would probably be the same since they were released around the same time meaning they were probably in production around the same time. What I found was that some things changed but some things stayed the same. The controls didn’t switch back and forth on me from touch screen to controls and I was able to just use the controls the whole time and not the touch screen. Even though that wasn’t a problem, the lag time and glitchy loading times were a major problem with this game. Sometimes it took anywhere from 2-3 minutes for the game to load the next scene. During some of this time I would hear what was going on but the game would be stuck on loading and then would have to spend the next few minutes playing catch up. This was annoying and made those parts in the game annoying. Action scenes were laggy and slow making me miss some of the action buttons and ultimately caused me to not have the scene play out the way I wanted it to.

Boo! As much as I love Telltale games, it’s becoming a little tiring the way that they perform. If the game isn’t up to standards and isn’t performing well then it shouldn’t be released on that platform plain and simple. Get your games to work as flawlessly as possible before releasing them. People will wait for a Vita version!

The graphics were the exact same as on the PS3 which is fine because I didn’t expect it to change. I liked the graphics on the PS3 and I liked them on the Vita. The only graphical problem I had was with that damn border around the screen. I have no idea why the hell Telltale thinks adding this to the Vita version is a good thing. The screen is small enough that I don’t need the border acting as a distraction during the game.

There are a total of 36 trophies for this game and they’re an exact copy from the PS3 version. If you already played this on the PS3 then you know how to unlock all of the Librarian trophies which are the only ones that are missable throughout the whole game. If not, you can take a look at each of my reviews for the PS3 and see how to get those trophies:

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

After completing all of these trophies you’ll walk away with a brand new platinum trophy to add to your list.

No multiplayer for this game as always.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Interesting story that will keep you playing.
+ An interesting take on characters that you may already know from other fairytales.

What’s Not So Great:
Glitchy and laggy gameplay that plagues just about every Telltale game.
That damn border around certain scenes. It isn’t even consistent!

If you’re going to play this game I would suggest picking it up on the PS3 instead of on the Vita. This is truly a pretty awesome game and if it’s your first time playing it you deserve to play a better version of it. I do have to say though that they way it ended I’m expecting a Season 2 which hopefully happens soon.

SPOILERS! Below are the choices that I made throughout the game.

Episode 1
• Gave Faith money
• Stayed out of Beauty and Beast’s problems
• Decided to help Prince Lawrence first
• Prevented Prince Lawrence’s death
• Pointed the finger at Faith’s pimp for murder
• Arrested Tweedle Dee

Episode 2
• Sympathized with Crane
• Persuaded Tweedle Dee to talk
• Let Snow decide to come to the Trip Trap
• Didn’t hit Georgie
• Never had Beast at my mercy

Episode 3
• Didn’t interrupt Snow
• Investigated Crane’s apartment first
• Made a deal with Jack
• Offered Flycatcher a job
• Didn’t burn Greenleaf’s tree
• Didn’t kill Tweedle Dum

Episode 4
• Decided to not send Colin to the farm
• Did not try to remove Nerissa’s ribbon
• Went to the Lucky Pawn first
• Decided Toad should not go to the farm
• Responded to the Crooked Man by lighting a cigarette

Episode 5
• Left Georgie to die
• Gave the Crooked Man a trial
• Threw the Crooked Man down the Witching Well
• Accepted T.J’s gift for Snow
• Told Nerissa “I hope I’ve done some good here”


The Walking Dead Season 1 Review (PS4)

This is most likely the last time that I’m going to be playing this game. Having already played it on the PS3 and PS Vita, I was more then eager to see how The Walking Dead Season 1 played out on the PS4. Here’s what I thought about my final playthrough.

As with the PS3 and PS Vita versions, Season 1 revolves around Lee and Clementine as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse. You’ll play as Lee, who either has the best luck in the world or the worst. I mean come on the guy is being hauled off to jail and then boom zombie apocalypse and no more jail, but there are zombies. I guess you really can’t have it all, but you’ll now be in charge of Clementine. You’ll meet her in the first few minutes of the game and for the rest of the game it’ll be up to you to take care of her and make decisions that you think are best for her.

Throughout the game you’ll also be introduced to a variety of other characters. Some of them you’ll form friendships with and some you won’t. Some people will downright hate you and you’ll probably hate them to, but you’ll have to work together in order to survive. Will you try hard to keep your group together or will you let them crumble from the inside and eventually turn against each other? The choice is up to you on how you play it.

It’s been just about a year since I’ve played this game on the PS Vita, so while it was still familiar it was also sort of new. I was still really into this game as I played even though I knew what was going to happen. I was even able to catch a few things that I didn’t in my previous two playthroughs. Playing through this game again also made me see just how much I truly enjoy this game series. Not only is it engaging, but it also pulls at your emotions. You don’t get the happy ending your expecting, you get pure heart break, but it’s what you can expect when the world turns to crap and the dead are up and walking.

I was pleasantly surprised at the playability of this game. There were a bunch of improvements from the PS3 version of this game. Gone were the slow loading times and glitchy movements. The game no longer stalled when trophies popped and I was truly impressed at the improvements with this game. The only thing that disappointed me a little was that the touch pad on the PS4 controller wasn’t used. I at least expected it to be used during the quick time cinematics where you have to move left, right, up, or down. This isn’t a big deal though and doesn’t make this game lose any points for me.

