Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Borderlands 2 – Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt

I’m just going to put this out there that Borderlands 2 is like my game. I know what I’m doing, I know the ins and out of the game, contrary to popular belief I know how to level up my character that works for me, and I single handedly took down Terramorphus to help someone power level. That being said, I’ve also played all of the DLC to 100% completion which if you enjoy the game isn’t really that hard to do. Anyway, with Sir Hammerlock being one of my favorite characters I was excited to see a DLC revolving around just him. Keep reading to see if this DLC held up to my expectations that was set by the previous DLC.

Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt revolves around going on a hunting trip with the one and only Sir Hammerlock. He promises big game hunting, hence the title, but you’ll be confronted by Professor Nakayama. Professor Nakayama isn’t so pleased that you killed off Handsome Jack in the main campaign since he was kind of obsessed, maybe even in love, with him. So you’re going to have to take care of this one more loose end. You’ll have the professor to hunt down, some new monsters, and a few of the natives all ready for you to shoot and loot in a DLC that promises to be tons of fun.

While the DLC promises to be tons of fun, it sort of falls flat when you compare it to the other two DLC that came out before it. If you compare it to the DLC that comes out after it then you’ll see this DLC as a complete failure. Don’t get me wrong, in typical Borderlands fashion there’s a ton to do, but it’s just not fun or interesting. The maps are confusing as hell and you’ll have to hoof it most of the way around not to mention the farming that is mandatory in order to complete one of the quests. Not the best DLC in the Borderlands 2 universe as it lacks a good story and the overall replayability.

Whether you play on the PS3 or the PS4, the playability is similar to the main campaign of the game. I will say that I had some crashing issues while playing this DLC on the PS3, but didn’t have any issues on the PS4. Overall the game, including this DLC, was much more stable on the PS4. That being said if you’ve played Borderlands 2 then you’ll know how to play this DLC since it of course fits into the universe.

The graphics are the same as the rest of the game, but I wasn’t really digging the environments that were introduced in this DLC. I know they were going for the whole outdoors thing, but it just didn’t feel like it fit into the Borderlands universe. It was a weird edition that I really didn’t enjoy.

Finish this DLC and do everything it has to offer in order to get yourself another 3 trophies. The only problem you’ll have is with the completion trophy. That’s because one of the side missions in this DLC involves a bunch of farming and I can see some people saying screw this because it’s a pain in the ass. If you’re a trophy hunter you’ll go ahead and do it then because you just can’t have a DLC without having the 100% for it.

As with all of Borderlands, there is co-op for this DLC. I have to say that while I’ve had a blast playing not only the main campaign of the game with friends along with some of the DLC, this had to be the worst DLC to play with someone else. There was nothing really fun about playing with someone else as there was with the other DLC and it felt more like a chore. This time around I enjoyed breezing through this DLC all by myself. This is kind of sad in the Borderlands universe because I think we can all agree this game was never made with the intention that you should play by yourself.

Hmm…which console to play on: You probably already know I played this to completion on both the PS3 and the PS4. If I had to do it all over again…I would have rather saved my money and skipped the PS3 version and just play it on the PS4 since it was already included in the price. I’m going to say if you have both versions, skip the PS3 and just go for the PS4 to save yourself the hassel.

Overall I give this DLC a 2 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ It was good to see a classic character from Borderlands 2 getting his own DLC.
+ You get to take down one more of Handsome Jack’s posse, but will it be the last?

What’s Not So Great:
Not that strong of a story in the universe of Borderlands 2 DLC.
Get’s boring really fast with tedious tasks that have you running all over the place and a bunch of farming, but not the fun kind.
Environments that feel like they don’t really belong in Borderlands.

Not the strongest DLC for Borderlands 2 at all. The overall DLC just felt like it was missing some crucial element that the other DLC had and it made it not as fun to play. This was one of those DLC’s that I was content with just playing the once and that was it because I didn’t need to play it anymore or feel the need to go back and farm some of the boss battles. If you just have to play this DLC to see for yourself I would suggest playing on the PS4 since it’s included in the package.

Now for next week, sadly the Borderlands 2 DLC is coming to a close. After the disappointing DLC that came out I was a little weary about the next DLC until I heard that it was a Tiny Tina DLC. Like Sir Hammerlock, Tiny Tina was one of those new Borderlands 2 characters that you couldn’t just but just fall in love with because she’s this psychotic little 13 year old who has the craziest things to say and some of the more memorable moments in the whole game. Next week I’ll let you know what I thought about Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep.