This Week in Trophies 02-21-2016 – 02-27-2016

This was definitely one of my better trophy weeks for the month. I don’t really know where I found the time to play, but I did somehow and it paid off. As the final full week of the month, I made some much needed progress on a bunch of games. So, here’s a breakdown of the trophies I got this week.

Unravel – 70%

I thought it was going to be a lot harder to actually go back and redo all of the levels, but it turned out to be not so hard. Not dying on each level takes a little work, but once you get into the groove of that level it becomes pretty simple. Even though I didn’t get the platinum for this game this week, it won’t be long before I actually do.

Unravel UnravelUnravel

Star Wars Battlefront – 28%

I’m still having a really fun time playing this game. I think that one trophy did glitch on me though which sucks because multiple times I won on Blast and had the most kills, but no trophy. This is a little frustrating, but I’ll give it a couple of more tries just to see. Other than that I’m enjoying both the multiplayer and mission sides of the game. I’m also still looking for some people to play with so if anyone wants to join me just leave a comment in the comments section.

Star Wars Battlefront Star Wars BattlefrontStar Wars Battlefront Star Wars BattlefrontStar Wars Battlefront

Taco Master – 69%

I bought this game as an impulse buy this week because it was on sale for $1.49. There’s a silly little story that goes along with it but it’s mostly a time management game. I like those types of games and I’m having a good time playing it while I have some TV on in the background. I should actually be getting the platinum trophy for this game pretty soon and I’m looking forward to it.

Mad Max – 26%

I was able to pick back up where I left off with this game this week and even got a couple of trophies doing so. I’m still doing way too much free roaming to say if I actually like the story yet or not, but I’m not giving up on this game yet and will continue to play when I have a chance to.

Mad Max Mad MaxMad Max

The Walking Dead: Michonne – 33%

I should call this another impulse buy, but unfortunately it wasn’t. I was actually looking forward to this game, but was disappointed. I’ll have my full review of the first episode up soon so you can read all about my latest disappointment with Telltale. If you’re thinking about getting this game I would say hold off for a sale, based on the first episode I didn’t find it worth the $14.99

The Walking Dead: Michonne The Walking Dead: MichonneThe Walking Dead: Michonne The Walking Dead: MichonneThe Walking Dead: Michonne The Walking Dead: MichonneThe Walking Dead: Michonne

The Four Kings Casino and Slots – 14%

I don’t know why I downloaded this game, well I do, because no matter how hard I try not to be I’m super competitive and I don’t like being told that I can’t do something. Anyway, this game for me is one of those anything you can do I can do better type things. I’m going to say that it’s ok for this one since it was free, but I’m seriously regretting it now that I actually have to get all these trophies and put some extra time into this game. It was my own fault so I’ll suffer through it.

Four Kings Casino and Slots Four Kings Casino and SlotsFour Kings Casino and Slots

And that was it this week for me. A much better week this time around with a total of…drum roll please…43 trophies. A nice way to end a rather lack luster month. Now for next week…I have no idea what’s going to happen because my schedule has changed once more. Of course it did once I found my groove, but I’ll roll with the punches and see how things go. I do want to try to get some PS3 time in though since it seems like I haven’t turned on that system for a while now. I’ll let you know next week how things went.


This Week in Trophies 02-14-2016 – 02-20-2016

Another week of a bunch of mixed up trophies from a bunch of different random games. My now crazy weekly schedule gives me a hell of a lot of less time to game which means I think those weeks of 50+ trophies might be over. I could be wrong, but you never know. Anyway here is how my week played out.

Star Wars Battlefront – 18%

I’m still having a bunch of fun playing this game whenever I have enough time to actually sit down and get a decent amount of game time in. I know I’m usually all about the story when it comes to games, but this one really doesn’t have one and is just a multiplayer game and at the moment I’m not caring. If anyone is looking to partner up and play, let me know in the comments section below. Or if you don’t want your PSN ID public, send me a DM on Twitter. I would say that I’m a pretty decent player, but I would expect too much out of me since one game I can be on top of the leaderboards for that game and then by the next I totally suck.

Star Wars Battlefront Star Wars BattlefrontStar Wars Battlefront Star Wars BattlefrontStar Wars BattlefrontStar Wars Battlefront

Unravel – 55%

I finished the main story this week, and what a beautiful story it was, and now I just have to go back and cleanup some of the trophies. I know I’m probably going to put my foot in my mouth by saying it isn’t going to be too hard, but you never know. I might have this one done before the end of the month and I might not.

Unravel UnravelUnravel UnravelUnravel UnravelUnravel UnravelUnravel UnravelUnravel UnravelUnravel Unravel

Sparkle Unleashed – 42%

Ah Sparkle Unleashed, my little game that I get to play when I only have half an hour to spare. I think that sometimes you need games like this because when I can’t game, it absolutely drives me crazy. It’s nice to have something to play knowing that I don’t have to spend a bunch of time on it and I can still feel like I’m getting somewhere.

Sparkle Unleashed Sparkle Unleashed

And that was it for this week. It wasn’t a good week and it wasn’t a bad one either. As it was last week, I really don’t have any plans for this week when it comes to certain games at all. I will play when I get the chance and I’ll probably play some random game depending on the time I have as well as how I’m feeling. I’ll let you know how things turned out for me next week.


This Week in Trophies 02-07-02-13-2016

I went a little crazy with the games this week. I jumped from game to game which is seriously unlike me, but the two days that I had to actually game just made my mind go crazy and I just wanted to play anything and everything. I’m hoping that this pattern doesn’t continue because I’ll never get anything done goal wise, but you never know. Anyway, here’s all of my trophies for the week.

Mad Max – 21%

I’m trying really really hard to get into the story of this game, but I think part of the problem is that I spend most of my time playing just wandering around collecting scrap and trying to clear each and every area in the game to lower the threat rating in each area. I’m still playing this game when I have more than a few hours to spare since you need it when it comes to this game, but the trophies are coming in slowly.

Mad Max

Sparkle Unleashed – 28%

I continued to play this sporadically this week when I had a few extra minutes here and there. I’m still not really sure what to think about this game yet. Like the other Sparkle games, it has a small story that goes with it, but I’m not sure if I’m liking the difference in gameplay just yet. I’ll continue to play the whole way through with an open mind before making my final decision.

Sparkle Unleashed Sparkle UnleashedSparkle Unleashed

Firewatch – 100%

I was extremely excited about this game when I first seen it at E3 so I grabbed it day one. I’m not going to say anything about it here, so you’ll have to wait for my review, which is coming up, to see what I actually thought about the game as a whole.

Firewatch FirewatchFirewatch FirewatchFirewatch

Star Wars Battlefront – 7%

So, I’m not even a Star Wars fan…or a multiplayer fan, but there was just something about this game that I had to have it. I am absolutely loving this game. There isn’t really a section of this game so far that I’m not liking. I know I probably won’t get the platinum for this game, but it’s not going to stop me from trying.

Star Wars Battlefront Star Wars BattlefrontStar Wars Battlefront Star Wars Battlefront

Unravel – 2%

Another game that I first took notice of at E3 and had to have day one. Even though I only got through two levels, I have to say that this game is absolutely beautiful. Not only graphic wise but story wise as well. I am loving this game along with its tough puzzles and super cute main character. I can’t wait to continue playing.

Unravel Unravel

And that was it for my random week of games and random trophies. I know the whole thing was crazy, but it is what it is. For the first time in weeks…maybe months, I really don’t have a plan when it comes to what games I’m playing. This week I’m just going to see how things go and go from there. I’ll let you know how things go next week.