While the graphics were the same as the PS3 and PS Vita version, I found the graphics to be a little more crisp on the PS4. This is one of the games that Telltale excel’s at because of the comic style graphics. This game is based on the comic book version of The Walking Dead and the graphics show that. This doesn’t mean that every game has to have these types of graphics just because it works for this game.

There are a total of 49 trophies for this game. 41 from the actual game and then another 8 for the 400 days DLC. Each of the trophies, with the exception of some DLC trophies, are gained just by playing the game. Play through all 5 episodes and you’ll have a new platinum trophy for your hard work. If you bought the retail version of this game then you’re in luck because the 400 Days DLC is included. Play through the DLC and you’ll also have those trophies so you can have a 100% completion on the whole game. Only 2 trophies in the DLC will require you to do something besides playing the story but they aren’t hard to get. If you mess up you can always go back and replay those stories again.

Kudos for no multiplayer!

Overall I give this game a 5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Captivating story that will make you keep playing.
+ Interesting characters that only enhance game play.
+ Gone were the lag times, slow loading times, and glitchy gameplay.

What’s Not So Great:
I really can’t think of anything that I didn’t like or would want changed.

If you haven’t played this game yet and you’re wondering what console you should buy it on, you should definitely play it on the PS4. This version is more enhanced and a lot of the problems that plagued the PS3 version are gone. If you’ve already played this game, I would even suggest picking it up and playing it again on the PS4. Not for the trophies, but for the actual game itself. This is one of those games that shouldn’t be passed up and is very much worth it to play again.

SPOILERS! Below are all of the choices that I made throughout the game. I tried to mix things up as much as possible from my previous two playthroughs.

The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1The Walking Dead Season 1


Throwback Thursday Review – The Walking Dead Season 1 PS3

If I’m being completely honest, then I have to say that at first I had absolutely no interest to play this game. At the time I wasn’t a fan of The Walking Dead and I had no interest in playing a game about it or yet another zombie game. Thanks to my PS+ subscription I was given the first two episodes for free, and figured what the hell, I might as well try this out. Here’s what I thought about the game.

Story is a big part of any game. It’s the thing that keeps you interested and invested so that you continue to play. I’ve played a lot of games that had great stories, but this game has one of the best stories told in video games.

You play as Lee, a guy getting hauled off to jail when all of a sudden the zombie apocalypse hits. After a few minutes of wandering around alone and trying to figure out what the hell to do, you’ll meet Clementine. Clem is a scared little girl who is alone in her tree house. From then on it’s Lee and Clem basically against the world as they form this tight bond in such a short period of time, and Lee essentially becomes Clem’s primary caregiver. You’ll meet and interact with a bunch of different people, some will like you and some won’t, as you try to accomplish the one goal of surviving in this new world.

This is one of those games that you can truly get immersed in and forget about just about everything else as you go on this adventure with Lee and Clem. All of the surrounding characters are fully developed and have a story of their own to tell. Some of them will survive and some won’t, but they all play a pretty important part in the game as a whole. Not to mention that Lee is not only highly likable but also highly relatable as a character. He’s flawed and has done some pretty horrible stuff, but is now trying to redeem himself in a way by doing what’s right for Clem.

One of the biggest parts of this game, and what keeps it truly interesting, is all of the moral choices that you have to make as Lee. Each and every choice you make is relevant to the game as a whole and your choices truly do matter. The surrounding characters will remember what you say and do and then form their opinions about you. This causes them to change how they view you and could possibly cause them to turn against you. Right or wrong, your choices aren’t clearly laid out in a good or bad structure type so it’s up to you how you play Lee.

The playability of this game isn’t the greatest. In fact, it’s pretty damn bad. Movements are clunky and awkward, they also feel stiff and unnatural. The game lags during loading screens and trophy pops. During this time, the game comes to an almost standstill making you think the game froze. On top of that there are various different bugs and glitches. All of this really takes away from the game which truly sucks because the game is pretty damn awesome.

The graphics on this game are pretty cool. It felt like playing a live action comic book. I really liked the style that was used as well as how much detail was put into the graphics. When I first started playing this I thought the graphics were going to be complete crap, but was pleasantly surprised.

There are a total of 49 trophies for this game including the DLC trophies as well as a platinum trophy. The trophies for the main game are super simple to get. All you have to do is play the game. Play through all 5 episodes and you’ll add a nice platinum trophy to your collection. If you’re going for the 100%, then the DLC requires you to do a few specific tasks but nothing too hard that will keep you from getting your trophies.

Overall I give this game a 5 out of 5

What’s Great:
+ Amazing story.
+ Likable and relatable characters.
+ Cool graphics
+ Not your typical zombie game.

What’s Not So Great:
Playability is not so great.
Laggy and glitchy play

Do not pass up the chance to play this game or the DLC that is offered for this game. If you don’t play this game you’ll seriously regret it. I definitely count this game as one of the best games that I ever played.

Join me next week when I review my fifth platinum Dragon Age II. I’m going to say right now that I’m a little biased when it comes to Dragon Age since I’ve played it well over 10+ times and loved every single minute of it.